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Gladys: This thread is for discussion of Dmitriy Koldun`s photos. Please don`t forget about decency and the rules of forum! P.S.: This topic is for discussion only

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Borce: I really like the new pictures!!! Big thanks to the official site!! When I saw the little picture that Dima posted on his blog on blogs@mail.ru I really wished to see more pictures in bigger size!!!The pictures are very lovely and positive and Dima like always looks so beautiful and I really love his smile on the pictures!!! He looks very happy and we can see that he enjoyed and had really great time on his new year travel!!! I'm really happy that Dima shared the pictures with us!!!! One of the pictures go to my background for sure!!!!!!!

Gladys: The photos are really fine))) I likes night photos They are a little mysterious It`s very beautiful photo against a mosque And it`s interesting to look Dmitriy's photos against such interesting word, as "" Its means "our people" This name of the one of the television channel in Chechnja Dima looks happy and full of impressions. I think, he liked his New Year's travel )))

lennylen: Thanks for posting pictures from New Year! they are really good! Dima looks great as always. I'm wondering if he is wearing a mask on one of black and white photos...

MiriamEla: WAHAHAHA!!! Oh man... Dima's cute in that new blog picture and all, but... their expressions are both hilarious XDDDDD Who's the other guy in the picture?

Gladys: MiriamEla : Who's the other guy in the picture? This is Bagrat Vartanjan He is the Dima`s best friend))) And he is very talented composer Exactly he created such wonderful songs:" Bezrabotnaya lubov, "Reality of dreams ","Dont fade awy ", "Plach'_i_poy", "Nastroisya_na_menya"(with Dima), "I love you"

nadia2: I love the pictures from New years, it looks like Dima had a great time, And I love the jumper he's wearing with the star The effects are also really cool at night in front of the lights and the mosque.

MiriamEla: Oh so THAT's Bagrat! I was wondering who that was who wrote my themesong. And in the new picture, JACKET WIN!!! Someone on the KUEF was wondering where he gets his awesome wardrobe.... aren't a lot of his clothes custom-made?

Borce: I so love the new picture and his new jacket!!! I suppose that is especially made for Dima because the jacket is so orginal and unique!!! I can't wait he to wear it on some performances because I think that the jacket will look great on camera!!! Also I want Dima to make a photoshoot with the jacket because the jacket is simply lovely and I really want to have the same jacket!!!

miranda: why is everyone so obsessed with jacket? lol i have to say i love the pictures from fabrika zirok! his hair style is soo ahhh...

MiriamEla: Borce : I suppose that is especially made for Dima because the jacket is so orginal and unique!!! That's very likely. That jacket he wore on 2008 was custom-made for him, along with the DK belt. @Miranda: Ukranian Fabrika was epic win, I agree. His moves, his attitude, his clothes, his hair, his face... </Fangirl>

miranda: I just love that performance! But i don't like her voice that much, at least she's better than the last two he sang with in fabrika zvezd in russia. I can't say enough of this, his hair-style rocks! And so does the outift! I hope he will do more of those performances! And i hope he will do a new sexy photo-shoot. I want that so badly!

MiriamEla: Ahh, don't we all love the ultra-sexy photoshoots... *evil fangirl giggle* I think this one's my all-time favorite.

Borce: The new pictures from the Anniversary Concert for the producer and composer Igor Matvienko are so cool For me is so interesting to see Dima to wear the same t-shirt with the logo of " " after 4 years. From the pictures I noticed that he cut his hair a little because on the interview on "-" his hair was longer I really love it!!!He looks amazing!!!With long or short hair Dima always looks so beautiful and I always love his haircut!!! Now I really wish to see new pictures but from close and only with Dima... Thanks a lot to the girls who posted the pictures They made my day!!! I can't wait the concert to be on tv and we to get a recorded video and to see Dima from close ...

Gladys: I looked photos from Anniversary evening of Igor Matvienko. Dima become the fabricant again))) "Fabrica zvezd" it`s the part of the Dima`s life . He spent 4 months in the star house. He became the winner of the" Fabrica zvevd- 6" These photos make me feel nostalgia..... Antis, Luntik, thanks a lot for the photos))) I like Dima`s red gym-shoes! White with black and red gym-shoes))) Its very original))) And Dima`s hairdress is pleasant to me.

Borce: Gladys I totally agree with every word that you wrote my friend!! I bought for me same red trainers like Dima in 2009 and I have to say that you can wear them with everything because they look great with every combination and especially like Dima' combination-white with black combination So I want to say huge thanks to Dima because his style is amazing and always help me and inspire me when I go to buy a clothes, shoes and other things for me About his new haircut I have only the best words ...So beautiful and modern and real haircut for his age...So young and fresh and + looks great on camera and that is very important because of his profession!!!