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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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mariya: nadia2 Hello! Make sure that it is either jpg or gif, not bigger than 50kb and 120x120 pixels in size. Also, after you clicked on "Browse", click on "загрузить", and then at the bottom click on "Редактировать профиль". If you still cannot see it, press F5, this should help. Good Luck. And welcome to the forum!

nadia2: thank you, i love dima and i'm so happy to be here!

MiriamEla: Allow me to quote WWTBAM!Dima... HURRAH!!! *hopes the image worked* Hi, I'm Ela, or Miriam, whatever you want to call me, and I dunt undastand yur languadj... BUT I SHALL LEARN NEVER FEAR. So glad to see my KUEF friends on here too. Please show me around. I LOVE DIMA KOLDUN!!!

miranda: Hi ela! It's me Miranda I'm so happy that you are here

Gladys: Ela welcome to official site Of Dima Koldun!!!! I am glad that Dima have fans in USA On this forum we discuss Dimas songs, video-clips,fotos-all about dima olnly!!!!!!

MiriamEla: Thanks for the welcome! Yes I just loooooooove Dima I've been feeling alone in Dima's American fandom, so I've been trying to Korrupt people (ie. convert them to Dima fans). Once I get 10 people Korrupted one of them is going to send me a congratulations card. =3 I'm probably going to stay in the English-speaking section for a while. I don't trust Google Translator. I sent in a design for the album cover competition. Not very good, but it was an idea. I put "email me back" at the end of the message, so I hope he does. That would be too awesome.

yulia66600: MiriamEla, you're not alone! There is no Dima's fandoms in place I live in. Perhaps only person who loves him in my city is me. Of course people listen his songs and watch clips from time to time, but they consider him as temporary singer. It is so sad... And my friends only depict their love to Dima and his creativity as I'll "kill" them :). But anytime, Dmitriy Koldun is the best!!! There is no other so talanted and perfect singers as he!

Borce: I agree with you.BTW I'm Borislav and I live in Macedonia and I'm huge fan of Dima Koldun.I like his style,clothes,hair,voice....everything.I like to be just like him. In Macedonia I try to promote Dima. I give his songs and videos to all my frends,neighbour because i like Dima to be very popular in Macedonia.I'm very happy to be in this wonderful forum!!!

yulia66600: I'm happy to be in his forum too! Thank you, girls for accepting me!

Dascha2412: Hello, where i can find the text for Dimas songs?

leanne: Hi, this is Leanne from Malta!! I'M A BIG BIG FAN OF DIMA KOLDUN. I want Dima to be famous all over the world, that's one of my dreams BUT my biggest dream is to see and meet Dima ... i know it's very difficult :( well I'm very happy to be here and also i'm very glad to see my K.F.C (Koldun Fan Club) friends I LOVE YOU DIMA !!!!!!! YOU'RE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

Gladys: Dascha2412 Welcome to the forum The texts for dimas songs you can find in "Колдун Творчество /аудео видео/ фото"

MiriamEla: KFC forever! I think I want to drop off a few pics... ^Motivational poster?^ ^I love this song.^ ^MWAH!!^

ybet: WELCOME EVERYONE!!!b] You know,i made my friends to loove dima too and ge became a little bit famous here yaay

Околдованная: MiriamEla The last is great xDDD

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