English 2007-2010 Off-topic. Part 5

Off-topic. Part 5

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Gladys: News In one interview Dima said that the next album he will begin to record in the November-December of this year. Material is practically ready for two new albums. Iva Hi!!! Welcome!!!

Gladys: Miss Intercontinental-2009: as it will be A show will be opened a prologue. On the intercontinental stage Girls-gymnasts and dancers will go out on the stage the first. Then Ekaterina Doman'kova in surroundings Koldun-Brothers, George and Dmitriy will appear . They will represent a show from start to finish. Dima will abandon the colleagues only once to sing his song. http://www.liveinternet.ru/photo_comment.php?s=&photoid=18641696&albumid=2068900

iviK: Thank you, Gladys! OMG, I'm really looking forward to Miss Intercontinental! Dima will be great host. And he will speak Russian and English too

Borce: OMG I can't believe!!!MISS InterkONTinental 2009" will be shown LIVE on our nacional macedonian televison also they are showing comerical on the tv channel about this !!!!!!!! !!!!!!!YAYYYYY!!!!Whole Macedonia will see Dimka !!!!!Here will start on 20:00pm!!!!!!!!!!I'm damnnnn happy!!!!!!!!!!So If anyone have the 1 macedonian channel can watch Dimka!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the moment they are showing the news every second on the tv channel!!!!

Borce: Ela here you can watch him: http://kinoplaneta.net/tv_online_18443.html

Borce: WOWWW!!!I'm totaly impress from yesterday!!!!Dimka was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G !!!!!He sang two songs:Somebody's loving you and Work your magic(ESC version)He was playing with the camera all the time and really enjoyed performing!!!!He had so much pyrotechnics in his performances especialy in WYM and from all that there performed he had the most pyrotechnics and the reactions of the public were AMAZING!!!!The public was with Dima all the time during the performances!!!!I love the both performances.As host he was also AWSOME!!!!He and Georgiy were speaking on russian and the female host Ekaterina on english!!!!He is really great host and he was smiling all the time and really did GREAT JOB!!!!!Before his performance Georgiy said such a great words for Dima!!!!!Also after the performance the commentator here in Macedonia who was commenting the show said that Dima is the most successful Eurovison reperesenter from Belarus and that he is the only one who passed the final and won 6th place(5th place now) and that his debut album came out and that is named simply"KOLDUN"that on english means "WIZARD"...About his beauty to not talk because he was LOVELY!!!!!Also Georgiy was so amazing and he looked so handsome!!!I loved the show and I'm still exaited and I can't wait to have videos from the show because I want to see Dimka again and again!!!BRAVO DIMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

MiriamEla: I only heard the show because the picture wasn't showing up, so I heard Dima but I didn't see him... YouTube links or downloads, anybody?

Borce: For those who didn't watch "Miss Intercontinental 2009" here you have a little part from the show with Dimka like host!!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRYYTfENrek&feature=player_embedded

MiriamEla: Ooh, I just downloaded the part of Miss Intercontinental where Dima "sings"... I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY MADE HIM LIPSYNCH... AND WITH HIS BAND! They're all the background music he needs, why couldn't the TV people just hook up the instruments and let the band play so Dima could sing live??? Although it was kind of funny when WYM started and it wasn't the version they normally play... they were probably all thinking "Help! What do we do?" Anton is probably my favorite member of the band now, his miming is hilarious!

silhouetteofthenight: Hi guys! guess who's back! What's that I hear, new album, already? and two? that's REALLY great news!

Borce: Welcome back Snezana!!! We missed you and we missed your comments here!!!! Yeah I LOVE the news!!!!!Dima will start recording his new album sooo soon and he has songs for two album!!!YAYY that is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I can't waitttt Also he said that will have tour in Belarus and Russia!!!!! I can't wait also for that!!!!!! I hope that we can get videos and pictures from the tour!!!!

miranda: look what gladys did for me on the autograph session in moscow! i can't thank her enough! i hope it will come soon! click here

Borce: Congratulations Miranda!!!! I always say that Gladys is real angel and friend and always ready to help and she really loves and values Dima's international fans!!! She is really huge suport for me on the forum!!!God bless you Gladys and give you everything but really everything that you wish in your life!!!!

miranda: i really appreciate what she did a lot! i can't say thanks enough! and i got so happy when i saw that he had written my name on the cd! it was so cool!

silhouetteofthenight: Thanks for the welcome, Borce! I missed this forum and you guys too. Gotta check the english one too! ^^ Miranda, Gladys got you an autographed cd as well? geez, I couldn't believe it at first when Borce sent me a message on facebook, but Gladys just replied me and sent me the pics. I still can't believe it she did that for us, I mean, really Gladys thank you SO much once again. Borce said it right, you truly are an angel and a true friend on here! That's great there will be tour in Russia and Belarus, though I'm still hoping for another tour even wider and in more countrys! We just have to wait till people get their hands on the CD, it's only out for a month and a half. :) Oh speaking of which, do you know if those russian stores ship internationally? I haven't tried it, but I'd like to know also to let fans know on international website.

Gladys: Friends,I think all thanks goes to Dima!!! Thanks to him for his kindness and patience!!! Cos there were so many peoples on the autograph-session but he did not refuse any one! Dima, thanks a lot)))

MiriamEla: Nyuuu!!! Why didn't I know you were doing this? I could have gotten one too! T_T

Borce: Friends,I think all thanks goes to Dima!!! Thanks to him for his kindness and patience!!! Cos there were so many peoples on the autograph-session but he did not refuse any one! Dima, thanks a lot))) Such a GREAT message Gladys !!!!Dimka doesn't look his fans only like fans but also like his family ,like his friends so because of that he is so special for us !!!He is so normal and doesn't act like some diva...For exemple I read his post in news part saying sorry to one girl that couldn't be on the promotion in Minsk and said that this situation will not repeat...I mean that is so SWEET from him and makes you feel so proud that you are his fan!!!!!I admire him more and more every day and like Gladys said he had patience to sign every album and card and also like I can see from the pictures part he also had time for photographing with his fans !!!!And that is not all he gave us such an AMAZING album with such a quality music and he is totaly in right when he says that his music is positiv rock because is really positiv and with energy that make you so happy and make you to think in positiv way and If you are in bad mood make you to smile and to feel better ...Thanks is the small word to explene how thankful I'm about everything that he is doing!!!! Also Gladys people like you are not so many!!!!Thanks for your friendship !!!!

lennylen: Thanks to Dmitriy! His kindness doesn't have borders...I am glad that he is like that.

Borce: I just watched ones again "Miss Intercontinental 2009" on our macedonian first channel!!! They repeated ones again the spectacular show and I'm sooooooooooo happy that I saw Dima ones again!!!!!!

MiriamEla: This... ...has got to be one of the cutest pictures ever.

ybet: today i received Dima's album (Thanks to Gladys )and i toally loved it..!! my fav songs were i surrender, nastroisya na menya & somebody's lovin you

Takura: Hi to All. MiriamEla Very nice picture! ybet Congratulation!

miranda: i received mine yesterday and it made my day! SO A BIG SPASIBO TO GLADYS!!! i'm totally addicted to surrender! but i love the whole album! it's so damn goood! :)))

Gladys: NEWS Today in Moscow Dima will be take part in the concert on the Arena Luzhniki in support of Russia in football match "Russia-Germany" Takura Welcome!!!

Borce: Thank you so much for the news Gladys!!!!! I really hope that we can get pictures and videos from the fans that will go!!!!!! Takura Welcome here!!!I wish you great time here!!!!!

Gladys: New version of the song "Zvezda" on the radio Tophit http://www.tophit.ru/search.shtml?q=%CA%EE%EB%E4%F3%ED

MiriamEla: Woah, it sounds really cool! Can't wait to hear the whole thing!

Gladys: Do you like Dima in image Baron Munchausen??? I like)))))

Borce: I really love the new verison of "Zvezda" I think that he recorded the song ones again because and his voice is a little different...I really HOPE that we can get the mp3 of the new verison very soon because I would want to listen the whole song!!!! About the new picture of Dima like Baron Munchausen I really love it too!!!! Dimka with moustaches So now we can see how would look Dima If he lived in that time!!!And in that time he would look so beautiful!!!! Thanks for posting the news Gladys!!!

ybet: i think dima looks hilarious with that clothes and that moustache

MiriamEla: I have only one thing to say about that picture... BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHA XDDDDDDDDD

: hahaha the picture is just hilarious! the moustache really suits him!

Gladys: The 18th of November 2009 in Palace Ukraine will take place V Ceremony International Musical Premium Gold barrel- organ. http://sharmanka.ua/news/item.html?id=939 Vote for Dima: http://www.art-music.com.ua/content/view/33/35/

Borce: Thank you so much for posting the news Gladys!!! Yesterday when I checked the site for voting Dimka was 15th from 107 singers and groups but then his fans still didn't know about this voting but now when we know Dima is 3th PLACE Dima's fans are THE BEST because we really suport him and we vote and vote!!!!So we can make Dima to be FIRST PLACE!!!These awards are on international level and are very important so we all should vote !!!!I read that only 10-20 singers and groups will be chosen from all 107 that are now on the list for voting!!!! So guys KEEP VOTING FOR DIMKA!!!!!!!!!!!

Gladys: A new version of song "Zvezda" ("Star") radio_koldun http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/radio_koldun/post112558016/

Gladys: laylist radio KOLDUN. 20.10.2009 radio_KOLDUN - Alesya (music , text ) - Angel mechty (music : , text ) - Bezrabotnaya lubov (music : , text .) - Devushka mechty - - Cha-cha-cha - -- ( ) . - Get up get down ( , , ) - Dont fade awy ( music : , ;text ) - DONT FADE AWAY no vocal - Instrument - Fly Away (text /music : ) - I surrender (music : , text : / ) - Kazhdiy den na zemle (music : , text : ) - Klyatva_Xoakina (music : ,text : ) - May be (text /music : ) - Mest_Xoakina - (music : , text : ) - Nastroisya_na_menya (music : / , text : ) - Ne ray (: , text : ) - Ne ray instrument - Neseryozno (music : , text : . ') - Pesnya_Xoakina (music : , text : ) - Plach'_i_poy (music : , , text : ) - Plohaya novost (music : , text : ) - Poezd na yug (music : , text : ) - Po venam (music : , text : / ) - Po venam instrument - Prosti za vse (music : / , text : ) - Reality of dreams (music : , text : ) - Tebya luchshe net (music : ) - Ty uletish (music : , text : ) - Vals Boston (music /text : ) - Vechniy ogon (: , text : ) - Vse chto ty hochesh (: , text : ) - Work Your Magic (Deep Zone Project Short Dance Remix) - Ya budu zhdat - - Ya ne umru bez lubvi (text /music : ) - Ya pridumal (music : , text : ) - Yarostniy_stroyotryad (music : , text : ) - Zvezda_mix (music : , text : , : ) - Zvezda_Radio_Edit (Radio edit) (: , text : , : ) NEW, 20.10.09 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post112558693/

Gladys: ON-LINE broadcasting from the musical studio "Lizard" returns! Switch pleer on a channel to the "on-line broadcasting the 20th of October in 18:00 (moscow time). http://www.koldun.name/ru/online/

MiriamEla: Nooooo!! I just missed it! T_T DAMN this time zone difference!

Gladys: MiriamEla Ela you not missed it!!! It only will be right now!

Borce: Thanks for the news Gladys!!!! I just came back from school and I'm watching it now!!! Like I remember Dima said that when he will start working on his new album then the on-line broadcasting will start again so that means that now he is working on his new songs for the 2nd album!!!!YAYY!!!!! It's soooooo great to watch him live again!!!!!!This make my day!!!!!!!!

MiriamEla: Ooh wow, I didn't miss it! This is amazing!! No sound, but I can tell they're working hard! Go Dima, get album #2 done! =D

Borce: The on-line broadcasting for today STARTED!!!!

iviK: Yeah, I love his jumper there They're working really hard! Dima, you're the BEST!!!

lennylen: That's cool! Now we can see what's going on with his new works.

hairspray: I totally agree with you LennyLen. I was waiting for this cd for a long time.

Gladys: The 6th on November 2009 Dmitriy Koldun on MUZ-TV channel in the TV- show Mafia Dmitriy Koldun took part in detective game Mafia together with another stars of russian showbizness. The 5th on November at 11 p.m. and at the 6th on November 12 p.m. (Moscow time.) news of. site

Borce: I can't wait to see"Mafia" I really hope that someone will record it because the show sounds soooo intersting!!!! Also I hope that today someone will record the tv shows"" " and tomorrow " " because also from the news that I read and these tv shows are really damn intersting to watch and of course the most important that makes them more and more intersting and cool is that Dimka is in the shows and when he is guest in the shows they are THE BEST!!!!!!!

Gladys: "Star route" The 29th on October in 17:00 (Moscow time.) on the TV channel Russia Music Box, you will be able to look , one day from life of Dmitriy Koldun in a mini-realiti show the Star route. Dominique Joker, who present this program must to find out and to show things that we do not know about , what usually remains off screen. The salon of HAMMER limousine will become not only the place we can listen their interesting conversations about life and creation of Dmitriy Koldun but also motor vehicle on a star route. Replay of the program the 1th of November in 12:00 (Moscow time.) of.site

MiriamEla: The Mafia show... it reminds me of a camp game...

Gladys: The 1th on November 2009 Dmitriy Koldun will take part in a sixth traditional charity concert Light of the White mountain in Kremlin . The 4th on November 2009 in "The day of people`s Unity will be translation of charity concert on the russian channel .

Borce: HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO DIMKA AND ALL HIS FANS ALL AROUND THE WORLD I can't wait to see Dima's pictures of the photoshoot by that will be tonight because Antis confirmed that Dima will attend on the photoshoot and I'm really happy about that!!!!!!!!!!


Borce: The picture from the photoshoot for the Halloween party is damn COOL !!!OMG what a transformation and what a great halloween costume !!!!!The thing that they put it on his eye looks so real and scary!!!!I will say perfect halloween costume in the spirit of the holiday!!!Not 5 but 10 stars!!!!Bravo Dimka!!! Also I adore the other pictures ..The award that he got on the Halloween party looks so orginal and the design too!!!

Gladys: Yes Dima`s image for the Halloween party realy great!!! He is like hero from the film -"Pirates of the Caribbean" )))

nadia2: I love the picture from the halloween party, Dima looks so different!

ybet: he looks so funnyyyyyyy i love the pic :)

MiriamEla: I'm slightly scared of that makeup they put on him... o.O

Gladys: The 8th on November, on the First channel in 17:00 ( Moscow time.). Dmitriy Koldun will congratulate the great composer Alexandra Pakhmutova with the anniversary by singing her song Yarostnyi Stroyotryad news of site

Gladys: The 16th on November the tour in support an album "Dmitriy Koldun" will begin in Byelorussia (November-December). The 16th n November 2009 - Baranovichi The 4th on December 2009 - Brest The 5thon December 2009 - Pinsk The 6thon December 2009 - Rechitsa The 8th on December 2009 - Svetlogorsk The 9th on December 2009 - Mozyr' koldun.name

Borce: I'm so excited for Dima's tour and I can't wait the tour to start !!!!I would want so badly to go on some of the concerts because Dima really knows how to make amazing concert so the fans that have chance to go are sooooo lucky and I wish to all that will go to enjoy in the concerts and for us to take pictures and record videos !!!!!I saw pictures of all cities that are part of the tour and all the cities are so beautiful!!!I hope that the tour will continue in Russia and in other countries... I love the official poster for the tour About the concert on the First Channel I also can't wait to see Dima's performance and listen the cover that Dima made of the song that I love so much"Yarostnyi Stroyotryad and I'm sooo glad that Dima is back on the First Channel!!! About today I'm waiting for the tv show"Mafia" because from the first time that I read about what is the show I'm so curious to watch the show and of course to see Dima!!!!! Gladys thanks for posting the news here!!!!


lennylen: I'm waiting for the tour as well! To see Dmitriy live is cool, but the question is when... The poster is cool, but hopefully it will be seen on the streets of my city... That's also great that he will perform on the first channel and the song is also good. I like the fact that he performs this kind of songs.

Gladys: VOTING Dmitriy Koldun in the hit-parade on the radio "Pilot- fm" with the song "Somebody's Loving You" http://pilotfm.com/hitparade/

Gladys: VOTING for the best pop album of year From 20th of November, till 20th of December, there will be the Voting for the best pop- album of year on News of show business NEWSmusic.ru http://www.newsmusic.ru/ http://guruken.livejournal.com/1233353.html

Gladys: "A star and death of Hoakina Mur`ety" in St.-Petersburg" The 29th On November, 2009 Alexey Rybnikova's Moscow theatre the first time in St.-Petersburg will present a rock- opera A star and death of Hoakina Mur`ety (the libretto Pavel Grushko) In leading roles: Hoakin Mur`eta Dmitriy Koldun, Teresa Valeria Lanskaya. The additional information www.nevapremier.ru, Of.site

MiriamEla: YES!! Dima!Joaquin is back! He better be as good this time as he was last time... I don't think he'll let us down. ;D By the way, I put up Dima's best soundcheck ever on YouTube (the one he put on his blog, where the band members all traded places). Here it is if you're interested.

Borce: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Hoakin is BACK!!!!!!!I so LOVE the rock opera and I'm soooooo happy that Dima will play again Hoakin!!!!!!!Btw guys If you notice the last year the premier of the rock opera was from 27th till 30th of November 2008 so it will be ONE YEAR like Dimka will play Hoakin again!!!Now Teresa is not Svetlana(who is singer) but real actress and I think that she and Dima will be great couple like were Dima and Svetlana last year !!!This is such an AMAZING NEWS!!!!I can't wait to see Dima one again like Hoakin!!!The role really suits him and he is really GREAT actor!! He did AMAZING job the last year and I'm sure that and this year he will be even better!!!! Thanks for posting the news Gladys!!!

Borce: WOWWW!!!!!I SO LOVE THE NEW PHOTOSHOOT!!!! I asked Antis in the questions part before 4 days when they will add the new photoshoot on his official site and her answer was amazing THE NEW PHOTOSHOOT that we got yesterday!!!!!!!!!I just ADORE all the pictures !!!!!Dima looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. ..I just love his style.clothes the poses on the pictures!!!!!I so love ALL the pictures!!!!One of them is on my background now!!!! I'm damn happy that we got the new photoshoot!!! About his performance of " ".I TOTALLY LOVE it!!!!.I hope that we will get mp3 of the song!!!I SO love the performance and the new version of the song,his clothes,interpretation,style...everything!!!HUGE thanks to Dima for the video on his blog!!!

Gladys: "Day of mother in Kaliningrad " The 27th on November 2009 Dmitriy Koldun will take part in the concert in honour "Day of mother" The concert organised by government of the Kaliningrad region. News of. site

Borce: Dima's tour in Belarus begins TONIGHT!!!! Good luck tonight, Dimka We ALL are with you!!!!! I can't wait for news,pictures and videos!!!!!!!!!

Gladys: Yes! Today the 16th, on November, the first day of Dima`s tour in Belarus (in Baranovichi)! Good luck to Dima and his musicians! Lets the performance will be successful and excellent!

ybet: im so excited to see the concert im sure hes gonna be awsome us usually..! good luck dimka


nadia2: Good luck Dima with your tour, I hope it'll be amazing!

Borce: I LOVE the pictures from the first concert of the tour!!!I want more!!!!He looks damn LOVELY !I love the clothes,hair and the most the BLACK GLOVE !!Such a COOL detail which suit him soooooo much on the whole combination !!!I want to see the shoes too!!! Also I ADORE the stage and the light efects!!!I can't wait for MORE pictures and videos of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm totally impress and Dimka you totally ROCK !!!Thanks for the lovely pictures Lizon!!!! Also I can't wait to hear " " again after almost 2 years!!!

MiriamEla: Okay, MAJOR kudos to Dima on the new setlist. So glad that he's putting the old standards like and back into his concerts! I'm really happy he's doing too!

miranda: where did you see that? i will love him if he starts singing ya dlya tebya again. it's my fav song of him of all times

Gladys: Koldun in Baranovichi Dmitriy Koldun said in the Baranovichi that as the girl he is pleasant to the Belarus singer Anja Sharkunova That with this girl he would like to lvisit the concert of Grigoriy Leps And on a question about a marriage Dmitriy answered that he does not want to marry in the near future But he wants the big family. The 16th On November, Dmitriy Koldun in support of a new album "Koldun" was singing in Baranovichi. At a concert Dmitriy song as hits "Give me force", "Tsarevna", and unknown compositions. Performance has passed on a wave of stylish dancing pop-rock. Fans were built in turn to give flowers to the singer And Dmitriy, with pleasure, thanked each girls "an innocent kiss in a cheek" And has noticed that he was not afraid to catch a pork- flu http://intex-press.by/ru/777/1/2589/

MiriamEla: Innocent kiss on the cheek? I want one!! So Dima's making jokes about swine flu now? He should come join us. XD

Borce: Miranda here you have the setlist of the concert that was posted by Antis on the forum: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Somebody loving you 8. Reality of dreams 9. 10. 11. 12. , 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. He started the show with " "

iviK: The concert must have been great! Like always He returns to some "older" songs. It's good. I haven't heard and for ages! And he's always very kind to his fans And he could visit us too

miranda: borce thanks for posting! :) i wish i could have been there, it would have been a great concert!

lennylen: It seems that the concert was really great. I think that it is cool that Dmitriy was singing so many songs...that's a lot for a concert! He really works great as a real singer!!! I hope I'll be able to see him performing soon...

MiriamEla: I want to download that thing that Dima posted on the media section, but why must everything on that topic be an iFolder link? I don't have the resources to pay for downloads! Can someone post a link to it on Sendspace or some other free site? Antis: click here

ybet: is that a new song? :)

Jelly: ybet,it isn't a new song.Here are some words,which were written by Dmitry about it: The other day I droppped in at my neighbour in Minsk, and I have found on his computer with surprise some demo-records of the group,in which I have been singing foremly.By the way,then we thought,that we had been playing Power Metall and we were cool))But the time has passed,and this record reminds me of the studio in the town Wileyka,where we have been recording it in some old recreation centre (we haven't had money for another one)))) Unfortunately the file has suffered a bit,but I think,that the main idea will be quite clear. Enjoy!)

Gladys: This song was be written many years ago but i like it I want to listen something else from this period It`s interesting Dima`s` voice.... guitar playng I really like it how its sound! I think this song is actually now!

Gladys: New song on the radio_KOLDUN " "("You are not with me") - Alesya (: , ) - Angel mechty (: , : ) - Bezrabotnaya lubov (: , : .) - Devushka mechty - Cha-cha-cha . - Get up get down ( , , ) - 27.11.09 - Dont fade awy ( : , ; : ) - DONT FADE AWAY no vocal - Instrument - Fly Away (/: ) - I surrender (: , : / ) - Kazhdiy den na zemle (: , : ) - Klyatva_Xoakina (: , : ) - May be (/: ) - Mest_Xoakina (: , : ) - Nastroisya_na_menya (: / , : ) - Ne ray (: , : ) - Ne ray instrument - Neseryozno (: , : . ') - Pesnya_Xoakina (: , : ) - Plach'_i_poy (: , , : ) - Plohaya novost (: , : ) - Poezd na yug (: , : ) - Po venam (: , : / ) - Po venam instrument - Prosti za vse - (: / , : ) - Reality of dreams (: , : ) - Tebya luchshe net (: ) - Ty uletish (: , : ) - Vals Boston (/: ) - Vechniy ogon (: , : ) - Vse chto ty hochesh (: , : ) - Work Your Magic (Deep Zone Project Short Dance Remix) - Ya budu zhdat - Ya ne umru bez lubvi (/: ) - Ya pridumal (: , : ) -Yarostniy_stroyotryad (: , : ) - Zvezda_mix (: , : , : ) -Zvezda_Radio_Edit- (: , : ) NEW, 20.10.09 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post115431289/

Borce: I just listen the song and I LOVE it !!!!It will be HUGE hit for sure!!!! I can't wait for mp3 of the song !!!!I so love the music!!The sound is so modern and actual !!!I love the effect in the part when Dima is singing ... .... and also the effects in the sound in the middle of the song!!! I'm so happy for the new song!!!!BRAVO AND CONGRATULATIONS DIMA and of course congratulations to the composer of " "!!!!The song ROCKS!!!!The song is in my head now and I want to listen it again and again!!! for the song Dima!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting the news Gladys!!!!

MiriamEla: OMG. NEW SONG. WANT. Haven't heard it on DimaCast yet, but WANTWANTWANT!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: Just heard the song... It's awesome, but I seriously hope that's not Autotune I'm hearing.............. (Dima, please tell us you're not using Autotune!!!!)

Borce: Today is the rock-opera !!!!!GOOD LUCK to Dima and to everyone who is part of the rock-opera !!!!I'm really glad that many fans from here are from Saint Petersburg and will go to see the rock-opera so we can get many pictures and I really HOPE videos

lennylen: The new song is absolutely great!!! The words are so beautiful... Good luck to Dmitriy with rock opera; I know that it will be awesome because we will always support him

Gladys: Good luck to Dima and his partner Valeria with rock- opera today! I hope it'll be amazing and successful I think that all who will go to the rock- opera enjoy it and to make pictures and videos for us)))

MiriamEla: GOOD LUCK DIMA IN THE ROCK OPERA!!! (How do you say "Break a leg" in the theatre sense in Russian?)

Guinness: MiriamEla, As the closest to "Break a leg", in Russian we say " , " when we want to wish good luck to someone. This is an old expression used among hunters in Old Russia (and the meaning is "Neither fur, nor feather"). Funnily enough, the reply to that is supposed to be " !" ("Go to hell")...


Gladys: I'm so excited for rock- opera ))) It was excellent,amazing awesome!!! Dima was really GREAT! Hoakin is back))) And I like Valeria Lanskaya as Teresa

Borce: I totally agree with you Gladys!!!! I watched the whole rock-opera and I'm really thankful about that to all girls that recorded the rock-opera!!! Dima was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. !!!!!!He was acting and singing so GREAT !!!!!!Also I thought that I will miss Svetlana like Teresa but no I don't miss her because Valeria was also great and she and Dima looked lovely together.... The fans that were to see the show are damn LUCKY!!!!!!!

MiriamEla: I think Valeria was better than Svetlana for the most part, but she shouldn't try to go for the high notes.

Borce: Dima's second show of his tour in Belarus is TONIGHT!!! GOOD LUCK TO DIMA TONIGHT and to everyone who is part of the tour!!! I'm so happy that we have few fans from Brest here so now I really hope on VIDEOS and many pictures!!!!I want to wish them to enjoy in the concert. They are so LUCKY!!!I can't wait for news,pictures and videos!!!!!

Gladys: Yes! The Dima`s consert in Belarus is tonight! Good luck to Dima and success!

MiriamEla: Since this is the "real" tour kickoff day, GOOD LUCK DIMA IN BREST, PINSK, SVETLOGORSK, RECHITSA, AND MOZYR!!!

Borce: GOOD LUCK TO DIMA TONIGHT IN PINSK AND TOMORROW IN SVETLOGORSK!!! I always make intersting countdowns for his tour on his english forum:Here you can see them: http://www.activeboard.com/forum.spark?aBID=111830&p=3&topicID=31918706&page=2&sort=oldestFirst On the second page is for tonight and the others are in the first page of the topic!!! I hope that we will get pictures and videos from tonight and tomorrow!!!!! Today I CAN'T wait for pictures and videos from the concert that was in Brest yesterday!!!! From the impressions that I read the concert and Dima were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!!!I want to thank them because they took not only pictures but also videos!!!!! They are soooooo lucky fans!!!!

MiriamEla: The pictures from Brest look awesome... but can someone post a sendspace link or SOMETHING so I can watch that video of ? (I hate iFolder.)

Borce: I TOTALLY agree with you Ela!!!I just LOVE the pictures from Brest..Dima looks fabulous like always !!!I want to see more and more pictures!!!Also on this picture I noticed new autograph card!!!Which picture is that???From NEW photoshoot??? I first time see that picture and I really hope that is from new photoshoot!!!!!! Yeah sure here you have the video in sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/4qd743 The performance ROCKS!!!!I wish to see the whole concert so badly!!!!!

lennylen: I just wanted to add about the rock opera. I think that it is great. Valeriya definitely better than Svetlana because she is an actress. Dmitriy, like always, is great. I believe that his concerts will be great, too. I wish him to be like that always...

MiriamEla: Aw DANG. Another iFolder link. I REALLY WANT THAT VIDEO OF Ѩ !!! Can someone a. download it and post a sendspace link and b. tell me how the heck I can use iFolder without paying? D=

Borce: Here you have it Ela: http://www.sendspace.com/file/41cya4 The performance damn ROCKS and is recorded from more close !!!!Thanks a lot to Alyonushka who recorded the videos!!! I read that she has two more recorded performances from the concert in Brest!!!

MiriamEla: YES, DIMA. YES. Wow, has changed since April! I can't say whether I like it in the new key or not... I'll have to wait for a recording. Thank you so much, Borislav and and Alyonushka!

Gladys: Dmitriy Koldun on Ukrainian " Factory of the zvezd-3" The 13th on December, at 20:00 (ukrainian time) look the concert Ukrainian Factories of the zvezd-3, devoted to Eurovision songs on the New channel. Together with "facturers" will be Dmitriy Koldun, Ani Lorak, Tina Karol, Verka Serdjuchka, Alexander Rybak, Valery Meladze, Alla Pugachyova at the concert

miranda: that sounds like a great concert to me! thanks for the info!

Guinness: Friends, here is the English translation of the Thank You note posted by Dmitry at 12:17 yesterday: Hi there. Thanks to all of you who came to support me at my concerts in Belarus! Over the three days we added another 1,200 km to the mileage of our tour bus))). Ive got a lot of impressions from those concerts, and those impressions are mostly positive))) I can mention that, in spite of different light and sound in various cities, one thing remained unchanged cheerful mind! We still have two more cities ahead of us, and practically this is it for this year! We will be visiting other cities, hopefully, in the new year! Amen!

MiriamEla: That was nice of him!! =D Great luck on the rest of the tour, Dima! And Ukranian Fabrika... didn't he do DMS with actual "magic" there once? And a Dracula guy? In other news, I CAN USE IFOLDER!! FINALLY!!!!

Borce: I so love his message!!! That is such a cute message of him!!!Thanks for writing here Dima!!! Also I want to wish: GOOD LUCK TO DIMA TONIGHT IN AND TOMORROW IN !!! I can't wait like always for news,pictures and videos !!!!I wish the best time to all that will go to the concerts!!!

miranda: eveytime i turn on the radio, it stops playing exactly when the new song is playing. i want to hear it so badly! but i never will if it keeps doing like this...

miranda: i just listened to it from his website, luckily they have added the song there, and i really like it! he has done a good job with the lyrics i think!

Gladys: To the 10 anniversary of signing of the contract on Union State The 13th,on December at 15:25 (moscow time.) on the channel "Russia" you can see a celebratory concert from the Kremlin, devoted to the 10 anniversary of signing of the contract ofn commonwealth of Russia and Belarus. Among the known actors who have taken part in anniversary evening: Dmitriy Koldun, Elena Obraztsova, Oleg Gazmanov, Tamara Gverdtsiteli, Jadviga Poplavsky and Alexander Tihanovich, ensembles "Siabry" and "Pesniary". f.sait

iviK: Yeah, I love his new song too, love the lyrics, music- specially the drums everything Also I wish him veeery successfull concerts like he always has And nice message he sent:)

miranda: has he cut his hair? it looks so much shorter than before i luv it anyway!

Borce: Yeah he cut his hair a little ...I just LOVE Dima's new haircut ........He looks FABULOUS!!!!!

miranda: i love it so much too! i like his hair shorter! he looks cute :)

MiriamEla: Dima looks cute no matter what hairstyle he has. ;D So, last show of the tour! !! (After that, please get some rest, Dima, you're starting to look a little out of it.)

Borce: Such a WONDERFUL and EMOTIONAL performance by Dima on the " 09"!!!!I'm so happy that he was singing the new version of the AMAZING song"Zvezda"!!!I just LOVE the performance !!!!KOLDUN RULES!!!

ybet: miranda : i love it so much too! i like his hair shorter! he looks cute :) I agree so much! :)

MiriamEla: I can honestly say that I've liked all of Dima's hairstyles so far.

MiriamEla: Sorry that this is a double post but I simply must say this. Dima, my friends and I are very disappointed in you for lipsynching. We thought when you hired your backup band that you had had enough with playback and faking. You even refused to continue with the rock opera unless everything was done live or to perform at Slavonic Bazaar because they wouldn't let you perform live. But it seems that you have lowered your standards. I was very shocked when I saw that you had lipsynched at Miss Intercontinental, but I was slightly relieved when I saw the dress rehearsal video on your blog. Now I have seen that you started giving in to people who want you to lipsynch again. Please stop this from happening. We believe in you, we believe that you can again raise your standards for live performances. Don't let us down.

Borce: For me is ok he to lipsynching on tv shows,awards and gala concerts because the most important is that he is singing live on his concerts and + we all know how Dima sings live!!! I think that the most events in Russia and Belarus are on playback so If we look like that Dima shouldn't apear of any event or tv shows and we want to see him performing his lovely songs on TV and + Dima to sing live or not depends of the organizators of the events!!!For exemple I today will watch the concert from Kremlin n and I'm sooooo happy about that!!!! So yeah I want to see Dimka on TV more often like we see him now!!!On 11th December on MUZ TV,today on tv channel"Russia" and also on the Ukrainian Star Factory-3 on New Channel TV on 17th December on the First channel!!!So I'm DAMN HAPPY about this!!!!!!!! Btw his new haircut looks AMAZING on camera!!!!! I so so so love his performance in Kremlin ..He looks so lovely like always and I'm so happy that he was singing"Po venam"

Gladys: Yes!!! Its great to see Dima on TV !!! And his image was perfect))) Lets it will be often! About that Dima was singing with not live sound-its rules of some tv channel, tv shooting

@: That the STATE would be desirable to tell about performance of Dimy at a concert, to the devoted 10 ANNIVERSARY of SIGNING of the CONTRACT About ALLIED. has sung very well, it was pleasant to me, more often such performances.

Borce: I'm so happy that I saw Dima with"Po venam" twice on The feeling was amazing!!!! About his performance at Ukrainian Star Factory 3 OMG such an AMAZING performance and show!!!Dima's hair was soooo... COOL!!!!!!!!I totally LOVE it!!!! I can't stop watching the performance!!!!BRAVO DIMA!!!!

miranda: i love every performance he makes even if he's lipsynching or not. :)) i'm so happy, cause there are so much to download, i don't even know where to start! :D spasobp dimka for doing all these performances! you are so great! :D

miranda: i like when he sings live, but he can't do that ALL the time you know. some shows or scenes or whatever they are, they are just not simply built that way. i like if he mix it a little. i can see your point ela, but i don't know if i can agree to a 100 %.

Gladys: All-Russian Forum of Award Winners Breakthrough The 17th of December the President of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev will be invite young owners of the Russian and international awards to the All-Russia Forum of winners "Breakhrough". In the honour of the winners will be gala- concert Dmitriy Koldun, "Mummiy Troll", "-2","Moralny Kodex" and other stars will take part in this concert. Look the First channel (Russia) the 17th of December at 22:40 (Moscow time.). news of site

Borce: I want to say huge CONGRATULATIONS to Dima because he won an award for Pop-Project of the Year on the Music Award of the Year "TV Star" in Belarus !!!!Dima I wish you many many new awards and of course the award which you want(Grammy)because you TOTALLY deserve that because you are THE BEST !!!Really great news that make us all very proud and happy!!!

Gladys: I am very happy that Dima won the award Pop-Project on the Music Award of the Year in Belarus!!! Its great!!! congratulations to Dima)))))

nadia2: Congratulations to Dima for winning the pop award!!

miranda: pozdravlayu dimka! you really deserve it as you are the best pop project from belarus!

MiriamEla: Congratulations, Dima!! We're all proud of you!! If anyone hasn't already seen, there are two webconference links on Koldun.name. I already sent in a question for this one http://www.aif.ru/onlineconf/616 and I'm still thinking about one for this one http://tv.km.ru/dmitrij_koldun_ya_mechtayu_poluc BTW, I just got my own lizard plushie... I named it .

Gladys: New post in a blog on a mail.ru from Dima! http://blogs.mail.ru/list/dkoldun/771F7EC303565708.html

MiriamEla: That thing at the end about cold temperatures outside... I have heard reports of dangerous sub-zero temperatures in Russia and Eastern Europe. Now I know why Dima's lipsynching: He needs to protect his voice!

Gladys: Not forget that today on-line conference with Dima on KM.TV: I Dream of Receiving the Grammy Award at 14-00 (Moscow time). http://tv.km.ru/dmitrij_koldun_ya_mechtayu_poluc

MiriamEla: Aw, man, Dima didn't answer my question. Well, there's always tomorrow. I asked the fun question for tomorrow.

Gladys: I only saw the video from "All-Russian Forum of Award Winners Breakthrough " I like this Dima`s perfomance Especially when Dima was singing the song "Star", show with circus actors very decorated this song It was perfectly, unforgettable,fantastic http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post117282365/

Borce: I want to say huge THANKS to the official site for the lovely gift that we got yesterday!!! I so LOVE the performances!!!!!The whole atmosphere,the stage and of course Dima were FANTASTIC!!!I love how the people in the audience were dancing on "Nastroisya na menya" Gladys I totally agree with you!!!!"Zvezda" = ... , !!! TODAY IS TWO YEARS LIKE THE FORUM IS CREATED.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DIMA'S OFFICIAL FORUM!!!!! THE BEST SINGER EVER HAS TO HAVE THE BEST OFFICIAL FORUM EVER!!THAT IS A RULE!!! KOLDUN RULES!!!!

lennylen: The "Star" is definitely a great song; it's very strong. Also: Happy Birthday, Forum! I'm glad that it exists and gives us the opportunity to be together and to support Dmitriy!!!


Gladys: Merry Christmas to everyone! Bright and Joyful Christmas! Warmest Wishes For Christmas! Happiness, Prosperity and Success...

hairspray: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone !

MiriamEla: Merry Christmas to everyone and happy birthday Forum24!

Gladys: The song "Star" was included into number of the best compositions of 2009 according to an audience of Russian-speaking radio "SWH Plus" (Latvia). Online voting results will be declared in the program " Top 40. Results of year 2009" on January, 9th at 14:00 (on the Latvian time) on radio of Latvia "SWH Plus" (105,7 FM). On a site there is link of the radio "SWH Plus" . At the same time we learn, on what place "Star" will be, also we will hear Dmitry Koldun`s interview. He will be the star visitor in this program. Let's make "Star" the highest place in charts "SWH Plus"? Necessary write a name, an e-mail, age and leave the comment on this song http://www.radioswh.lv/swhplus/top1.php?id=431&topid=goda

Borce: I just saw the performance of "Zvezda" from the belarusian version of the gala concert from Kremlin and I really love it !!!Dima performed "Zvezda" with such a big emotions and I really love that they showed him many times during the performance from close because it's really lovely to see his face and the emotions on his face !!!I so love the end of the performance!!! About the voting!!!Guys we must vote because this is very important for Dima and for the amazing song"Zvezda"..I vote every day...I'm really happy that Dima will go in Latvia in January because like I understood from the post he will be special guest of the program and we can hear interview with him!!! One of my wishes for Dima for the next year is also this one..He to visit many countries and to promote his music there!!!!

Guinness: Friends, a Very Happy New Year to You All! Today Antis has posted New Year greetings from Dmitry (click here). This time his greetings are bilingual, Russian and Engish, and here is the English version for you: Incoming Tigers and Tigresses! This year has been the most challenging, but at the same time, I think, the most interesting over the last five years. And this is not because of any particular events, but as a whole. This year the first Koldun was launched into orbit and, to my great joy, became a well-deserved object in the space of music. On the whole I am entering the year 2010 with expectations of forthcoming progress on all fronts: this is launching of my second album, concert tour that we have not finished this year and of course new singles that I am working on even when I sleep As they say, you never know until you live it through. Art knows no pains as well as Beauty knows no pains I got to understand the special meaning of these words after my tour around Belarus. And strange as it may seem, this understanding has become the most important conclusion I made this year. I wish you all festive mood, warm-hearted gifts and atmosphere in the New Year night! Let everyone of you always have a dream, if you have one life is worthwhile! Thank you for your support, it is very important and valuable for me! A very Happy New Year! President of Snowritable Foundation i i i Dmitry Koldun of Ussuriisk

hairspray: thanks for posting the message. best wishes for the new year everybody.

Gladys: New year on RU.TV Today, the 31st, on Decemberat 16:00 and 18:30 (the Moscow time.) on the channel RU.TV Dmitry Koldun together with the Lena Knyazeva will congratulate the televiewers with New year and will present cheerful celebratory mood News official site@

lennylen: Happy New Year, everybody!I will be waiting to watch Dmitriy on the channel RU.TV at 8AM and at 10:30 AM of US time.

Borce: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 TO EVERYONE HERE!!!I WISH YOU AN AMAZING NEW YEAR!!!! My message for Dima is: My dear precious brother HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Let the new 2010 be THE BEST year for you!!!! I wish you happiness and joy and blessings for the New Year. A lot of health,love,success,new album,hits ,video clips,concerts,awards and all the things that you wish because you deserve everything the best and let you have the best of Christmas this year and all your dreams come true. May your days be bright and full with light Thanks for being such a great role model and inspiration for me..Dima you are THE BEST!!!! I love you very much,your HUGE fan Borislav from Macedonia!!! Here you have our NEW YEAR fan video for Dima: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkKaa8_wxXQ Btw I LOVE the message that Dima posted for us !!!Such an AMAZING message!!! !!!


iviK: Happy new year 2010 to all of you!!

nadia2: Happy new year everyone

Gladys: Happy new year 2010 everyone!!! Better than any New Year has been and will be, Better than any joy known or to be known, Better than any wish realised or to be realised- that's how, this New Year should be for all. Have a great new year!!!

Borce: Can someone translate Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru with good translation please: http://blogs.mail.ru/list/dkoldun/3FDF276DEF7A42ED.html

lennylen: That's so cool! I think that this is very interesting to celebrate New Year in another place, even though New Year is a family holiday...

hairspray: Even though Dima was not in some of the programs on New Year, im sure we will see more of him this coming year.

Borce: In Macedonia also we celebrate the christmas today... So I want to wish to Dima and to all fans who celebrate the christmas today !!! May all your days be merry and bright and may your Christmas be white. It is that time of the year again, when we are thankful for everything merry and bright. May this Christmas be a delight! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and may Christ bless you with all the happiness and success you deserve!!!

Gladys: For all who celebrate the Christmas today)))) May the Love, Peace, and Joy of Christmas be yours always. Faith makes all things possible, Hope makes all things work, Love makes all things beautiful, May you have all the three for this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

Gladys: Dima on the 4th place in the "-40" on the Latvian radio "SWH plus"!!!

Borce: Thanks for posting the news Gladys!!! CONGRATULATIONS DIMA!!! That is really big success because there were 40th songs!!! I voted every single day for Dima on the voting and I have to say that 4th place of 40th songs and singers and groups is not small thing at all!!!BRAVO DIMA!!!

lennylen: Congratulations to Dmitriy! 4th place is very good, but I still believe that most of the songs could not be compared to his songs.

hairspray: Congratulations to Dima! I was sure he would not be further than the fifth place. Its great that he has this support and we should continue to always support him! He definetely deserves it.


nadia2: Wow that's great he was on 4th place

balalark: MiriamEla , 1) please don't use caps lock, it is violation of forum's rules. 2) I don't believe that it is that difficult to register here: you just write a message and wait while administration registers you. 3) may we kindly ask you to refrain from the use of swear and/or abusive words in this forum, even if you treat them as euphemisms. Don't worry, we are thinking how to make this English part of forum more interesting and meaningful as now we can see only very short and cream puff messages like "wow! Dima is the best!!!!!", "the new song is great!!!!!", etc. And many thanks to Gladys for her help with translation of news and Dima's messages.

MiriamEla: It would certainly help if we actually had topics, rather than one big megathread... can the mods put some effort into that maybe?

lennylen: Thanks for dividing the topics of discussion! I believe that this is very useful.

MiriamEla: (I don't know where else to post this) Will there be reruns available for the Koldun.name web interview? Because I'm pretty sure I'm going to miss it...

miranda: maybe someone will record it? you will have to check the media-section :) i will watch for sure! :) i hope i'm not busy that time, but whatever, i can make time for it

MiriamEla: I hope so, because I'm not going to submit a question unless I'll be able to watch him answer it.

miranda: i really hope he answers it this time! i want to know the answers so badly! i hope someone asked about the new album, i want to know as much as possible about it :) maybe there isn't a lot of information about yet, but still i want to know everything about it!

Borce: I'm sure that someone will record the on-line broadcasting like the last time And I also hope that he will answer on my questions because I'm sure that all fans want to know the answers... I made mix of questions from the questions that I asked him on the On-line Conference on KM.TV and AIF.RU!!! I want to say huge thanks to Gladys because she translated all my questions!!! I asked him about his plans in 2010,about new english songs,new video clip,his favourite song at the moment and also about his impressions of Skopje because in 2007 he was also in Macedonia on his promo tour and also I asked him about new tour around Europe!!!I wanted to ask him more questions but I will ask them on the next on-line broadcasting I don't think that I will watch the on-line broadcasting live because I'm in school from 14:00 till 19:30 so unfortunately I can't watch it But like I said I'm very sure that someone will record it!!!!

Gladys: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members Please remember: The forum has got a button "thank you". () at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it !

Gladys: Borce, Miranda, MiriamEla My friends,don`t worry! On-line broadcasting will be record! And it`s will be download on the official site))) So who couldn`t to see on-line broadcasting in live May will see it in any another time! Nobody miss it!

MiriamEla: I looked at the Russian topic and now I'm confused... what do people keep saying about the " " thing?

elisaveta1994: MiriamEla, in Russian means not only "dear" but also "expensive".

Gladys: Ela elisaveta1994 is absolutely right! It was Dima`s joke))) The play of the words In the russian language "dear" and "expensive" are the synonyms Dima was joking that he is cost "expensive")))

miranda: Haha, that was funny of him he always takes words and makes jokes out of them. I loved what he joked about in the online-conference. Someone wrote "dear dima", and he said "yes i am dear". When you said it can mean expensive too, i actually understodd the joke he did!

MiriamEla: Ahhhhh, I thought so, I just wasn't sure. Thanks, Dima, for catching that. XD Gives my question a whole new meaning, doesn't it?

Gladys: I congratulate to everyone with St Valentine's Day! Valentine's Day is a day of love! Where love is as bright as the sun! We share kisses, and even a hug With people we call our loved ones Unrequited love is oh! so harsh When the one you love doesn't love you You feel you're left standing in the dark Wishing this reality were untrue Well that's why Valentine's Day is so great It encourages you to show you care It makes you just wanna say I love you and will always be there

: Happy St. Valentine's Day! It's a very romantic holiday! I wish you a lot of love and hapiness!!!

Borce: Happy Valentine's Day to Dima and to every member of this lovely forum!!! Here are 3 great things in this world: The first thing is for you to love someone, The second thing is for someone to love you back, And the third greatest thing is for the first and second thing to happen at the same time. On Valentine's Day we think of those Who make our lives worthwhile, Those gracious, friendly people who We think of with a smile. So Happy Valentine's Day.

miranda: How come the download section of his official site doesn't work? I have tried download for several days now, but all i get is "service unavailable". I really, want to download a few videos, because i really love watching dimka's interviews, even though i don't understand a thing. I also like to watch his older performances. I know i can watch most of them on youtube, but i want them on my computer, so i can watch them without internet. I really hope it starts working soon... HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY EVERYONE!

Borce: I wish to every single female member on this lovely forum a very HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY and all the best!!!

MiriamEla: Awww, thank you. Borislav. It's good to know that girls are appreciated somewhere. ;D