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Off-topic (continued)

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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koldunlover: Ax, if he wants an international career, he should put them on his album.. At least as you said is 2english songs ((surrender+reality of dreams)) is not bad to put them on album, i think is the exactly opposite, it would be better for him!! I don't think that 2english songs, or even one is so waste of space for an album to make career About the russian version of reality of dreams, i saw the translation it has beatiful lyrics-yes I prefer theenglish version too, but that version is not so bad

PioneR"Ka: Yes, personally (well,however,most of all))) I would like that these songs will enter into an album , especially Rod , I very like guitar solo in her)))

PioneR"Ka: I have just knew that these songs most likely wouldnt enter in album , otherwise they werent add these songs in rotation on radio..

ybet: Oh no, I would love to be on his album [if i wasn't misunderstood]

PioneR"Ka: Well .. Now everything it is not known .. I think later all will be more clearly .. I hope so

nadia2: Well the person who controls the playlist doesn't know what will be on the album do they? And the only way to make an international album is to have english songs. ROD is great, and I think almost everyone that i've talked to prefers it in english, but that might just be because of the different melodys to it. I would love half english and half russian album, that would be the best because his russian songs are also great.

Borce: Yeah but the best will be if he makes one english and one russian album.Oh my BIG wish is so hear Ya dlya tebya and Tsarevna on english.Oh I hope that the english versions of those lovely songs will be in the near time.Did you hear something about this?(about english versions)

ybet: But is only his first album, he can't have so many english songs

katred: ybet пишет: But is only his first album, he can't have so many english songs I agree with Evi. However shame, that all songs will not be on album. But I don't understand such promotions of album. We heard already so many songs ( obviously, it gladdens me ), recently a few new in radio ( unfortunately - for Dima - probably all available in internet) but about album, STILL SILENCE!!

silhouetteofthenight: ybet if he makes russian album and one english that would be so great! ^^

silhouetteofthenight: katred, we really got a lot of new songs in the past few weeks so maybe that could mean the release date will be revealead very soon. I only hope these songs will be on the cd too 0.o

ybet: Well maybe cause is his 1st album, hopefully he'll have 1 english song there, or maybe 2(i hope so), But the most important is to be successful

miranda: i agree with you let's hope the date for the release will be revealed soon

Gladys: miranda Yes let's hope.......

miranda: do anyone know how many tracks that will be included?

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