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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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wym: hey i just saw the clipp!! it's so perfect!!! dima so cute in motorbike!!!

ybet: now i we want to see dimas album and next clip!!

margaret: When is your favourite moment?? Mine is when he is on red bed!!

margaret: and when he is on motorbike!!

mariya: Ermm...... People please stop. I understand that this topic is called "Off-topic", BUT please remember that this is not a chat room or an instant messenger service. Replies such as "Hi! How are you?" can be posted into the "private message" link. This thread was opened to talk about other topics (whether it is about Dima or not), but the conversations have to be interesting to everyone! Also, please remember that this is an english forum only, we do not cater for other languages yet, unfortunately. Thank You for your understanding!

ybet: yes,sorry you are right we dont know what to discuss about

miranda: Can I just ask why the topic is called off-topic when we can't talk about what we want? I'm not mad, i just want to know

mariya: miranda Yes, you can about what you want, but the topic has to be interesting to everyone. I don't think that other members of this forum find it interesting to read messages such as "Hi how are you?" which was addressed to a specific person. I don't know, talk about general topics (off-topics) such as school, work, hobbies, , music, summer holidays, about Koldun e.c.t.... P.S: An english version of audio-video discussion is now opened, so everything to do with Koldun's performances or radio interviews can be discussed here. Please understand that I am trying to make it easier for everyone so that not all topics can be talked about in 1 thread . The forum rules apply to everyone, the russian section, and the english section.

ybet: yes we know, i said to some firends to come here, but they didn't knew the rules good

koldunlover: mariya and we can put any video we want?? with dima of course

mariya: koldunlover Video/audio with Dima go into this thread: LINK but when you post there, you can write the title in english, don't worry. The discussion about the video/audio are in the new topic which I have made today. I hope that I have explained this clear enough to everyone. If you DO have any questions, just PM me

julmoo: Hi it's me! Is here anybody??

mariya: julmoo Hello ! and welcome to the forum Tell us a bit about yourself, and how did you find out about Dima?

miranda: Ok, I understand Mariya

nadia2: hi, i'm now a member here. yaaay! i love dima's new tsaverna video, my favourite part is on the motorbike! what do you all think? i have a question, i uploaded a picture for my avatar but it doesn't come up when i post a message?

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