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On-line broadcasting from the recording studio "Lizard"

Gladys: On-line broadcasting from the recording studio "Lizard" Dima's interviews from the studio "Lizard" and live on-line broadcasting Here and The official site of the recording studio "Lizard We want to hear your opinions! This topic is for discussion only

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Gladys: Borce, Miranda, MiriamEla My friends,don`t worry! On-line broadcasting will be record! And it`s will be download on the official site))) So who couldn`t to see on-line broadcasting in live May will see it in any another time! Nobody miss it!

Borce: Dimka you are the best Thank you so much for your answers!!!! Dima answered on two of my questions: 1.I know that you visited Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, I live there, so I wanted to ask you about your impressions of Skopje? 2.I want to ask you about your plans for 2010 and when we can hear the new songs on English? About the first I understood that he likes Skopje and that he was eating here a ribiya chorba: http://scienceblogs.com/clock/riblja%20corba%20007.jpg Also that he bought for him a silver fish. (I hope that I understood this part corect) About the second question he said that he has one new song on english and that he will record it very soon... I'm so happy and exaited.This means a lot for me because I really wanted he to answer on my question about my city Skopje and I'm happy that he likes Skopje... Dima you are always welcome here...Please visit Skopje again!!! I'm so sad that I was in school and I didn't see the online conference live because the online conference was amazing!! Btw the song that he was singing at the end is a new song??And please can someone who watched the online conference live tell us something more about the online conference because I listened only the part when he answered on my questions because I want to watch the whole conference not only with sound but also with picture!!! And also did he say something new about his new album,tour and about a video clip? I'm damn happy now!!! Ones again thank you Dima and thank you for this amazing online conference and that you want to be in contact with your fans. Also I want to say huge thanks to Gladys who translated my questions on english to russian I have to say that many singers need to learn of Dima because he really loves us and always want to be in contact with us... I'm so proud because I'm his fan and will be 4 ever his fan!!!

miranda: he didn't answer mine...again. i'm so happy for you borce, but i have asked questions to him like 5 or 6 times now, but he never answer them. i want him to answer them so badly!!! i will always love you dimka, just so you know that! but could you at least answer one ! i was so happy when i posted it, cause i was really satisifed with it. i asked him about new songs, and the new album and also i said thanks for his autograph, cause i was so happy to receive it. many spasibo to gladys who helped me with everything!!

MiriamEla: Aww, I'm sorry, Miranda.. On the other hand, DIMA FINALLY ANSWERED MY QUESTION! YESSSSS!!! I don't know quite what he said, something about a fund and charity, but I'm going to send it to Ana and then put it up on YouTube with her translation of it. =D And I've heard the song at the end. Or at least part of it. Dima sang it in Fabrika once and they caught it on tape. I loved the little "спасибо болшое... пока" at the end.

Gladys: I liked on-line conference very much! Thanks a lot to Dima! It was fantastic! And questions, and especially answers))) Some of answers were sincere pleasant to me He represented the grandfather very realistic :))))) Dima answered each question so in detail! And there were so much questions .... The time was a little But whether Dima has forgotten about time, or for other reason, online conference has lasted for 1h 30 minutes ! Dima even sang a song - "Lost paradise"! Well, it was simple well done! It was very kind and warm conference )))) There were 140 views! Miranda Please,don`t be sad Many people asked him about new songs and on what song will be a clip He didn't answer anybody He is superstitious He thinks, that if he will say about it, there will nothing to turn out

iviK: I watched the on-line conference too and it was amazing. (or he was amazing? ) He answered sooo many questions, I think he wanted to answer all of them, but there was no time any more I didn't underestand all the things that he said, but something yes It's funny- wondering what he's saying Our languages are resembling, but still a little bit different. The whole conference was very interesting and I took about a million photos About he non-answered new songs and clips- I think it's better, 'cause we'll be more excited and delighted. It's a mystery now... Thank You, thank You, thank You for everything

miranda: i want to see it so badly everyone keeps telling me it was so amazing! i can't wait to see it! Gladys i know, i just have to try again another. i like the idea that dimka is superstitious, it suits him. he always keeps this kind of things secret. did he mention anything about a new video clip? or a new song? spasibo dimka!

Borce: Miranda like I read from the comments here: http://www.koldun.forum24.ru/?1-0-0-00000080-000-30-0#081 He said two new songs,one song on english(that was my second question for him) and about the video clip like I understood he said that he started woking on the video clip but he wants to be in secret the song for which he will have video clip. Dima:- Это секрет. Насчет видео ведется работа, но не буду говорить,на какую, потому что всегда всё, что я делаю, появляется и уже ни для кого не секрет. Надо, чтобы секрет был. Btw can someone translate for us Dima 's answer about the video clip? I think that the new video is the surprise for which Dima was talking on his radio interview on 24.01.2010. Also and I can't wait for the video of the online conference and to see Dima because I was listening parts of the online conference but in mp3 version only with sound but without picture!!! I so love the song"Потерянный рай which Dima was singing at the end of the conference I can't stop listening the song!!!Dima interpretation is amazing!!!! Also I love this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U38JdpjzG0 The end is damn cool!!!!

MiriamEla: Okay, Dima could seriously start a one-man band right now. I mean, he plays guitar, bass, keyboard, AND drums. What can't he do???

miranda: Borce thanks for telling me. i'm so eager to know which song he will use for the video clip. i have few favourites, i would love having clips of them! i can't stop listening to the conference! i wish someone recorded so i can have the picture too!

Gladys: Borce Borislav,you understood right! Translation,what Dima 's answer about video- clip Dima: "It is a secret. About video- clip.... We working with video- clip now But I can`t to say, on what song it will be Because always everything that I do is not a secret for anybody already. It is necessary, that it is be a secret.... "

Borce: Gladys,my friend thank you so much for your translation!!! I'm so exaited and happy about the video clip because I really wanted to know this!!! I think that I know for which song he is shooting a video clip but I don't want to say it because maybe I'm wrong and is not the song for which I'm thinking that will be the video clip!!!I will tell you If I was right when we will get official information about the video clip!!! I can't wait for the video clip!!!This news made my day!!! Btw Miranda you are always welcome!!!

Gladys: During the on-line conference Dima gave the address of the site of the recording studio "Lizard" http://lizardrecords.ru/ He want to hear your opinions about this site! What do you like or don`t like? There are photos from the studio "Lizard" on this site You can see friends and partners And you can to hear songs,which were recording in the studio "Lizard" So discuss!

Borce: I have seen the site for the first time before 2 days but I'm visiting the site every day!!! The design of the site is very beautiful and I love the picture of the guitar and the effect with the lizard!!! Also it's great that you can find informations about the studio(especially I like the map where is shown where is the studio) and many pictures!!! I just love the studio and I have to say that the studio is so modern and beautiful,with modern еquipment and that is very important!!!All the rooms of the studio are so amazing!!!The whole studio is made in a world style!!! My opinion about the new site is the best!!!

Gladys: On-line broadcasting from the recording studio "Lizard" text version Thanks very much to Кукушка for the text version Part 1 What, on your sight, the idol can give to his admirers besides the creativity ? Speech now is not about something material, about the spiritual... What you can learn your fans through the creativity ? Dima:- I always try to prove to other by my behaviour, statements, the relation to people "to give food" for thought to those people who are interested in occurring things. If I tell my opinion of any event or the person I would like that people see that it is not mine ambitions, it is my point of view and try to understand it I make a choice to guide this or that live position. As to learn someone to something through the creativity I try to inform thing which are close to me and to learn to compassion, love and easier kindness. Tell,did you not to pass examinations? And, by the way, do you draw well ? Dima:- - What I draw, never becomes property of the wide public and never It will be in the Internet They are very original and have not the social sense. My talent for drawing is not too much. Concerning examinations – I always was very well prepared for examinations and, besides, i had the gift to writing off. I very often wrote off. The main thing in this to have a naive and good-natured appearance That nobody suspected that you write off. Once I used up handle pressed through in a pure writing-book of the formula that it was not visible It was not possible to read, only under an inclination. Once on the examination I tried to write off answers to questions from such writing-book And the teacher on the physicist approached to me and asked, whether I wish to be checked up at the psychologist. What did you the most remember during tours in Baranovichi? r There was time to take a walk on a city? Dima:- I very much liked a city. In that day when I was in Baranovichi, there were no birds. I went along the street and simply did not see birds. I saw it when was at 5 o'clock in the evening in that place where I went It was a park, there was no one person. I have thought: a city is not absolutely small. And then saw that were not present either dogs, or cats. Also that was the most surprised that usually there are birds, but they were not too. Probably, there was a lunch break One history is still connected with Baranovichi. When I asked to the cashier in a the centre of culture: Where is good cafe here? She answered to me: The young man, I do not know, I do not go to the such. Do you have prophetic dreams? Dima:- - Dreams for me it is like film But they is not prophetic . I am worry about something or I am think And it usually dreams to me. How often you are in a stress ? How you leave in it? Dima:- I am often in a stress like each person. I am drinking vitamins I am going in for sports. Do you wish to write down a duet with somebody? What in general you think of duets ? (It is favourable public relations for both parties or attempt to impart experience and possibilities for creation of a beautiful composition) Dima:- I would write down with somebody a duet Probably it will happen in the near future. There are some ideas. But it is possible does not happen And if does not happen, I will necessarily tell why. I regard a duet as set of paints, vocal, semantic. For me the duet is first of all a thing when voices decorate each other, a composition and the product concept. I not absolutely accept duets which write down with commercial objectives You are the public person and you are famous. Dima:- How you find friends and are you be assured, what they with you not because you are popularity? - I especially also do not search friends. All my friends appeared in my life by itself. Concerning that I am famous person, I not especially thiking about it because first of all I pay attention to sincerity of people. And if the person concerns to you as to the famous person about what sincerity can be a speech? Tell me, please, career means for you so much that you could offer all other expensive things to you ? Dima:- While the life did not gave before me such choice and I hope that will not gave. Never you know, how you will lead in this or that situation, but at present my career completely is in harmony with all the rest that i have in my life. -In what countries you were, what impressions remained with you? And what you would like to visit? Dima:- I visited the countries 20 visited. Very much would like to visit Antarctica, to look at glaciers, to take a penguin for a fin, stroke its fat back. Dima, what for you means the loneliness ? Is it necessary and important for you in particular? Dima:- I am not understand absolutely. Each person needs loneliness that he could appreciate the friends close. And the loneliness is necessary too. In loneliness are create things, creatively is not improper under any standards. And it for me is called as the present creativity. The loneliness stimulates creative development. What do you pleases in a life, and what you would like to make most of all? Dima:- For me i like very much something unusual. For example, yesterday I have got stuck in snow by the car at 3 o'clock in the morning and very long we pulled out the car. I love extreme sports. I like rafting, autodrome . That causes adrenaline, for me it`s always in honour I very much love extreme sensations. With whom you have sung a duet from girls ? Dima:- With Christina Agillera. I had a bad experience with a duet But I have not wish to tell about it What films do you like to look? What did you look recently? Dima:- "Avatar". Where do you prefer to have a rest: in the home or on the nature? Dima:- And in the home , and on the nature. What is the best love world hit you think? Dima:- A song from "Titanic". I like it to sing very much ,especially in a karaoke. Who has affected you as on the person or on whom you wished to be similar followed an example? Dima:- In due time I was very strongly affected by Arnold Schwarzenegger I read his «the bodybuilding Encyclopedia» and understood that music, the literature is all it is not necessary for anybody. The main thing – the iron. Do you want to make a tattoo?And if yes, what? Dima:-While I do not want. May be i will make something kind. These aggressive skulls, dragons are not mine.

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