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mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy!

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mariya: 2010 is a very long time ahead and I think that a lot of things will change in Dimas' circumstances. Maybe he will try and go to the ESC again, who knows? but we will have to wait until autumn 2009 as least in this case :)

ybet: mariya maybe he wants to try to be more famous... and then to go in eurovision

miranda: Could someone upload the performance from two stars again?

betuldima: I wish he can participate again this year he can be 1st

miranda: I think so too Betul He's the best

ybet: i think that tooooo!!! i find something,i translate it,can somenone help me what is that says? Dima and his admin have proposed a meeting of all administrators fan clubs (and their directors sabre). What would agree on what behavior or at the forum and in general that would report on any activities that can go on and stuff. To learn more, we want to know, to see what an exclusive photo shooting and stuff, what interests. Overall organization. Well, and just all get acquainted. Because now preparing exit album and solo presentation in Moscow, the meeting will take place there. According to a poll of our club FC travel and to Krasnodar, unfortunately, no one can for compelling reasons. We decided with Diana, which could go and provide us Olya in Moscow - a girl with whom we met Dime in Izhevsk. Olya very responsibly did this, and invites us to deliver Dime memorable gift after photo of the meeting will provide a full report and. How do you look at this? Are you ready to hand over money? If so, how many? This site Izhevsk gift shop. All of this manual work. Olya buy what we choose. This is the one where we can see OUR gift. What do you like most? What can you offer? I propose to gather 200 district. and plus the money that had been collected from the icons that were never used. They lie at the Diana, please be quiet. Total we would get 250 on the river. It is a good amount for which you can buy excellent memorable gift. The word is yours! ***************************************************************** and in russian Дима и его админ предложили встречу всех администраторов фан-клубов (директоров и их замов). Что бы договориться о каком либо поведении на форуме и вообще, что бы сообщить о каких либо мероприятиях, на которые можно сходить и прочее. Чтобы узнать, что мы хотим узнать, увидеть, какие либо эксклюзивные фотографии со съёмок и прочее, какие интересы. В общем организацию. Ну и просто всеми познакомиться. Так как сейчас готовят выход альбома, презентацию и сольник в Москве, то встреча состоится там же. По опросам нашего ФК от клуба поехать и представить Краснодар, к сожалению, никто не может по веским причинам. Мы с Дианой решили, что может поехать и представить нас в Москве Оля - девушка, с которой мы встречали Диму в Ижевске. Оля очень ответственно к этому отнеслась и предлагает вручить Диме от нас памятный подарок, после предоставит фото о встрече и полный отчёт. Как вы на это смотрите; Готовы ли вы сдать деньги; Если да, то сколько; Это сайт ижевского магазина сувениров. Всё это ручная работа. Оля купит то, что выберем мы. Это тот вариант, когда мы можем видеть НАШ подарок. Что вам нравится больше всего; Что вы можете предложить; Я предлагаю собрать по 200 р. и плюс деньги, которые были собраны на значки, которые так и не были использованы. Они лежат у Дианы, будьте спокойны. Итого у нас получится по 250 р. Очень хорошая сумма, за которую можно купить отличный памятный подарок. Слово за вами!

betuldima: ybet ohh ybet I didnt understand can u summarize for me?*

ybet: betuldima i also didnt understand...he will renew something?

betuldima: ybet hmm ok thnks sweety

ybet: betuldima np

katred: Ybet From this what I understood, in shortcut: Meeting be planned with Dima, for all administrators (representatives) FC Koldun. They will speak about organizational matters, plans and interests Koldun, etc. Ola as representative has to go. Nobody different exactly it can not. Ola proposed to buy for Dima present. They will buy him in shop, in Iżewsk, where all gifts then hand-made object. Girls plan to buy present, for 250 roubles ( they will share the cost) I apologize for possible grammatical mistakes.

miranda: thanks! now i understand more of it :))))

miranda: Could someone upload Востосная at two stars again?

ybet: katred Thanl you so much!!! I thought that they will renew his web,or forum or something like this

Cocolisa: Hi!!!!!! My name is Azahara! In the old forum of Koldun, I was Piolina...! Well, you know: I come from Spain, and Koldun: I still remember you xDD It was complicated register myself, because... i don't speak russian very well yet... Kisses for everybodyyy!!! ^^

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