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Gladys: This thread is for discussion of Dmitriy Koldun`s photos. Please don`t forget about decency and the rules of forum! P.S.: This topic is for discussion only

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miranda: I just loove the new picture of him standing. I can't stop watching it. And all the pictures from there are wonderful! He shows off such a great sense of style! And i can't wait for the online conference today! I will be glued against the screen. It should be fun to se what he's wearing and how he looks. But he always looks great to me! I hope he answers my question! Borce I also love his haircut! I want him to have for it a long time! It suits him!

lennylen: His haircut reminds me of the good old times of a star factory; it makes Dima look younger. I still like the previous hairstyle more.

miranda: I love his hair! it suits him very well. I have always liked him more with short hair than with long hair. I really can't stand long hair. short always wins over long plus, he looks so much cuter!

hairspray: Lennylen, I agree with you. I like his new haircut. Dima always looks good, regardless of his hairstyle.

Gladys: lennylen hairspray Girls,please,don`t create chat - post from one or two phrases Please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies Try to write big and beautiful message All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted. Thank You.

Gladys: There is a new section on the official site The picture- album: "Childhood" And you can see and discuss Dima`s photos,when he was child)))

Gladys: There are wonderful photos from Dima`s childhood))) Thanks a lot to Dima that gave these photo! And thanks to Antis that she created such section ! There are all family: father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, small Dima and George….. I like a photo where Dima with a ball and a racket))) Unfortunataly, Dima did not smile on these photos. He was very seriosly and sad, when he was the child I would like to see the photos where Dima happy,joyful and with smile.....

Borce: Many thanks for the wonderful pictures to Dima and Antis!!! It's always so great to see childhood photos of your idol and to see also members of his family!! I really love the new baby pictures of Dima and I'm really happy that we got so many new pictures.The pictures are so beautiful and cute!!! I adore his chubby cheeks, beautiful and sweet face,hair...everything!!! He is real chocolade ,the cutest baby that I have ever seen.It's really easy to guess that this little boy will become a very handsome man later. I really wish to be on George's place and to have brother like Dima!!! I have only the best words about the new pictures and I can't wait for more because Antis wrote that maybe they will add new pictures in the section- "Childhood". Btw lovely idea for new section "Childhood" in the pictures part of the official site!!!

nadia2: Thanks for the lovely pictures of Dima as a baby, and a child. I really like to see pictures of him from when he was little, and he was really cute, and it's actually quite funny that he looks so serious when playing with the ball and racket. He and George look a bit similar too sometimes. It's a great idea for a childhood section on the official website.

ybet: nadia2 пишет: I really like to see pictures of him from when he was little, and he was really cute, and it's actually quite funny that he looks so serious when playing with the ball and racket. hehe i agree nadia he was such a cuttie (and still is ;)

miranda: It's so fun to look at them, cause you can already see some similiarities! And ybet i agree, he will always look cute no matter what! Although i can't see so many similiarities between georgiy and him. They look very different from eachother i think! Though i think they have the same facial expressions, and also their personalities don't differ so much.

lennylen: The pictures from Dima's childhood are really cool. He didn't change as much compared to the pictures from his youth. Thanks for posting the pictures

Gladys: I like the pictures of Dima from "The fabrika of stars 6 "celebrated birthday"! Thanks to Antis All the pictures are wonderful! It`s nice that they are black - white! It was pleasant to see again Dima Koldun, Prochor Shalyapin, Arcenii Borodin and the other. I returned in the 2006 again. It is a pity, not all members from the Fabrika 6 could be present...

miranda: i actually didn t see many participants :P if they celebrated birthday for FZ 6, why didn't more show up? they were so many. everyone can't be busy at the same time, or? dimka looked great as always!

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