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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Gladys: Ybet Good night you too!!!Thanks for interested conversation!!!

ybet: Околдованная I have icq,but i dont log in,often I saw him at first time (its a huge story) in greece in our greek final for choose our song for eurovision.... He singed work your magic and i then i start to search for him in internet,and everyday i learn something new for him,it was great!! So its over a year i suppose.. its a year and 2months maybe hehe and when you start to like him?? did u know him whe he was in fabrika ?

ybet: Gladys Bye bye!! it was great to talk with you!! see you later

Околдованная: ybet Yes. At first i noticed him when he was taking a part in Fabrika, so i think it is about 2 years!))) I was in his first forum :) So i marked his appearance, his voice and his humor)) It was great too Good night, see you soon!

ybet: Околдованная I had tried so many times to regist to his first forum but i culdn't cause there isn't any code to write and it was nessecary but now im here

Околдованная: ybet And it is great! What theme to discuss you can propose?)

ybet: Околдованная I don't know)) what is your favourite song of dima?

Околдованная: ybet I can't choose one song! There is "Tsarevna", "Ya dlya tebya".... i can't All Dima's songsare favourite for me! And you?)

ybet: Околдованная I think for me the best is "ne serezno"!! Its my favourite song!! also work your magic/day mne silu,ya dlya tebya,tsarevna,devushka moe mechti,ya ne umru...ALL:)

Околдованная: ybet Same as me :) But in my mp3player there are many songs from 2 zvezdi and fabrika) I like the song Prosti za vsyo!

ybet: Околдованная oh yes me too! dima wrote this song?

Околдованная: Drobysh wrote music and Latyshko - words for the song!

ybet: Околдованная oh ok i thought that he wrote prosti za vso and neserezno

Околдованная: ybet No it is not right. He wrote only Angel Mechty and words for May be!

ybet: Околдованная oh.good.thanks he is cue when he speaks english! i have took a video when he was give an interview in a greek channel.you wanna show it to you?

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