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Off-topic (continued)

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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miranda: i agree completely

Gladys: Now its important that the first Dima`s album will be realaese In the second album,i hope, we can heard songs on english

ybet: and doesn anyone knows where his album will be realease...?I mean not exactly, but what mounth

Gladys: ybet Evy its top- secret Nobody knows

PioneR"Ka: ybet In the beginning they promissed that albums realease will be in autumn (in september) than said that it will be in october .. Everytime they transfer time , but I really hope so that realease will be in autumn ( This autumn! )

nadia2: Well do you know if the songs will be new or the ones that we hear all the time?

PioneR"Ka: nadia2 I will dare to assume that there will a couple of new songs but its all only my fantasy, how itll be nobody knows ( I dont know how many times I repeat this phrase)))))))

ybet: Yeah i hope so too But IF the english song won't be on the album, why he makes them then? For...fun?

PioneR"Ka: ybet Mmm..not of cause ) Let him left mr.Lunev's album! After it he might will work on his OWN album ... This all not so easy how it seems.. There are so much nervouse, not ours - Dima's.

Околдованная: haha hey everydody :D Eeem... I've just worried about our presents, cause center promised that they will give presents for people, who took a part in album competition. So... I am still waiting for album with the autograph :D Ybet May be for the second album? Haha... They'll release both in one time

ybet: Yes I know, is not his "fault" I recognise that is just sometimes it annoys me that

ybet: Околдованная I won his abum too, and i had a hige smile for a week I hope we'll finally take his album cause for me it would be very difficult to get it in an another way

PioneR"Ka: Околдованная ybet Congratulations!) But now the realise of album is secret covered with a gloom)))) Well we all hope so that album will realised this autumn.. In the near future)))) I hope so i hope so i hope so i hope so....)))

ilovedimakoldun: "Well we all hope so that album will realised this autumn." There's possibility for...next Autumn?? or winter??

PioneR"Ka: ilovedimakoldun I hope that NO!!)))) But I dont know what we can expect from they)) Suddenly there can arise any problems ... (I hope they will NOT arise))

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