English 2007-2010 Off-topic. Part 4

Off-topic. Part 4

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Borce: WOWWW!!!!!I really can't wait for this !!!!!Thanks for the info Gladys !!!That is totaly true!!!The both are so beautiful and known everywhere especialy Dimka!!!!!!I think that on these type of huge beauty competitions the hosts must be beautiful and young like Dima and Georgiy !!After the album"KOLDUN" this will be great promotion for Dima because the show will be shown in 60 countries(because I read that this is the number of the countries that will take part of the contest) and +I really hope that Dima will perform few songs from the album!!!!!!!

Gladys: Borce Yes,Borislav! Its really great that Dima and George will be in this show-MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2009 !

Gladys: MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2009 will be chosen in Minsk. The most beautiful girls from all over the world will come to Belarus in September. The World Beauty Organization and 2-nd National Tv Channel will introduce a grand show the MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2009Final, which will take place in Minsk (Belarus)on the 27th September. The MISS INTERCONTINENTAL contest, which started off in 1971, is in the top five of the most prestigious beauty competitions in the world. The challenge prize a crown made of platinum with 720 diamonds, worth about $361 thousand, is thought to be the most expensive crown of all beauty pageants. Last year this international contest was held in Poland. 57 candidates from all over the world took part in it. The Belarusian Liubou Yakovina became the second Vice Miss Intercontinental-2008 and received the title 'Miss Intercontinental Europe'. WBO European Director, Mr Detlef Tursies has said: We will bring to Belarus the most beautiful girls from all over the world. We've held the contest mostly in the southern part of the planet. Yet nothing prevents us from attempting to do it in the eastern part. Plus there is a lot to see in Minsk. The participants will definitely like Minsk the architecture, the style, the people. Besides, I've seen how the National TV Channel (ONT) organized the show 'Miss Belarus 2008'. It was unforgettable. That is why it's no doubt with our experience and potential of the ONT Channel we'll make a fantastic show. 2-nd National Tv Channel (ONT) has a great experience in creating striking and impressive television projects, entertaining programs, sport broadcasts and licensed shows. MISS ITERCONTINENTAL 2009 contest will take place in a hall for 4000 spectators with a big stage and the most modern stage, light and sound equipment. The presentation and broadcasting of the Final will be accomplished in Russian and English. The art director from Moscow Natalia Petukhova guarantees a magnificent show. The representatives of TV companies will be given commentary cabins for live broadcasting. A special present for the spectators and contestants will be appearance of popular singers representatives of six continents. Information: The geographical position of Belarus is unique. The country is situated at the junction of Europe and Asia. Anyone who has once been here observed the beauty and charm of Belarus. The one third of Belarus is covered with forests. The country is often called 'blue eyed' thanks to thousand rivers and lakes. Belarus is a country with modern infrastructure and rich traditions. In the capital of Belarus, the city of Minsk, hotels, cafés, shops, restaurants, sports and entertaining centers will satisfy any taste and requirements level. http://www.ont.by/projects/projects/miss_interkontinental/en/

miranda: great news gladys!! i really can't wait for it! it sounds interesting!

Stella: yes really good news!!!i cant wait for this.it is a big chance to see dima again on tv

Gladys: Voting for the clip "TUNE ON TO ME" on the Ru.tv channel!!! http://www.ru.tv/air/charts/internet/vote

Gladys: NEWS Dmitriy Koldun will not be present on the show MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2009. And reason-Dmitry is simple singer. of.sait

miranda: where does the stand? i can't find on the website! or is in the russian secton of the forum?

Gladys: Here is in the russian secton of the forum discussion about absence of Dmitriy Koldun on the show MISS INTERCONTINENTAL 2009 (the post of Antis ) http://koldun.forum24.ru/?1-0-0-00000061-000-105-0

Borce: I want Dima to be there... but I supose that he had really powerful reasons and because of that he will not be there...But I still hope that we can see him there like performer...Btw Gladys between the discussions is there any chance we to see him like performer or no one knows that??

Gladys: Borce Borislav,Dima was not accept invitation to be performer this show.... as i understand So we have not a chance to see him like performer

Borce: Oh so If he doesn't want to apear there even like performer that means that he has more important plans in that time than to be in the show so I supose that those plans are maybe conected with the promotion of the album or some concert...

Gladys: Dima`s message "Friends! I despise a mat (strongly swear)! It very badly! But when people want to make from you another man, who is not you It is simply as a volcano - go out! It is a natural element! When people want to open in you to, whatever you want not to open, and they however with tin- opener and threats, please, here is it ! Without a mat our speech as a lecture)" http://koldun.forum24.ru/?1-0-0-00000066-000-0-1-1250421798

Borce: Thank you very much for the translation Gladys Btw what is mat??And I don't understand what Dima wanted to say with his new message..For what was the discussion before his post here???

Gladys: Borce "Mat" -its when people are strongly swear and say a bad words An unnormative vocabulary (unprintable expressions, unprintable bad language) including the most rough abusive expressions