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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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Бойцовая рыбка: and I dont love him anymore. There re a lot of favourite cuties after him like... Ryan Phillippe from "Cruel Intentions". ooohhhh Now I like Steven Strait from "Covenant" (black hair, blue eyes ), Hayden Christensen and Hugh Jackman... But our Dima is the most sexy and handsome man I wanna see him in the movie one day

miranda: Бойцовая рыбка i agree with you! dima is the one of the sexiest and cutest men i know but i think it's sad that i'm the only active fan from sweden

Бойцовая рыбка: miranda dont be sad! I think it s only for now... I believe Dima will be popular all over the world! He is brilliant. You know, I learned a little bit swedish in the university I remember: Jag alskar dig. and Jag vil kissa

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка Now I love dima too and i think its surious now but i dont know if he ever be here again

miranda: Бойцовая рыбка i really hope so, he's so great! None of my friends takes him for serious, and just think i'm weird because i talk about him all the time That's cool! swedish is a beautiful language, and I'm glad that i know how to speak it, because i've heard it's hard to learn :)

ybet: miranda that happends to me too

miranda: ybet i don't understand why they do so ...he's amazing

ybet: miranda me too maybe cause everytime i want to talk with them or to say anything i conect it with dima hehe

Бойцовая рыбка: miranda oooohhhh.. it was very hard to study swedish. Sometimes I even had terrible marks! Swedish is mix of english and german, so I muddled words often And I forgot this language very fastly without practice but may be when I ll come to Sweden one day, I ll remember every thing. ybet I think he ll in Greece again one day. But for now... You can come to Moscow!

miranda: Бойцовая рыбка how much do you know in swedish? if you come to stockholm any time, you could visit me

Бойцовая рыбка: miranda I studied swedish for 3 years. We red "Karlsson pa tacket" in original Thank you! And if you ll decide to come to Moscow, you can visit me! We ll show you popular and great places in Moscow

zagadka: ybet I deleted the video that you uploaded because the link was wrong - the file was not aviable. Sendspace makes a problems in last time

ybet: Бойцовая рыбка i will for sure one day but when i will become an adult zagadka yeah i know,its ok,i just don't know to upload videos in any sites accept from sendspace

miranda: Бойцовая рыбка i will for sure! I'd love to visit moscow :)) even though my parents don't want to go there :( Someday i also want to learn russian, it's a beautiful language

ybet: miranda i have try to learn but i think its a little bit difficult,every word i leatn..the next i have already forgot it

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