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Диме - from every fan around the world!

mariya: Hi there Dima! In the name of all fans I'd like tell you we are all patiently waiting for your debut album to come out! We are with you and support you on every path you take. You were amazing in Rock Opera as an actor and you proved once more you're multitalented guy who can achieve high goals around the world in your music career! We hope to see you play around the world in many countries and be able to meet you in person. Your music is amazing so keep up the good work. Know that you have many fans from around the world and we're waiting for you to do concerts in our countries as well! here are our wishes for christmas and new year 2009 as well as video. I hope you'll enjoy watching it! If you decide to leave us all a note we'd really appreciate it. We love you and will always support you! silhouetteofthenight in the name of all YOUR HUGE FANS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD (Перевод) Привет Дима! От имени всех поклонников я хотела бы тебе сказать что мы все терпеливо ждем выхода твоего дебютного альбома! Мы – все с тобой и поддерживаем тебя на каждой ступени, которую ты берешь. Ты был удивительным актёром в рок опере, и доказал еще раз, что ты - парень с разнообразными талантами, который может достигнуть высоких целей во всем мире в музыкальной карьере! Мы надеемся увидеть, что ты будешь выступать во многих стран мира и у нас получится встретиться с тобой лично. Твоя музыка удивительна, продолжай на высоком уровне хорошую работу. Знай, что ты имеешь много поклонников со всего мира, и мы ждем тебя с концертами в наших странах! Далее - наши поздравления (и видео) с Рождеством и Новым 2009 Годом. Я надеюсь, что тебе понравится смотреть! Если решишь оставить нам сообщение, мы действительно были бы ради этому. Мы любим тебя и будем всегда поддерживать! silhouetteofthenight от имени всех твоих поклонников со всего мира. Dima, we have also created a video with our wishes for you. We will be happy if you will have a look at it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88VJVxsYkqg Part 1 [more] [quote]Claire (England): Dear Dima, Merry Christmas to you and a Happy New Year for 2009! I hope that the year brings you everything that you wish for and everything you want to achieve, I am sure it will :D. I wish you good luck, health and prosperity, and I hope that you have a wonderful time this Christmas :D. All of my very best wishes to you Dima, and all the best of luck with your upcoming debut album! Lots of love Claire from England xXx[/quote] ************************************* [quote]Snežana (Slovenia): Dima! I wish you the happiest christmas, lots of love, health, music inspiration, fans, success and everything you wish for! I hope your new year and christmas will be magical and you'll enjoy it. Let this new year 2009 bring you all the happiness and luck and let there always be a light in your eyes. I wish you the most successful year of all when you will publish your debut album. All the best, your huge fan Snezana from Slovenia.[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Lidija(Serbia): Dima I wish you a good luck in your career,a lot of good moments in your life,and a good health in the new year!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY CHRISMAS!!!!With lot of love from Lidija your huge fan from Serbia!!!!!!!! [/quote] ************************************ [quote]Miriam (Ela): Happy holidays, Dima!! Hope your new year is very magical!! :D [/quote] ************************************ [quote]Vaida(Lithuania): Dmitriy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! I wish you everything what your heart needs! Good luck in your life and work!! best wishes, your fan Vaida [/quote] ************************************ [quote]SkyNet : Dear Dmitry! I wish you a Merry Christams and very Happy New Year! I do hope that your lucky star will always follow you wherever you are! With all good wishes from all russian fans) [/quote] ************************************ [quote]Heleen (The Netherlands): Hello Dima :) I want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! I hope that this year will bring you a lot of luck, happiness and a lot of success with your new album too ofcourse :) xxx Heleen from the Netherlands[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Jelena(Montenegro): Meryy Cristmas and Happy new year Dima! I wish you the best,a lot of luck,money,happyness and much else...Alot of success,healthly...BE THE BEST LIKE ALWAYS AND NEVER CHANGE! With love, Fan number one Jelena :D![/quote] ************************************ [quote]Stella (Greece): Dima,i wish you the best!merry christmas and a happy new year!i wish you good luck to to your work.iam sure you will do well in everything you do!i hope the new year to give you luck,happiness and lots of success for your new album!!merry christmas againsmile your big fan, Stella from Greece [/quote] ************************************ [quote]Evi (Greece): My wish: Happy new year & Merry Christmas Dima! I hope this year will bring you, health, happiness, success, more bright magic, and all your dreams come true!! I love you xx Evi from Greece [/quote] Part 2 [quote]Caroline (Ireland): Hi Dima! I want to wish you a very happy christmas and new year. I wish you great success in the future and hope to see you in Dublin sometime soon :D Nollaig Shona Duit [Merry Christmas to you] Best wishes from Caroline.[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Leanne (Malta): Dear Dima, From the bottom of my heart, I wish you a very Happy New Year 2009. May you have everything you wish in your life, health, happiness and success! All the best, from your #1 fan: Leanne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Ola (Poland): Dima I want to wish you Health, Happy, much Fun and If you can...singing a beautiful and emotional like now :)[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Mila (Moldova): Dorogoj Dima,xochy mebya nozdravim' c zimnimi npazdnikami.Zhelayu mebe chmob v Hovom Gody v mvoem dome nocelilic' lyubov' i padocm',chmob my i mvoya cem'ya byli zdopovy i cchacmlivy,chmob nikogda ne znali chmo makoe gope i camoe glavnoe chmob vce myzykal'nye vepshiny cmali mvoimi.My mebya ickpeno lyubim i xomim chmob my nac nopadoval cvoim golosom i dal'she. C Hovym Godom mebya!!!! [/quote] ************************************ [quote]Mered (Belgium): Hello Dimka :) I really want to wish you a merry christmas and an wonderful new year,with a lot of success :) I believe in you,you can do something great, your career just begins :D KISSES XOX [/quote] ************************************ [quote]Marianna (Greece): Dima... I want to wish you Merry X-Mas and A happy new year..Be happy and keep going like this...We believe on you, that's why you're the best!![/quote] ************************************ [quote]Irene (Mexico): Hey Dima!! Merry X-Mas, I hope your wish come true. You are an excellent person and it's unbelievable your prettiest voice. I know you have a lot of success and also i can heart your music on the radio. I`m from Mexico, and here you have a lot of fans :)[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Hedy-Estonia: Dima, happy new year and make same good songs like you now do. Be our friend 4ever and don't forget your fans. [/quote] Part 3 [quote]Noemi(Noi) - Hungary: Dima! I hope your Christmas was beautiful with snow and Christmas-tree and presents, gifts and also with love. I wish you a blessed , happy, peacefull, succesful etc. new year! I wish you, find your way, have giant power! Know what you want and hope the best! With love : Noemi[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Ricardo(spain): Dima I wish you a Very Happy & Auspicious New Year. May God bless you with good health, happiness and peace. Love and Regards[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Borislav-Macedonia!!!: Dima may the candles burn bright casting upon you their holy light,bringing a glow to your heart because you my dear brother are a class apair!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY CHRISMAS!!!I wish you a lot of health,love,happiness,success...everythi ng that you wish in the new year!!!With love from your hugest boy fan from Macedonia,Borislav!!![/quote] ************************************ [quote]Maria Elena (Spain): Dima happy new year and merry chrismas!!!In the nexy year plase come to Spain,Seville to make a concert!!!Feliz Ańo Nuevo Dima!!!![/quote] ************************************ [quote]Irene (Spain): Dima in the new year has good luck with all your projects, passing a very good year surrounded by your family and having good health!And plase come to spain: D[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Stefany (Bulgaria): Hey Dima I want to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :))) I really hope that your days will be full with unforgatable moments and much,much love :))) We - all you fans love you and support you :))) I'm sure you will continoue to make such amazing songs :) from your biggest Bulgarian fan P.S please come again[/quote] ************************************ [quote]Cornelia-Austria: Dima HAPPY NEW YEAR AND MERRY CHRISMAS!!! In the nexy year please keep your style and keep singing.You are really great singer.I love you so much Dima!!!!!You ROCK!!!!!!!!![/quote] ************************************ [quote]Miranda(Sweden): "I hope you have had a great and productive year, and I hope the next will bring you even more luck and success. Happy New Year!! xox Miranda" [/quote] Dima, Thank You for reading all of our posts. We hope that you have enjoyed them. Good Luck with everything in the future! From the Dmitry Koldun International Fan Club.[/more] --------------------------------------------------------------------- UPD by mariya: текст отредактирован и переведен на русский язык

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Gladys: Дима, С Днем Святого Валентина от всех поклонников во всем мире! http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post96235456/

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