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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Valentinna: ybet hehe Np!¨

nadia2: ye ela, it's okay you can put them on the other forum

Valentinna: nadia2 You mean in Koldun unofficial english forum or... ?

MiriamEla: I already did. I copied everything from there. Except IM4U, which I copied from my YouTube messages, because it's a new version.

ybet: aha..can't wait to see them lol

MiriamEla: Ybet, I just LOVE your avi. It makes me feel all warm inside <333

ybet: MiriamEla Thanks miriam,i love it too!!

MiriamEla: Hehe. I've been starting on RussianLessons.net. It's really informative. In the getting started section, they have something where it says "Try going on our forum to chat!" I was like "HAH! I already HAVE a forum!" ;D

julmoo: Hey, it's nice to hear that you're learning russian Maybe in a few months we can speak with each other just in russian ;)

ybet: ohh spacibo for the link ela.!! i was thinking yesterday that i have to start russian lessons and now here is the cHange ;)))

nadia2: yes russian is such a good language to learn, soon there will be nobody talking here because we'll all be in the russian part of the forum lol

ybet: nadia2 You think? I hope.!lol

MiriamEla: That would be funny if I learned Russian and then we went on a trip to Russia and I started talking to people and then my parents would be like "O.o How the heck do you know all this?" Lulz.

MiriamEla: Double post. This is what happens when you put a few KFC members in a Letters room together...

ybet: MiriamEla Cool foto

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