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Gladys: This thread is for mass-media discussion about Dima's interviews (on TV and radio). We want to hear your opinions! P.S.: This topic is for discussion only

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lennylen: I also felt somewhat bad for Dmitriy. I saw how nervous he was and understand it really well. I am not sure if the old lady pushed him because I think that she just touched him and it looks like she pushed him. Dima fell because he was trying to escape and , suddenly, they blocked the magnet, so he fell because he was not able to hold on to it anymore. i also think that he was pretty calm, even though it was panic around. Other people would be yelling. It is interesting if Dima knew about exact steps of this joke even after the end of it. Maybe he came to the show to find out more about everything.

Gladys: This is a translation of Dmitriy Koldun's message posted about TV- show "Practical joke " : Greetings! I am glad that the program caused so much discussions) But actually they pranked not me I like very much to fall down and always I do it very cool without dependence from where and from what I fall down When the old lady in the gym-shoes pushed me, I fell "forever" and when they developed the poster with an inscription "Practical joke " I pretended that I very strongly wounded, make the injury- broken kind and with offence was wandering to home Here the crew of the program got a fright that they will be must pay to me a round sum for a damage to my health))) so who of whom it`s not clearly))) Amen!

MiriamEla: OHOHOHOOO. So Dima DID play a joke on them after all! Give the man props for his table turning. =D

Borce: I read Dima's new message on his blog and I have to say that ones again he showed that is real gentlemen It's so great that he supported Lena on her promotion.Bravo Dima!!!In trouble you will see who are your true friends. I also love the pictures from her promotion.Dima looks lovely like always. Also I read in Обсуждение СМИ, анонсов, новостей сайта something about 3 new songs:"Миражи",Ноль часов, ноль минут" and "Break the blocks".On his online conference from "Lizard" he said two new songs in russian and one in english so maybe this is true.I hope on that. It's writen that the lyrics for the song "Ноль часов, ноль минут" are writen by Karen Kavaleryan.I adore the lyrics that he wrote for "Work your magic"Also "Break the blocks" sounds amazing!If this information is true I can't wait to hear the new songs!!! Btw can someone tell me what means"Миражи"? Gladys thanks a lot for the translation and Antis thanks a lot for the new pictures!!!

Gladys: Borce пишет: what means"Миражи"? Borislav,"Миражи" means the mirages I also read about 3 new songs: "Миражи"("Mirages"), "Ноль часов, ноль минут"(The zero of hours, a zero of minutes")and "Break the blocks"! I hope that it is true And soon we can hear these new songs!!!

lennylen: The new message on the blog is very interesting. I think that Dima's words craetes an image of a person who understands and can feel what others feel, and I'm glad that he understands that he knows that people need support sometimes. It's good that Dima was ready to support Lena. I can't wait to hear the new songs. The names are very interesting and I believe that Dima created something new in his style like always.

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