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Off-topic (continued)

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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MiriamEla: Where'd you get the videos??? ((I started a new topic? What happened?))

ybet: MiriamEla They started a new topic cause the other had many pages and the forum was very slow =)

MiriamEla: So this is the overflow topic? Sweets.

ilovedimakoldun: Hey everyone! How are you? You liked the photos from concert in Israel?

ybet: ilovedimakoldun he looks adorable, I really want to see some videos of there! I love those clothes and haircut

nadia2: ilovedimakoldun He looks amazing in Israel, I hope he had the best time but where are the videos?

Gladys: I like fotos from Israel. He looks perfect I feel, he was singing on 100%!!!!!!! I like his new style. It was fantactic!!!!!! ybet and nadia2 i really hope we can see video!!!!!!!!

nadia2: Gladys There is an interview from Israel on youtube but not the song yet.


Gladys: koldunlover yes, i like too fotos from OK But interveiw was strange

ybet: Dima will be in final for eurovision?!?!?!?!!?

nadia2: That interview was weird, it was all about meat but funny!

ilovedimakoldun: GREETINGS!! I JUST SAW A FOTO WITH DIM AND HIS JEANS WITH BACKSTAGE AND THIS "DK" IT IS SOO FUNNY upd from moderator: Please, all discussion about pictures go into the off-topic thread. This topic is about audio/video only. Moved

Borce: I like that DK very much I also saw DK in one blouse on his photosesion and that looks cool.I would like Dima to launch a clothing line DK so I could buy his clothing line.

ybet: Borce In which photo dima wears this blouse?

Borce: Ybet I put the pic in our forum.

ybet: Borce Yes, i saw,thanks

Gladys: I like Dimas fotos from Israel!!!!! He looks perfect!!!!!! I want to see video and listen 3 new songs

nadia2: I love that red jacket!!!

ybet: Does anyone knows where is he now?

yulia66600: I have a question. What 3 songs do you mean? And I've heared that now Dima is in France, in program "Big Races". But it isn't known what he will do there. Maybe, he is a participant....

Gladys: yulia66600 As i understand it was two songs:"Sniper"("Любить до слез") and "Melody of love". Third may be is "Angel under the rain". ybet Evy, as said yulia66600, Dima in France. He is shooting in tv-show "Big Races" like participant. Its exactly.

ilovedimakoldun: AAAA These are great newz and Maybe he will give any concerts there in France? xexe

nadia2: Are there studio versions of the 3 new songs, cause I only have the bad quality from the video.

mariya: nadia2 No, not yet. I suppose we will hear the studio versions on the upcoming album. P.S: I wonder when "Big races" will be aired on TV.....

MiriamEla: Wait... so it won't be released in the summer? TT___________TT

ybet: mariya But this show is a little bit dangerous, doesn't it?

mariya: MiriamEla No, unfortunately the album will not be released this summer. ybet Yes, some parts of the game are very dangerous ))))


MiriamEla: Message to me from dm.koldun@gmail.com : Напишите, пожалуйста, Ваш точный домашний адрес, чтобы мы могли отправить Вам приз. (P.S. Призы будут отправлены после оф. презентации альбома) I get a prize CD??? I AM SAAAAAAVED!!!

Borce: I'm really happy for you Ela and for all girls and for all fans who got his album but how you do that?You send a message and what did you write because only I and 2 or 3 girls don't get his album and we are huge fans.

ybet: MiriamEla I got this message from him twice But maybe because of the cancel of dima's album for june, we have to wait for autumn, or....?

julmoo: It's so cool that we all get the album!!!! AAAAAAAAA! I can't wait till the presentation in autumn!!!


MiriamEla: I dunno... I think maybe the secret is doing it through Gmail... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIMKA!!!

ybet: Dimaaa!! Happy birthday from your biggest fan in the world i hope your life will be exactly as u want to be, cause you deserve it cause you're the best!!! With love, from Evi (Greece)

mariya: Please post your birthday wishes for Dima in this topic, or the birthday topic in the russian section of the forum. Thank You

nadia2: Happy birthday Dima! 23 years old! WOW! Have the most amazing day, and I hope this year is the best with lots of love and success. All my love, Nadia xxx

miranda: Happy Birthday Dmitriy! I really hope you'll great a great birthday with lots of happiness and love. And i wish you luck for your future :))) I really hope you'll sweep the world of its feet :D You will always be my number one! Lots of love and kisses , Miranda (Sweden)


koldunlover: Happy Birthdai Dmitry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you enhjoy this day as it deserves ))))))))))))))))))))))))

MiriamEla: I sent him a message on his official site, I hope he gets it. =D

ybet: MiriamEla I sent too

nadia2: I sent him a message about our video, I hope he gets it!!

Stella: oh i really hope it too!!

nadia2: But I hope he replies too.

Gladys: I like Dimas fotos from his birthday party Especialy Dima with guitar ......

leanne: yes even with that party, he was so cute

MiriamEla: Dima has to make an account on our forum... he has to...

nadia2: I really hope he does!

ybet: What happend to Dima's web-site?

Gladys: Dimas web-site is not working....... Nobody know why........ All are waiting..........

nadia2: Maybe someone deleted it by accident because that's the automatic site that comes up before you update it.


nadia2: What's missing?

ybet: I cannot open the videos,audios and some parts of photos are missing

katred: At me web-site works ideally. Maybe they already repaired. All is on the same place. Nothing not missing.

Gladys: At me web-site is working too. I can open all. ybet Evy try again open. I hope you can too.

nadia2: Yeah it works for me, I guess they fixed it.

ybet: But i cannot see all the photos and his news

Gladys: ybet Evy its very strange Try again......

nadia2: I think they haven't put on all his birthday pictures so maybe they'll do it soon??


ybet: Dima will me in MTV?

Gladys: ybet Yes Evy!!!! The 29th of june in 19-30 (moscow time) Dima will be on russian MTV in the consert "ВЫПУСКНИК 2008"

Borce: That is great !!!I have two question.The concert is about what and which song or songs Dima was singing yesterday?

Gladys: HI Borce !!!!!! Its consert will be for boys and girls whose graduate school this year. Yesterday Dima was on consert in Braynsk(russian city). Unfortunately, i do not know exactly which songs Dima sang

ybet: Do you know in which channel Gladys ? and thank you

Gladys: ybet Evy i know only about consert on russian MTV the 29th of june

Borce: Gladys thank you very much

ybet: Oh ok ;)) anyway, did you saw te micr0fone of the new fotos? it wrote 'FOR KOLDUN' xD

koldunlover: ybet haha i didnt notice that and i got also seen a blouse of him with his name

nadia2: Yes I've seen his name on his jackets and jeans.

Gladys: I like so much fotos from Braynsk!!!!!!! These fotos are so colourful and beautiful!!!!!!! Dima is very good-looking But its seems to be on the first foto he is sad. And what is the sign on his belt ANGELDEVIL??????????

Borce: Yeah and I just noticed sign Angeldevil on his belt and I like very much.I really like all his belts because the signs are always orginal and beautiful and also his clothes also I like very much Dima's necklaces,wrist watch,iron rings....everything!!!I really want to have some of his clothes belts,necklaces,wrist watch,iron rings!!!He has THE BEST STYLE EVER!!!!I said this 100 times but that is true and I want to say again and again...!!!!

Stella: haha yes i agree with you borce!dima has the best style ever!but sometimes he wears the same clothes!!i like his clothes but i have seen him many times with the same t-shirts and jeans and also belts!!

Gladys: Borce Stella Yes, Dima has the best style!!!!!!!! And i like it so much!!!!! And i understand you Borce,when you want to have some of Dimas clothers All Dimas clothers are exuclusive

Borce: Gladys I totaly agree with you!!! and now when I go shoping I always think about Dima's clothes and style and I try to buy similar things like him .Someone who think that is "the most clever person in the world" told me mean comentar about that but I don't care I like Dima's style so I will continue like and try to have that style because I think that fashion trends come from the singers,actors....so it's not wrong to want to have someone style!!!Dima for me is fashion icon(effigy) and exemple for amazing boy who is dressing amazing so I have one thing to say :DIMA"S STYLE ROCK!!!!

Gladys: Borce пишет: DIMA"S STYLE ROCK!!!! Borce you perfect said!!!!!!! i agree with you!!!!!!!!!!

Lisik: Dima Koldun - THE BEST!!!

nadia2: I love his style, he always looks amazing. The only bad thing is that we see him wear a lot of the stuff on stage very often, but he always looks great!

Borce: I think that that clothes on Dima are stage clothes so he wear them only on his performances because every star have special clothes only for performanes,concerts,shows....

Stella: Yes i agree with you borce!what about his boby?he spends lots of time in gym and his body is gorgeous!but he has very muscle!!

Gladys: Yes Stella ! Dima dont smoke and drink. He is going to the gym so he well -built Its wonderful that he prefer healthy way of live

nadia2: He used to smoke though I think?

Stella: No he doesnt smoke!He smoke since he went in Fabrika Zved but he quit it before eurovision start!

Gladys: I like fotos and Dimas perfomansce on consert in Лужники(Luzhniki)!!!!!!!!!! He was great and full of energy!!!!!!! On this consert were singing singers whose took part in Evrovision. Dima was singing "Work your magic" With this song last year Dima took part in Evrovision

nadia2: Is it on youtube? And was it the one in the red jacket?

Borce: Yes I totaly agree with Gladys you because I saw the video and his performance was GREAT but only bad thing was that video is not good quality.BTW I want to ask you something from which performance is the last new video in Аудио/видео с выступлениями Дмитрия Колдуна?

Gladys: Borce In Аудио/видео there is new Dimas perfomance in ЛУЖНИКИ This consert was 29 06 2008 nadia2 I do not know exactly,is there it new perfomance in "You tube" or not........

Borce: Thank you Gladys!!! I will download the last one because i have some video from that concert but in very bad quality.

Gladys: Borce Yes now this consert is bad quality But i hope when this consert will be on tv we will be have a good quality!!!!!!!

Borce: Yes and I hope too because I like the performance very much!!!

ybet: Hey i`m back! those videos are totally awsome and dima was such a cuttie there!!!

Stella: yes i agree with you ybet.he was gorgeous!!

ilovedimakoldun: I like these videos, it seems it was a great performance Well..I heard that he will give a show/live or something like that in 3rd of june [today]is it true?

Gladys: ilovedimakoldun I know that Dima the 3 th of july must be on consert in Belarus

Stella: yes???really??do you know where he will go after Belarus?he will do other concerts??

Gladys: Stella I know that Dima the 7th of july will be in Moscow on consert (again Luzhniki) And the 8th of july Dima must be on consert in Murom(russian city) It will be celebration of "The Day of the family and fidelity" And i have not information about Dimas conserts in the other countries now..........

Lisik: Dima Koldun - the Best singer on light. In the songs he as though puts soul. I adore him!!!

Stella: thank you very much Gladys for the information you gave me!!i hope dima to come to greece and give a concert!! Lisik i agree with you!!dima is the best!!

Gladys: Stella I am hope too that Dima someday will come to Greece and other contries of Europe with conserts!!!!!! He is good-looking,has wonderful voice and he very telanted!!!!!! He must be famous and in Russia and in other contries..........

ybet: Maybe he'll be in some years.. Anyway, does anyone know where is he now>? I have to hear news of him for a long time

miranda: Yeah i also want to know It doesn't happen so much here at the moment. is he resting?

Gladys: ybet miranda Unfortunately Dima is not resting He is hard working as usually......... The 8 th of july he will be take part in the consert in Murom(russian city) It will be celebration of "The day family,love and fidelity" This consert will be on russian tv The 1st chanell 22-30 (moscow time) So who have russian chanell you can see this consert Who have not, do not be worry I hope in audeo/video will be Dimas perfomance from this consert.........

Borce: Gladys what about his album?I suppos that he is recording the songs

Lisik: I heard, that the album leaves in the autumn, and it is valid so, nobody knows

nadia2: I thought he would have finished the album now already.

Gladys: Borce I hope too that Dima is reacording new songs now.......... In one interview on radio Dima said that soon will be shooting new video-clip on new song........... So i think he is reacording something new..........


ybet: Yes, but he can't be finished the recording of his album,cz I suppose thats why they do it for Autumn..to record it now

Borce: Gladys I want to ask you something.Where is the picture of Dima in Фотографии, Photos - New, часть from his concert in Лужниках 7 июля 2008 but not on stage but where he is turn and he is closing the door from one white car.Is that his new car or?Today I saw only two pictures but yesterday I think that I saw that picture.I ask you because I like his blouse very much and on that picture I saw the blouse from behind but yesterday I couldn't download anything so I don't have the pic.

Gladys: Borce Unfortunately i have problem with my computer so i can not download all fotos....... And i can not tell you exactly about car......... There were so many cars..........

ybet: Borce where is that foto with the car? can you upload it?

Borce: Ybet the picture was in Фотографии, Photos - New together with the oder two but the picture was remove but the white car you can see on the background on the new picture when he is with fan.

Gladys: 10-11 Dima will be on festival "Славянский базар" in Vitebsk (Belarus)

Borce: That is great Gladys I want to ask you something.Dima will be on 10 or 11 and also in which channel will be the festival and in which time?

Gladys: Borce This festifval will be on tv on PTP channel Opening the 12 of july in 20-20 moscow time Who have PTP- Planet it will be later ..........

ybet: I have PTP Planeta.. it will be later?

miranda: You have that channel? How did you get it?

ybet: I have a packet [on-telecoms] it has two russian channels..this and rt [russia time] but i wanted 1st channel

Gladys: ybet Evy the opening festival on PTP- PLANET will be the 12th of jyly in 22-50

ybet: And I will Dima on tv? aaaa he will sing there?

koldunlover: and do you know which song he will be sin??:))

Gladys: koldunlover I do not exactly........... But i think "Work your magic", "Tsarevna" аnd may be "Angel under the rain" ..........

Stella: oh great!!i love those songs!!are my favourite!!

nadia2: He's still singin work your magic at so many concerts, is it still a really famous song?

Stella: yes it is!!its so great and the people like it a lot!!

Lisik: I disagree, that many have same talent, as at Dima. Dima - he especial. His voice will eclipse anyone. Dima Koldun - the Best!!!

Stella: this is what i said lisik!dima is special!of course he is the best!!i dont disagree

julie: Is he really going to Eurovision next year?

Lisik: I very much would like, that Dima have gone on the Eurovision the next year, but not the fact, that a song will be same successful, as well as WYM.

ybet: But when they will show him again in RTR festiva?Does anyoe knows please?

julie: I'm definetely sure he will go there. Whether or not he will go next year, he will definetely go eventually. I'm sure he will do great because he does have the voice and the support to win.

Lisik: I with you agree, by our forum at Dima quite good support.

Gladys: ybet Evy i read that the 15 of julyon russian RTR must be consert "The stars of Evrovision" May be Dima will be sing WYM in this consert............

ybet: and what time?

katred: 15,16 and 17.07 "Festival Slavic Bazaar" at O:05 Moscow time. (Фестиваль "Славянский базар") and 19.07 "Ceremony of ending SB" at 22:50 (Торжественная церемония закрытия XVII Международного фестиваля "Славянский базар в Витебске") When Dima perform and which songs sings, I don't know this. http://www.rtr-planeta.com/program_week.html?d=10&date=14.07.2008

Lisik: Tell me please, somebody, whether will sing Dima on closing "Слявянского базара"?

ybet: katred Thank you Lisik Maybe on Saturday?

nadia2: I would love for him to go to esc again but he would have to have an amazing song of course and it would be disappointing if he didn't do better than 6th.

Gladys: I like so much Dimas fotos from Vitebsk!!!!!!!! He is on new white car like "prince on white horse" !!!!!! And red shirt is very suit him......... He is very handsome........

Stella: yes i agree with you Gladys!!he is so handsome and this car is fantastic!

ybet: I agree too I got a question.. they will show dima on tv today?

nadia2: I love his new car, it's so cool. But the big black car is also really nice.

Stella: well i didnt like his black car very much!it wasnt so nice!but his new car is absolutely fabulous!!

katred: Dear fans. How we see, Antis put new songs of Dima. I direct in her name this request to all these, which do not use Russian language. These songs are intended for only this forum. We ask, do not publish them on different sites !!! BIG, BIG thanks Antis.

Gladys: The voting on "Name of Russia" is open again!!!!!!!!

Stella: oh really???great!!!we can vote for koldun now!!!!

nadia2: yaaay we can vote again!

ybet: The link it doesn't work for me, please help

Gladys: Evy try this: http://nameofrussia.su/?f=%CA%EE%EB%E4%F3%ED&i=%C4%EC%E8%F2%F0%E8%E9&o=%C0%EB%E5%EA%F1%E0%ED%E4%F0%EE%E2%E8%F7#form

ybet: Gladys it doesn't work what place he is now?

Ночь: ybet ,Evi, Dima now on 7 place at him 28550 voices. But it not the present voting, it most likely will not be taken into account.

nadia2: He's now 7th with 29162.

Gladys: Now Dima on 7th place with 31 125!!!!!!!!

Stella: but now he is 8th!! with 31977 votes!

Gladys: Do you see Dimas new image???????? The pic in the left coner I like it so much!!!!!! Interesting, its real tattoo???????????

ybet: well...when i saw tha foto i scremed!!!! what is this foto exactly?? new photoshoot...anyay he looks so hot

katred: I see it. I entered on site, and it "withdrew" me in chair. Yes, I like too new image. If this true tattoo, this ok. But one and is enough.

ilovedimakoldun: katred ME TOO!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS WONDERFUL PHOTO!!

miranda: The photo is amazing! First when I saw it, I was so in chock, because I have never seen him like that before. But he's hot

ybet: miranda me too miranda

miranda: I just wish there will be more pics like that

ybet: I read that wil be a magazine with those pics (?)

miranda: if that's true, that would be cool

Lisik: I so am glad, that our forum has changed, due to a new photo and radio Koldun.

miranda: I agree. Sometimes you need a small change

nadia2: I love this koldun radio and the new picture is amazing, where's it from?

miranda: I love the radio too it's so nice to here only his songs

Бойцовая рыбка: nadia2 пишет: where's it from? Hi! We dont know. its present from Dima. may be soon we ll see all photos from this photosession. it ll be paradise!!! he is cute, isnt he?

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка When I saw tha photo, I didnt believed that is Dima I want so much to see the whole photosession

miranda: me too i wonder what the other pics will look like

Бойцовая рыбка: me too, girls... he is the best... ybet, nice avatar

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка Thanks!;) they will show these photos in any magasine if you know?

Бойцовая рыбка: No, ybet , I think, its personal photosession, not for magazine. but may be...

nadia2: Maybe photoshoot for his new album?

Бойцовая рыбка: nadia2 It would be great! I hope you right. It ll be the most beautiful album in the world))))

ybet: And I believe the same too

Gladys: I am like very much radio "Koldun" on- line!!!!!!!! I listen it day and night!!!!! It is so wonderful to listen only Dimas voice,his song........ Espesialy song he wrote himself It is radio real present!!!!!!!!

Lisik: I so am glad, that there is radio Koldun. You hear a native voice from columns and you are glad.

ybet: I just heard the surrender karaoke does anyone know where is dima now? i mean,what he's doing these days

nadia2: I love the surrender karaoke!

miranda: I love the song Prohaya novost. I'm addicted to it :D:D:D:D

ybet: miranda which is this exactly?if is the one which i understood,i just LOVE it ;))

miranda: i can't describe exactly which one it is, i just love it :)))))))

Gladys: miranda ybet If you mean the song "Bad new"("Плохоя новость") i like it too This song Dima wrote himself...........

nadia2: He wrote himself wow, what is the song about?

miranda: That's so cool! :D

Gladys: nadia2 The song " Bad new" is about love( lost love).........

miranda: oh, poor him :))))

Lisik: And I if it is fair, like all songs Dima. They are executed very sincerely, in any way many executors sing the songs.

miranda: I like when artists write their own songs :D

ybet: Is so good,cause i love that song

Gladys: Did you listen the composition of the best guitar players from USA (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai,Eric Johnson) on radio "Koldun" yesterday? Dima chose this composotion He very likes it It was realy surprise

Околдованная: Hey everybody :) I've studied English in America the whole July, so I'm fluent in English now Hehee)) How is your summer? Is it exciting?))) I hope! I was so amazed when I found koldun-radio, and there are also a lot of great news, I'm so happy!

mariya: Околдованная Welcome back!! Everyone from the russian section of the forum will soon be fluent in english I hope your time in America was wicked and you enjoyed it!!

miranda: I hope you had a great time :D:D:D:D

Околдованная: mariya miranda Hehe, you are right :) It was the greatest month in my life!!! Really, I'll never forget it!

miranda: Околдованная I have had an great summer! I have been to Greece amd I have just relaxed. :D:D:D But I only have two weeks left of my summer vacation :(

ybet: I just came back from my vacation too That's great Околдованная welcome back you learnt english there? i have 1,5 mounths left for the end of my vacation I just heard on koldun-radiio a message of him-i just understood 'radio koldun' it was so sweet

miranda: what was the message? koldun radio doesn't work for me anymore :(

Околдованная: ybet haha, it's great that we have koldun-radio. I tnink, we have to dream about koldun tv hihi

ybet: He said something in russia, i just understood this 'koldun radio' i`ll check now if it works to me

Околдованная: miranda Hello, I'am Dmitriy Koldun and you are listening my radio, radio Koldun!

miranda: and i missed that :((((

ybet: Околдованная Thanks! :D Koldun tv would be great, just videos with him!

miranda: that would be dream come true lol :D:D:D:D btw the radio works for me now :))) i had to open the forum in msn explorer to make it work :P

miranda: i just heard the message :))))))))))

nadia2: awww that's such a sweet message.

miranda: i know, i was so happy when i heard it :D:D:D:D

Lisik: I when come on our forum I can not come off a photo of ours Dimki. It so it is good on it it has turned out also to it so there is this tattoo, and black oil.

MiriamEla: Omg, I'm in love with DimaCast! THANK YOU ADMINS FOR MAKING MY LIFE BETTER

ybet: Does anyone knows what is the name of the last show with his brother George?? And thanks for these pretty fotos!! ;-)

Околдованная: ybet The show where George asks people questions?

Gladys: ybet Evy the Georges show named "Один против всех"(The one against all).........

ybet: Yes Околдованная I meant that :)) Gladys spacibo^^

Stella: in this show dima's t-shirt is very funny! but his hair was so nice!

Околдованная: Stella Hehe, th T-shirt is really bright. Cause always he choses dark colours like grey, black, brown.

ybet: I think that T-Shirt is like a rainbow

miranda: i can't wait until i get to see that show! :D:D:D:D:D

Gladys: miranda You not alone!!!!!! All can not wait and want to see this show now!!!!!! But.......

Околдованная: I wanna see it now too! Cause I think that It'll be interesting and funny and our girls said that we'll laugh all time)

miranda: I won't understand what they're saying but I think it will be fun to watch anyway :)))))

ybet: me too miranda im glad that he won that game

miranda: he did?? :))) that's great! :D

ybet: miranda i think he won 6 million, i`m not sure can someone tell me where this video is from?? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xaKGa0ABhNk

miranda: i think it's from some belarussian festival lol i have also always wondered what it's called :PPP

ybet: miranda slanovic bazaar?

Gladys: ybet Evy its video from consert "The Day of Belarus" It was in the july.......

ybet: Gladys Thanks! and it will be again this year?

Gladys: ybet Evy its consert was in the begining of july in this year........ The next in 2009........

ybet: Gladys but that video is from last year

miranda: was dima on this years concert? :P or i have misunderstood?

Gladys: ybet miranda In this year Dima was not take part in consert on "The Day of Belarus" Its video is from last year.........


Gladys: koldunlover I like very much the new Dimas fotos!!!!!! The red color it is his color!!!!!!! Its very suits him And another foto-new image.... He is like new Rambow He is very masculine on this foto!!!!! In such image he must shooting in films

ybet: I like the foto with the red shirt (as my avatar )but on the other...he looks like a football player to me

miranda: i love both ones :)) but my fav must the one with the red shirt :)) he's cute there :D

silhouetteofthenight: yep, Miranda I concur! x]

Gladys: I like very much the foto where two brothers with cat And all another fotos from this magazine

ilovedimakoldun: Veri beatiful photo Can i aska questionn? Is Dima a member here, on that forum or somthing? Maybe he read??

Gladys: I am very glad that Dima has fan-clubs in Moscow, St Peterburg and another cityes of Russia!!!!!!! Interesting has he fan-clubs in Europe?????

ybet: Gladys I am the creator of his greek fan-club! is with 280 members

Gladys: In Greek fan-club 280 members???????

ybet: well yes, i have it from last year we made it actually, cause we believe that we have a chance to call him for a concert here in Greece

Околдованная: Way! It sounds awesome that greek fan-club has 280 members! I don't think that there are the same count of people in Moscow FC... May be it's cause we don't know how many people want to join us or may be cause they are very shy to support Dima with flags and other things on different concerts... *** Do you see the Olympiad in Beijing? I like to watch swimming and every day I really amazed about results of american sportsman Michael Phelps! He made a lot of world records and he is the only one person in the world who has 10 gold Olympiad medals and I think that he'll win more in Beijing. He has already won 4 medals and he said that he wanna win 8 gold medals on Olympiad. He is really incredible and brilliant swimmer!

ybet: Околдованная Michael Phelps is my favourite swimmer!!! :))) i like him very much, he's very talented i didnt knew that he won already so many medals, but i also like beach volley very much!!!

Околдованная: ybet The things which he makes are unbelieveble! He is my favourite swimmer too. I know only two people in sport who can make me amazed - Cristiano Ronaldo with his brilliant goals and Michael Phelps with his cosmo speed!

ybet: Околдованная Yes, he's really fast, I don`t think that anyone can catch him!

Околдованная: ybet Haha, yeah, I agree with you! BBC called him a superfish And it's very good thing for Michael, cause he was very illness in his childhood and his mother gave him to the swimming sport. And swimming saved Michael from his illness.

nadia2: I love this photo of dima with the red shirt. His smile is so cute.

Stella: yes i agree with you nadia!and his face is so shiny and sweet!

Околдованная: Yeah)) I agree with you, girls! He is really cute on this photo, and this photo is... emm... I don't know how to say, but it's kind and very light ^___^

ybet: I think we hadn't seen a new photoshoot of dima for a long time!

nadia2: No the newest photos are the ones like the one at the top of this forum and I hope to get more like them!

Stella: i hope that too!this photos are amazing and dima is really handsome with this tatoo on his hand!

nadia2: Yeah it really looks nice with the theme of the pics.

mariya: I do hope that we get to see the rest of the photographs from that photosession, because the pic at the top is amazing!!

silhouetteofthenight: ^ same here. x]

ybet: I have a question Last year Dima was in 5 stars, right? He's gonna be this year too?? Pleaase answer me

Gladys: ybet I think Dima will be on "5 stars" this year too.........

mariya: In reference to the "5 stars" show in Sochi. Somebody in the russian section of the forum asked about this a couple of days ago, our dear administrator, Antis, answered that Dima will not be there. :(

Stella: Oh what a pity!

ybet: Thanks mariya! I asked that cause i saw that his names wasn't to the site of 5stars :((

Gladys: mariya thanks for information But i agree with Stella Its really pity that Dima will not be on 5 stars........ I was hope he will be there........

nadia2: Oh that's a shame, I wanted him to be there.

mariya: Dimas' brother, Georgiy, will be there though So not everything is lost, at least one Koldun on the TV screen!

Околдованная: Hah, Masha, it will be cool :) I wait for George's songs very carefully..

ybet: he will take participate?:)) or just a guest?

Околдованная: I think a guest cause he took a part last year

mariya: Yeah I think just as a guest. There will be a special programme put on (nothing to do with the contest) where belarussian artists will perform. However, I am not sure if Russia's First Channel will broadcast this, but belarussian ONT will. (information from Alesenok - Georgiy's forum)

Gladys: mariya Thank you for information!!!!!!! I hope that someone russian channel will be broadcast this...... And we will see it perfomance!!!!!!!

Gladys: I love very much the radio "Koldun" And i am voting for it!!!!!! If you like it too you can vote on this link: http://radio-tochka.com/content/catalog We must support Dima!!!!!!!!!

mariya: Gladys Thanks a lot for the info!! Voted for 2 radio stations: Koldun and KingRing radio P.S: Pity that we can't see who is in the lead now...

nadia2: I voted for koldun radio!! 10 stars of course

ybet: and we can vote every day or only once? :)) of course i voted

Gladys: ybet Evy i think we can vote every day........ We must vote every day

nadia2: Well if we all vote once every day that is a lot of votes!

Gladys: nadia2 It would be wonderful if we all will be vote!!!!!! So Dima will be lead !!!!!!!!

nadia2: I have a question about his album. It's delayed again but does anyone know when it will be out, this year?

mariya: nadia2 It was delayed once, beginning of the summer. As far as I know a new date has not been set yet, but we were told that it would be sometime this autumn. Let's hope so!!

Gladys: New voting on "radio Koldun" : http://www.liveinternet.ru/showjournal.php?journalid=2733638&keywordid=981505 "How often do you listen the radio Koldun?""How many hours?" And "What is your favorite song from 5?"

Stella: oh thats great Gladys!i will vote now!!

ybet: ok, voted But...can soemone tell me what they say on the new's page for Dima?

ilovedimakoldun: ybet , if i understood right, it says about Dima's album, and dima wrote 20new songs which none has hear them yet

Stella: oh this is great!!iam looking forward to hear them soon!!

nadia2: If he is writing 20 songs himself I'm so excited to hear them!

Stella: yes!!but they are many!!20 songs are great but difficult to write them because are so many!

Borce: Yes but Dima is soooooooo....talented so that is nothing for him!!!

Gladys: If exactly, Dima is writing new 20 song now Some of them will be in ROCK`N` ROLL style!!!!!!! He is singing only under guitar...... The sound will be written in USA and England!!!!!!!!!

ybet: Gladys That's great news!! between, the new style of forum, is very nice

mariya: Gladys Where is this info from? About USA and England? maybe you know? :)

nadia2: OMG he's coming to england ahhhhhhh

mariya: nadia2 Thats what I thought at first, thought at last we are in a bit of luck!!! lol. But I think its only the sound of the songs that will be produced here, I don't think Dima will come...but who knows... :)

ybet: mariya nadia2 why he doesn't come to whole Europe?

nadia2: I don't know ybet?? And mariya maybe he will come to england to record, and then i'll travel anywhere to see him!

ybet: i envy you now...

mariya: nadia2 maybe, who knows...?)) I guess we will just have to wait and see. But for some reason I don't think this is true. They have a good sound recording studio in Moscow!

nadia2: Maybe there are different producers in different countries???

ybet: nadia2 Maybe... hey ddi you saw the new fotos? they're so funny

Stella: yeah!!yes are very funny!!dima is so funny with this costume!!and the second photo is also funny!dima looks so funny with this helmet!!

Gladys: mariya Info about Usa and England i read in article from forum.... But i mean that only the sound of the songs will record in USA and England.... I think Dima will not come there now....... ybet Stella I agree !!!!!! Fotos from "Big Race"("БОЛЬШИЕ ГОНКИ") are very funny!!!!!!

nadia2: ybet I did see the pics, he was a seal hahaha

Gladys: Today the Birthday of the radio "KOLDUN"(1 month)!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday dear radio!!!!!!



Borce: Please can someone say If know when Dima was in Волгограде на Дне покупателя.What manifestation is that?And which songs he was singing there?Thanks!!!

Gladys: Borce Hi!!!!! In Volgograd there was the consert, supermarket "Park house" was celebrate "The Day of client" But it was the 12 of july this year...... And I don`t know exactly which the songs Dima sang there.......

nadia2: Happy birthday koldun radio

Gladys: Who was not voting else for the Radio KOLDUN Can do it on this link http://www.liveinternet.ru/showjournal.php?journalid=2733638&keywordid=981505


ybet: i can't open the radio

Gladys: ybet Evy try againe now The radio was renew.....

Borce: Hi Gladys!!!Thanks for the informacion!!! I was on holiday so I didn't know that!!!

ybet: Does anyone knows when the RMA Awards are?

mariya: ybet Good question!!!! As I can remember the MTV RMA took place at the end of September, but for some strange reason, there is no information at the moment about this years awards...

miranda: i hope he gets nominated :)))

ybet: mariya Thanks!! yes i remember that too, cause it was saying that in Dima's site, but now i haven't find nothing miranda I hope too ermmm....maybe is that site? or... http://ema.mtv.tv/vote

ilovedimakoldun: Who's that girl on that magazine with Dima?? plz someone answer me

Gladys: ilovedimakoldun This girl wrote the letter to magazine and won prize- the date with Dima Koldun...... They were driving on hydrocycle(I think it was advertisement of yacht-club) But then Dima was invating this girl to go on his car.... May be he liked this girl........

ybet: Gladys Noo Maybe he did that just friendly?

Gladys: ybet Evy i do not know exactly....

Stella: ybet i hope that too!!

miranda: which magazine?

ybet: miranda in the page with the news, the magazine, yes zvezdy!

ilovedimakoldun: uffff thanks Gladys for telling me, I`m so happy now!~

Gladys: ilovedimakoldun NOT AT ALL!!!!!!!

Stella: Gladys why not at all??

Gladys: Stella I mean i simple told about article in the magazin.....

nadia2: That's cute that she won a date with him!

miranda: she's a very lucky girl :)))

Gladys: Yes..... She is very lucky.........

miranda: Gladys don't be sad, or i'll get sad too :(((

Gladys: miranda Thank you! I am fine....

miranda: no problem :))))

ybet: i am sot sad, i am angry and jealous

miranda: me too :P lol

nadia2: But i am also happy for her that she got to spend some nice time with him

Stella: yes me too!!she is so lucky!!and he also took her to his car!!he is so polite!!

silhouetteofthenight: That's really great for her she won a date with him! She's really very lucky! Stella I concur.

Gladys: NEW VOTING ON RADIO KOLDUN http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post84434020/

silhouetteofthenight: that's for favorite song on the radio, right Gladys? Well, I voted Ya Pridumal x]

Gladys: silhouetteofthenight Not only chose favorite song.... In comments on radio Koldun you can give 10 points for music,10 points for text and 10 points for vocal fulfillment to each song which you like.... 10 points its maximum You can give less points to songs if you do not like music or text...... In short,you can give your points to all songs....

ybet: and how we ca do that?

Gladys: ybet Simple write it in comments on radio Koldun

ybet: and what i have to say??

Gladys: ybet Evy For example:I like the song "Reallity of dreams" I like music of this song so i give 10 points I like text so i give 10 points for text And i like vocal( how Dima is singing this song)-10 points So this song has 30 points

silhouetteofthenight: hmm I've only voted for the song...I think 0.o Gladys, where do we have to click to give points?

silhouetteofthenight: ahh just saw these posts on the last page now. ok, will write comments then. thanks for explaining Gladys. x]

silhouetteofthenight: oh, and can we comment there if we're not members on liveinternet? also, can we rate as many songs as we want?

ybet: Ok Gladys I voted silhouetteofthenight i think that yes, but i voted only for one by mistake

nadia2: I voted

ybet: Koldun will be in eurovision contest in Cyprus???

Gladys: ybet Evy yes!!!!!!!! Dima must be on consert in Cyprus The 12 th of septembre(EVROVISION JUNIOR)!!!!!!!!!!

mariya: Moment))) Dima will be in Minsk on 12th September because the country is only choosing the contestant who will represent Belarus on 22nd of November in Cyprus. 12th September is only the national final! :)

ybet: I`m comfused now He will be in final of belarussian selection are in cyprus for the final?? Or both??

Gladys: ybet Evy pardon me please..... Dima really will be in Minsk on 12th September,not in Cyprus I mistaked

ybet: Gladys Oh no :((((( It`s ok I thought he will be there in Cyprus

nadia2: It's a shame he's not in cyprus or evi maybe you could have gone to see him. But i still look foward to seeing him perform in Belarus!

Borce: The Junior Eurovision final will be on Belorusian tv right?So the time in Belarus and Rusia is the same right?Because I think that Julia gave us the link from the Belarusian chanel so we can see Dima.

silhouetteofthenight: Borce it's 21:40 Belarus time - you can see it heir on their tv schedule. ;] http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.belarus-tv.by%2Frus%2F&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&sl=ru&tl=en

nadia2: But what is the link to watch it live?

ybet: nadia2 http://www.belarus-tv.by/live/btv.asx

Gladys: silhouetteofthenight Yes you right! The time in Belarus and Rusia is not the same It's 21:40 Belarus time In Moscow will be 22:40

Borce: So the fans who are living in Balcan's countrys can see the JESC in 20:40!Thank god that we have the link from the Belarusian Chanel so we can see Dima tonight!!!

miranda: thanks for the link! it's 20:40 here too then

nadia2: Thanks, it's 7:40 here and i'm so excited to watch it, i have it ready on my tv and computer so i don't miss it!

miranda: this is tonight, right?

ybet: Yes miranda is tonight in 2 hours I think?

miranda: yeah :)) thank you. i just wanted to be sure i didn't miss it :)))

nadia2: yes tonight, only 20 minutes to go

miranda: I can't wait lol ..... :)))

Stella: hehe me too!!i want to see it now!!

ybet: My heart already starts beating

miranda: mine too :)))

nadia2: ahhhh it was amazing, and he took his jacket off - so rockstar

Stella: yes he was gorgeous!!i think he has cut his hair!!his hair look different now!

ybet: when is the show with his brother, George by the way?

miranda: ybet i wonder that too :)))

Gladys: ybet Evy,one girl from Belarus said than this show will be on tv today on ОНТ channel

Gladys: Have you listen the russian version "Reallity of dreams-"БЕЗРАБОТНАЯ ЛЮБОВЬ" on radio KOLDUN ??????? I like it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ybet: No, i haven't it will be on his album?

nadia2: russian version wow, i haven't heard it yet.

ybet: I already hea it, very nice :)) but i hope reality of dreams will be too^^


miranda: how cool!!! :D:D:D:D

Gladys: Рlaylist radio KOLDUN : - Angel mechty - Ангел мечты (music: Дмитрий Колдун; text: Денис Лис) - Bezrabotnaya lubov - New, с 13/09/08- (music: Баграт Вартанян, text : Константин Арсенев.) - Devushka mechty - - Get up get down (Йорген Элофссон, Маки Колемайнен, Трэйси Липп) - Instrument - New - Kazhdiy den na zemle - New, с 13/09/08 - (music: Дмитрий Колдун, text: Константин Арсеньев) - May Be ( text/music: Дмитрий Колдун) - Ne ray - New - (music: Дмитрий Колдун, text: Константин Арсеньев /Дмитрий Колдун) - Ne ray instrument -New - Neseryozno - (music: Виктор Дробыш, text: А. А'Ким) - Plohaya novost - New, с 22/07/08- (music:Дмитрий Колдун, text:Дмитрий Колдун/Константин Арсеньев) - Po venam - New - (music: Илья Брылин, text: Илья Брылин/Сергей Саунин) - Po venam instrument -New - Prosti za vse - (music: Игорь Латышко/Виктор Дробыш, text: Игорь Латышко) - Reality of dreams (music: Баграт Вартанян) - Surrender -New-(music: Илья Брылин, text: Илья Брылин/Сергей Саунин) - Tebya luchshe net - (music: Олег Елисеенков) - Vse chto ty hochesh - New, c 15/08/08- (music: Дмитрий Колдун, text: Константин Арсеньев) - Work Your Magic (Dance Remix) -Ya budu zhdat - - Ya ne umru bez lubvi - ( text/music: Андрей Микрюков) - Ya pridumal - New, c 30/08/08 - (music: Илья Брылин, text: Илья Брылин/)

miranda: thanks for the update!

ybet: Do you like russian version of reality of dreams?

nadia2: This is a good playlist, i'm listening now and i hope i hear russian rod.

miranda: i heard it twice yesterday :))) i like it

ybet: I prefer the english version

nadia2: I heard rod russian but i prefer english too, it has a nicer tune.

Stella: yes i agree!!english its better!

miranda: think so too :)))

Gladys: Yes!!!! The english version is better!!!!!!! But i like russian version too......

MiriamEla: The English version is so much better....

Borce: Yeah and I think the same but and rusian version is not so bad.I love his voice in rusian version!!!

PioneR"Ka: Yeah, I agree that english version is better, but it doesn't mean that russian version is so bad! everyone of this has owns pluses! But I like english version more.. she's the most heavy, but in russian version is so interesting text! His wake up your mind!

ybet: PioneR"Ka Do you know if those 2 vesion will be on his album?=)

PioneR"Ka: ybet Oh, well , nobody knows, but I can assume that yea, thy both will be in album ,at least RoD must be an album , about russian version I'm not sure

nadia2: Well will he have english songs on his album, i thought it was only russian songs?

PioneR"Ka: nadia2 Really? May be.... I don't know anything, it's only my guesses I didn't hear any information about songs in album.. But it would be desirable that album include english songs

ybet: Like surrender and rod

koldunlover: Ax, if he wants an international career, he should put them on his album.. At least as you said is 2english songs ((surrender+reality of dreams)) is not bad to put them on album, i think is the exactly opposite, it would be better for him!! I don't think that 2english songs, or even one is so waste of space for an album to make career About the russian version of reality of dreams, i saw the translation it has beatiful lyrics-yes I prefer theenglish version too, but that version is not so bad

PioneR"Ka: Yes, personally (well,however,most of all))) I would like that these songs will enter into an album , especially Rod , I very like guitar solo in her)))

PioneR"Ka: I have just knew that these songs most likely wouldnt enter in album , otherwise they werent add these songs in rotation on radio..

ybet: Oh no, I would love to be on his album [if i wasn't misunderstood]

PioneR"Ka: Well .. Now everything it is not known .. I think later all will be more clearly .. I hope so

nadia2: Well the person who controls the playlist doesn't know what will be on the album do they? And the only way to make an international album is to have english songs. ROD is great, and I think almost everyone that i've talked to prefers it in english, but that might just be because of the different melodys to it. I would love half english and half russian album, that would be the best because his russian songs are also great.

Borce: Yeah but the best will be if he makes one english and one russian album.Oh my BIG wish is so hear Ya dlya tebya and Tsarevna on english.Oh I hope that the english versions of those lovely songs will be in the near time.Did you hear something about this?(about english versions)

ybet: But is only his first album, he can't have so many english songs

katred: ybet пишет: But is only his first album, he can't have so many english songs I agree with Evi. However shame, that all songs will not be on album. But I don't understand such promotions of album. We heard already so many songs ( obviously, it gladdens me ), recently a few new in radio ( unfortunately - for Dima - probably all available in internet) but about album, STILL SILENCE!!

silhouetteofthenight: ybet if he makes russian album and one english that would be so great! ^^

silhouetteofthenight: katred, we really got a lot of new songs in the past few weeks so maybe that could mean the release date will be revealead very soon. I only hope these songs will be on the cd too 0.o

ybet: Well maybe cause is his 1st album, hopefully he'll have 1 english song there, or maybe 2(i hope so), But the most important is to be successful

miranda: i agree with you let's hope the date for the release will be revealed soon

Gladys: miranda Yes let's hope.......

miranda: do anyone know how many tracks that will be included?

nadia2: I would guess about 12, that's normally how many people have. And I would love to hear english versions for all his songs.

Borce: Yeah but maybe more from 12 because we know all his song so maybe he will have 5-6 more that we never heard!

miranda: i would love to see a new video, but i'll guess i have to wait then

nadia2: I really want a new video too because that's how a singer gets played on music channels. But also I want new songs for the album, I love that every week we get a new song from dima but i want there to be lots of songs we haven't heard yet in his album.

miranda: Yes i want that too. I'm a bit confused over why they release new songs before the album itself.

Borce: Because maybe he will have double album.One cd with all his old songs and one with the new songs.But I don't think so but maybe he will have one album with a lot of songs maybe 20.Oh and I can't wait for the new album and the video because he said that he will film the new video this sommer.

Borce: Because maybe he will have double album.One cd with all his old songs and one with the new songs.But I don't think so but maybe he will have one album with a lot of songs maybe 20.Oh and I can't wait for the new album and the video because he said that he will film the new video this sommer.

nadia2: I don't think he'll have a double album first. But I'm just a bit confused as to why he doesn't have an album already, when people win reality shows like fabrika zvezd they should have lots of music straight away or people forget about them.

silhouetteofthenight: Borce that would actually be amazing, but I don't think he will =/ because after all this is his 1st album and for a singer to release two albums when he releases only his debut it would be a little tiring, but who knows, he can surprise too and makes english and russian album as his first both released on the same day - that could also be the reason why it's taking so long (hey, a girl can dream, right? xD) and I agree with you guys about the video, but I think his first priority now is to release his very first album and then make videos for songs that will be on it.

Borce: You said the right thing Snezana.

silhouetteofthenight: Well, I just told my opinion on it. ;]

miranda: i think he's just going to release one album, and on it i think it will be most russian songs, probably just 1-3 english songs. But hey, i don't know, i could be totally wrong

PioneR"Ka: miranda Ye , I heard only russian songs will be in album ( I dont like it...I Love english songs so much more...)

miranda: i think a mixture would be good :)) but i myself prefer the russian songs even though i love the english ones too

PioneR"Ka: Well, now anyinformation is unknown . We need to wait only.... The main thing that the album left!And then it will be not so important that in it to enter

miranda: i agree completely

Gladys: Now its important that the first Dima`s album will be realaese In the second album,i hope, we can heard songs on english

ybet: and doesn anyone knows where his album will be realease...?I mean not exactly, but what mounth

Gladys: ybet Evy its top- secret Nobody knows

PioneR"Ka: ybet In the beginning they promissed that albums realease will be in autumn (in september) than said that it will be in october .. Everytime they transfer time , but I really hope so that realease will be in autumn ( This autumn! )

nadia2: Well do you know if the songs will be new or the ones that we hear all the time?

PioneR"Ka: nadia2 I will dare to assume that there will a couple of new songs but its all only my fantasy, how itll be nobody knows ( I dont know how many times I repeat this phrase)))))))

ybet: Yeah i hope so too But IF the english song won't be on the album, why he makes them then? For...fun?

PioneR"Ka: ybet Mmm..not of cause ) Let him left mr.Lunev's album! After it he might will work on his OWN album ... This all not so easy how it seems.. There are so much nervouse, not ours - Dima's.

Околдованная: haha hey everydody :D Eeem... I've just worried about our presents, cause center promised that they will give presents for people, who took a part in album competition. So... I am still waiting for album with the autograph :D Ybet May be for the second album? Haha... They'll release both in one time

ybet: Yes I know, is not his "fault" I recognise that is just sometimes it annoys me that

ybet: Околдованная I won his abum too, and i had a hige smile for a week I hope we'll finally take his album cause for me it would be very difficult to get it in an another way

PioneR"Ka: Околдованная ybet Congratulations!) But now the realise of album is secret covered with a gloom)))) Well we all hope so that album will realised this autumn.. In the near future)))) I hope so i hope so i hope so i hope so....)))

ilovedimakoldun: "Well we all hope so that album will realised this autumn." There's possibility for...next Autumn?? or winter??

PioneR"Ka: ilovedimakoldun I hope that NO!!)))) But I dont know what we can expect from they)) Suddenly there can arise any problems ... (I hope they will NOT arise))

ilovedimakoldun: I hope so too!! His fans cannot wait for so long..:/ But his real fans, can..right?

ybet: offtopic: Dima won in that paparazzi voting,right?

PioneR"Ka: ilovedimakoldun Of cause))) But I dont like when us called "fans" ... Admirers - ok?))))) Yes.of cause we can wait so much to be necessary how many)))

Gladys: ybet Yes he won!!!!!!

ilovedimakoldun: what do you mean admirers?

ybet: Gladys Eh, for once Koldun won Bilan :D :D :D :D (kidding) after all, i didnt vote every day 50 times for Koldun for nothing But...why they say that he's 25?

PioneR"Ka: ilovedimakoldun Please, call us admirers)) We have different means of "fans" )Admirers likes сreativity, talant, etc)) I dont like when us call "fans" , I more like Admirers))

ilovedimakoldun: Okey, I just dont know what is that mean lol

PioneR"Ka: ilovedimakoldun Okay)) Let's pass this theme))) Dimka is first in Paparazzi)) Yea)) He has left behind Dima Bilan )))Yeeeaa)))

ilovedimakoldun: ok ok, i got what you mean i looked in dictionary yessss and he won with 500 vites difference =) but he's not 25

PioneR"Ka: ilovedimakoldun I dont understand it too! He's only 23!!!)))) 500 vites is cooooooool))) Interestingly, who voted so much?) For example I didnt know about this voting)))) (dont shame on me)))

ybet: I was voting every day maybe 50 times.. yesterday I voted 80

PioneR"Ka: ybet OMG....)))Thats only I can say

ybet: Haha I know I wanted to make him first with 500 votes different

ilovedimakoldun: That's great ybet But Why we still can vote?? and 0ne more question..this magazine "paparazzi" is good and famous magazine?

PioneR"Ka: ilovedimakoldun If be honest I hear about this magazine just today

ilovedimakoldun: PioneR"Ka that explains everything anyway thats great for dima. and that guy on the voting with the lipgloss is very weird

ybet: what it says on the magazine page?

PioneR"Ka: ybet Dima is the most enviable groom for ladieees)

ybet: hehe thnx, but only that? :/

PioneR"Ka: ybet Well, they wrote that he is 25 yearold!!

ybet: Oh ok.. :)) and they should get their facts right before write that dima is 25

silhouetteofthenight: so we're still waiting patiently for the album date xD guys, did he win in this paparazzi competition? I read something so I guess all the voting wasn't just for nothing xP

tati: silhouetteofthenight Hi. yes, he did.

MiriamEla: And Neseryozno, don't forget Neseryozno =D

Gladys: Paparazzi wrote that he is 25 year old????????????? But Dima is 23!!!!!!!!!

silhouetteofthenight: probably a mistake or they didn't check the facts right -.-

miranda: is the album ready yet, or is it still being recorded? if it was ready, i think at least we should get a date of the release...

nadia2: That's bad that they wrote he's 25 because that's quite old and he's only 23. But congratulations to dima that he's the best bf!! Our voting worked!

miranda: Congrats Dima! You really deserve it! but next time i hope they'll write the right age :P

ybet: Yes, he didnt even look like 23, he look like 20 i think hehe But anywa conrags, I hope he'll recieve also better awards from that :P

miranda: Me too Ybet :))) To be honest, I didn't know about the voting either How does the cover look? I bet his cute if you say he looks like 20

ybet: I meant in geneal that he looks like 20 :D (at my opinion) thats the cover http://radikal.ru/F/s44.radikal.ru/i104/0809/e4/84e940499dd6.jpg.html

PioneR"Ka: I dont like photo there . Curve)))))))))))))))))

miranda: i agree. it was quite a weird picture to be honest No offence Ybet

ybet: But I already said that the pic could be better :P

miranda: Oops...sorry

ybet: lol np miranda :*

miranda: i must have missed something you wrote

ybet: miranda where?

nadia2: Yeah it is a bit of a weird pic, he looks a bit thin there but he has a cute smile

miranda: ybet i don't know where lol

ybet: miranda oh, ok anyway

Gladys: Radio Koldun The result of voting http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post85020049/

ybet: wow work ur magic and day mne silu didnt get points

silhouetteofthenight: lol =D but Ya Pridumal and Ne Ray are at the top which is good.

PioneR"Ka: Hey... I didnt now about voting again!!! If I have voted, my voice to Bad news , get up , and reality))) 100% 30 points everysong)

miranda: PioneR"Ka I didn't know about this voting either But if i had voted it would probably be on ya pridumal or eto ne ray :)) But really i would like to have voted for them all :))

PioneR"Ka: miranda ))))) Hey, gyues)) It not seems to you that its time to create a new off-topic continue?

miranda: yes, we proabably should. it's so many pages now

PioneR"Ka: Ready)

silhouetteofthenight: Are you guys still voting for Dima at EMA's? cause I see on facebook there's still floating around the video to vote for Bilan so I hope you are voting. x]

ybet: I vote for Koldun ofc in new act, but i don't know if any of them would be there

silhouetteofthenight: Well it doesn't matter, we can try at least. x]

silhouetteofthenight: Guys, I guess we'll have to continue talking in this topic cause the new one was locked -.-

Gladys: silhouetteofthenight I think we can continue talking

Gladys: Radio Koldun Song from playlist "Get up get down" http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post85307366/

Stella: oh this is great!thank you Gladys!

Gladys: I like this fotos so much http://www.liveinternet.ru/photoalbumshow.php?albumid=2068900&seriesid=1178681 Its from Radio KOLDUN Fabrirka 6 Dima`s perfomance with Scorpions " Still loving you"

Stella: yes those photos are so cute!!

Gladys: He must will sing in rock style!!!!!! Rock style-its his style !!!!!!!!

Stella: yes i agree!!he is a real rock star!!

miranda: Stella i think so too!

Stella: what do you think about his new haircut?i think its really cute!!

nadia2: What is his new haircute like, from what picture?

Stella: if you see very carefully the videos from junior eurovision you will see that he had a new haircut!

silhouetteofthenight: thanks for the radio link Gladys! x] and I agree, these pics are cute. I like the one with mohawk ^^

silhouetteofthenight: Gladys & Stella I also prefer him singing rock! x] And his new haircut is just great! «though his best for me is still Eurovision hairstyle look xD» I didn't notice it first at ESC Junior, but something seemed different then I figured: ahh it's the hair! =D

nadia2: Oh the esc hair, yes i noticed that was different and i really like it.

Gladys: Today is the tv-show "Big race" on tv Dima will be take part Who want to see all game 18-00 ( Moscow time) The first channel

ybet: Gladys is a replay or is new game?

Gladys: ybet Evy Its a new game!!!!!!

silhouetteofthenight: thanks for the info Gladys x] I guess I'll have to wait till someone posts it cause there's no channel 1 one here -.-

ybet: Thats great :D in the last video of big race, dima felt in the water??

nadia2: I'm excited to watch it!

Stella: well i didnt see it live but i saw the video which they posted here and its really good and interesting!

nadia2: I saw it and it was really good, dima did more games this time which was nice.

silhouetteofthenight: Thats great :D in the last video of big race, dima felt in the water?? lol yeah he did. poor thing! xD but I was still laughing lol But yeah, great to see he was in more games this time. x]

nadia2: Yeah it was funny when he fell in the water

Gladys: I like the second "Big race"!!!!!! The russian team won in the competitions where Dima took part And russian team won all game!!!!! But i was really afraid when Dima said that he wanted came to the bulls( i mean run from bulls on the arena) But coach of the team Olga Slutsker did not let him do it And do you recognize the two captains of the russian team, man and woman? They took part in the tv-show "Two stars"

ybet: I only saw just a video where Dima felt into the water Where are the others??

Gladys: ybet Evy did you see the competition with bulls??????? Its called "ВЫСШИЙ ПИЛОТАЖ"

ybet: Yes, Gladys but that video isn't old?

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