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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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miranda: it's kinda quiet here lol where is everybody?

mariya: miranda Hi! and welcome to the forum! Everyone is here, but most people talk in the russian section of the forum. There you can find pictures, audio and video of Dima. Dont forget to invite your friends to the forums ! :)

miranda: Thanks Mariya! two of my friends are already here! betul and ybet :))))))

ybet: Hi Miranda.!!!!!!

miranda: Hi! How are you?

ybet: miranda Fine,you? can i ask u a question?you were the person which send me a private message from youtube and asked how to become a member?

miranda: I'm ok Yep :) the channel belongs to me and my sister :)

ybet: oh ok.!thanks for the link

miranda: No problem

miranda: hi everyone, how are u today? :)))

ybet: hey miranda

miranda: hi ybet

Prima: hey people!nice to meer us!)))

betuldima: hi girlsss nice too meet you:)

ybet: hey everyone

miranda: hey!

betuldima: hehe international KFC in here

ybet: betuldima who elese is here from english forum?me,you,miranda and...??

katred: ybet пишет: who elese is here from english forum?me,you,miranda and...?? Hi. For example - Me. But I much better speak in russian (for now), so a bit more times i'm spenden on the other side forum.

ybet: katred Hi I didnt meant that.. we have an english forum and i wanted to know who else is here on the official forum from the english

katred: Ok. Sorry.

miranda: i think there's no one else here besides us

betuldima: yes miranda just me and you and ybet.....

miranda: do the others know that this forum exists?

magnetized: Hello I'm Claire (magnetized) and I joined the english forum recently, and ive come over to here as well . Nice to see some familiar faces! xxx

NatalyaSogdi: Hi! I'm Elli ;) I don't know about that english forum but I'm sure going to look after it, cause I don't speak russan lol :DDDDDD

ybet: magnetized NatalyaSogdi Hey everyone,its nice to see you here

NatalyaSogdi: nice to meet you ;) You have a link to the other forum?

miranda: Yep :))) i'm the one who made it Hope i'll see you there

betuldima: hey magnetized NatalyaSogdi welcome

miranda: Welcome!

betuldima: hey guys I wanna a favaur plss you vote for me http://dimitrybeyazagelsin.uni.cc/ beyaz show a talk show in the Turkey and we (turkey fan club) want to see Dima in here:) and we made a website. plss vote you will say 'evet' and then 'oyla' just this... thnks so much

miranda: I voted

ybet: *PRIVAT*

miranda: hi ybet! how are you?

ybet: miranda hi!! great and you?

miranda: i'm great too!

ybet: i sign up on the forum who u told me..its some people there which i already know

miranda: yeah :)) like who?

ybet: i dont know them personally just his name hehe rania_petsivani,unique antique [from forum], kardiamou...

miranda: aha ok

miranda: i wonder why we can't download from ifolder after a couple of hours? is it because we're not from russia or something like that? I would be very happy if you could upload the videos at filefactory too, if you have time of course

zagadka: miranda You just need to ask and we'll upload it to filefactory Which video do you want? For example, I'm not from Russia too, but I can download from ifolder. I just have to wait a few minutes of advertisement and then it allows me to download.

ybet: zagadka for example i cant download the last video

miranda: yeah, me too :)) i didn't know i just could ask lol

ybet: miranda you download it? im so weird to see the video what it has

miranda: nope, i can't i really want to know what's in that video

ybet: me tooo

miranda: could someone please upload the "PRO-новости" again at filefactory? me and ybet would be very happy if you could

ybet: yess please

miranda: Thanks for uploading again!!

ybet: da,spaciba

Бойцовая рыбка: and what do you think about this video, girls?

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка I screamed so hard when I saw him on the red bed and then only with the underwear hehe and when is on the bed he is like an angel lol he is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Бойцовая рыбка: ybet Yes, I'm agree with you, ybet , he is amazing! When I look at him on the red bed, I remember William Shakespeare: "Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night."

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка oh,I've never see these word before but they are so lovely!!!

Бойцовая рыбка: ybet It's from Romeo&Juliet - my favourite Shakespeare's play

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка i love this story and the movie too,with di-caprio hehe

Бойцовая рыбка: ybet yes!!! yes!!! I love this movie!!! Music is great there! especially Radiohead's song (I don't remember name) and Desree's song "Kissing you" (when they saw each other in WC) I loved Di Caprio a little bit time!

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка i loved him too but when i was younger [maybe 12 years old] but now i dont anymore i loved these songs too!!

Бойцовая рыбка: and I dont love him anymore. There re a lot of favourite cuties after him like... Ryan Phillippe from "Cruel Intentions". ooohhhh Now I like Steven Strait from "Covenant" (black hair, blue eyes ), Hayden Christensen and Hugh Jackman... But our Dima is the most sexy and handsome man I wanna see him in the movie one day

miranda: Бойцовая рыбка i agree with you! dima is the one of the sexiest and cutest men i know but i think it's sad that i'm the only active fan from sweden

Бойцовая рыбка: miranda dont be sad! I think it s only for now... I believe Dima will be popular all over the world! He is brilliant. You know, I learned a little bit swedish in the university I remember: Jag alskar dig. and Jag vil kissa

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка Now I love dima too and i think its surious now but i dont know if he ever be here again

miranda: Бойцовая рыбка i really hope so, he's so great! None of my friends takes him for serious, and just think i'm weird because i talk about him all the time That's cool! swedish is a beautiful language, and I'm glad that i know how to speak it, because i've heard it's hard to learn :)

ybet: miranda that happends to me too

miranda: ybet i don't understand why they do so ...he's amazing

ybet: miranda me too maybe cause everytime i want to talk with them or to say anything i conect it with dima hehe

Бойцовая рыбка: miranda oooohhhh.. it was very hard to study swedish. Sometimes I even had terrible marks! Swedish is mix of english and german, so I muddled words often And I forgot this language very fastly without practice but may be when I ll come to Sweden one day, I ll remember every thing. ybet I think he ll in Greece again one day. But for now... You can come to Moscow!

miranda: Бойцовая рыбка how much do you know in swedish? if you come to stockholm any time, you could visit me

Бойцовая рыбка: miranda I studied swedish for 3 years. We red "Karlsson pa tacket" in original Thank you! And if you ll decide to come to Moscow, you can visit me! We ll show you popular and great places in Moscow

zagadka: ybet I deleted the video that you uploaded because the link was wrong - the file was not aviable. Sendspace makes a problems in last time

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка i will for sure one day but when i will become an adult zagadka yeah i know,its ok,i just don't know to upload videos in any sites accept from sendspace

miranda: Бойцовая рыбка i will for sure! I'd love to visit moscow :)) even though my parents don't want to go there :( Someday i also want to learn russian, it's a beautiful language

ybet: miranda i have try to learn but i think its a little bit difficult,every word i leatn..the next i have already forgot it

miranda: Haha, i see what you mean, sometimes that happends to me too and sometimes i hear words and can pronounce them, but i can't spell or write them

miranda: I wonder if you could upload the newest performance of Tsarevna at filefactory? I would be very happy if you could

zagadka: miranda The link is here. But it's on megaupload because filefactory doesn't work for me today

miranda: zagadka that's ok, it doesn't matter for me thank you so much!

ybet: i download it too,thank u so much.!!!

miranda: Have russia selected artist for the ESC yet?

mariya: miranda Yes. And once again it is Dima Bilan )))) The song is called "Believe"...and you can watch the video from th NF here > http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3cbcTnyXems

miranda: mariya thanks for the info :)))

miranda: Could someone upload Ya dlya tebya from Vika's concert again?

ybet: miranda which vik'as concert you mean?

zagadka: miranda For you :) Presentation of Vika's Dayneko album.flv, 8.28 MB - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=KVRNCXS6

miranda: Thanks zagadka!

ybet: I heard that dima wikll go for eurovision again in 2010 ,is this true???

betuldima: wow this is great but it's so longtime

ybet: betuldima patience

mariya: 2010 is a very long time ahead and I think that a lot of things will change in Dimas' circumstances. Maybe he will try and go to the ESC again, who knows? but we will have to wait until autumn 2009 as least in this case :)

ybet: mariya maybe he wants to try to be more famous... and then to go in eurovision

miranda: Could someone upload the performance from two stars again?

betuldima: I wish he can participate again this year he can be 1st

miranda: I think so too Betul He's the best

ybet: i think that tooooo!!! i find something,i translate it,can somenone help me what is that says? Dima and his admin have proposed a meeting of all administrators fan clubs (and their directors sabre). What would agree on what behavior or at the forum and in general that would report on any activities that can go on and stuff. To learn more, we want to know, to see what an exclusive photo shooting and stuff, what interests. Overall organization. Well, and just all get acquainted. Because now preparing exit album and solo presentation in Moscow, the meeting will take place there. According to a poll of our club FC travel and to Krasnodar, unfortunately, no one can for compelling reasons. We decided with Diana, which could go and provide us Olya in Moscow - a girl with whom we met Dime in Izhevsk. Olya very responsibly did this, and invites us to deliver Dime memorable gift after photo of the meeting will provide a full report and. How do you look at this? Are you ready to hand over money? If so, how many? This site Izhevsk gift shop. All of this manual work. Olya buy what we choose. This is the one where we can see OUR gift. What do you like most? What can you offer? I propose to gather 200 district. and plus the money that had been collected from the icons that were never used. They lie at the Diana, please be quiet. Total we would get 250 on the river. It is a good amount for which you can buy excellent memorable gift. The word is yours! ***************************************************************** and in russian Дима и его админ предложили встречу всех администраторов фан-клубов (директоров и их замов). Что бы договориться о каком либо поведении на форуме и вообще, что бы сообщить о каких либо мероприятиях, на которые можно сходить и прочее. Чтобы узнать, что мы хотим узнать, увидеть, какие либо эксклюзивные фотографии со съёмок и прочее, какие интересы. В общем организацию. Ну и просто всеми познакомиться. Так как сейчас готовят выход альбома, презентацию и сольник в Москве, то встреча состоится там же. По опросам нашего ФК от клуба поехать и представить Краснодар, к сожалению, никто не может по веским причинам. Мы с Дианой решили, что может поехать и представить нас в Москве Оля - девушка, с которой мы встречали Диму в Ижевске. Оля очень ответственно к этому отнеслась и предлагает вручить Диме от нас памятный подарок, после предоставит фото о встрече и полный отчёт. Как вы на это смотрите; Готовы ли вы сдать деньги; Если да, то сколько; Это сайт ижевского магазина сувениров. Всё это ручная работа. Оля купит то, что выберем мы. Это тот вариант, когда мы можем видеть НАШ подарок. Что вам нравится больше всего; Что вы можете предложить; Я предлагаю собрать по 200 р. и плюс деньги, которые были собраны на значки, которые так и не были использованы. Они лежат у Дианы, будьте спокойны. Итого у нас получится по 250 р. Очень хорошая сумма, за которую можно купить отличный памятный подарок. Слово за вами!

betuldima: ybet ohh ybet I didnt understand can u summarize for me?*

ybet: betuldima i also didnt understand...he will renew something?

betuldima: ybet hmm ok thnks sweety

ybet: betuldima np

katred: Ybet From this what I understood, in shortcut: Meeting be planned with Dima, for all administrators (representatives) FC Koldun. They will speak about organizational matters, plans and interests Koldun, etc. Ola as representative has to go. Nobody different exactly it can not. Ola proposed to buy for Dima present. They will buy him in shop, in Iżewsk, where all gifts then hand-made object. Girls plan to buy present, for 250 roubles ( they will share the cost) I apologize for possible grammatical mistakes.

miranda: thanks! now i understand more of it :))))

miranda: Could someone upload Востосная at two stars again?

ybet: katred Thanl you so much!!! I thought that they will renew his web,or forum or something like this

Cocolisa: Hi!!!!!! My name is Azahara! In the old forum of Koldun, I was Piolina...! Well, you know: I come from Spain, and Koldun: I still remember you xDD It was complicated register myself, because... i don't speak russian very well yet... Kisses for everybodyyy!!! ^^

ybet: Cocolisa Hi Piolina!! Welcome here, I am Ybet and I am from Greece)))

Cocolisa: Ybet thanks, nice to meet you!

ybet: Cocolisa do you maybe have youtube channel? i think your name its similiasr as in youtube..

betuldima: Cocolisa hi welcome this forum I'm betul from Turkey

miranda: Welcome

betuldima: hi everbody I have a question what means "Царевны" ? and 'ya ne umru'

ybet: betuldima tsarevna mean princess i think

Бойцовая рыбка: betuldima and 'ya ne umru' mean "I ll not die" ybet you are right czar is monarch in Russia like emperor or king. and czarevna is dother of such monarch. Like princess

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка do u know maybe if ya ne umru will e on his album? cause i think chelsi has this song too

Бойцовая рыбка: ybet I dont know exactly, but I think, no. it wont be on his album. we are waiting for some new songs... Its Chelsi's song now

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка Why? I loved this song so much.!!

Бойцовая рыбка: ybet its very shadow story. Dima lost producer who gave him this song. So producer gave this song to other boys. This sond belongs to him and he can dispose it

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка who producer wrote this song? and who is his producer now? sorry i don`t know anything

Бойцовая рыбка: ybet Dima's ex-producer is Victor Drobysh, this song belongs to him. Dima's producer now is Alexander Lunev. Thanks him, we see Dima often on TV

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка http://belarus.esckaz.com/dr.jpg he?

katred: ybet пишет: http://belarus.esckaz.com/dr.jpg he? Hi Ybet. This Is Victor Drobysh. And that is Alexander Lunev http://www.lunev.info/aboute.php#

ybet: katred hi kate thanks,i thought that his new producer was the blonde guy is he good?

mariya: ybet Alexander Lunev wrote a few songs for Dima Bilan, including his 2006 Eurovision song "Never Let You Go" and also "Lady Flame" (Nevozmozhnoe vozmozhno). In my opinion he is a good songwriter, but dont really know if he is a good producer because Koldun is his first artist (If im right?) so I guess we will just have to wait and see :)

ybet: mariya ok,thanks for the information

Gladys: Hi,my name is Gladys. In my opinion Alexander Lunev is very talented composer and creative persone.And it wonderful that exactly he became Dimas producer .He wrote very beautiful songs for him like "Czarewna","I for you" and ohter for new album.I am waiting presentation of this album.I am sure, it will be amaizing and Dima emulate himself.

ybet: Gladys Hi my favourite song i think is Δевушка моей мечты, he also wrote this?

Gladys: Friendly speaking, I dnot know.This song was be written early.

miranda: Welcome Gladys

miranda: Can I ask for something? There's a few videos that I had before, but all of them disappeared when we had to restart the whole computer from the beginning , could you upload them for me? it's chyorniy bumer, tekila-lyubov and ya dlya tebya i would be so happy!

ybet: miranda i upload ya dlya tebya,remember?? and it`s the highest quality

Gladys: Hi everybody!What do you taking about?

Околдованная: Oh, hi ^_^ Gladys I don't know about the theme of conversation in this forum. ybet Hi :) Have you got any ideas about the appearance of Dima's new album? Few days ago, official site arranged information about competition of ideas about album... Have you known about it? Oh, I forgot to present me :) I am Okoldovannaya (Marina) from Moscow.

Gladys: Hi ybet! You know yesterday i was looking for authors of song "Девушка моей мечты".But unfortunatly i could not find. Its puzzle for me. I like this song too.I will try to know.

Околдованная: Nobody knows who wrote this song. Its a mystery for all people who visit our forum. May be Dima and his producer know about this... But only may be...

Gladys: Hi,Околдованная!!! Its nice, you told about this competition.Its seems to be here nobody know about this.

Околдованная: Gladys So this information was new for visitors of our forum. But this information isn't very probable because there are too qiestions about this competition, so it is only a new theme for visitors to discuss. I think they'll be surprised :)

ybet: Околдованная Privet! Gladys Privet! Околдованная You know how i imagine Dima's new album?? With his new photoshoot from his site... I think it`s wonderful photossesion,and the first picture for the album!!! Gladys It`s ok,thank you... I like this song very-very much but i just wonder why he don`t sing it many times in lives?

ybet: miranda ya dlya tebya HQ:http://www.mediafire.com/?h4dj3nnmulz churney bumer:http://www.mediafire.com/?p2jepymnm0n tekila liubov:http://www.mediafire.com/?jz24t9eljgx

Околдованная: ybet He doesn't sing it because Dima's last producer had been entitled for this song. But now, Dima can't sing it because Lunew his producer. But i agree with you. It is a very beautiful song!

mariya: The competition for the new album is all about who can come up with the best design and name for it. The winner will get the chance to meet Dima in person. So if anyone here has any ideas please post them

miranda: THANK YOU YBET!!!!!

miranda: I wish I could post some, but unfortunately all my artwork is gone and photoshop won't install itself

ybet: Околдованная but it will be in his new album? miranda you're welcome mariya wow!!!! I will try to make something....but I don`t have any good photoshop....

Околдованная: ybet Oh, you can also write only idea about the name and appearance of album :) I don't know, but i think that "Girl of my dream" won't be in album. But i repeat that nobody knows for sure.

ybet: Околдованная Nooo why it won't be... why they don't use one of his songs for the name albym maybe?

Околдованная: ybet Because we don't know about the songs in album. Lunev promised that most of songs will be new. So we can read that Producer's center will create a new role for Dima. We are looking forward to some news.

ybet: Ok..hmm.. maybe he can use those photos for his album... this would be for the cover and those for the inside of the album.... and the name like:Сделано в Дима [made in dima] sorry i didn't have any better ideas...

Gladys: Hi ybet May be for the name of album will be used one of his song.But only new song( for example"Czarevna"),songs were written by Alexandre Lunev. Nobody know exactly.Its top secret.

ybet: Gladys Hello Gladys Ok..oy maybe ya dlya tebya..? but it's old song...

Gladys: oh ,Ybet You chose very beutiful fotos!!! It would be wonderful if some of them will be used for the Dimas album.

ybet: Gladys Oh thanks.!! I know,they are wonderful fotos

Gladys: Ybet I know that song" ya dlya tebay"will be in new album.May be you right .Its woud be nice.

ybet: Oh thanks,I`m glad to hear that!!

Gladys: Ydet, Do you know about Tv-show "Two stars"where Dima took part? You heard how Dima sang song "Belle" from muisical "Notre Dame de Paris"?

Околдованная: Oh ybet i can't understand the name "made in dima" I think this name is very strange :)

ybet: Gladys Yes I know this show,I LOVE it!! which song is exactly 'belle'? maybe i have hear it but i don't remember it...

ybet: Околдованная haha yes I know! My brother choose this name, he is always strange

Gladys: Ybet May be, this song there is in "you tube".I was on this Tv-show and heard this in lives.It was amasing.I was under very strong impression.Dima was perfect!!!

ybet: Gladys oh yes i have seen this video!!With other 2men..he looks amazing!=) I can't wait for the real video from tv what was ur favourite dima`s performance in two stars?

Gladys: Ybet You know I like all.I think the judges were wrong too much. Yes may be the Dimas partner Natasha Rudova was not perfect. But she is actris, not singer. My favorite perfomance "The Atos Ballad","I will stay"(останусь),"Vostochnay","Belle" "Summer rain", almost all!!! I repeat-Dima is perfect!!! And very fany was "Malinovka". It was a wonderful show.It very nace that Dima took part in this.

ybet: Gladys my favourite was: churney bumer ,atos ballad,ostanus,tekilla liubov But i think is ostanus song dima`s voice was brilliand yes,i agree..but i dont like natalia's voice

Gladys: Ybet Friendly speaking,i think ,if Dima had another partner(some actris with voice and character)they will win prize place.

ybet: Gladys yes I agree.... at my opinion,it`s Natalia's fault that they left from show

Gladys: Ybet I am absolutly agree with you!!!


betuldima: Gladys welcome this forum and thnks girls for informations

Околдованная: ybet Oh, i think that Natasha is not very bad. She lookes beautiful, unfortinatly her voice is not brilliant, but she makes an effort. For example: the song "Veter peremen" was great, because Natasha didn't worry too much, so in this song she sang not very bad. Although, in some songs I closed one's ears, because it was too difficult to listen to her singing!

ybet: Околдованная yes,i think she is very beatiful, and sometimes i think her voice is ok,but in churney bumer for example she was.... i really couldn't hear her singing!

Околдованная: ybet xDDD I agree with you =) But in Churney Bumer Dima was the main, so Natasha only was dancing *if we can say that she was dancing xD* It was very important for me to look and hear Dima, not Natasha :) I think for you too...)

ybet: Околдованная yes,of course!!! and when i saw him in churney bumer i said to my self:omg,that can't be Dima!haha,his voice wasn't like the other times,and i was so surprised!! and natalia's dancing for me was really funny!!

Околдованная: ybet We have to be thankful for this project because we can't see anywhere Dima's rapstyle! It is too ucommon!

Gladys: Let speak about Dimas new songs or about new album.Somthing about Dima.Its his site.We discussed Natalia enough.

ybet: Околдованная yes and every week we saw a new live by him may i ask a question?' geroge koldun made a nose job??

Околдованная: ybet Excuse me but i don't understand how translate the "nose job"... Can i ask you? How you read George's forum if you don't know russian? Because there isn't forum for englishspeakers on the George site..

ybet: Околдованная I dont read it many times but I use many times translator,for example to understand the news for Koldun when i said 'nose job' i mean that...he did rinoplastic..?i dont know how to say it in english..nevermind

Околдованная: ybet Oh, i understand you!))) It was only a medical necessity, his phoniatrist advice him to do this operation. He fell in his childhood)

ybet: Околдованная Oh ok,thanks!! ,I knew it was this cause he didnt has big nose lol

Gladys: Ybet George Koldun is musician. Exactly he taught Dima music, (sing and play on the guitar).Now he show-man on Tv in Minsk.And also he sing song too.Two brothers-two talent.

ybet: Gladys oh thnx Gladys I like his voice is very high and the song with Dima,is so cute!

Gladys: I think you mean profession and you about "nose"

Околдованная: ybet In the past George was (and still now but he doesn't work in this way) geograph and he also was a radio presenter in Belarus, so two brothers are very interesting and talanted!

ybet: Gladys what do u mean?

ybet: Околдованная oh i see and he is famous in belarus/russia? yes they are both talented

Gladys: ybet I mean your conversation with Околдованная.

Околдованная: ybet He famous in Belarus, but few monthes ago he was taking a part in russian show for a talanted people where they were singing. So he had a big rating in this show. So, we can suppose that russians also know him!

ybet: Gladys oh yes!hehe

ybet: Околдованная something like two stars? excuse me for my so-many questions

Околдованная: ybet Oh don't excuse! No, he was singing alone and there were many competitors - peoplewho can sing. But George took a part in belarussian 2 stars. He was singing with belarussian actrisse.

ybet: Околдованная Thanks and he won?

Gladys: I think Dima and George must sometimes sing together.They are realy both talanted and they duet very interested.Two Kolduns-It somthing

ybet: Gladys yes and they have very good voice I prefer of course dima but i think george is great too

Околдованная: ybet No he didn't win...(( I like to listen to George's music and his concerts. You can find his concert on youtube. You must indicate: *Георгий Колдун* in the search window - and you will be able to look and listen him. I recommend you to listen - it is fantastic! *it is my opinion*))

ybet: Околдованная oh thanks,i have already saw these videos(some days ago..) and i have also left comments xxD

ybet: I have to go Гуднайт to all

Околдованная: ybet It is great! So it is a theme for Dima and we made some offtop ^_^ So, how long you listen Dima and when you knew about him first? Off: have you got an ICQ?

Gladys: Ybet Good night you too!!!Thanks for interested conversation!!!

ybet: Околдованная I have icq,but i dont log in,often I saw him at first time (its a huge story) in greece in our greek final for choose our song for eurovision.... He singed work your magic and i then i start to search for him in internet,and everyday i learn something new for him,it was great!! So its over a year i suppose.. its a year and 2months maybe hehe and when you start to like him?? did u know him whe he was in fabrika ?

ybet: Gladys Bye bye!! it was great to talk with you!! see you later

Околдованная: ybet Yes. At first i noticed him when he was taking a part in Fabrika, so i think it is about 2 years!))) I was in his first forum :) So i marked his appearance, his voice and his humor)) It was great too Good night, see you soon!

ybet: Околдованная I had tried so many times to regist to his first forum but i culdn't cause there isn't any code to write and it was nessecary but now im here

Околдованная: ybet And it is great! What theme to discuss you can propose?)

ybet: Околдованная I don't know)) what is your favourite song of dima?

Околдованная: ybet I can't choose one song! There is "Tsarevna", "Ya dlya tebya".... i can't All Dima's songsare favourite for me! And you?)

ybet: Околдованная I think for me the best is "ne serezno"!! Its my favourite song!! also work your magic/day mne silu,ya dlya tebya,tsarevna,devushka moe mechti,ya ne umru...ALL:)

Околдованная: ybet Same as me :) But in my mp3player there are many songs from 2 zvezdi and fabrika) I like the song Prosti za vsyo!

ybet: Околдованная oh yes me too! dima wrote this song?

Околдованная: Drobysh wrote music and Latyshko - words for the song!

ybet: Околдованная oh ok i thought that he wrote prosti za vso and neserezno

Околдованная: ybet No it is not right. He wrote only Angel Mechty and words for May be!

ybet: Околдованная oh.good.thanks he is cue when he speaks english! i have took a video when he was give an interview in a greek channel.you wanna show it to you?

Околдованная: ybet hehe)) I had already seen it! Sometimes video is very funny, because Dima's english isn't very high quality to talk very fast and understand very fast)

ybet: Околдованная yes! i know exactly what is he is saying on videos with his english cause i have seen 10000times hehe

Gladys: Ybet, PRIVET!!! How do you do?

ybet: Gladys Privet!! I am fine,thans and you?))

Gladys: Ybet I Fine too.Today in Russia Day of Cosmonautics.I think may be in new Dimas album use somthing from spase-Dimas better foto and all around universal,stars,stars...

ybet: Gladys oh,cool it will show him on tv?

Gladys: Ybet Tomorrow in show "Two stars", Dima will be sing "Belle".

Gladys: Ybet Do you have The First Channel in Greece?

ybet: Gladys Nooo=(( is there any site which i can watch live?

Gladys: Ybet, There is site The First channel :www1 tv.ru There you can find information about show"Two stars" and may be this perfomans.

ybet: Gladys spacibo and maybe i can see two stars live?

Gladys: Ybet, I do not know exactly,can you see this show in live.But on this site will be all perfomanse, all stars, may be late. You can try to find this site

ybet: Gladys Oh ok,thank you!! My friend has russian tv and she tell me all the events

Gladys: Ybet Do you know about russian show "KVN"? In this show young people are joking.I like this show very much. Had you see video like Dima with his brother George do parody on singer Nikolay Baskov.Its so fanny. It was before Fabrika 6.It was first time when i saw Dima.

ybet: Gladys haha yes i have seen this,in youtube!!! they looked so different in this video!!

Gladys: Ybet Yes i agree with you.They are brothers but it seem to be they are diffirent.In this video Dima had natural color of his hair.Now he have the dark hair.Do you like his image now?

ybet: Gladys yesss!! I like him with black hair!!!! with blonde-or brown hair he didn't look so good,but he still cute and you?:)

Gladys: Ybet I like him with black hair,not blond!!! He very cute. I like listen interview with him. He is always joking.Sometimes journalists think that he talk seriosly.But he simple joking. I think he is very clever fellow. He is chemist.He have high education.In differ another our singer who stady at school very bad.

ybet: Gladys I like when i see him joking.. but i never understand what he is saying haha but he has big humor

Gladys: Ybet Its pity that you cant understant.Belive me, he is joking very cool.May be somtimes i will be translete to you his jokes. Its really fanny.

ybet: Gladys Oh that would be veryy nice,thanks you!!!!

Gladys: Ybet I promise tell you about Dimas jokes. This one. One time journalist asked him "What kind of girls he likes,(mean how girl look like),what important for him." He answered: " that girl must has head,arms,legs..." And another asked "What for him important in human means (kind of character).He ansewered :"most important in human it liver,kidneys,lungs,brains..."In short, he answered medicine terms. I dont know, clearly i explaine.

ybet: hahahah thanks I liked the first one,it was really funny

Gladys: Ybet I happy you understand me.

Околдованная: Can i join to your discussing? Any jokes: 1) One day he said to Prohor: You aren't legend, you are gossip! 2) I dont know who I am: moron or fool. Please, audience make your choice by yourself! 3) Once he said to camera: Don't photograph me! If you are plastic you think that you can do everything? 4) Dima: Why they didn't choose me to the perfomans "Clocks" I might twist my ass with mop! 5) Sabrina sing: Ask to clouds... Dima: To present us hamsters! (it is in rhyme in russian) And other =) These phrases were in magazine that girls presented to Dima.

ybet: Gladys Οf course i understand you Околдованная hahahahaha omg i can't stop laughing!!!! I din't knew that he was so funny!! xxD

Околдованная: ybet I am happy that you inderstand russian humor hehe)

ybet: Околдованная I didn't understand very much the 2nd but i got the point i think

Околдованная: In the second Dima joke on himself, I don't know how to explain.

ybet: Околдованная i just didnt knew what audience means,but i find it

Gladys: ybet I think it means spectators,onlookers

ybet: Gladys Thank You!! those information were very imporatnt for me hehe=)) **important

Gladys: ybet Can you chose the theme for the conversation? I want talking with you else.Its very intersting for me talk with you.

ybet: Gladys yes of course,i like to talk with you too when you start to like dima??

mariya: ybet пишет: I didn't understand very much the 2nd but i got the point i think a moron is basically another word for fool, so in fact his statement sounds like "I dont know who I am, a fool or a fool. Audience-choose yourself. It is quite difficult to translate things like this, as they do sound best in their original language :)

Gladys: ybet You know he like me on Fabrika 6. But first time i have seen him on "KVN" with his brother. I wrote it early.

ybet: mariya yes i understand,thank you i know,its hard to translate and sometimes it's not the same humor between the languages Gladys I wish i could see him in fabrika...ot would br great hehe

Gladys: ybet Now he in other image,very romantic,like "prince". His producer write for him very tender and beautiful songs.But I like when he sing sogs in rock style.He sing its perfect! I think it part of his talent.If he will be sing only lyric song it would be wrong. What do you think about this?

ybet: Gladys Yes I agree... i liked him when he singed rock... now he has change his image..but he has reality of dreams

Gladys: ybet Exactly" Reality of dreams". Strong song with such energetic. I like it so much!!!

ybet: Gladys me too but my favourite is neserezno!!!

Gladys: ybet I like Neserezno too.Its pity , i think,there is no this song in new album. Its song of Виктор Дробыш.,his first producer.

ybet: Gladys and this song is from fabrika,so mayb it won't be

Gladys: ybet I know only that Дробыш took back all his songs,which in begining he wrote for Dima.

ybet: Gladys ok,forgive me for this but this is mean and why he is not his manager anymore..?

Gladys: ybet Dima chose another producer Alexandre Lunev and Дробыш was very angry on him.(Not only Дробыш).

Околдованная: mariya Thanks for help (^_^) Drobysh was stupied. He didn't see that Dima is talanted and put him to the group. It was a mistake i think!

ybet: Oh I don't know what to say.... why dima choose an another?? maybe drobysh wasnt good with him/?

Gladys: ybet I dont know, Drobysh was good or not good with Dima. But that he took songs back, its injusted and unfair!!!

ybet: Gladys yes I agree... i have to go,i`ll be back soon,bye!!! Пока-Пока

Gladys: ybet Ok,good luck to you!!!It was very pleasant for me to have convesation with you. See you late

Gladys: ybet Privet!!!

ybet: Добрый вечер how are you?))

Gladys: ybet You know news about competition(How you see dimas new album ).If you want take part in this,you can post all ideas on this adress: dm.Koldun@gmail.com.

Gladys: ybet I fine Thank you! And you?

Gladys: ybet You know In Moscow now day(13-30)not evening.Exuce me In Greece now evening?

ybet: Gladys Noo its 12.38 sorry i didnt knew how to say it Yes I know about the competition,and i sent him mail,but no for the competition

Gladys: ybet Pardon me please, I rihgt understand, you post mail personaly for Dima?

ybet: Gladys yes!! hehe

Gladys: ybet You realy think that Dima read your letter? I doubt.If it will be like simple I dont belive in miracel

ybet: Gladys No,I don't believe it,but i just sent it for fun i will make a wallpaper too! I download photoshop but i can't find it!

Gladys: ybet You know I like to talk with you very much.But on this site we can talk about Dima.I have not friends in Greece.But i want to have such like you.If you wish you can post to me letters on my e-mail:13579gladys@ mail.ru.If you wish...

Gladys: ybet I dont how to use fotoshop.Cause i will try paint somthing.I have many ideas

ybet: Gladys Sure,I will send you mail now!!!

miranda: Ybet have you got any ideas how we should meet in Athens? I haven't got a clue, since I don't know much about the town But I really, really want to meet you!

ybet: miranda Hi Miranda I don`t know...when you will be in Athens?? Hope it would not be when i will be in hilidays...!

Gladys: Hi,ybet How are you?

Gladys: ybet You told that you have friend ,who have russian tv.Did you see show"Two stars",where Dima song "Belle"? Yesterday i saw this tv- version.Dima was perfect!!! But suddely when he was sining on tv appeared Natalia Rudova with strange danse...Dima sang so fabuluos,fantastic with such emotion.I wanted to hear only him, i wanted watch only on him, not on Natalia Rudova.It was wrong and odd that they showed her when Dima was sining!!! I was revolting all night. If you had not seen this, you can in "you tube": Dima koldun "Belle HQ"

ybet: Gladys Hi!! Yes, she said me that he was great and red colour fuits him much!!!

Околдованная: Its a flood, dear girls =) Be careful!

mariya: Thanks Околдованная Yes girls, please be careful. All private conversations such as meeting up can be discussed in the "private messaging" facility. (for some strange reason I have been unable to delete anything in this topic for a couple of days, but as soon as I can, I will "clean" this topic) UPD: all sorted.

katred: Hi girls. Gladys Fragment with Natalie irritated me also. This damaged whole spirits. And on addition, not at all is similar to Esmeralda.

Gladys: Hi katred I am glad that you agree with me about Natalia Rudova.I am repeat but it was wrong showed her dance when Dima was singing .

ybet: Околдованная mariya yes you are totally right, thanks for this

Околдованная: Gladys katred I agree with you girls. Natasha spoiled the perfomance! No, operators spoiled! How did they reach to show her wild dance when Dima was singing? I amazed!

ybet: Околдованная in belle song?

Околдованная: ybet Yes Evi =)) Whe i was looking Belle i thought: I want to cut hands of operators!

ybet: Околдованная natalia loks really weird on this video!!!

Gladys: ybet Privet!!!!! how are you?

ybet: Gladys Hi! I came from school.i am fine thanks and you?

Gladys: ybet I fine too. I run away early today....

Gladys: ybet You know that audio which you douwnload yersterday its the same Dimas interveiw i was missed.

Gladys: But i could download this and listened

Gladys: ybet Its was so nice. Dima was in very good spirit. He was joking very fanny. so it was wonderful!!!!!!!! Else he was talking about new album. He said that there will be many new songs in this album.

ybet: Gladys Ohh that is great!!! i wish i could understand that he is saying..

Gladys: ybet Its difficult to me to translate all But in common i will try, may be on messenger?

ybet: Gladys sure,thank you,im on-line now

Gladys: ybet Evi Hi!!!! How do you do?

Gladys: ybet You know this audio, i download its not all dimas intrview But on radio will be repeat all his interview the 19th of April.I will be listened. And if in this will be somthing new or somthing intresting i will translate to you

ybet: Gladys Hi Gladys in fine thanks thank you for this,it`s so kind of you!!! Maybe it will be any video?

Gladys: ybet Evi, Pardon me please but i must go. May be we will discussed Dimas interview next day. Now i am hurry. See you late

ybet: Gladys it`s ok,see u later,bye!

miranda: It was a long time since i wrote here So what is everyone up to these days?

mariya: Unfortunately there is no video from Koldun's interview on the radio. But to be honest, I don't even understand why they even invited him now, there was really nothing new, or no new songs. Usually radio interviews happen when a new song or something is about to be released, but obviously not in this case.

Околдованная: mariya They thought that we would be happy to hear Dima on radio hehe

mariya: Околдованная Oh yeah! We are But would be even happier to hear new songs :)

ybet: They played any songs of Dima?

mariya: ybet пишет: They played any songs of Dima? Yes, but only old songs, such as WYM, Nikogda, Prosti za vse and Ya dlya tebya.

ybet: mariya Maybe they don't play new songs cause they want it for surprise

Gladys: ybet I agree with you.They wants that new album and new songs will be surprise for all Dimas fans

ybet: Gladys i have hear a new song of dima in cosmopolitan video,but it was very little part of this song

Gladys: ybet Evi Privet!!!!!! May be it was "Sniper".I have hear a little part of this song too.

ybet: what sniper means in english>?

Gladys: ybet The "sniper" means the man who is fire from the gan may be in this song it is "love sniper"

ybet: oh ok))

Gladys: ybet Hi evi!!!!! I wrote the article about new Dimas video-clip.He will be going on motorbike,boxing with famouse boxer Kostay Dzu,and there wiil be two indian yoga-mans in this clip. Dima will be runing on beating glasses and flying! It is interesting, where is Tsarevna?What do think about this?

Околдованная: The clip will be so strange i think! Where is Tsarevna? It is so interesting question! I begin to doubt that they shoot a clip for this song... My conception about clip was in another way.

Gladys: Околдованная Hi! I agree with you. Its very strange clip for the song Tsarevna

ybet: Gladys Околдованная yeah i agree!!ok,in every video-clip dima works his magic i think xxD

Околдованная: So i think we have to wait. Its the best thing to do now.

ybet: yes but for how many time? i cannot wait anymore really

Околдованная: ybet We know that they will peport about competition on 12 may. Nothing else.

ybet: Ok,thanks which competition?about his album?

Околдованная: Yes about album =) May be 12 of may hehe)

Gladys: ybet Evi privet!!!!!! Do you know that Dima took part in one tv-show, intelect quiz like "Who want be Millioner"?

ybet: Gladys Hi!! yeah i know,it was some weeks ago,right?=))

Gladys: ybet It was shooting some week ago, but on russian tv, this show programm will be the 10th of may

ybet: Gladys But I have seen the videos he wears a white shirt,right?

Gladys: ybet i think its better for Dima take part in intelect quiz. And not take part in such like "King of the ring"

Gladys: ybet Where is you saw this video?Мay be it was Millioner? I know it is something new.

Gladys: ybet This show name- "The most of the clever"(Самый умный).You have seen this show?

ybet: Gladys i have this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YK3ZqV2HBv0

Околдованная: The most clever is another TVshow for clever people. I think it will be very interesting to see Dima there.

ybet: Околдованная Yes cause he is very clever!! I will be very happy if he wilL win

Gladys: ybet You have seen another vedeo "Who want to be millioner". New tv-show was sooting in april .And it will be show only the 10 of may.

ybet: Gladys Again dima in millionaire??YESSSS this time he will win more moneys

Gladys: ybet No !!!!!! Dima is not on millioner agane it is another tv-show

Gladys: ybet Its show call "The most clever"

ybet: Gladys oh sorry im so stupid ok,and but it's like millionaire,you must be clever to win hehe

Gladys: ybet Do not speak such about yourself. And you right its tv-show like millionaire. And i have wonderful new.On site there is information that new Dimas video-clip will be on tv on this week !!!!!!! In this time i think its exactly will be!!!!!

ybet: Gladys Are you surious???? OMG!! Finally,oh,im so happy i realy CANNOT wait!!!

Околдованная: Hehe.. I hope that this information is true cause i can't wait anymore.

Gladys: No one cant wait! Its impossible! Its video-clip must be on tv before Evrovision! It would be better for Dima.

ybet: Yes but I didnt see this information to his site

mariya: To be honest, I don't see the difference whether its before or after Eurovision.Ok, suppose it will be shown before Eurovision, start of May? In a couple of weeks time, the videoclip will be forgotten, one of the reasons being is Eurovision. Everyone's brains will be "switched" to Eurovision. The last thing you want for a videoclip is to be forgotten after a few weeks of rotation. In my opinion, it will be better to show it after Eurovision (although everyone is tired of waiting already!) or just before the ablum is released, for extra PR :)

ybet: mariya in some thing i agree with you 100% for ex. if it will be the clip in starts of may in 15-20th of may maybe it will be forgotten cause of eurovision.... But I suppose that the people will say bad critical about the clip...cause dima started the shoots in January and now we have almost May and if they want to show it after euro it will better many weeks ago,Maybe in June!!

Gladys: ybet Privet Evi !!!!!!! How are you? Do you know,on this week Dima was member of jury on game KVN.

ybet: Gladys hi im fine thanks and you? what game is this? is theer any video?

Gladys: ybet This game will be on russian tv may be in may or june

ybet: Gladys oh i really cannot wait!))

koldunlover: Hey everyone!! I finally reigist there=) im helena from Greece

korina: Heyy I am Korina from italy i am a member now?

=Monika=: Sorry i forgot to introduce my self I am monica and i from Holand speak little russian cause i am learning now!!

Gladys: koldunlover korina =Monika= My name is Gladys.Welcome on forum!!!!!

dkjixly: привет! Hi I am from Czech republic and my name is Jane and nick Jixly...I hope that Dima will have in nearly future tour throught the Europe and will visite Czech (of course :D) прошу! :D

ybet: dkjixly Hiii im ybet [you already know me ]


mariya: Koldun's videoclip for the song "Tsarevna" has gone into rotation on RU.TV! Hope that someone will record it soon and upload it.

koldunlover: you mean...it's....rady?? the video-clip is ready??

mariya: koldunlover Yes. I'm watchting RU.TV now, but haven't seen it yet.

koldunlover: Maybe it will be show it these days... I really want to see it so much!

katred: Hi girls. How Beautifully! Almost whole Europe knows Dima, how nice. I think, that video clip will be in half of May, that is before premiere CD. But this only my opinion.

katred: Video clip is already !!! They showed him on RU.TV. But as yet it did not pretend to record - yet!!!

miranda: Wow! That is great!

Gladys: Vedeo-clip "Zcarevna" showed two times on Ru.tv. May be its will be showed today in the evening from 16-00-18-00 (Moscow time)

miranda: When will we be able to watch it?

katred: Gladys пишет: Vedeo-clip "Zcarevna" showed two times on Ru.tv. May be its will be showed today in the evening from 16-00-18-00 (Moscow time) They showed. On RU.TV was video clip today at 16.24 h. I wanted to look at on - line, but side cut. This was already nasty !!! I saw only 30 seconds.

Gladys: Yes they showed clip!!!!!!!! It was like "one day from Dimas life". I like this clip.Especially when Dima is going on motobike Its important, if clip showed on one chanell it will be on another soon. And all can will see it.May be someone can recorde.And it will be on this site.

miranda: I really liked it! he was cute and hot


ybet: I cant download it i cant believe it!!

katred: ybet пишет: I cant download it i cant believe it!! Why? File is large, download lasts a bit. But SUPER video clip. I like this clip very much, because Dima looks there very naturally.

margaret: yessss!!! dima is perfect!!!!! it's on his style!!! so sexy on motorbike YPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

=Monika=: yes i also cannot download it,it says unkonown file

ybet: katred it says "Unknown File" i download it but i can't open it...

wym: hey i just saw the clipp!! it's so perfect!!! dima so cute in motorbike!!!

ybet: now i we want to see dimas album and next clip!!

margaret: When is your favourite moment?? Mine is when he is on red bed!!

margaret: and when he is on motorbike!!

mariya: Ermm...... People please stop. I understand that this topic is called "Off-topic", BUT please remember that this is not a chat room or an instant messenger service. Replies such as "Hi! How are you?" can be posted into the "private message" link. This thread was opened to talk about other topics (whether it is about Dima or not), but the conversations have to be interesting to everyone! Also, please remember that this is an english forum only, we do not cater for other languages yet, unfortunately. Thank You for your understanding!

ybet: yes,sorry you are right we dont know what to discuss about

miranda: Can I just ask why the topic is called off-topic when we can't talk about what we want? I'm not mad, i just want to know

mariya: miranda Yes, you can about what you want, but the topic has to be interesting to everyone. I don't think that other members of this forum find it interesting to read messages such as "Hi how are you?" which was addressed to a specific person. I don't know, talk about general topics (off-topics) such as school, work, hobbies, , music, summer holidays, about Koldun e.c.t.... P.S: An english version of audio-video discussion is now opened, so everything to do with Koldun's performances or radio interviews can be discussed here. Please understand that I am trying to make it easier for everyone so that not all topics can be talked about in 1 thread . The forum rules apply to everyone, the russian section, and the english section.

ybet: yes we know, i said to some firends to come here, but they didn't knew the rules good

koldunlover: mariya and we can put any video we want?? with dima of course

mariya: koldunlover Video/audio with Dima go into this thread: LINK but when you post there, you can write the title in english, don't worry. The discussion about the video/audio are in the new topic which I have made today. I hope that I have explained this clear enough to everyone. If you DO have any questions, just PM me

julmoo: Hi it's me! Is here anybody??

mariya: julmoo Hello ! and welcome to the forum Tell us a bit about yourself, and how did you find out about Dima?

miranda: Ok, I understand Mariya

nadia2: hi, i'm now a member here. yaaay! i love dima's new tsaverna video, my favourite part is on the motorbike! what do you all think? i have a question, i uploaded a picture for my avatar but it doesn't come up when i post a message?

mariya: nadia2 Hello! Make sure that it is either jpg or gif, not bigger than 50kb and 120x120 pixels in size. Also, after you clicked on "Browse", click on "загрузить", and then at the bottom click on "Редактировать профиль". If you still cannot see it, press F5, this should help. Good Luck. And welcome to the forum!

nadia2: thank you, i love dima and i'm so happy to be here!

MiriamEla: Allow me to quote WWTBAM!Dima... HURRAH!!! *hopes the image worked* Hi, I'm Ela, or Miriam, whatever you want to call me, and I dunt undastand yur languadj... BUT I SHALL LEARN NEVER FEAR. So glad to see my KUEF friends on here too. Please show me around. I LOVE DIMA KOLDUN!!!

miranda: Hi ela! It's me Miranda I'm so happy that you are here

Gladys: Ela welcome to official site Of Dima Koldun!!!! I am glad that Dima have fans in USA On this forum we discuss Dimas songs, video-clips,fotos-all about dima olnly!!!!!!

MiriamEla: Thanks for the welcome! Yes I just loooooooove Dima I've been feeling alone in Dima's American fandom, so I've been trying to Korrupt people (ie. convert them to Dima fans). Once I get 10 people Korrupted one of them is going to send me a congratulations card. =3 I'm probably going to stay in the English-speaking section for a while. I don't trust Google Translator. I sent in a design for the album cover competition. Not very good, but it was an idea. I put "email me back" at the end of the message, so I hope he does. That would be too awesome.

yulia66600: MiriamEla, you're not alone! There is no Dima's fandoms in place I live in. Perhaps only person who loves him in my city is me. Of course people listen his songs and watch clips from time to time, but they consider him as temporary singer. It is so sad... And my friends only depict their love to Dima and his creativity as I'll "kill" them :). But anytime, Dmitriy Koldun is the best!!! There is no other so talanted and perfect singers as he!

Borce: I agree with you.BTW I'm Borislav and I live in Macedonia and I'm huge fan of Dima Koldun.I like his style,clothes,hair,voice....everything.I like to be just like him. In Macedonia I try to promote Dima. I give his songs and videos to all my frends,neighbour because i like Dima to be very popular in Macedonia.I'm very happy to be in this wonderful forum!!!

yulia66600: I'm happy to be in his forum too! Thank you, girls for accepting me!

Dascha2412: Hello, where i can find the text for Dimas songs?

leanne: Hi, this is Leanne from Malta!! I'M A BIG BIG FAN OF DIMA KOLDUN. I want Dima to be famous all over the world, that's one of my dreams BUT my biggest dream is to see and meet Dima ... i know it's very difficult :( well I'm very happy to be here and also i'm very glad to see my K.F.C (Koldun Fan Club) friends I LOVE YOU DIMA !!!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Gladys: Dascha2412 Welcome to the forum The texts for dimas songs you can find in "Колдун Творчество /аудео видео/ фото"

MiriamEla: KFC forever! I think I want to drop off a few pics... ^Motivational poster?^ ^I love this song.^ ^MWAH!!^

ybet: WELCOME EVERYONE!!!b] You know,i made my friends to loove dima too and ge became a little bit famous here yaay

Околдованная: MiriamEla The last is great xDDD

MiriamEla: Yep, I got to kiss Dima on the lips XD I WISH.

julmoo: Hey, nice to see you all from the english forum You're all welcome!

MiriamEla: Hi Julia! Nice to see you here too!

julmoo: Hi Ela! How are you??

ilovedimakoldun: heyy im new on forum, sasha from spain ad i LOVE Dmitry koldun my hobbies are dima + volleyball lol

Valentinna: Heyyyaa!! I`m also new here I can see, that some of my friends are also here.. for example Ybet and Ela So how is everyone today??

MiriamEla: Hey there Valen! I'm good.

MiriamEla: This is for all of you here who speak English much better than Russian (of which there probably aren't many on this forum anyway) and don't want to sing the original lyrics because you know you'll never pronounce them right/you know you'll never do justice to them/you feel you can't sing a song without knowing what you're saying/you just don't get it. I've been getting translations of some of Dima's songs and changing some words around so that they fit the rhythm and sound better. All of my lyrics will be put in separate posts. Mods, please tell me if this is a bad idea.

MiriamEla: It's Not Serious (Neseryozno) All your joy, all your love, your sadness Are so easily lost without a sign And the first time you ever saw this Your regret remained after summertime Tears may still fall like raindrops from these eyes You're separated for the first time, the first time chorus: Summer has returned with flowers that are dying How could you have never known about this? Rain's already fallen, it's too late for crying This is not so serious, it's not serious So, don't cry so seriously, you know Oh, it's so much easier when tears don't flow Did you want everything to happen, But more painless and not so seriously? It just seemed like a new experience Waiting for the first tears to come to be And spring will still come without raindrops from these eyes You're separated for the first time (chorus) You know that the tears will still fall from these eyes From these eyes (chorus x2)

MiriamEla: Forgive Me Now (Prosti za vsyo) Snow has fallen in your heart There is pain in mine All I want for you to know Is that you're with me Can't escape from you at all Can't come back to you And it's not my fault or yours That our love is gone chorus: Forgive me now For everything we've been through From my heart I dispel you With my most desperate plea Forgive me now Should I just forget you? But I can't forget you I'm setting you free Why can't you reply to me And say the words I need? There is only silent space Between our hearts There is only cold in yours Only pain in mine And it's not my fault or yours That our love is gone (chorus x2) Forgive me now...

MiriamEla: I am for You/IM4U (Ya Dlya Tebya) I will remember sun in your eyes reflected I understood it all and you too But now the world's laughing at us No, no, it's not too late yet Even the sun isn't perfect But why's it so complicated? Love's gone to my head Could this be too unreal to be true? chorus: This is for you, I'm living and I'm dying My life for you, all danger I'm defying My soul for you, though darkness lies around me I am for you, in thoughts you still surround me I see you cry there, stars in the sky are fading It looks like everything's gone now And left us words without meaning Yes, yes, let us forget this Let us be free from our old selves Let us rely on deception I know I understand But I'm insane because I love you (chorus) Days have flown like water through our hands And you've become changed I've heard that time can heal, but it's not true I'm sick with love for you, sick with love for you (chorus)

MiriamEla: Give Me Power (Day Mne Silu) There's a fire deep inside my soul It's like a blade uncovered Metal that forgot all pain and shame I remember... Take the cruel knife out of your heart Escape this cave of madness Look straight ahead, what do you see? Give me power I will conquer any peril I will open any door Do you believe me? Give me power You make me burn with demon passion I will be reborn from ashes From the ashes Give me power I will conquer any peril I will open any door Do you believe me? Give me power You make me burn with demon passion I will be reborn from ashes All for you I know you can penetrate my heart With a look so tender I see we won't solve this mystery But we don't need to All the stars in heaven will unite Connecting your soul to mine I can tell that I won't sleep tonight Give me power I will conquer any peril I will open any door Do you believe me? Give me power You make me burn with demon passion I will be reborn from ashes All for you Will you give me power? Listen, give me power Let the fire of our love shine! Give me power I will conquer any peril I will open any door Do you believe me? Give me power You make me burn with demon passion I will be reborn from ashes All for you...

MiriamEla: Princess (Tsarevna) All my nights are long, time's purpose now has gone away All my nights are long, I cannot wait to see the day Tears are in your eyes when you awake in my mind I must be close to you and leave the world behind I must leave the world behind... Chorus: Now my soul is unbound and it flies everywhere They are saying that my princess is still there Soaring gently up high, where my heart can allow Now my soul is unbound, I'll find you somehow Do not be afraid, I'm not the stormy wind that's blown Do not be afraid for I have come for you alone In my every breath lives that sweet name I adore I know just who you are, I know what lies in store I know for sure what lies in store... (chorus-interlude-chorusx2)

Valentinna: Hehe:) Ok! That is good to hear I`m good too!! Cya!

julmoo: Wow! Ela these lyrics are super!! You are really talented!!!

julmoo: Hey Valentina and Sasha! A very heartly welcome in this forum! I hope you enjoy being here! Cya!

leanne: Hey Valentina, welcome!! it's nice to see you here! and also welcome to Sasha!

ilovedimakoldun: Thanks from where you know Dmitriy? Me, from favrika, cause my mom is from Russia

Valentinna: Hey!! Thank you all!! I know Dima since he was on Eurovision last year.. He was awesome wasn`t he??

ybet: vale you were to his old forum of dima.right?? how was there?? i've never been there of course he was great


ybet: I couldn't sign up cause i couldnt se the code

Valentinna: Yea, i was a member there well.. it was nice hehe... anyway.. how are you all today??

julmoo: I'm fine thank's Valentina! How are you others all today?! @Sasha: I know him from ESC 2007. You're so lucky you have seen Dima in FZ 6

nadia2: i know dima from esc and i met him there - he was the best and should have won what was his old forum? koldunclub??

MiriamEla: Great, now my lyric posts got moved... and they'll never be noticed. *points to Nadia's picture* N. V. ENVY.

ybet: nadia2 yeah it was koldunclub/forum MiriamEla don't worry, be in haggies we know that they are great Valentinna I mean if were many people..

Valentinna: ybet Hm.... well a lot more than here.. but mostly from Russia - i think:) heh..

ybet: Valentinna ok,thanks vale!!

Valentinna: And MiriamEla Ybet is right! Your lyrics are great and everything so you don`t have to worry if they aren`t published here

Valentinna: ybet hehe Np!¨

nadia2: ye ela, it's okay you can put them on the other forum

Valentinna: nadia2 You mean in Koldun unofficial english forum or... ?

MiriamEla: I already did. I copied everything from there. Except IM4U, which I copied from my YouTube messages, because it's a new version.

ybet: aha..can't wait to see them lol

MiriamEla: Ybet, I just LOVE your avi. It makes me feel all warm inside <333

ybet: MiriamEla Thanks miriam,i love it too!!

MiriamEla: Hehe. I've been starting on RussianLessons.net. It's really informative. In the getting started section, they have something where it says "Try going on our forum to chat!" I was like "HAH! I already HAVE a forum!" ;D

julmoo: Hey, it's nice to hear that you're learning russian Maybe in a few months we can speak with each other just in russian ;)

ybet: ohh spacibo for the link ela.!! i was thinking yesterday that i have to start russian lessons and now here is the cHange ;)))

nadia2: yes russian is such a good language to learn, soon there will be nobody talking here because we'll all be in the russian part of the forum lol

ybet: nadia2 You think? I hope.!lol

MiriamEla: That would be funny if I learned Russian and then we went on a trip to Russia and I started talking to people and then my parents would be like "O.o How the heck do you know all this?" Lulz.

MiriamEla: Double post. This is what happens when you put a few KFC members in a Letters room together...

ybet: MiriamEla Cool foto

ilovedimakoldun: Does anyone know if he will go in other country for concerts or live performances?? In Europe for ex.?? Plzzz help me I want to see him!!!!

Gladys: I think if Dima will go to the other country for concerts it would be wonderful. I see he has fans in Europe and even USA. Dima is very taleted. He must be famous all around the world. To my opinion many fans from different countries will be happy to see his live perfomances.

ybet: Gladys Gladys, where id this interview which u told me for concerts when dima was in radio?

ybet: Gladys of course, he don't deserve less than the best to his life But it would be great if one day meet hin.. it is very pity

ilovedimakoldun: Gladys it would be great if he would be in europe for concerts, but why he don't go??

ilovedimakoldun: ybet HEY ybet I AGREE WITH U!! BUT I RAD THAT HE wants to visit europe and usa some day

koldun4ever: Why don't he come to europe?In Greece he has many fans!!!!

Gladys: ilovedimakoldun I Know that Dima said in his interview that he want to go to Europe,USA and Canada. He is perfect singing on english. I hope some day he really go to the other countries.

ybet: Gladys he must come to Greece

Gladys: koldun4ever I think if he has many fans in Greece he will go to Greece with concerts some day. And his greece fans can to see his live perfomanse.


koldun4ever: Yes Gladys.Everyone is waiting to see him and we hope to come.

koldun4ever: koldunlover if you mean me i'm 13 too

Gladys: ybet I see he really has many fans in Greece May be if he will go to Europe some day first country he will visit it Greece. I know he was in Greece when he was gone on Evrovision. And he like be in Greece. So waiting!

ybet: he will be?? When>? and how you know this?

ybet: Gladys haha you think? well.... i know many fans of him, but they are not member here.... but how dima can be in greece? and the rest of europe too!?!

Gladys: ybet I really want that Dima will be famous all aruond the world. He has talent and perfect voice. He must be famous not only in Russia and Belarus. And i hope some day he will come to other countries

julmoo: It would be great if he comes to Europe someday! DIMA I'M WAITING!!!!!!!!!!

ybet: Gladys I hope too, cause I really want to see him! and it would be very good for his career also

Stella: he will come to europe?He will come to greece?

MiriamEla: SQUEEE!!! =DDDDD DIMA SAID HE WANTS TO COME TO AMERICAAAA!!! I hope he comes to Michigan!

nadia2: i'm sure he would love to go everywhere, but people have to invite him first

ybet: nadia2 but how?

julmoo: If I would know how to invite him, I'd do it right now

nadia2: i don't mean we invite him because i know we all want to. i mean a stadium or something has to hear dima's music and if they think lots of people would buy tickets to his concert they would ask him to come do a concert at their stadium. i guess that's how it works. but no place in europe would do that because there are only a few dima fans in every country =(

MiriamEla: Well the first thing he needs to do is write more English songs. He only has four and non-Russians need more!

ybet: MiriamEla I agree ela. or if any manager see him maybe he will invite him

KoldunMagic: And why thei celebrate this day???????

KoldunMagic: Hi everione im rana and i am from portugal i like dima since esc andof course i stil love him I want to e in my country,maybe he will one day,who knows my favorite song is proti za vso

julmoo: They celebrate this day because Russia won the second world war

julmoo: Hi Rana! Welcome to this forum! I hope you enjoy it here!

KoldunMagic: julmoo thanks julmoo i liked this video very much,but dima was too \.... .... surious!

KoldunMagic: julmoo Than u btw, talk about you,i want to meet new friends

julmoo: Something about me...well, I love the music of Dima Koldun, and I love russian music in general, my newest hobby is to translate russian videos into english (Thank's to Ybet ) I live here in a little city in Germany. And I love internet because I can find there new friends all around the world

ybet: julmoo hehe and thanks to you,we understand the videos my hobby is to 'try' learn russian cause i never can do that

MiriamEla: Ybet, have you tried RL.net? It's useful! I'm practicing recognizing numbers by watching Dima's Millionaire XD Edit: Oh yes, happy Victory Day!

Gladys: KoldunMagic Hi Rana!Welcome to the forum! Its wonderful that Dima has fans in Portugal!!!!!!

ilovedimakoldun: MiriamEla I use this sit too MiriamEla

ybet: MiriamEla Thank you!! but it looks difficult and complicated site for me

MiriamEla: It's not complicated at all! =D I now know how to say "Could you please tell me where Dima Koldun is?" XD

ybet: MiriamEla how's it?

nadia2: and that would be funny ela if you went to someone in the street and said that, i would laugh so hard

Околдованная: Have you seen the Cleverest man with Dima?

ybet: Околдованная yes,i didnt like this video dima didnt speak much and he lost


MiriamEla: @Ybet: It's "Скажите, пожалуйста, где Дима Колдун?" =D *had to copy a lot of that from the site* I really need an on-screen Cyrillic keyboard, it would solve a lot of my problems. And yes, it WOULD be funny if I walked up to someone on the street and said that. XD They'd be like "O.O How should I know?" Dima should have won that...he's really smart.

ilovedimakoldun: MiriamEla I DON'T THINK that he cares about this show... he has many abilities, he should not care about this show which at my opinion it was lost time of Dima

MiriamEla: I'd probably need to see the show anyway...

MiriamEla: Anybody know who won the album art contest?


Gladys: MiriamEla koldunlover Nobody know who won Admins say: you must wait ,results of competition will be later

ybet: i don`t think thtat i have any possibilities to win

nadia2: well we all e-mailed in some nice stuff so who knows?

MiriamEla: The suspense is killing meeee Hurry up and decide, Dima! Поторопись и выбери!

Околдованная: ybet Happy Birthday! ^)

nadia2: and decide one of us!!


MiriamEla: I sent this:

julmoo: Ela your picture is awesome!! You have really good chances!

MiriamEla: I don't have a good chance because I only sent it as a link... I think it was supposed to be an attachment...

Gladys: MiriamEla I agree with Julmoo.Your picture is very nice.

ybet: I have sent the pics on the right topic

MiriamEla: OMG! Did you see, Liam won! From our KFC!

ybet: MiriamEla yeahhh i saw it!!!!! But I didnt won anythinggggg im really sad now

Gladys: Who want to see the consert from Israel ,Tel Aviv on-line can do it on site :love.bezeq.ru

koldunlover: Gladys Thank youuu!!!! spacibo! I will see hiM fo sure!

ybet: Stella have you seen this video with fashion or wjatever i can spell it?? this sergey is a freak!

Stella: oh no!i didnt have time to see it!Sargey always is a freak!i hate him!he is very pride!i think he jealous of koldun!

ybet: Stella I don't mean this sgey as you know... i mean sergey [a blonde guy]

Stella: a!ok!sorry but i confused with sergey lazarev!sorry!

Stella: What about the concert in Israel?Did anyone of you see it online?

ybet: Stella it says service is blocked!

Stella: Yes!!whats a pity!!!oh..i want to see the concert very much!!!!

ybet: Stella Maybe it will be videos tommorow

Stella: i hope!!!!!!!!!I want to see Dima!!!Lucky girls in Israel!!!

nadia2: i know i wanted to see it, i have a friend in Israel who went to see it so maybe she will take photos for us!

Gladys: I have not seen the consert from Israel(accuss was blocked). But i read the messages girls from Isael whose were on the consert. Dima was PERFECT!!!!!! He had a new stale,said many nice words about celebration. He was singing three songs:Tzarevna, Ya dlay tebay,Day mne silu.

julmoo: I was so sad as the access was blocked, but I hope that my friend took her camcorder with her

ybet: Gladys OHHH i can't wait for videos!!!

nadia2: I'm so excited for the videos, the access was also blocked for me unfortunately =( But I bet he was great!!


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