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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Gladys: Ybet Yes i agree with you.They are brothers but it seem to be they are diffirent.In this video Dima had natural color of his hair.Now he have the dark hair.Do you like his image now?

ybet: Gladys yesss!! I like him with black hair!!!! with blonde-or brown hair he didn't look so good,but he still cute and you?:)

Gladys: Ybet I like him with black hair,not blond!!! He very cute. I like listen interview with him. He is always joking.Sometimes journalists think that he talk seriosly.But he simple joking. I think he is very clever fellow. He is chemist.He have high education.In differ another our singer who stady at school very bad.

ybet: Gladys I like when i see him joking.. but i never understand what he is saying haha but he has big humor

Gladys: Ybet Its pity that you cant understant.Belive me, he is joking very cool.May be somtimes i will be translete to you his jokes. Its really fanny.

ybet: Gladys Oh that would be veryy nice,thanks you!!!!

Gladys: Ybet I promise tell you about Dimas jokes. This one. One time journalist asked him "What kind of girls he likes,(mean how girl look like),what important for him." He answered: " that girl must has head,arms,legs..." And another asked "What for him important in human means (kind of character).He ansewered :"most important in human it liver,kidneys,lungs,brains..."In short, he answered medicine terms. I dont know, clearly i explaine.

ybet: hahahah thanks I liked the first one,it was really funny

Gladys: Ybet I happy you understand me.

Околдованная: Can i join to your discussing? Any jokes: 1) One day he said to Prohor: You aren't legend, you are gossip! 2) I dont know who I am: moron or fool. Please, audience make your choice by yourself! 3) Once he said to camera: Don't photograph me! If you are plastic you think that you can do everything? 4) Dima: Why they didn't choose me to the perfomans "Clocks" I might twist my ass with mop! 5) Sabrina sing: Ask to clouds... Dima: To present us hamsters! (it is in rhyme in russian) And other =) These phrases were in magazine that girls presented to Dima.

ybet: Gladys Οf course i understand you Околдованная hahahahaha omg i can't stop laughing!!!! I din't knew that he was so funny!! xxD

Околдованная: ybet I am happy that you inderstand russian humor hehe)

ybet: Околдованная I didn't understand very much the 2nd but i got the point i think

Околдованная: In the second Dima joke on himself, I don't know how to explain.

ybet: Околдованная i just didnt knew what audience means,but i find it

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