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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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betuldima: Gladys welcome this forum and thnks girls for informations

Околдованная: ybet Oh, i think that Natasha is not very bad. She lookes beautiful, unfortinatly her voice is not brilliant, but she makes an effort. For example: the song "Veter peremen" was great, because Natasha didn't worry too much, so in this song she sang not very bad. Although, in some songs I closed one's ears, because it was too difficult to listen to her singing!

ybet: Околдованная yes,i think she is very beatiful, and sometimes i think her voice is ok,but in churney bumer for example she was.... i really couldn't hear her singing!

Околдованная: ybet xDDD I agree with you =) But in Churney Bumer Dima was the main, so Natasha only was dancing *if we can say that she was dancing xD* It was very important for me to look and hear Dima, not Natasha :) I think for you too...)

ybet: Околдованная yes,of course!!! and when i saw him in churney bumer i said to my self:omg,that can't be Dima!haha,his voice wasn't like the other times,and i was so surprised!! and natalia's dancing for me was really funny!!

Околдованная: ybet We have to be thankful for this project because we can't see anywhere Dima's rapstyle! It is too ucommon!

Gladys: Let speak about Dimas new songs or about new album.Somthing about Dima.Its his site.We discussed Natalia enough.

ybet: Околдованная yes and every week we saw a new live by him may i ask a question?' geroge koldun made a nose job??

Околдованная: ybet Excuse me but i don't understand how translate the "nose job"... Can i ask you? How you read George's forum if you don't know russian? Because there isn't forum for englishspeakers on the George site..

ybet: Околдованная I dont read it many times but I use many times translator,for example to understand the news for Koldun when i said 'nose job' i mean that...he did rinoplastic..?i dont know how to say it in english..nevermind

Околдованная: ybet Oh, i understand you!))) It was only a medical necessity, his phoniatrist advice him to do this operation. He fell in his childhood)

ybet: Околдованная Oh ok,thanks!! ,I knew it was this cause he didnt has big nose lol

Gladys: Ybet George Koldun is musician. Exactly he taught Dima music, (sing and play on the guitar).Now he show-man on Tv in Minsk.And also he sing song too.Two brothers-two talent.

ybet: Gladys oh thnx Gladys I like his voice is very high and the song with Dima,is so cute!

Gladys: I think you mean profession and you about "nose"

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