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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Gladys: ybet Dima chose another producer Alexandre Lunev and Дробыш was very angry on him.(Not only Дробыш).

Околдованная: mariya Thanks for help (^_^) Drobysh was stupied. He didn't see that Dima is talanted and put him to the group. It was a mistake i think!

ybet: Oh I don't know what to say.... why dima choose an another?? maybe drobysh wasnt good with him/?

Gladys: ybet I dont know, Drobysh was good or not good with Dima. But that he took songs back, its injusted and unfair!!!

ybet: Gladys yes I agree... i have to go,i`ll be back soon,bye!!! Пока-Пока

Gladys: ybet Ok,good luck to you!!!It was very pleasant for me to have convesation with you. See you late

Gladys: ybet Privet!!!

ybet: Добрый вечер how are you?))

Gladys: ybet You know news about competition(How you see dimas new album ).If you want take part in this,you can post all ideas on this adress: dm.Koldun@gmail.com.

Gladys: ybet I fine Thank you! And you?

Gladys: ybet You know In Moscow now day(13-30)not evening.Exuce me In Greece now evening?

ybet: Gladys Noo its 12.38 sorry i didnt knew how to say it Yes I know about the competition,and i sent him mail,but no for the competition

Gladys: ybet Pardon me please, I rihgt understand, you post mail personaly for Dima?

ybet: Gladys yes!! hehe

Gladys: ybet You realy think that Dima read your letter? I doubt.If it will be like simple I dont belive in miracel

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