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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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katred: ybet пишет: http://belarus.esckaz.com/dr.jpg he? Hi Ybet. This Is Victor Drobysh. And that is Alexander Lunev http://www.lunev.info/aboute.php#

ybet: katred hi kate thanks,i thought that his new producer was the blonde guy is he good?

mariya: ybet Alexander Lunev wrote a few songs for Dima Bilan, including his 2006 Eurovision song "Never Let You Go" and also "Lady Flame" (Nevozmozhnoe vozmozhno). In my opinion he is a good songwriter, but dont really know if he is a good producer because Koldun is his first artist (If im right?) so I guess we will just have to wait and see :)

ybet: mariya ok,thanks for the information

Gladys: Hi,my name is Gladys. In my opinion Alexander Lunev is very talented composer and creative persone.And it wonderful that exactly he became Dimas producer .He wrote very beautiful songs for him like "Czarewna","I for you" and ohter for new album.I am waiting presentation of this album.I am sure, it will be amaizing and Dima emulate himself.

ybet: Gladys Hi my favourite song i think is Δевушка моей мечты, he also wrote this?

Gladys: Friendly speaking, I dnot know.This song was be written early.

miranda: Welcome Gladys

miranda: Can I ask for something? There's a few videos that I had before, but all of them disappeared when we had to restart the whole computer from the beginning , could you upload them for me? it's chyorniy bumer, tekila-lyubov and ya dlya tebya i would be so happy!

ybet: miranda i upload ya dlya tebya,remember?? and it`s the highest quality

Gladys: Hi everybody!What do you taking about?

Околдованная: Oh, hi ^_^ Gladys I don't know about the theme of conversation in this forum. ybet Hi :) Have you got any ideas about the appearance of Dima's new album? Few days ago, official site arranged information about competition of ideas about album... Have you known about it? Oh, I forgot to present me :) I am Okoldovannaya (Marina) from Moscow.

Gladys: Hi ybet! You know yesterday i was looking for authors of song "Девушка моей мечты".But unfortunatly i could not find. Its puzzle for me. I like this song too.I will try to know.

Околдованная: Nobody knows who wrote this song. Its a mystery for all people who visit our forum. May be Dima and his producer know about this... But only may be...

Gladys: Hi,Околдованная!!! Its nice, you told about this competition.Its seems to be here nobody know about this.

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