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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Околдованная: ybet In the past George was (and still now but he doesn't work in this way) geograph and he also was a radio presenter in Belarus, so two brothers are very interesting and talanted!

ybet: Gladys what do u mean?

ybet: Околдованная oh i see and he is famous in belarus/russia? yes they are both talented

Gladys: ybet I mean your conversation with Околдованная.

Околдованная: ybet He famous in Belarus, but few monthes ago he was taking a part in russian show for a talanted people where they were singing. So he had a big rating in this show. So, we can suppose that russians also know him!

ybet: Gladys oh yes!hehe

ybet: Околдованная something like two stars? excuse me for my so-many questions

Околдованная: ybet Oh don't excuse! No, he was singing alone and there were many competitors - peoplewho can sing. But George took a part in belarussian 2 stars. He was singing with belarussian actrisse.

ybet: Околдованная Thanks and he won?

Gladys: I think Dima and George must sometimes sing together.They are realy both talanted and they duet very interested.Two Kolduns-It somthing

ybet: Gladys yes and they have very good voice I prefer of course dima but i think george is great too

Околдованная: ybet No he didn't win...(( I like to listen to George's music and his concerts. You can find his concert on youtube. You must indicate: *Георгий Колдун* in the search window - and you will be able to look and listen him. I recommend you to listen - it is fantastic! *it is my opinion*))

ybet: Околдованная oh thanks,i have already saw these videos(some days ago..) and i have also left comments xxD

ybet: I have to go Гуднайт to all

Околдованная: ybet It is great! So it is a theme for Dima and we made some offtop ^_^ So, how long you listen Dima and when you knew about him first? Off: have you got an ICQ?

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