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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Gladys: ybet Evi, Pardon me please but i must go. May be we will discussed Dimas interview next day. Now i am hurry. See you late

ybet: Gladys it`s ok,see u later,bye!

miranda: It was a long time since i wrote here So what is everyone up to these days?

mariya: Unfortunately there is no video from Koldun's interview on the radio. But to be honest, I don't even understand why they even invited him now, there was really nothing new, or no new songs. Usually radio interviews happen when a new song or something is about to be released, but obviously not in this case.

Околдованная: mariya They thought that we would be happy to hear Dima on radio hehe

mariya: Околдованная Oh yeah! We are But would be even happier to hear new songs :)

ybet: They played any songs of Dima?

mariya: ybet пишет: They played any songs of Dima? Yes, but only old songs, such as WYM, Nikogda, Prosti za vse and Ya dlya tebya.

ybet: mariya Maybe they don't play new songs cause they want it for surprise

Gladys: ybet I agree with you.They wants that new album and new songs will be surprise for all Dimas fans

ybet: Gladys i have hear a new song of dima in cosmopolitan video,but it was very little part of this song

Gladys: ybet Evi Privet!!!!!! May be it was "Sniper".I have hear a little part of this song too.

ybet: what sniper means in english>?

Gladys: ybet The "sniper" means the man who is fire from the gan may be in this song it is "love sniper"

ybet: oh ok))

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