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Off-topic (continued)

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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miranda: if that's true, that would be cool

Lisik: I so am glad, that our forum has changed, due to a new photo and radio Koldun.

miranda: I agree. Sometimes you need a small change

nadia2: I love this koldun radio and the new picture is amazing, where's it from?

miranda: I love the radio too it's so nice to here only his songs

Бойцовая рыбка: nadia2 пишет: where's it from? Hi! We dont know. its present from Dima. may be soon we ll see all photos from this photosession. it ll be paradise!!! he is cute, isnt he?

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка When I saw tha photo, I didnt believed that is Dima I want so much to see the whole photosession

miranda: me too i wonder what the other pics will look like

Бойцовая рыбка: me too, girls... he is the best... ybet, nice avatar

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка Thanks!;) they will show these photos in any magasine if you know?

Бойцовая рыбка: No, ybet , I think, its personal photosession, not for magazine. but may be...

nadia2: Maybe photoshoot for his new album?

Бойцовая рыбка: nadia2 It would be great! I hope you right. It ll be the most beautiful album in the world))))

ybet: And I believe the same too

Gladys: I am like very much radio "Koldun" on- line!!!!!!!! I listen it day and night!!!!! It is so wonderful to listen only Dimas voice,his song........ Espesialy song he wrote himself It is radio real present!!!!!!!!

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