English 2007-2010 On-line broadcasting from the recording studio "Lizard"

On-line broadcasting from the recording studio "Lizard"

Gladys: On-line broadcasting from the recording studio "Lizard" Dima's interviews from the studio "Lizard" and live on-line broadcasting Here and The official site of the recording studio "Lizard We want to hear your opinions! This topic is for discussion only

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Gladys: On-line broadcasting from the recording studio "Lizard" text version Part 2 Dear Koldun, (Dima:- Yes, I am such!) if you receive rouble for each time when somebody joking about your second name, what you will do? Dima:- I will be create fund of jokes about the Koldun and will send money on the charitable purposes. - How will be possible to expect on the radio "Koldun" the song Orphan Child? Dima:- This song have not studio processing yet . I do not think that all the tracks which will be appear, will play at once on the radio "Koldun" This must not become property of masses until when it become necessary. You have very good clear voice. How you improve the vocal? Do you exercises with breath? Do you consult with the professionals? Or you sing on a need of the heart? Dima:- I sing on a need of my heart. Some vocal exercises are included necessary into my schedule. In the mornings I do respiratory gymnastics In what you trust, or what is help to you , when all is bad? Dima:- Dialogue with people, with relatives. I believe in justice and that all come back. How your work on a new CD? Are there ready tracks already ? Dima:- Ready tracks are not present, but they are in work. There are some songs which exactly will enter into this CD. Dima when do you plan live performances with collective in Moscow? We bored already by that drive, emotions which you give us from a scene. Dima:- They are plan soon..... If you will invite to the photosession in image absolutely new image, or for example with elements body-art. Would you want to risk? Dima:- Actually I always go in body-art - What in your understanding means a wordfriendship? And have you real friends who can support you in all? Dima:- The friendship is learning in the troubles. Love in your understanding what is it? Dima:- The love is a version of friendship. In general, all relations is a friendship version Would you like to represent itself again like the actor in any musical project? Dima:- Yes, if it will be the quality project And I will be better for this role than other actors. Do you listen the classical music? What is composer you prefer to listen and why? Dima:- I like to listen the classical music only by the radio and when I do not wait to hear it there . Preferences are not present, all depends of the my mood. -When do you plan release of the following album? Dima:- I think, in the this year. But may be in the end of the year or in the following beginning. And what kinds of sports are most interesting to you? Dima:- Biathlon or bobsled. You sit, you look and your soul is glad In a life of each person there are credo . What is your credo at present ? Dima:- Live and work. Are there any gifts from admirers who have surprised or made laugh you ? Dima:- All gifts of my admirers are very clever, never make laugh. But gave a slice of the earth from Jupiter or diplomas

miranda: spasibo gladys! i really enjoyed reading the translation! any translation is better than having no one! although he didn't answer just my question, he answered a question similiar to mine. spasibo dimka! he looked so cute! i love the way he smiled!

Gladys: On-line broadcasting from the recording studio "Lizard" text version Part 3 What was the most unusual gift to you in Day St Valentine? Dima: - The most unusual was at school. When I started to feel the first love. I was very shy. At school there was a box and I thrown Valentine card in it And I received the answer A card with an words: Do you know, someone goes mad on you. And inside: Its me. It was pleasant))) What of your songs the most of all is pleasant to you (it can be connected with any event in your life...) and why? Dima:- . It is associate with about what I tell at concerts before its execution. That, happens, you will meet the person, apparently, that it is your friend or the girl or simply person native you soul. It appears is not All not is so simple. Couple of years back I have been assured that I know all about this life and when someone tried to learn me something, I was against. But then you understand that a century live, a century study. You sometimes tell that have got picture ("Ship", "Oriental cherry", "Girl"). And do you like only to look at this beauty in galleries or you try to draw? Dima:- I draw only in the lift, and when there is the place Because I want to add something yours there.(Dima`s joke) Is it possible to find you behind viewing of a football match? Do you like the Russian basketball? Have you favorite teams in these kinds of sports? Dima:- I do not love basketball because I am not able to play in it. The Football I can look, if all channels are switched off And there is only one football. You thought of what kind of personyou will be when 10, 20, 30 years will pass? Dima:- I especially did not think, but people who know me, think that I will be grumbling old man What is the more pleasant to you - lyrical songs or rhythmical, cheerful compositions? Dima:- Both is pleasant to me. It is a problem. Not always it can be combine together, but I try to combine it. You would like to receive the second higher education? For example, musical ? Dima:- It hardly will turn out, because it demands a time. May be in the old age I will be engage it. Where did you find your musicians?The group! Dima:- I found the musicians,my group on the rehearsal base. Recently our collective was left the drummer And on its place has come the long-haired macho, the Russian athlete Vasily . What your most favourite animated cartoon, from the Disney's and from the Soviet? Dima:- From the Soviet 38 parrots. About a boa and a parrot. They are such from my life I meets both boas and parrots From the Disney's "Duck Tales" about Uncle Scrooge and his nephews They know, want they want and do not especially use that their uncle very rich. They are such real.

Gladys: On-line broadcasting from the recording studio "Lizard" text version Part 4 Have you "deja vu" in your life ? Do you remember dreams? Are they come trueor in them often something repeat? Do you remember something from the last dream? Dima:- "Deja vu" was 1 time in the childhood when I have dream about the house and my parents bought such house . I do not remember dreams . I like to pronounce, what was a dream about, that i do not to forget it. From the last I remember nothing There was one pop-music. Tell me, do you agree with the statement "Never speak never"? Dima:- No. Even my friends that I am very often changing the creative position I am changing styles I mix things which cannot be mixed. It is a search element, but sometimes I go too far Today I say that I will be sing a dance music, tomorrow a heavy rock, and the day after tomorrow I will start to sing blues things or ballads It is creative search. Saying that If i am chose something today it will not be forever, I am mistaking often. Why "Socrat the friend for me , but true is the more valuable?" Dima:- Because friends are different Recently the true is not become the more valuable This is ancient belief. It is very good, when the true really is the more valuable for the people In the schedule of day of baron Karl Fridrih Ieronim von Munchausen there is "From eight to ten - the FEAT" What feats do you plane? Dima:- Well for example to communicate with you Because it is very big loading on vocal chords, and for any vocalist it is a feat. By the way, there is already a studio site, you can come on it and look And then at a forum write would you wish to improve, maybe. You are living on the thirteenth floor How you live so highly from the earth? And when the lift switch off do you to go on foot? Dima:- I am not living on the 13th floor))). What do you prefer in the food ? And what do you eating for a breakfast usually? Dima:- When I am living on the 13 th floor, I like very much an omelette, rice noodles and meat If you have to choose, where to act on a small stage or on the big? What will you chose? Dima:- There is a charm in performance on a small stage when you are in immediate proximity from people who have come to look at you. And on big stage -all are sitting and waiting, when you will appear. The big stage it`s the louder sound, to wide performance. For me, the big stage more close You can dance there. When the hall completely sits, that recently happened on tours in Belarus,that it is necessary to make the program And it has been made such to answer to requirements on dynamics of performance And did not to overload it a loud sound which was at these concerts 1.I know that you visited Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, I live there, so I wanted to ask you about your impressions of Skopje? 2.I want to ask you about your plans for 2010 and when we can hear the new songs on English? Dima:- I was in Macedonia, in Skopje! I liked Skopje! It`s very beautiful city! I was in the restaurant there! And I was eating there a Ribiya chorba Also I bought a little silver fish like souvenir I went with it all around Europe before Evrovision! About the second question Now we are working with two songs One of them will be on english On which song will be the video- clip?. Dima:- "It is a secret. About video- clip.... We are working with video- clip now But I can`t to say, on which song it will be Because always everything that I do is not a secret for anybody already. It is necessary, that it is be a secret.... "

Borce: Gladys,my friend thanks a lot for the translation!!! I watched the Online Conference but this time not only with sound but also with video!!!For me the feeling to see not only with sound but also with picture how Dima answered on my questions is really amazing!!! Thanks a lot also to the official site and Antis for the videos!!!I downloaded all the videos from the official site and I have to say that the quality and the sound of the videos are fantastic!!! I really enjoyed watching the Online Conference and huge thanks to Dima for the great Online Conference,for the positive energy,for the amazing interpretation of the song " ". I also like that we got a new informations and plans so I can't wait for the new two songs,the song on english,the new video clip,the new album,concerts!!! His new haircut looks so beautiful on camera and also I love the clothes that he was wearing!!! I love the way that he was smiling and answering on the questions!!! I have to say that many singers need to learn of Dima because he really loves his fans and always want to be in contact with us... I'm so proud because I'm his fan and will be 4 ever his fan!!! I'm totally impress of this online conference and I can't wait for the next one!!!