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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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ybet: Gladys No,I don't believe it,but i just sent it for fun i will make a wallpaper too! I download photoshop but i can't find it!

Gladys: ybet You know I like to talk with you very much.But on this site we can talk about Dima.I have not friends in Greece.But i want to have such like you.If you wish you can post to me letters on my e-mail:13579gladys@ mail.ru.If you wish...

Gladys: ybet I dont how to use fotoshop.Cause i will try paint somthing.I have many ideas

ybet: Gladys Sure,I will send you mail now!!!

miranda: Ybet have you got any ideas how we should meet in Athens? I haven't got a clue, since I don't know much about the town But I really, really want to meet you!

ybet: miranda Hi Miranda I don`t know...when you will be in Athens?? Hope it would not be when i will be in hilidays...!

Gladys: Hi,ybet How are you?

Gladys: ybet You told that you have friend ,who have russian tv.Did you see show"Two stars",where Dima song "Belle"? Yesterday i saw this tv- version.Dima was perfect!!! But suddely when he was sining on tv appeared Natalia Rudova with strange danse...Dima sang so fabuluos,fantastic with such emotion.I wanted to hear only him, i wanted watch only on him, not on Natalia Rudova.It was wrong and odd that they showed her when Dima was sining!!! I was revolting all night. If you had not seen this, you can in "you tube": Dima koldun "Belle HQ"

ybet: Gladys Hi!! Yes, she said me that he was great and red colour fuits him much!!!

Околдованная: Its a flood, dear girls =) Be careful!

mariya: Thanks Околдованная Yes girls, please be careful. All private conversations such as meeting up can be discussed in the "private messaging" facility. (for some strange reason I have been unable to delete anything in this topic for a couple of days, but as soon as I can, I will "clean" this topic) UPD: all sorted.

katred: Hi girls. Gladys Fragment with Natalie irritated me also. This damaged whole spirits. And on addition, not at all is similar to Esmeralda.

Gladys: Hi katred I am glad that you agree with me about Natalia Rudova.I am repeat but it was wrong showed her dance when Dima was singing .

ybet: Околдованная mariya yes you are totally right, thanks for this

Околдованная: Gladys katred I agree with you girls. Natasha spoiled the perfomance! No, operators spoiled! How did they reach to show her wild dance when Dima was singing? I amazed!

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