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Gladys: This thread is for mass-media discussion about Dima's interviews (on TV and radio). We want to hear your opinions! P.S.: This topic is for discussion only

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iviK: Oh, unfortunately I haven't seen it I believe it was very funny, because Dima was there Is it possible to see it (somewhere)? Or maybe Dima will have it on his off. web site...? Maybe later in time

MiriamEla: Not to worry. The Mafia video is in the audio/video section of the media forum... assuming you can see it...

Gladys: iviK, Iva, Ela is absolutely right ! The video TV-show "Mafia" you can download in the Audio/Video section of the forum Here http://koldun.forum24.ru/?1-1-0-00000063-000-30-0-1266774146 You can watch it and discuss!

lennylen: That was interesting how Dima said that he was the Mafia. I liked the game. He, as always, shows something unique in his behavior. That's very smart. Thanks Gladys and Ella!

Borce: iviK Iva you can watch Mafia here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJ38KOyaV7U I didn't upload the whole show. I cut only the parts when Dima appears so you have chance to see only Dima in the show.Enjoy! Dima was so smart and cool,simply amazing and my favourite moment is when he was playing with the masks. Also and I love his red shirt and hair.Thanks a lot to the cameraman for the moment when they showed his lovely eyes from close.

miranda: Thanks for the link Borce! I can't stop watching it! And i agree, i love when they show him in close, especially the eyes! They are so beautiful! And he always makes things funnier!

iviK: Thanks to all- Ela, Gladys and Borce. Really, thank you Dima was absolutely amazing (again ) I love the red shirt too , it fits him very much:) His poses and sight The show was very interesting, the camera was good Dimka the best and I even understood them sometimes:) So,...I've got only positive feelings about the show!

miranda: I just watched "stol zakazov" and i loved it. Dimka was great! And he looked great too! I loved the outfit he wore! And his hair is also really nice! He looked really hot. I have to say i loved everything about it. His muscles is....ahhhh I think i will watch that show through the whole week And also i can't wait for "practical jokes"! It will be so fun to watch Dimka getting pranked! Especially by kira! Imagine the faces he will do!

MiriamEla: Stol Zakazov is awesome from what I've seen (and can understand) of it. It's so nice that he's making all these comments about Women's Day... Thank you so much Dima thank you thank you thank you... And I agree with you, Miranda, that the outfit looked super hot on him.

Borce: I also watched "Стол заказов " and I really love it!!! He was with such a great mood and was simply shining.I also loved his outfit,hair...everything was perfect!!! About the messages for 8th of March I have to say that he is real gentleman and that is awesome that he congratulate in many ways a happy women's day to his female fans.I especially like his message that he posted on his blog.I agree with every single word that he wrote. I totally agree with him! Also yesterday I was listening Dima on the Radio Russia because he will be there like star DJ for 4 days so because in Macedonia 02:30(moscow time) is 00:30 it wasn't late for me so I could listen him and was really interesting for me.One boy wanted to congratulate the birthday on his girlfriend so he wanted to do that with the song"Настройся на меня" and Dima read his message and ended the first part of the program with the amazing song that I love very much"Настройся на меня" He is also on air on 06:30 and 18:30 but unfortunately I can't listen him than so tonight I will again turn on the Radio Russia and in 02:30 moscow time will listen him!!The program last about 30 minutes.Here you have online link to listen Dima on the Radio Russia the next 3 days: http://radiotime.com/station/s_25577/Radio_Rossii_6644.aspx Btw also and I can't wait for the show"Розыгрыш" I'm sure that will be interesting and funny

Gladys: Do not forget! Today will be the TV- show “Practical joke”("Розыгрыш" ) on the first Channel at 9:30 p.m. (Moscow time) I can't wait too! It`s very intersting how Dima was set up by fashion designer Kira Plastinina ))) http://www.1tv.ru/anons/

MiriamEla: Oh my god... poor Dima.. XD That practical jokes show was really funny... I would be really mad if someone did that to me...oh man... XDDD

Borce: I watched "Розыгрыша".Dima is really the best and withstood all the jokes that they prepared for him. I liked the show but I didn't like the part when the old lady pushed Dima.For me that wasn't funny at all because he could hurt something. Maybe for someone that is not his fun that part was funny but for me wasn't funny.The rest was ok except the fact that all jokes were for Dima.I also didn't like that.It was interesting for me to see the show and funny for me was when he was walking on the runway and also when the people left Dima and when he said:Auuu... But in other hand only god knows how Dima was feeling in that moment because to be in that situation is not good at all. I have to say that I like more comic and positive jokes.For me this was a little morbid joke.But I like the fact that Dima was laughing all the time and he is real showman because he really knows how to entertain the people and that for a celebrity is very important. I also loved to see Dima again on the First channel so I hope that now we will see him very often there!!!

Gladys: Friendly speaking I never loved the program "Practical joke "("Розыгрыш"). I do not know who write a script there but i think the jokes were silly, without joyful emotions, and on the contrary I feel indignation how it is possible to scoff over people ... Concerning the "practical joke" of the Koldun - it was really cruel! All people evacuated, and he was stay alone, in the dark The smoke brought down from different sides, and he was chained by magnet.... Dima is real gentleman! At first he released the girls from handcuffs , that they could escaped Then tried to be release himself When he realised that nobody helped him, he started to untie laces..... And I did not like when Dima was be pushed by the old lady This "flight" from a podium - excuse me, it is not joke! It wasn't funny! Here he could to break his arms or legs...... And with a safety belt in studio, I think, he could to refuse from it I do not think that violently it would be dress on him . Dima was be pranked the full program! The positive moments were that Dima was shown on the First channel And the model from him was perfect! It was very pleasant to look at him! Beauty you will spoil nothing!

MiriamEla: Dima sort of got them back, though, didn't he? He handcuffed one of the girls' wrists to that pole. That was the best part. XD (I loved his "5 seconds of glory" thing where he got up on the guys' hands) PS: Please don't put random line breaks in my messages.

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