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Off-topic. Part 4

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lennylen: I believe that the album will be released in August. At least we saw the pictures from the clip and that's already inspiring for now.

Gladys: Dima`s interview on the radio Mayk. Maria and Kyril, D- Its Dmitry Koldun. Translation of the text wrote by DAN - Masha, you feel that you near God! - I sit near Sorcerer! - So with God or Sorcerer? Dmitriy won award God of Ether. D There was simply a lot of rotation,so they gave me a award And you does feel like God itself? I do not know, simply gave to me a officially diploma (it is God.) Did give a star to you ,named of Dmitriy Koldun? No, a star was not given, only piece of earth. on Moon? D on Jupiter ) ah, on Jupiter?! And in life God, Jupiter does not help to you? D in life not very much, because when you come in the dark apartment, luminescence is not present, however it is necessary to switch on the light. And are there awards which you are proud of? I will in the future be proud of, when will win award of Gremmi. - Do you joke? - No, it does not joke. Once I dreamed about the studio, now I have her. joke decided , that it is necessary to dream. Now i dream about Gremmi. - And why are you Dmitriy, why not Dima? - Dima is some youth name. - Looking on you it is difficult to name Dima are you such healthy, like a man so press a hand! D it is usually talked : Not peculiar force in rows show-business. In did you make off the shooting of clip, and why exactly in Petersburg? And you won award here ? - So did not want to spend money, decided at once everything to do here at once . And generally in Peter there is an atmosphere other - White nights. Question from a listener: - As did you so quickly chose a scenario for a clip? - Simply chose a scenario which came to us first on a site, we used him at once. on Peter save money, on scenario writers save You are fine fellows, that say here yet! D I consider also, that all is correct! Bell from Svety Do you read my letters? D eeee, nuuuu, mmmm, I read letters periodically. For no particular, now i does not remember . how many for you Svets - 18, and Natashes - 25? (prikolisty!) and in general is it difficult to manage with such amount of fans? D no, not difficultly. I have a box on a site, I read letters, there are very interesting. True my car is painted lipstick, it is necessary then to go by washing and explain to the people. Tune in to me, why such name at a song? Some double sense. - Did not simply know how to name, not there and not here. - How is it neither there nor here? Some erotic implication. I the first time saw you on Eurovision,not on FZ . And you made very-very strong impression on me!! But I however thought what next one generation of Eurovision, such sugary fellow, idol for girls. And now here communicate and see you is a normal fellow! And what for you is Eurovision? - For me its a step ahead, in creative life. - And is truth , that to you gave an apartment in Byelorussia? - Truth is told ! - fine fellows belarusy, and in Moscow give nothing . - And does you want to participate yet? - I want, but i dream that China participate. - Aaaaa, you want an apartment from ot China ! here looking on you, I to you not gave pop- songs, but rock-songs. D now I come forward so . And there is an album which will go out soon is my debut album, because two pirates let out already, and this album will be heavy. Question from a listener: what does sense of house consist in for you? D in possibility to go barefoot because i can do it only in house. Question from Artema I did offering to the girl, and in reply sounded the words of song sounded ne stoy. How I must be? D it seems to me that in reply it is necessary to sing her some good song! and did you do anybody suggestion? - Only to the grandmother in a transport, offered to her to sit down into my place. - And does interfere to you the personal life plenty of fans? - No, does not prevent. Question from listener:- What miracle was in your life, or you created him? D a miracle happened, when I rested in child's camp and argued with friends on the box of beer. In in child's camp - and box of beer?? D yes, I argued, that on a railway bridge which was above the small small river, I will be pulled up twenty times. I very wanted one girl saw it I understand now, that it could cost me life. Probably, it is is a miracle, that I remained living and won the box of beer. Question from a listener: what does prefer dish? D which is not necessary to be prepared, very love myusli. D yes, somehow i lazy to reach frying pans, to prepare something. I speak to the the fans: did you notice that nobody for him does not reach these frying pans and grills nothing?, so he is free! why you such correct does not walk to the party, does not tell bad things? What you do when you have free time? - Like to do some shooting, on dishes. Although I did not get yet on any dish, but like to shoot! Question ot a listener: would like to be taken off in the cinema? D if will invite, possibly, but not in a comedy, but in the film of horrors. but as a role of hero-lover, taking away a woman from a fire on hands! D well, certainly,he took her away from a fire where you will be to rest at summer ? - In Paris - We wish you good rest in Paris, hello to the roofs of Monmartra, good time in the company of nice persons. - Thank you.

Gladys: New voting on the radio Koldun Our Top Hit is open, make a choice! Dmitry Koldun (Factory of stars-6) and A`Studio - Fly away - 31/03/2006 Forgive for everything (Music: ., .. Words: .) - 01/08/2006 Work Your Magic ( Music: .. Words: .) - 26/02/2007 Give me force (Music: .. Words: .) - 06/03/2007 I am for you (Music: .. Words: Lara D`elia) - 11/09/2007 Czarevna (Music: .. Words: .) - 30/04/2008 On veins ( Music: .. Words: . / .) - 22/07/2008 Unemployed love (:.. Words: . Arsenev) - 08/10/2008 Star (Music: . s, word: .. Arsenev) - 19/01/2009 Tune on to me (Music: ., .. Words: .) - 13/04/2009 The special opinion - in comments (no one song from this is dislike) http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post106121544/ http://www.liveinternet.ru/polls.php?cmd=showpoll&pollid=905975

Gladys: The 8th of July "The day of family, love and fidelity" in Russia. The simbol of this day is a camomile

MiriamEla: Well... happy family, love, and fidelity day to everyone in Russia! =D

Borce: Oh such a great holiday.... Happy holiday to everyone in Russia!!!

Gladys: Guys,did you see the pictures where Dima was a child? He is so nice!!! Especially i like this.....

Borce: Yeah I have seen them and I love them... Gladys that is also my favourite picture He is damn sweet here.He is like a chocolate and you wish to eat his cheeks here...And his pose is soooo cute.... I hope that we can see more pictures from his childhood...I really hope....

Stella: i havent seen this photo before...he is so sweet here!!!! and you are right borce he is like a chocolate here!this the most sweetest photo from his childhood!i love it!!!

miranda: he was such a cute boy! and he still is!

MiriamEla: How could anyone not say "Awwwww!!!" while looking at that picture? ^^

Borce: How could anyone not say "Awwwww!!!" while looking at that picture? ^^ I said that milion times Ela ..He is really damn sweet child and you just must say awwww while you looking the pictures Just look at this one:

ybet: he still the same cute as now!

Gladys: Congratulation of fans on a birthday of Dmitriy Koldun 11 06 2009 (studio Lizard, Moscow) You can Download this video http://www.koldun.name/ru/video/2009/ For a record thank you f.site.

Gladys: Dima said on radio that we can see the clip today or tomorrow!!!