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Off-topic (continued)

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Stella: haha yes i agree with you borce!dima has the best style ever!but sometimes he wears the same clothes!!i like his clothes but i have seen him many times with the same t-shirts and jeans and also belts!!

Gladys: Borce Stella Yes, Dima has the best style!!!!!!!! And i like it so much!!!!! And i understand you Borce,when you want to have some of Dimas clothers All Dimas clothers are exuclusive

Borce: Gladys I totaly agree with you!!! and now when I go shoping I always think about Dima's clothes and style and I try to buy similar things like him .Someone who think that is "the most clever person in the world" told me mean comentar about that but I don't care I like Dima's style so I will continue like and try to have that style because I think that fashion trends come from the singers,actors....so it's not wrong to want to have someone style!!!Dima for me is fashion icon(effigy) and exemple for amazing boy who is dressing amazing so I have one thing to say :DIMA"S STYLE ROCK!!!!

Gladys: Borce пишет: DIMA"S STYLE ROCK!!!! Borce you perfect said!!!!!!! i agree with you!!!!!!!!!!

Lisik: Dima Koldun - THE BEST!!!

nadia2: I love his style, he always looks amazing. The only bad thing is that we see him wear a lot of the stuff on stage very often, but he always looks great!

Borce: I think that that clothes on Dima are stage clothes so he wear them only on his performances because every star have special clothes only for performanes,concerts,shows....

Stella: Yes i agree with you borce!what about his boby?he spends lots of time in gym and his body is gorgeous!but he has very muscle!!

Gladys: Yes Stella ! Dima dont smoke and drink. He is going to the gym so he well -built Its wonderful that he prefer healthy way of live

nadia2: He used to smoke though I think?

Stella: No he doesnt smoke!He smoke since he went in Fabrika Zved but he quit it before eurovision start!

Gladys: I like fotos and Dimas perfomansce on consert in Лужники(Luzhniki)!!!!!!!!!! He was great and full of energy!!!!!!! On this consert were singing singers whose took part in Evrovision. Dima was singing "Work your magic" With this song last year Dima took part in Evrovision

nadia2: Is it on youtube? And was it the one in the red jacket?

Borce: Yes I totaly agree with Gladys you because I saw the video and his performance was GREAT but only bad thing was that video is not good quality.BTW I want to ask you something from which performance is the last new video in Аудио/видео с выступлениями Дмитрия Колдуна?

Gladys: Borce In Аудио/видео there is new Dimas perfomance in ЛУЖНИКИ This consert was 29 06 2008 nadia2 I do not know exactly,is there it new perfomance in "You tube" or not........

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