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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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ybet: Gladys haha you think? well.... i know many fans of him, but they are not member here.... but how dima can be in greece? and the rest of europe too!?!

Gladys: ybet I really want that Dima will be famous all aruond the world. He has talent and perfect voice. He must be famous not only in Russia and Belarus. And i hope some day he will come to other countries

julmoo: It would be great if he comes to Europe someday! DIMA I'M WAITING!!!!!!!!!!

ybet: Gladys I hope too, cause I really want to see him! and it would be very good for his career also

Stella: he will come to europe?He will come to greece?

MiriamEla: SQUEEE!!! =DDDDD DIMA SAID HE WANTS TO COME TO AMERICAAAA!!! I hope he comes to Michigan!

nadia2: i'm sure he would love to go everywhere, but people have to invite him first

ybet: nadia2 but how?

julmoo: If I would know how to invite him, I'd do it right now

nadia2: i don't mean we invite him because i know we all want to. i mean a stadium or something has to hear dima's music and if they think lots of people would buy tickets to his concert they would ask him to come do a concert at their stadium. i guess that's how it works. but no place in europe would do that because there are only a few dima fans in every country =(

MiriamEla: Well the first thing he needs to do is write more English songs. He only has four and non-Russians need more!

ybet: MiriamEla I agree ela. or if any manager see him maybe he will invite him

KoldunMagic: And why thei celebrate this day???????

KoldunMagic: Hi everione im rana and i am from portugal i like dima since esc andof course i stil love him I want to e in my country,maybe he will one day,who knows my favorite song is proti za vso

julmoo: They celebrate this day because Russia won the second world war

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