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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Gladys: ybet Hi evi!!!!! I wrote the article about new Dimas video-clip.He will be going on motorbike,boxing with famouse boxer Kostay Dzu,and there wiil be two indian yoga-mans in this clip. Dima will be runing on beating glasses and flying! It is interesting, where is Tsarevna?What do think about this?

Околдованная: The clip will be so strange i think! Where is Tsarevna? It is so interesting question! I begin to doubt that they shoot a clip for this song... My conception about clip was in another way.

Gladys: Околдованная Hi! I agree with you. Its very strange clip for the song Tsarevna

ybet: Gladys Околдованная yeah i agree!!ok,in every video-clip dima works his magic i think xxD

Околдованная: So i think we have to wait. Its the best thing to do now.

ybet: yes but for how many time? i cannot wait anymore really

Околдованная: ybet We know that they will peport about competition on 12 may. Nothing else.

ybet: Ok,thanks which competition?about his album?

Околдованная: Yes about album =) May be 12 of may hehe)

Gladys: ybet Evi privet!!!!!! Do you know that Dima took part in one tv-show, intelect quiz like "Who want be Millioner"?

ybet: Gladys Hi!! yeah i know,it was some weeks ago,right?=))

Gladys: ybet It was shooting some week ago, but on russian tv, this show programm will be the 10th of may

ybet: Gladys But I have seen the videos he wears a white shirt,right?

Gladys: ybet i think its better for Dima take part in intelect quiz. And not take part in such like "King of the ring"

Gladys: ybet Where is you saw this video?Мay be it was Millioner? I know it is something new.

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