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Mass-media discussion

Gladys: This thread is for mass-media discussion about Dima's interviews (on TV and radio). We want to hear your opinions! P.S.: This topic is for discussion only

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lennylen: MiriamEla! I feel the same way as you, but it is good that Gladys posted a text version. I wish they would post the full text version because I don't have so much time to watch the whole conference now. I already loved parts of it and plus Dima answered my question.

hairspray: I agree with lennylen. I also want to read it because I do not understand Russian text. Thank you Gladys for translating. I am so happy I can read it in English :)

Gladys: lennylen , hairspray I translated russian text version made by Кукушка And it`s the full text version on russian! There were a lot of the questions in the on-line conference And i translated more interesting questions and Dima`s answers

MiriamEla: Woooohohohoah. Dima's playing Mafia again. I hope he keeps up his awesome record of first-time correct guesses. And Город 312 are going to be there as well. THIS should be interesting...

miranda: Thanks for translating that interview, Gladys! It was really cute what dimka said. And i think he made the right decision by not having a girlfriend from the show-buisness. Although i would like to see her a bit more than now. But if he likes it this way, then i'm happy! And i thought it was really cute of them to ask his mother how she though about his relationship!

Borce: The interview on the tv show "Hit Express" is so amazing!!!Dima was with great mood and very happy Like always he looks so lovely and I really love the whole interview!!!The part when he was dancing with the hostess of the tv show was damn cool and intersting!!! Also the karaoke part was so funny and interesting for watching,also at the end when he was acting together with the hostess like they were "crying" Very positive interview I'm totally impress. And + we got one wonderful news. I knew it that the new video clip will be for Zvezda because Zvezda is his newest single and is going really good on the votings!!! So Zvezda was the song for which I was thinking that Dima will shoot a video clip!!! Great choice for video clip,I totally agree and I so love the song Zvezda especially the new verison. I CAN 'T WAIT... The performance of Zvezda is real wowww, so so fantastic!!!I totally love it!!!

Gladys: I just looked "Hit Express" It was very cheerful program))) Dima, in my opinion, was in the good mood. He was joking all TV-show! Dance with Alisa Selezneva was pleasant))) Karaoke was super! I even had a few tears from laughter when l was listening karaoke in the Kirgiz language ))) It was very positive show))) And the great news! The video-clip will be for the song "Zvezda"! It`s really right choice!

MiriamEla: YAAAAY! Zvezda is a great choice for an MV, I just know it will be amazing. He sang it so well on Hit Express =D That show was so funny, I couldn't stop laughing when he was doing the karaoke, and when he almost ripped his shirt off... well...... use your imagination

miranda: I just loved it :) Everything about it was great. Unfortunately i was sitting in the living room, so i had to watch it without any sound, because my parents was watching tv! And zvezda was amazing! I love when he uses his voice like that, it makes my heart melt. And plus, he was so cute! The dancing was just awesome! Haha, he always makes things funnier! What would we do without him? A video for zvezda! that's great!

MiriamEla: MAFIA SPOILERS AHEAD. DO NOT READ IF YOU STILL NEED TO WATCH Ahh darn. Dima didn't own at Mafia this time. I was waiting for the moment on the first day when Dima named everyone's identity, but that didn't happen this time. At least he was the last one voted out, and he wasn't very sad about losing. The Mafia actually knew how to strategize this time though, so I'm not shocked that he didn't win... at least it was Gorod312. Plus, Dima's saying "yes" to being a Mafia member at the beginning: Brilliant.

miranda: I didn't know what the programme was about. I just watched it, and hoped Dimka would win. I think i know a few parts, but i'm not sure yet. I really enjoyed watching it though. Dimka was cute. And he even though he didn't win this time, i am happy. he did well :) And i loved the red shirt on him, it fits him!

MiriamEla: I made this: Dima sparked quite a few intense moments on Mafia. Miranda, if you want to know the rules so you can follow the game more easily, here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mafia_(party_game) Copy the URL into your address bar, I don't know why it's not working

miranda: Thanks, Ela! That really helped me! Does anyone know which part dimka played? I guess he played the game very well, since he lasted to the end of both shows I think the last time was funny, because then he really pointed out the other characters. This time i don't think he was equally sure, and i also think he didn't want guess without having proof. But he did well i think anyway!

Gladys: I watched the TV-show "Mafia" miranda пишет: Does anyone know which part dimka played? Miranda, Dima was from the townspeople,not from the mafia This game was the more interesting! But the other game was pleasant to me too))) Dima was the first who told: "Yes, I am from the mafia". Dima behaved all game that he was from Mafia. But he was from the townspeople again The funny moment was when Dima was plaing with masks))) And i like the red shirt too))) It`s pity that he didn't win But it`s only the game!

miranda: I agree with you Gladys. He really acted as he was the mafia. So that's why everyone thought he was all the time. He really made the show funnier! i love they way he played the game! I just love watching it! it's like the fourth time i'm watching it on my computer! Even though i don't understand so much, it's still interesting to watch. I couldn't stop looking at him. He was so cute!

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