English 2007-2010 Off-topic. Part 4

Off-topic. Part 4

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Borce: I just heard that live on radio !!!And I'm sooooo happy ...... I hope that we can see the video clip today because I really can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!!!

Stella: WOW that is amazing!!!!!!!!thanx god we will see it!i cant wait to watch it!!!

MiriamEla: Thank you for the birthday present, Dima! <3 (okay, I know he had no idea it was my birthday, but I like to pretend XD) I CAN'T WAAAAAAAAAIT!!

miranda: i love his new hair! so cute! :D

nadia2: I also love his new hair, it's adorable!

ybet: Gladys : Dima said on radio that we can see the clip today or tomorrow!!! i suriously cannot wait!!! thank you for the new..!

miranda: i love you dima! and i can't wait for the video! i know it will be great!

Guinness: Guys and gals, here is an English version of the Russian-language script of the interview kindly provided on the Russian-language page of the Forum - special thanks to Dan! Hosts:- How often does life offer you real puzzles and how do you handle them? Dmitry: - I face puzzles pretty often. I dont like them, cause sometimes I cant work them out, especially those that they sell in shops H - Do you prefer books with pictures? D - No, I prefer something more romantic. H - You are a record breaker, arent you ? You are registered in some mysterious Book of Records of Belarus? D - Ive never seen that book, but I am in it for a short story I wrote, where all the words started with a P. H - Oh, dont quote it now!.. COMMENT: A few most popular Russian obseniities start with a "P"... D - No, no, that was not a dirty story H - We know you loved to read when a kid, and of course you do remember the whole of Eugene Onegin by heart. D - You bet! H - We will not be asking you to recite it now, we just want to test your humanity. Do you feel sorry for Lensky who was killed somewhere in the middle of it? D- I believe he would have been far better of if had been killed at the beginning. H - Would have suffered less, wouldnt he, poor guy?.. However, we are discussing girls intellect and beauty. Do you think Tatiana made a right choice between Onegin and Lensky? In a nutshell, who are you for? D - I am all for Onegin! H - But he was a scum, first he rejected the girl. D - Everything suits a scum. H - Do you also feel sorry for skums? D - Yes, scums also cry with tears. H - Is your family name of any help in life? Do you scarify your opponents? D - Not all the magicians are evil. I am a beneficent magician! Its just my luck that I was born in the 20th century, and not in the 15th. There are very few people with the family name Koldun, our family is the only one in Belarus, the others must have been killed by Holy Inquisition. H - You dont look like someone killed by the Inquisition! You are quite buoyant! What do you think is more important, intellect or beauty? D - When you meet a girl you first pay attention at her looks, and only then at everything else. You judge a girl by the way she is dressed, then you undress her H - And there is the intellect right there D - Then you look for intellect! H - Do you often get disappointed in your career of an expert on female intellect and beauty? D - Pretty often. You meet many girls who want to get acquainted with you, but later on when you get closer, well something gets wrong H - Girls, let me warn you that Dmitry starts with undressing you and looking for intellect! Please be careful with him! We know you are an experienced driver. And all drivers can be split into two psycho types, elephants and monkeys, and what are you? D - I am a bull of a driver, as in all the car accidents I have had, I was trying to charge! H - Girls, do you hear that? Dmitry is a bull by psycho type. He first undress girls and then starts bulling them Rumours are spread that you have become a businessman, you have your own recoding studio, is that correct? D - Its not that I have become a businessman, just Alexander Astashonok and I opened a sound studio. Quite recently we completed recording my album. Frome time to time some people come round to make their recordings, bring us some cents. Thats not too bad at all during the crisis! H - Also this is a great excuse! Usually husbands say to their wives Iam tied up in a meeting, and you D - I am tied up in the studio! H - I need to take note of that! Now a traditional and banal question thyat is always asked to a singer: in your private life, say, when you are at the dinner table, does it ever happen that you cannot help howling? D - Its not because I cant help it, I just forget that I am at a table and I suddenly feel like singing Regarding the video clip: editing is over and today or tomorrow you will see it on all the TV channels. COMMENT: The Russian phrase "today or tomorrow" does not necessarily mean that literally. It can mean anything between now and next century... Let's hope it's closer to "now"!

miranda: undress her???? dima, you have to watch what you're saying!

silhouetteofthenight: Guinness thanks a lot for translated interview that's really great news we'll see the video clip so soon, can't wait! :)

Gladys: I very very hope that in this Monday we will see the clip exactly or may be some information about it!


miranda: i just adore it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great work dimka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gladys: Voting on Radio_KOLDUN Your impressions after viewing of video clip of the song Tune on me. http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post106830332/ http://www.liveinternet.ru/polls.php?cmd=showpoll&pollid=908289 - Clip-super! He justified all my expectations! Looked already and i want to look it more and more! -it is wonderful clip on a wonderful song. All very organically. Summer, nightly Peter, nice girl.I was enjoying viewing. - Strange feelings. I can not say what did not please, but also did not feel the special delight. - Clip did not please absolutely. Terrible colour strange appearances, incomprehensible subject. I do want to look it second time - Turned off, seeing the first shots. My God What IT IS? -your another opinion ( in a comment). and here on site http://koldun.forum24.ru/?1-0-0-00000063-000-0-0-1247950553

Borce: WOWWW ....You don't know how much I love the video!!!!!!!!It's the best video ever and it's so creative and orginal ...Dimka there is sooooo soooo soooo lovely....I love the efects and his eyes and I love when he is singing live...That is soooo orginal and cool!!! I don't know about you but when I watch the video I have fealing that I'm in the video and see all the things live because is so real.Dima is full with energy there and I love when he is doing that with the mic in 02:03 I love his laughing and how he is dancing there in the radio station!!!! Bravo Dimka!!!!