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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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ybet: Gladys Oh thanks.!! I know,they are wonderful fotos

Gladys: Ybet I know that song" ya dlya tebay"will be in new album.May be you right .Its woud be nice.

ybet: Oh thanks,I`m glad to hear that!!

Gladys: Ydet, Do you know about Tv-show "Two stars"where Dima took part? You heard how Dima sang song "Belle" from muisical "Notre Dame de Paris"?

Околдованная: Oh ybet i can't understand the name "made in dima" I think this name is very strange :)

ybet: Gladys Yes I know this show,I LOVE it!! which song is exactly 'belle'? maybe i have hear it but i don't remember it...

ybet: Околдованная haha yes I know! My brother choose this name, he is always strange

Gladys: Ybet May be, this song there is in "you tube".I was on this Tv-show and heard this in lives.It was amasing.I was under very strong impression.Dima was perfect!!!

ybet: Gladys oh yes i have seen this video!!With other 2men..he looks amazing!=) I can't wait for the real video from tv what was ur favourite dima`s performance in two stars?

Gladys: Ybet You know I like all.I think the judges were wrong too much. Yes may be the Dimas partner Natasha Rudova was not perfect. But she is actris, not singer. My favorite perfomance "The Atos Ballad","I will stay"(останусь),"Vostochnay","Belle" "Summer rain", almost all!!! I repeat-Dima is perfect!!! And very fany was "Malinovka". It was a wonderful show.It very nace that Dima took part in this.

ybet: Gladys my favourite was: churney bumer ,atos ballad,ostanus,tekilla liubov But i think is ostanus song dima`s voice was brilliand yes,i agree..but i dont like natalia's voice

Gladys: Ybet Friendly speaking,i think ,if Dima had another partner(some actris with voice and character)they will win prize place.

ybet: Gladys yes I agree.... at my opinion,it`s Natalia's fault that they left from show

Gladys: Ybet I am absolutly agree with you!!!


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