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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Околдованная: ybet hehe)) I had already seen it! Sometimes video is very funny, because Dima's english isn't very high quality to talk very fast and understand very fast)

ybet: Околдованная yes! i know exactly what is he is saying on videos with his english cause i have seen 10000times hehe

Gladys: Ybet, PRIVET!!! How do you do?

ybet: Gladys Privet!! I am fine,thans and you?))

Gladys: Ybet I Fine too.Today in Russia Day of Cosmonautics.I think may be in new Dimas album use somthing from spase-Dimas better foto and all around universal,stars,stars...

ybet: Gladys oh,cool it will show him on tv?

Gladys: Ybet Tomorrow in show "Two stars", Dima will be sing "Belle".

Gladys: Ybet Do you have The First Channel in Greece?

ybet: Gladys Nooo=(( is there any site which i can watch live?

Gladys: Ybet, There is site The First channel :www1 tv.ru There you can find information about show"Two stars" and may be this perfomans.

ybet: Gladys spacibo and maybe i can see two stars live?

Gladys: Ybet, I do not know exactly,can you see this show in live.But on this site will be all perfomanse, all stars, may be late. You can try to find this site

ybet: Gladys Oh ok,thank you!! My friend has russian tv and she tell me all the events

Gladys: Ybet Do you know about russian show "KVN"? In this show young people are joking.I like this show very much. Had you see video like Dima with his brother George do parody on singer Nikolay Baskov.Its so fanny. It was before Fabrika 6.It was first time when i saw Dima.

ybet: Gladys haha yes i have seen this,in youtube!!! they looked so different in this video!!

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