English 2007-2010 Off-topic. Part 5

Off-topic. Part 5

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members Please remember: The forum has got a button "thank you". () at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it !

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Borce: Yeah he cut his hair a little ...I just LOVE Dima's new haircut ........He looks FABULOUS!!!!!

miranda: i love it so much too! i like his hair shorter! he looks cute :)

MiriamEla: Dima looks cute no matter what hairstyle he has. ;D So, last show of the tour! !! (After that, please get some rest, Dima, you're starting to look a little out of it.)

Borce: Such a WONDERFUL and EMOTIONAL performance by Dima on the " 09"!!!!I'm so happy that he was singing the new version of the AMAZING song"Zvezda"!!!I just LOVE the performance !!!!KOLDUN RULES!!!

ybet: miranda : i love it so much too! i like his hair shorter! he looks cute :) I agree so much! :)

MiriamEla: I can honestly say that I've liked all of Dima's hairstyles so far.

MiriamEla: Sorry that this is a double post but I simply must say this. Dima, my friends and I are very disappointed in you for lipsynching. We thought when you hired your backup band that you had had enough with playback and faking. You even refused to continue with the rock opera unless everything was done live or to perform at Slavonic Bazaar because they wouldn't let you perform live. But it seems that you have lowered your standards. I was very shocked when I saw that you had lipsynched at Miss Intercontinental, but I was slightly relieved when I saw the dress rehearsal video on your blog. Now I have seen that you started giving in to people who want you to lipsynch again. Please stop this from happening. We believe in you, we believe that you can again raise your standards for live performances. Don't let us down.

Borce: For me is ok he to lipsynching on tv shows,awards and gala concerts because the most important is that he is singing live on his concerts and + we all know how Dima sings live!!! I think that the most events in Russia and Belarus are on playback so If we look like that Dima shouldn't apear of any event or tv shows and we want to see him performing his lovely songs on TV and + Dima to sing live or not depends of the organizators of the events!!!For exemple I today will watch the concert from Kremlin n and I'm sooooo happy about that!!!! So yeah I want to see Dimka on TV more often like we see him now!!!On 11th December on MUZ TV,today on tv channel"Russia" and also on the Ukrainian Star Factory-3 on New Channel TV on 17th December on the First channel!!!So I'm DAMN HAPPY about this!!!!!!!! Btw his new haircut looks AMAZING on camera!!!!! I so so so love his performance in Kremlin ..He looks so lovely like always and I'm so happy that he was singing"Po venam"

Gladys: Yes!!! Its great to see Dima on TV !!! And his image was perfect))) Lets it will be often! About that Dima was singing with not live sound-its rules of some tv channel, tv shooting

@: That the STATE would be desirable to tell about performance of Dimy at a concert, to the devoted 10 ANNIVERSARY of SIGNING of the CONTRACT About ALLIED. has sung very well, it was pleasant to me, more often such performances.

Borce: I'm so happy that I saw Dima with"Po venam" twice on The feeling was amazing!!!! About his performance at Ukrainian Star Factory 3 OMG such an AMAZING performance and show!!!Dima's hair was soooo... COOL!!!!!!!!I totally LOVE it!!!! I can't stop watching the performance!!!!BRAVO DIMA!!!!

miranda: i love every performance he makes even if he's lipsynching or not. :)) i'm so happy, cause there are so much to download, i don't even know where to start! :D spasobp dimka for doing all these performances! you are so great! :D

miranda: i like when he sings live, but he can't do that ALL the time you know. some shows or scenes or whatever they are, they are just not simply built that way. i like if he mix it a little. i can see your point ela, but i don't know if i can agree to a 100 %.

Gladys: All-Russian Forum of Award Winners Breakthrough The 17th of December the President of the Russian Federation Dmitriy Medvedev will be invite young owners of the Russian and international awards to the All-Russia Forum of winners "Breakhrough". In the honour of the winners will be gala- concert Dmitriy Koldun, "Mummiy Troll", "-2","Moralny Kodex" and other stars will take part in this concert. Look the First channel (Russia) the 17th of December at 22:40 (Moscow time.). news of site

Borce: I want to say huge CONGRATULATIONS to Dima because he won an award for Pop-Project of the Year on the Music Award of the Year "TV Star" in Belarus !!!!Dima I wish you many many new awards and of course the award which you want(Grammy)because you TOTALLY deserve that because you are THE BEST !!!Really great news that make us all very proud and happy!!!