English 2007-2010 Off-topic. Part 5

Off-topic. Part 5

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members Please remember: The forum has got a button "thank you". () at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it !

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Gladys: The song "Star" was included into number of the best compositions of 2009 according to an audience of Russian-speaking radio "SWH Plus" (Latvia). Online voting results will be declared in the program " Top 40. Results of year 2009" on January, 9th at 14:00 (on the Latvian time) on radio of Latvia "SWH Plus" (105,7 FM). On a site there is link of the radio "SWH Plus" . At the same time we learn, on what place "Star" will be, also we will hear Dmitry Koldun`s interview. He will be the star visitor in this program. Let's make "Star" the highest place in charts "SWH Plus"? Necessary write a name, an e-mail, age and leave the comment on this song http://www.radioswh.lv/swhplus/top1.php?id=431&topid=goda

Borce: I just saw the performance of "Zvezda" from the belarusian version of the gala concert from Kremlin and I really love it !!!Dima performed "Zvezda" with such a big emotions and I really love that they showed him many times during the performance from close because it's really lovely to see his face and the emotions on his face !!!I so love the end of the performance!!! About the voting!!!Guys we must vote because this is very important for Dima and for the amazing song"Zvezda"..I vote every day...I'm really happy that Dima will go in Latvia in January because like I understood from the post he will be special guest of the program and we can hear interview with him!!! One of my wishes for Dima for the next year is also this one..He to visit many countries and to promote his music there!!!!

Guinness: Friends, a Very Happy New Year to You All! Today Antis has posted New Year greetings from Dmitry (click here). This time his greetings are bilingual, Russian and Engish, and here is the English version for you: Incoming Tigers and Tigresses! This year has been the most challenging, but at the same time, I think, the most interesting over the last five years. And this is not because of any particular events, but as a whole. This year the first Koldun was launched into orbit and, to my great joy, became a well-deserved object in the space of music. On the whole I am entering the year 2010 with expectations of forthcoming progress on all fronts: this is launching of my second album, concert tour that we have not finished this year and of course new singles that I am working on even when I sleep As they say, you never know until you live it through. Art knows no pains as well as Beauty knows no pains I got to understand the special meaning of these words after my tour around Belarus. And strange as it may seem, this understanding has become the most important conclusion I made this year. I wish you all festive mood, warm-hearted gifts and atmosphere in the New Year night! Let everyone of you always have a dream, if you have one life is worthwhile! Thank you for your support, it is very important and valuable for me! A very Happy New Year! President of Snowritable Foundation i i i Dmitry Koldun of Ussuriisk

hairspray: thanks for posting the message. best wishes for the new year everybody.

Gladys: New year on RU.TV Today, the 31st, on Decemberat 16:00 and 18:30 (the Moscow time.) on the channel RU.TV Dmitry Koldun together with the Lena Knyazeva will congratulate the televiewers with New year and will present cheerful celebratory mood News official site@

lennylen: Happy New Year, everybody!I will be waiting to watch Dmitriy on the channel RU.TV at 8AM and at 10:30 AM of US time.

Borce: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010 TO EVERYONE HERE!!!I WISH YOU AN AMAZING NEW YEAR!!!! My message for Dima is: My dear precious brother HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Let the new 2010 be THE BEST year for you!!!! I wish you happiness and joy and blessings for the New Year. A lot of health,love,success,new album,hits ,video clips,concerts,awards and all the things that you wish because you deserve everything the best and let you have the best of Christmas this year and all your dreams come true. May your days be bright and full with light Thanks for being such a great role model and inspiration for me..Dima you are THE BEST!!!! I love you very much,your HUGE fan Borislav from Macedonia!!! Here you have our NEW YEAR fan video for Dima: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qkKaa8_wxXQ Btw I LOVE the message that Dima posted for us !!!Such an AMAZING message!!! !!!


iviK: Happy new year 2010 to all of you!!

nadia2: Happy new year everyone

Gladys: Happy new year 2010 everyone!!! Better than any New Year has been and will be, Better than any joy known or to be known, Better than any wish realised or to be realised- that's how, this New Year should be for all. Have a great new year!!!

Borce: Can someone translate Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru with good translation please: http://blogs.mail.ru/list/dkoldun/3FDF276DEF7A42ED.html

lennylen: That's so cool! I think that this is very interesting to celebrate New Year in another place, even though New Year is a family holiday...

hairspray: Even though Dima was not in some of the programs on New Year, im sure we will see more of him this coming year.

Borce: In Macedonia also we celebrate the christmas today... So I want to wish to Dima and to all fans who celebrate the christmas today !!! May all your days be merry and bright and may your Christmas be white. It is that time of the year again, when we are thankful for everything merry and bright. May this Christmas be a delight! Wishing you a Merry Christmas and may Christ bless you with all the happiness and success you deserve!!!