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Off-topic. Part 5

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members Please remember: The forum has got a button "thank you". () at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it !

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Borce: I'm so excited for Dima's tour and I can't wait the tour to start !!!!I would want so badly to go on some of the concerts because Dima really knows how to make amazing concert so the fans that have chance to go are sooooo lucky and I wish to all that will go to enjoy in the concerts and for us to take pictures and record videos !!!!!I saw pictures of all cities that are part of the tour and all the cities are so beautiful!!!I hope that the tour will continue in Russia and in other countries... I love the official poster for the tour About the concert on the First Channel I also can't wait to see Dima's performance and listen the cover that Dima made of the song that I love so much"Yarostnyi Stroyotryad and I'm sooo glad that Dima is back on the First Channel!!! About today I'm waiting for the tv show"Mafia" because from the first time that I read about what is the show I'm so curious to watch the show and of course to see Dima!!!!! Gladys thanks for posting the news here!!!!


lennylen: I'm waiting for the tour as well! To see Dmitriy live is cool, but the question is when... The poster is cool, but hopefully it will be seen on the streets of my city... That's also great that he will perform on the first channel and the song is also good. I like the fact that he performs this kind of songs.

Gladys: VOTING Dmitriy Koldun in the hit-parade on the radio "Pilot- fm" with the song "Somebody's Loving You" http://pilotfm.com/hitparade/

Gladys: VOTING for the best pop album of year From 20th of November, till 20th of December, there will be the Voting for the best pop- album of year on News of show business NEWSmusic.ru http://www.newsmusic.ru/ http://guruken.livejournal.com/1233353.html

Gladys: "A star and death of Hoakina Mur`ety" in St.-Petersburg" The 29th On November, 2009 Alexey Rybnikova's Moscow theatre the first time in St.-Petersburg will present a rock- opera A star and death of Hoakina Mur`ety (the libretto Pavel Grushko) In leading roles: Hoakin Mur`eta Dmitriy Koldun, Teresa Valeria Lanskaya. The additional information www.nevapremier.ru, Of.site

MiriamEla: YES!! Dima!Joaquin is back! He better be as good this time as he was last time... I don't think he'll let us down. ;D By the way, I put up Dima's best soundcheck ever on YouTube (the one he put on his blog, where the band members all traded places). Here it is if you're interested.

Borce: YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY Hoakin is BACK!!!!!!!I so LOVE the rock opera and I'm soooooo happy that Dima will play again Hoakin!!!!!!!Btw guys If you notice the last year the premier of the rock opera was from 27th till 30th of November 2008 so it will be ONE YEAR like Dimka will play Hoakin again!!!Now Teresa is not Svetlana(who is singer) but real actress and I think that she and Dima will be great couple like were Dima and Svetlana last year !!!This is such an AMAZING NEWS!!!!I can't wait to see Dima one again like Hoakin!!!The role really suits him and he is really GREAT actor!! He did AMAZING job the last year and I'm sure that and this year he will be even better!!!! Thanks for posting the news Gladys!!!

Borce: WOWWW!!!!!I SO LOVE THE NEW PHOTOSHOOT!!!! I asked Antis in the questions part before 4 days when they will add the new photoshoot on his official site and her answer was amazing THE NEW PHOTOSHOOT that we got yesterday!!!!!!!!!I just ADORE all the pictures !!!!!Dima looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. ..I just love his style.clothes the poses on the pictures!!!!!I so love ALL the pictures!!!!One of them is on my background now!!!! I'm damn happy that we got the new photoshoot!!! About his performance of " ".I TOTALLY LOVE it!!!!.I hope that we will get mp3 of the song!!!I SO love the performance and the new version of the song,his clothes,interpretation,style...everything!!!HUGE thanks to Dima for the video on his blog!!!

Gladys: "Day of mother in Kaliningrad " The 27th on November 2009 Dmitriy Koldun will take part in the concert in honour "Day of mother" The concert organised by government of the Kaliningrad region. News of. site

Borce: Dima's tour in Belarus begins TONIGHT!!!! Good luck tonight, Dimka We ALL are with you!!!!! I can't wait for news,pictures and videos!!!!!!!!!

Gladys: Yes! Today the 16th, on November, the first day of Dima`s tour in Belarus (in Baranovichi)! Good luck to Dima and his musicians! Lets the performance will be successful and excellent!

ybet: im so excited to see the concert im sure hes gonna be awsome us usually..! good luck dimka


nadia2: Good luck Dima with your tour, I hope it'll be amazing!