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Off-topic (continued)

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Borce: Gladys what about his album?I suppos that he is recording the songs

Lisik: I heard, that the album leaves in the autumn, and it is valid so, nobody knows

nadia2: I thought he would have finished the album now already.

Gladys: Borce I hope too that Dima is reacording new songs now.......... In one interview on radio Dima said that soon will be shooting new video-clip on new song........... So i think he is reacording something new..........


ybet: Yes, but he can't be finished the recording of his album,cz I suppose thats why they do it for Autumn..to record it now

Borce: Gladys I want to ask you something.Where is the picture of Dima in Фотографии, Photos - New, часть from his concert in Лужниках 7 июля 2008 but not on stage but where he is turn and he is closing the door from one white car.Is that his new car or?Today I saw only two pictures but yesterday I think that I saw that picture.I ask you because I like his blouse very much and on that picture I saw the blouse from behind but yesterday I couldn't download anything so I don't have the pic.

Gladys: Borce Unfortunately i have problem with my computer so i can not download all fotos....... And i can not tell you exactly about car......... There were so many cars..........

ybet: Borce where is that foto with the car? can you upload it?

Borce: Ybet the picture was in Фотографии, Photos - New together with the oder two but the picture was remove but the white car you can see on the background on the new picture when he is with fan.

Gladys: 10-11 Dima will be on festival "Славянский базар" in Vitebsk (Belarus)

Borce: That is great Gladys I want to ask you something.Dima will be on 10 or 11 and also in which channel will be the festival and in which time?

Gladys: Borce This festifval will be on tv on PTP channel Opening the 12 of july in 20-20 moscow time Who have PTP- Planet it will be later ..........

ybet: I have PTP Planeta.. it will be later?

miranda: You have that channel? How did you get it?

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