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Off-topic (continued)

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Borce: Thank you Gladys!!! I will download the last one because i have some video from that concert but in very bad quality.

Gladys: Borce Yes now this consert is bad quality But i hope when this consert will be on tv we will be have a good quality!!!!!!!

Borce: Yes and I hope too because I like the performance very much!!!

ybet: Hey i`m back! those videos are totally awsome and dima was such a cuttie there!!!

Stella: yes i agree with you ybet.he was gorgeous!!

ilovedimakoldun: I like these videos, it seems it was a great performance Well..I heard that he will give a show/live or something like that in 3rd of june [today]is it true?

Gladys: ilovedimakoldun I know that Dima the 3 th of july must be on consert in Belarus

Stella: yes???really??do you know where he will go after Belarus?he will do other concerts??

Gladys: Stella I know that Dima the 7th of july will be in Moscow on consert (again Luzhniki) And the 8th of july Dima must be on consert in Murom(russian city) It will be celebration of "The Day of the family and fidelity" And i have not information about Dimas conserts in the other countries now..........

Lisik: Dima Koldun - the Best singer on light. In the songs he as though puts soul. I adore him!!!

Stella: thank you very much Gladys for the information you gave me!!i hope dima to come to greece and give a concert!! Lisik i agree with you!!dima is the best!!

Gladys: Stella I am hope too that Dima someday will come to Greece and other contries of Europe with conserts!!!!!! He is good-looking,has wonderful voice and he very telanted!!!!!! He must be famous and in Russia and in other contries..........

ybet: Maybe he'll be in some years.. Anyway, does anyone know where is he now>? I have to hear news of him for a long time

miranda: Yeah i also want to know It doesn't happen so much here at the moment. is he resting?

Gladys: ybet miranda Unfortunately Dima is not resting He is hard working as usually......... The 8 th of july he will be take part in the consert in Murom(russian city) It will be celebration of "The day family,love and fidelity" This consert will be on russian tv The 1st chanell 22-30 (moscow time) So who have russian chanell you can see this consert Who have not, do not be worry I hope in audeo/video will be Dimas perfomance from this consert.........

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