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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Gladys: ybet I think it means spectators,onlookers

ybet: Gladys Thank You!! those information were very imporatnt for me hehe=)) **important

Gladys: ybet Can you chose the theme for the conversation? I want talking with you else.Its very intersting for me talk with you.

ybet: Gladys yes of course,i like to talk with you too when you start to like dima??

mariya: ybet пишет: I didn't understand very much the 2nd but i got the point i think a moron is basically another word for fool, so in fact his statement sounds like "I dont know who I am, a fool or a fool. Audience-choose yourself. It is quite difficult to translate things like this, as they do sound best in their original language :)

Gladys: ybet You know he like me on Fabrika 6. But first time i have seen him on "KVN" with his brother. I wrote it early.

ybet: mariya yes i understand,thank you i know,its hard to translate and sometimes it's not the same humor between the languages Gladys I wish i could see him in fabrika...ot would br great hehe

Gladys: ybet Now he in other image,very romantic,like "prince". His producer write for him very tender and beautiful songs.But I like when he sing sogs in rock style.He sing its perfect! I think it part of his talent.If he will be sing only lyric song it would be wrong. What do you think about this?

ybet: Gladys Yes I agree... i liked him when he singed rock... now he has change his image..but he has reality of dreams

Gladys: ybet Exactly" Reality of dreams". Strong song with such energetic. I like it so much!!!

ybet: Gladys me too but my favourite is neserezno!!!

Gladys: ybet I like Neserezno too.Its pity , i think,there is no this song in new album. Its song of Виктор Дробыш.,his first producer.

ybet: Gladys and this song is from fabrika,so mayb it won't be

Gladys: ybet I know only that Дробыш took back all his songs,which in begining he wrote for Dima.

ybet: Gladys ok,forgive me for this but this is mean and why he is not his manager anymore..?

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