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Gladys: This thread is for mass-media discussion about Dima's interviews (on TV and radio). We want to hear your opinions! P.S.: This topic is for discussion only

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Borce: Thank you so much for the translation Gladys I listened the radio interview online on internet and I really love the interview!!! Dima was so cool,with great mood and positive energy and he is really the best!!!!! Also I can't wait and I'm so curious to know what is the surprise that Dima is preparing for us. I hope that is new song+ new video clip!!! My favourite moment of the interview is in 19:47 because Lera read one of my questions for Dima but that was not all because she also read my wishes for him and my name and country and I was like :OMG I can't believe that she did that for me... because for the others she didn't read names but only the question!!! Also with this radio interview I noticed that I understand russian more and more because I understood almost all interview and that makes me really happy!!! I have seen Lera only like host on tv but never on radio so I have to say that she is a great radio host and she started the interview with such a beautiful words for Dima so for the radio interview my impressions are amazing and I really enjoyed listening the interview....

miranda: Thank you so much for the translation, i really enjoyed reading this interview. And actually, i didn't think i would agree, but i really think he made a good choice about competing for russia next time. I know he's from belarus, and he likes his country, but once again he's right, it will be hard for that country to win the whole thing, even though i hope it will someday, with a great song of course. Actually i have seen Lera so many times on pictures and videos, that i can't count it. She's a really good hostess i think. I also agree about her point, that everyone wants him to be lonely, so everyone wish they had a chance on him, even though realistically you don't. (i have been like that believe me.) She's seems like a really sympapehtic woman

MiriamEla: What? Dima competing for Russia? Butbutbut-- HE'S BELARUSIAN!! I hope for his sake he doesn't go for Russia, because I have a feeling it will end badly. If he does well OR if he doesn't, he'll definitely be compared with people like Viktor and Sergey. Dima is different! He has a different style, a different personality! I don't want him to go from standing out and being the only one ever to qualify from Belarus to being one of many entries from Russia that finished in the top fifteen or so. It would be such a letdown!! </rant> BTW, Sergey's wife interviewing Dima = priceless.

miranda: He won't be compared....i know that, and i feel that. And even if he is, he won't care about, and we won't care about it. At least not me. And Ela, i'm not saying this to offend anyone, but he should have won when he competed last time. come on, he got three twelves! He deserved a lot more! So i completely support his decision! And Ela, i also want him to compete for belarus, because...just because. But i know in my heart that he can do well for russia.

Borce: For me the most important is Dima to have an amazing song and great stage performance and not the country. Russia or Belarus for me is the same because Dima loves the both countries. I agree Miranda because Dima was moral winner on Eurovision 2007.Such an amazing song,performance that makes you to open your eyes very well and watch every second of the great show that Dima and the dancers were doing ,his powerful voice and of course the beauty of Dima .. Definitely "Work your magic" entered in the Eurovision history like one of the best songs of all time that will always stay!!! I really can't wait he again to go on Eurovision because Eurovision really need an amazing singer and person like our Dima!!! He will have always my support and of course 1000000000000....votes from Macedonia from me because I'm ready to vote 1000000000000...times for Dima

iviK: I had thought about his participation million times... It's true that he could be higher, if he'll represent Russia. (It's bigger country, well-known...) And also because the competition isn't only about the song and the performer, but about the politics too... (I know they try not to be...but it is ) Russia is mostly every year in top 5, but Belarus is not. The other side- Dima made amazing job even though he was Belorussian. He was at the final. None had made this before him. One way or another- I'll always support him- whether he'll choose Russia or Belarus. The most important thing is, that HE'll be there. He's very intelligent person, so I know he'll choose the best way

Gladys: Dmitriy Koldun visited Aurora and Alexander Vetrov -the hosts of a morning information-entertaining channel «Настроение»("Mood") on the channel «ТВ-Центр» Dima was cheerful and happy. Said that he are writing songs, but it rather for his soul,but it`s not for the public. He plans to write a new album soon . Told a little about his producers That all of them were long-haired. And Dima said that he is alone now But he would like to work with such produser,as Timbaland

MiriamEla: "Long haired producers" XDDDD The sad thing is that that's 100% true. Yay, new album! I almost feel like he owes us one. Soooo many songs that were never publicly released. And Колдун was sooooo good!

miranda: About the live broadcasting, where do you write your question? And does have to be written in russian? I so badly want ask him a question, but i'll never get my questions answered I hope he will this time :) And you know, that broadcasting will be two days before my birthday. Unnecessary fact, i know, but i just wanted to tell you Great that he's planning to make a new album

lennylen: That's very good that Dima works on his album, but I believe that it will be something very interesting. If he will be working with Timbaland, then it may be interesting, but his style may change and I am really afraid of that. I still believe that it is good for Dmitriy to try to work with foreign producers, so we can see the difference. It might be interesting for him and for us.

miranda: lennylen that's exactly what i thought too. I know timbaland is an r&b/hiphop producer, so i don't know what will happen if dimka work with him, since dimka is more of a rock-person. But i agree, i think it can be good for him to work with foreign porducers. That may increase his popularity, and that's a good thing! But of course he has to work hard first :) But i wish him the best of luck!

Borce: I'm really happy that Dima can sing everything!! He can sing even opera(I love Dima's opera interpretation in the song "Silva",soooo amazing) He is а real singer because is not easy to find a singer that can sing everything like Dima so I'm sure that he can also sing a r&b song without problem so the combination with Timbaland would be perfect and really intersitng. I really like that he wants to experiment with the music styles because the taste of the public is different because different people- different tastes. His newest song"Ты не со мной" is fantastic!!!The song is so modern and really makes you to sing and dance!!! Btw I saw the interview on the «ТВ-Центр» and I really like it!!!Dima looks so lovely like always!!! The interview was so positive and great so I really enjoyed watching it!!!

MiriamEla: I agree, Borislav, that Dima can sing anything. But I'm not really in favor of Dima going R&B. It just doesn't fit him. He might be able to pull it off, but it wouldn't sound like him, the real Dima. I like it more when he does pop-rock and dance music. And of course now he's going to go out there and prove me wrong... XD

miranda: I can't believe i missed the press-conference! I have waited for it for so long! I just realised that it has already been broadcasted in russia. At least there are some pictures so i know what he looked like. I hope he answered my question, although i don't have so much hope in it. He looked cute anyway! Can't wait for the video! MiriamEla I agree, i don't think he would fit to r&b style, since i think he's more like a rocker-guy, and that's one reason why like him! He does poprock songs/dance songs, and that's exactly my style! Dimka, please don't do any r&b songs! I am sure i would like them, but it doesn't fit him. That's my opinion!

MiriamEla: I have to miss ALL the press conference-type stuff just because I live in the US. So... I really hope someone recorded it. And I really hope he answered my question. I'm really interested to know what he'd say.

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