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Audio/Video discussion.

mariya: Hello everyone! This thread is for audio/video discussion about Dima's performances on TV, videoclips, interviews(on TV and radio) or even if you have seen him performing live. We want to hear your views and opinions! P.S: This topic is for discussion only. Please post your videos into this thread (link) so that everyone on the forum has the opportunity to look if they wish

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mariya: Just to briefly sum up the Christmas and New Year holiday period, Dima Koldun took part in mostly all of the TV concerts, either performing his songs or just as a guest. Also, at the moment, Dima is taking part in a show called "Dve Zvezdi" (Two stars) which is where one professional singer sings with another famous person (for example, actor or tv presenter). In result a duet is formed, gaining a score out of 40 for each performance from the shows panel of jury. The duet with the least score leaves the show. Good Luck to Dima and his performaning partner Natalia Rudova! If you have missed any performances, they can be downloaded in this thread

ybet: mariya When the tv show "two stars" will be finish?? and i also head that he will make a new clip in january,is this true??

mariya: ybet The show "Two Stars" will continue to be shown for the next couple of months because it is only aired once a week. About the new video. Personally I haven't heard anything about it being filmed in January, I think it is more likely to happen later in the year.

mariya: The "First Channel" website will be hosting a press conference with Dima Koldun on 17/01/08 between 14:00-16:00 (Moscow time). Submit your questions now! http://www.1tv.ru/owa/win/ort5_conf.conf

ybet: mariya For what will be this concert for?? He will sing??He will show some new songs or.....??

mariya: ybet No, this is just an internet conference where people send in their questions. During the 2 hours, answers will start to appear on that website as Dima replies to the questions.

mariya: Dima's internet conference with First Channel can be viewed here! However, both the video and text version are in russian. http://www.1tv.ru/owa/win/ort5_conf.conf

mariya: News from filming of the "Two Stars" show... Dima Koldun and Natalia Rudova performed a very famous russian rap track - "Cherniy Bumer" by Seryoga. Today they gained 40 points from the jury (which is the maximum). This series should be aired in about 3 weeks on First Channel, and available for download here straight after. More filming and news tomorrow!

ybet: mariya The song "Cherniy Bumer" is the one which Natalia wear a red dress? or a new one? balalark: this is a new one. They sang it yesterday.

zagadka: ybet It's a new one. In red dress it was "Tekila-Love".

mariya: Update from 21.01.08 There were two shows that were filmed today of the "Two Stars". In this first part of the day, Dima and Natalia sang "Uletau" (originally performed by a group called "A-studio") gaining a total of 37 points from the jury. This meant that they were one of the three acts nominated to leave the show, as they all scored the least points. But thankfully, Dima and Natali were saved by the studio audience (a BIG thank you to our girls who supported them in the audience). The second part of the day lead to more filming....This time Dima and Natalia sang "Malinovka" and gaining an overall 38 points. Fortunately just missed the nomination, and this can only mean one thing - yes, you guessed it! More filming and news tomorrow same time same place P.S: Video of "Uletau" filmed by our girls from the audience can be downloaded here

betuldima: hi I have a question he will shooting a new videoclib (finally) do you know he will which song??

balalark: betuldima , we believe that the new video clip is shooting for a new song (which we've never heard before).

miranda: Did Dmitriy sing at Eurofest 08? Do someone have that video? Btw i can't download from ifolder, unless you recently posted it...

miranda: Can I ask something? What is the purpose with Two stars? Do they have to sing a different genre in every show or..? Do they pick songs themselves?

balalark: miranda , Two stars is just a show, so the only goal is to amuse people. There is no strict rule about different genres (for example, one of the duets prefers to sing only serious lyric songs). Dima and Natasha chose songs themselves but certainly they had to take producer's advice. As well as they had to take into account that Natasha is not a professional singer.

betuldima: privet:) I want to askk something.Dima will have a english album.This is right??

mariya: betuldima Dima will have a russian album first which is due to be released at the end of spring.Only then may he release an english album.

balalark: betuldima , Unfortunately, we've never heard about album in English. We are waiting for the first Dmitry's album in the end of spring. And we believe that it will be the album in Russian.

ybet: i have read that he will make an english album but when its the right time.. if the russian album will be ok, he will but on the right time =)

mariya: Dima's performance from the musical can be download from here http://www.mediafire.com/?wgwxez22l91

mariya: Dima Koldun's album will be released soon and you have the chance to participate in its creation. The 3 best names and designs will be picked personally by Dima and its authors will receive presents. The winner of the competition will be announced by a panel of jury. P.S: We don't mean highly professional designs in Photoshop. We want to know your opinions. The competition takes place between 7th - 30th April 2008. Winners will be announced on 12th May. Please send your work to: dm.koldun@gmail.ru © Official website.

ybet: this is video from star channel [greek channel] sorry about the quality i took it from my mobile phone http://www.mediafire.com/?wfjtlrp2urc

ybet: Dima in Greece (for his Promo-Tour) - Work your magicflv file http://www.mediafire.com/?jzbd011pxzg ybet, Thank You for your videos. But this topic is for discussion only. Please post your videos into this thread (link) so that everyone on the forum has the opportunity to look if they wish

Gladys: I saw new Dimas clip 5 times!!!!Its fantastic!!!!! And Dima One side, he is very romantic,lyric.He is loking for girl of his dreams.And another side, he is very masculine.How he was boxing! When he was gone on motobike,he was perfect! And Dimas eyes when he met his "ztarevna" in reality. I like this clip very much!!!!! I am congratulate Dima with such wonderful clip

Околдованная: I had seen a clip 9 times at one hour! Its fantastic and so beautiful! But i didn't understand why the show us one road three times. It's not interesting! So Mimishka in russian forum said that this clip isn't about Tsarevna. Its about Dima's day. So what can you say about this? Are you agree or not agree and why. Dima was so cute when he took off his helmet. And the clip is very good! Its an amazing start! Thanks to Muha's studio! So, its left one problem. We want to listen to album!!!

koldunlover: Околдованная 9TIMES....IN 1HOUR.....?? Ok,this is unbelieveable!!! i will never see it on my tv

ybet: ihhh sorry i dodn't knew that it was only for discussion.im so-sorry!! Околдованная this is great!!!! you're so lucky what people says about clip? they say good critical?

mariya: You can download the videoclip aswell. I have posted the link yesterday in the "News about Koldun" thread. I'm really interested in reading what you think about it!

koldunlover: About the clip?? of course is fantastic!! he looks natural with this image and they can't say that it's copying again sombedy else!!

melody92: this clip is my favourite from all dima's clips!! after is wym/day mne silu

miranda: I really, really love it! My favourite part must be when he's standing at the microphone

nadia2: thanks for the tsaverna video, i love it! also about the competition, you just send in pictures of what you think will be good for his new album?

nadia2: i really love tsaverna and hopefully no-one will say he copied someone else like with ya dlya tebya and wym.

MiriamEla: I know! I loved Tsarevna too! And who cares if he's singing about night in the middle of the morning? *cough Ana K. I'm looking at you cough*

miranda: I totally agree nadia and i'm glad to see you here

Gladys: I like all Dimas clips:Work your magic,Ya dlya tebya( fom musical film)and Tsarevna. And i like all these songs(espesialy Tsarevna). I think new Dimas producer Alexandre Lunev is writing very beautiful songs for Dima

yulia66600: Dmitriy is really talanted singer - all his songs are nice, I listen them every day already for year. He has not only magic voice, his apearance is magic too. I am loosing my mind when I see or hear him... I wish him a lot of happiness and successes in his life. Besides, I'd like to congratulate him with Easter and coming holidays in May. Dima, you are THE BEST!

Околдованная: I don't like WYM clip. It's too pathos and glamourous. It's Kirkorov style, no Dima's. But in Zacervna all was great! And the end of the clip is interesting and unusual!

MiriamEla: I think my favorite clip might be IM4U (Ya Dlya Tebya). It's simple, yet attractive.

leanne: Tsarevna video clip is just GREAT!!! i love the part when he took the helmet off well every part is great!!! WELL DONE DIMA

Gladys: I like now Dima is singing lyric songs like "Tsarevna" and "Ya dya tebya." But i like very much songs "Reality of dreams" and "Get up, get down". And how he was perfect when was singing "I still lovig you" with legendary "Scorpions" on Fabrika 6. I think Dima can sing lyric songs and songs in rock style. And its wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!

leanne: yes it's really great! I love all his songs but 'Work your magic' is my forever favourite song

Gladys: leanne Welcome to forum!!!!!!! Its wonderful that Dima have fans in Malta

leanne: Thanks for your welcome I think i'm the BIGGEST FAN in Malta hehe

MiriamEla: Reality of Dreams is waaaaaay underperformed. He should do that one more, it's one of my favorites.

miranda: welcome here leanne! :)))

leanne: thanks ^^ UPD from moderator: girls, please try to post these type of messages into the off-topic thread. I'll will move these posts there later.

ybet: leanne welcome leanne!!! my favourite clip is wym video and tsarevna but that is not means that ya dlya tebya still amazing too!!

nadia2: i agree that work your magic video was in philip kirkorovs style but that's what made it good for esc but hopefully now dima will create his own style and the tsaverna video is the best way to do this!

ybet: nadia2 Yes but i like him his style in wym video..i mean the way ge sings and moving..


MiriamEla: Did he use the same background band for WYM and Ya Dlya Tebya?

ybet: yes they are twins

koldunlover: i like dima in wym video but not the video much it was too effective 4 me

ilovedimakoldun: i want Dima to make a new clip for debuska moei meshti

Valentinna: Yessss:) That would be soo great

nadia2: well i think he should make a video for all of his songs that would be the very best!

Valentinna: Yes:) And i think that he would well maybe become more famous right??:D well.. i think so...

MiriamEla: DMM would also make a great video. Hm... which girl would he use this time? XD

ybet: MiriamEla what is DMM?

ybet: oh ok i understand

MiriamEla: It might turn out to be a copy of Tsarevna though, the sentiment is the same. Ybet, I LOVE your avatar! *heart*

ybet: i want for reality of dreams cause the story might be interesting

ilovedimakoldun: I like the girl from tsarevna video,she is pretty1A!

Stella: the girl from tsarievna is like an emo!i didnt like it so much!

ybet: yeah she is liek emo,my favourite was in wym magic video!! but i think she was also beatiful

Stella: yes i agree with you!! the only person that was so beautiful in tsarievna was koldun!!he is so beautiful there!!he's body,he's face.he's eyes ohhhh!!generally is a god!!

Valentinna: Hehe You girls really have an imagination

Stella: tell me you liked this girl in tsarievna?

nadia2: i think she is cute and has a nice look but the girl in wym video was so beautiful

MiriamEla: I think the WYM girl is the best one too. The Tsarevna girl... kinda looked evil. Like she was going to take advantage of Dima.

Stella: MiriamEla,you're right!i think the best girl was in WYM!

ybet: I think the girl looked like a real angel in WYM and the girl in tsarevna like an evil

Stella: yes!exactly!!the girl in wym video clip is like a princess!!in tsarievna the girl is like a freak!!

ybet: Stella xaxaxaxa!yes you saw the videos from miss belarus in final?? i saw only ya dlya tebya and he was so cuteeeee


Stella: oh i didnt see the video from miss belarus!!!how was it?koldun was beautiful there??

nadia2: koldun was so good in the miss belarus, look it up on youtube

Stella: ok thank you!i will see it!!

ybet: but this time he didnt singed live but still great

Stella: oh yes!

Valentinna: Stella Well the most i like the girl from Ya dlya tebya - i think she is really pretty

Stella: Yes Valentinna i agree with you!the girl in ya dyla tebya is beautiful but in tsarievna the girl is like a vimpire!i hate her!!

ybet: Stella like a vampire? ok,she is weird but i think she is beatiful

ybet: she had bad look

Stella: I really hate her!i dont know..but i dont like her!!

ybet: Stella hehe ok! stella you saw the videos from miss belarus?

Stella: not yet!!dont worry,i didnt forget it,i will see it!

MiriamEla: He did Not Serious for Miss Belarus! I like that song a lot. =D

nadia2: i love the miss belarus performances especially the wym/dms one, i don't think i've ever heard him do it in english and russian together before

Stella: yes it was great!i liked ya dyla debya which koldun danced with the models and tsarievna!!

ybet: I liked all the performances but mostly the wym/dms and ne serezno!!

Околдованная: I like the WYM perfomance, but i think that Zarevna's perfomance is not for every concert shown. Cause when people will see this specific permomance many times they won't see it with unusual feelings.

MiriamEla: He had that little problem with the backing track during WYM/DMS.

Stella: yes thats true!!He had a little problem with the backing track!!

ybet: MiriamEla Stella yes i liked when he singed wym but they comfuse him cause they sang dms backside

ybet: Околдованная I agree...! and on this video,he looked so tired

Stella: yes he looked so tired!!poor Dima!!All this year works very hard and he never relax!!

nadia2: but it's worth it because he's so great

ybet: nadia2 yes he's always great with everything he's doing

Stella: yes thats true!He is so great in everything he does!!But he is always tired!!

ybet: Stella Yes Maybe in summer he will relax... he HAS to relax actually


Stella: wow he has many things to do!it looks in his eyes that he is tired!i hope he will relax soon!!Its a pity!!

Gladys: Yes, Dima is tired. There are concerts,interviews,shooting of clip,new song, new album. But he must do it first time,may be several years,if he want stay in show business. Its very important. I hope he find time for relax.

Stella: Yes i hope it too!You remember the accident with the motorcycle in video clip tsarievna?its a miracle that he is still alive!

Gladys: Yes, i know about this accident. I think it was wrong that Dima went motocycle himself,if he never before driven it. It must do professional.

ybet: Gladys ""if he want stay in show business"" Why he would not saty as a singer?!?!?!?!

julmoo: Well, I know from Germany that somebody who is from a casting show, he's never really popular (In Germany!!) They think that they are so super and everybody loves them, and after some weeks they are...forgotten But Dima is really famous in whole Europe so I don't think that it would be bad for his image, when he relaxes for 2 weeks!


Stella: koldun cant stop his job as a singer!he is so popular and the people love and adore him!!i think that except singing he is really good in acting!he can play in a comedy film because he played in a show "tarzan smith and his friends" he played so good!it was so funny!!

julmoo: I agree with you Stella! He is a really funny person, so if he would take part in a comedy film, it would be a great success!

ybet: Stella I don't think that he will stop as a singer.. I know that he loves this job, that's why he went in fabrika zvezd [and also for popularity ], and in people-artists 2, and in eurovision.... and yes I agree, he is a really funny person, when i see videos with him in fabrika he makes laugh so hard

Gladys: ybet i agree with you that Dima like his job. And he like sing very much. We can only wish him success in his career. And we will can continue enjoy his new songs, albums and clips.

mariya: Dear forum members! Please read the title of the thread again. This is NOT a topic where you write about where you want Dima to visit. I am sure if he had enough time, he would visit every possible city/town/village in the world! Also, age should be discussed in private messages . P.S: Some posts have been moved to the "Off-topic" thread.

ilovedimakoldun: Hey everyone Did you see the new video with Dima from a show? I love this video, he was really really beatiful even that the song was a little funny what do you think>?????

nadia2: i love that song but what is it called? also i prefer dima only to sing because we can't expect too much from him to act and do comedy shows too!

ybet: nadia2 yes,but i think it would be aswome if He will play to a movie or something maybe the song called "Вечный огонь"?

Stella: koldun sang a new song??

ybet: Stella no,its a song for wars,it's hot his song

julmoo: Maybe you mean the song "From heroes former times" It's a really old russian song, and he sang it because tomorrow is 9th May, that's the day of victory in Russia

Stella: Oh!i didnt know about this!sorry!

Gladys: Yersteday was conserts on russian tv "The songs of spring and Victory" becouse in Russian the 9 th of may-Day of Victory. Dima was singing old russian songs about war. Its call "Вечный огонь"( "Everlasting fire "). It was very serious song. He was singing very emotional and lyric.I like it very much!!! Not all young singers can sing such. Dima was perfect as usual!!!!

ybet: Yes, Gladys of course he was great,i like this video very much,only these people from wars not so much,they were weird You know when it will be this show with most illegant?

ybet: Yes,KoldunMagic he was surious but he must to be surious cause of the celebration and the song, but he still cute^^

julmoo: The theme of the song and the show was serious, so I think everybody who was on that show was a bit serious, and Dima has a serious, but funny character

Gladys: julmoo I agree with you.It was very serious consert and Dima was singing serious song about war. But in real live he is like joking.Especially with journalists when they asking stupid question.

julmoo: I love it when he makes jokes in interviews!! Especially in the videos which I have to translate for my friends!!

ilovedimakoldun: Gladys what stupid questions? can you tell us?

Gladys: ilovedimakoldun Journalists ask him the same question.And Dima was tireing answere.For example:"Why do you sing? "

ilovedimakoldun: Gladys And what dima answers?

Gladys: ilovedimakoldun Dima said that it was very very long story which began many years ago.When Adam and Eva were living.And people began sing. And now he is singing too.

ybet: the question was a really stupid actually at my opinion but dima always funny

Stella: What a stupid question!!they coudnt ask sth else??journalists are crazy!! kolduns answer was very funny!!

Gladys: Stella What else? Dima said in one of his interview that he want to go to other countries with concerts. And one juornalist asked with such surprising:"How you want to Europe?" He answered :"Yes i want in Europe and USA and Canada".And journalist asked :"How in USA too....?" Like it something unreal. If people in Europe for example loves his songs,his talent why he can not come with concerts to other countries?

Stella: i really hope to come in europe!!

ybet: Gladys why they never believe in dima? that is rude!

nadia2: maybe they don't believe in dima because he is a new singer but when they hear his album they will realise he is the best and will be famous everywhere

Stella: Υes!!nadia2 i agree with you!!He has so good voice and he is so good looking but they still dont belleve in him!But when they hear his album they will be speechless!!

ybet: Stella yes,that`s right stellitsa


Gladys: nadia2 I am absolutly agree with you. Dima only began his career.But if someone serious people ( i mean some menegers)who can invate him with concerts to Europe,can hear his songs,his voice,to see him,and if they know that he has fans whos will be visite his conserts, they will invate him. I am sure

ybet: Does anyone see him last night in "king of the ring"?

Околдованная: I don't. One girl said that he was in green Tshirt, but i didn't recognize him ^(

Gladys: ybet Evy i have not seen dima on King of the ring. May be it will be on next week.I exactly know that he was invated like guest.

ybet: If this girl which she saw him, was in crowd, maybe this show will be next week

Gladys: ybet I hope !!!!!!

ybet: Does anyone has the cosmopolitan interview/??? pleaseeee

Gladys: ybet Cosmopolitan interview there is on russian site: Колдун аудео/видео page 14

ybet: Gladys ] thanks, but the link has expired

Gladys: ybet There is no in you tube ?

ybet: Gladys Yes,i have upload them there

Stella: Koldun in tsarievna video clip was so good looking!Which scene you liked most?

MiriamEla: I think I liked the last scene most, the one where he finds her.

ybet: Stella I liked when he took of his helmet ahhhhhhhhhhh and in red bed

Stella: oh yes! ybet, i agree with you!When he took off his helmet and the scene in red bed Dmitry was so handsome!Those scenes are the best!!

julmoo: I loved the scene where he took off his helmet and in the red bed too!!! But I didn't like the thing where he got hurted by the boxing bag

ybet: julmoo I liked that it was funny

nadia2: julmoo That was the best bit, it was quite funny

Stella: yes this scene was so funny!But its a pity!

ilovedimakoldun: I was sad cause he hurt only because of her!!! But anyway, my favorite part was when he finally see her in reali life---so cute!


MiriamEla: THERE'S AN MP3??? I NEED IT NOW I saw the video and the song sounds AWESOOOME

ybet: MiriamEla here is the MP3 =)) http://www.filefactory.com/file/d255a8/

MiriamEla: <33333 Anyone know when he's going to release a studio version?

koldunlover: MiriamEla,, MAYBE ON HE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY

Gladys: MiriamEla I think a studio version will be in a new album. And now we can listen only such version. But i glad that i listen new Dimas song

ybet: Gladys Im agraid that reality of dreams will not be on his new album

nadia2: oh no that's one of the best songs, probably because it's not in russian =(


ybet: I dont know I just hope....!! cause he nevers sings this song

Borce: I want Dima to make English album.Same songs and some news with english lyrics

MiriamEla: Ditto, Borce. I personally love Reality of Dreams. Especially the lyrics. They describe me perfectly.

Gladys: Borce MiriamEla I like "Reality of dreams","Get up,get down". I like all songs Dima is singing on English. But i think there will not be songs on English in the his new album.(May be only"Work your magic") And i do not know why......

ybet: Gladys oh my God this is horrible

Gladys: ybet Yes Evy, i agree with you. "Reality of dreams" is wonderful song. Its pity,if this song will not be in the new Dimas album

ybet: Gladys So,,it's sure that will not be...


Gladys: koldunlover You right!!!! We do not be worry!!!!! Its only Dimas first album. And i am waiting for it so much. I do not know exactly what songs will be in this album. But i hope we can listen somthing interesting in this album and in the future.

nadia2: yes and he will have another album next year too yaaaaaaaaay

ybet: and more cliiiiiiiiiiiiiips!!!

Gladys: nadia2 ybet And a lot of new songs!!!

nadia2: I know, that's what I'm most excited about, more songs we don't know yet!

MiriamEla: Hm... maybe Dima's recorded a bunch more English songs and we don't know it!

ybet: Well...that will be a surprise, but I don't think so

Gladys: MiriamEla ybet I think it will be in the future. I hope on this very much!!!!!!!


nadia2: yeah, but probably next year if his 1st album does well!

ybet: im sure it will be! =DD

Cocolisa: Lately, only I know that Dima have a new single -Tsarevna-, but I didn't know more about him... Somebody knows something new of Dima?

Gladys: Cocolisa The 11th of june will be presentation of the first Dimas album. All are waiting it so much. There will be a lot of new Dimas songs in this album.

nadia2: I'm so excited, lots more new songs ahhhhhhhh

Gladys: nadia2 i am so waiting Dimas new album. I want listen new Dimas songs!!!!!!!!

ybet: Ok I have one question In Dima's new video, he sings devushka moey mechti song... It's his song or not? I`m totally comfused

Ночь: ybet. yes, the song "devushka moey mechti" is old his song. If you do not have his song, I can upload this song on the ifolder.)

ybet: Ночь Thank you, but I have it It's my favourite song of Dima.. i just thought that it wasn't Dima's song anymore

Ночь: ybet I like this song. too. May be you has mixed this song with "Ya ne umru ", because this song any more Dima's, and belongs to group Chelsi.

ybet: Ночь i don't know they told me that it's not Dima's song anymore, because it belongs to Drobysh and he's not Dima's manager anymore, so...

Ночь: ybet ,I do not know, but Dima sing this song till now, the song may be and belongs Drobyshu, but may be he do not forbidden her to sing Dime....

ybet: Ночь , I like when Dima sing this show but i have seen him to sing this maybe 2-3 times

Gladys: ybet Ночь If Dima can sing this song on the stage, may be it will be in his new album ?


Ночь: Gladys , May be will be this song in a new album, may be is not . Probably in this time it is known to one Dima. And just two weeks pending but in an album there should be many new songs which we did not hear. I wait with impatience of this presentation.

ybet: Well, I`m afraid that it will not be, but we'll see

Stella: i hope this song to be in his new album!it is really good!

Gladys: ybet Stella I like song "Girls of my dreams". And i wish it will be in Dimas album. If it not will be, i hope we can listen new beatiful Dimas songs

ybet: Yes, this is for sure Why Dima weard this red jacket on concert again? I don't like it much

Gladys: ybet I like Dimas perfomance in Israel!!!!!! Red jacket.....Yes he is wearing it often. May be Dima likes this jacket???

ybet: Gladys well, i have seen him only 2 times to wear this jacket, i just say it cause...this jacket....is.....strange and crazy haha


Gladys: ybet I have seen him in this red jacket 4 times: he sang in this in Donetsk,Novgorod,30АИФ,and now in Israel. It is not important for me what he waers. I like when he is singing And in Israel he was perfect


Stella: yes his voice wasnt tired!i think Dima was in a good mood in the concert and he was full of energy!!!

Gladys: ilovedimakoldun Stella I agree Dima was full of energy!!!! He has 4 conserts in Israel. And i hope we can see something interesting

Gladys: Its wondserful!!!!!!! The 30th of may on consert in Israel Dima sang 10 songs. 3 new!!!!!! Girls from Israel said its very beautiful songs!!!!!!!!

ybet: do you know how many songs will be on his album?

Gladys: ybet I do not know exactly I think :10 or 12 will be


Stella: hey what about his red jacket in the concert?he was a bit funny!wasnt he?

ybet: Stella in photos he looks funny, but on videos.. he's gorgeous

Stella: yes i agree with you!in videos he was fantstic!he was super!!i like his haircut very much!!

MiriamEla: Yaaaaaay my Belarussian friend Ana is going to buy me Dima's new CD this summer!!! I LOVE YOU ANA KLIMCHYNSKAYA

Stella: wow!!!!!you are so lucky MiriamEla!great!i hope to buy it one day!(in my dreams maybe!)

koldunlover: Ermm.... you saw the new fotos from Israel? He was sweet {as always} but he has terrible black bags under his eyes

Stella: yes he was so sweet!!yes he had bags under his eyes!maybe he was tired from the concert!poor dima!

ybet: I like the fotos when he touched the hands of the fans..that was so sweet^^

Stella: yes!ohh he is always sweet and friendly with all his funs and and generally with all the people!

Stella: the songs in the concert was fantastic!wasnt it?

mariya: Girls, once again I have to warn you about the discussion of photographs in this thread! Please, I am asking you all again to read this carefully! This thread is ONLY to discuss Koldun's performances at concerts, on TV, radio and also the audio/video which are available to download on this forum. Because we do not have a separate thread about photographs in this english section of the forum, all discussions therefore have to go in the "Off-topic" thread. I really hope for your understanding. Thank You.

mariya: Some up to date news... Dima is now in France filming for a new season of a show called "Bol'shie Gonki" (Big races). It is unknown at the moment when this will be aired on Channel One Russia. The presentation of the new album has been moved to autumn. Discussions about this topic can be read here (russian) On the night of 10th to the 11th of July at 01:30, Dima will be performing at the "Slavyanskiy Bazar" in Vitebsk (Belarus) .

ilovedimakoldun: I saw the videos from his birthday party, and my favourite was this when he sings angel mecthi + bizit morzet

nadia2: I loved the prasti za vso one, the girls were so cute trying to sing all nice and Dima was funny trying not to laugh =)

ybet: I liked mostly the video with angel mecthy!! he sings it perfect :))

miranda: I agree Evi! You can see it comes directly from his heart!


Gladys: I like very much when Dima was playing on the guitar and singing "Быть может"("May be"),"Ангел мечты"("Angel of the dream") и "Это не рай"( "Its not paradise"). "Это не рай" it is his song( music and words). And i like so much songs "Про друзей"("About friends") and "Я слушал дождь"("I was listening the rain"). It was amasing!!!!!! Dima was perfect and brilliant!!!!!!!!!

Stella: Yes!he sang like an angel!I like very much when he sang "angel mechty" and "prosti za vso" with the girls!This video was so funny!!

Borce: Yeah Gladys I agree with you those songs are wonderful I really like Это не рай and Dima made god job because the song is amazing.Bravo Dima!!! I want to ask you if this song will be on his new album?

ybet: Borce I thought this song wasn't Dima's

nadia2: He wrote Это не рай, wow I love it. I hope it's on his new album.

Gladys: Borce nadia2 Unfortunatly,i think this song will be not in his first album May be it will be in the second album. Cause Dima wish that his own songs,which he wrote himself ,will be in his album sometime..............

Borce: Thanks for your answer Gladys.That is not good because this song is amazing and I hear again and again..I can't stop.I want to ask you If all his songs from his first album will write Lunev or he will work also with oder composers because Lunev is really amazing composer I really like Ja dlja tebja and Tsarevna.Those songs are WONDERFUL!!!

miranda: can someone explain to me what dima is doing in the jury in the KVN-videos? i can't figure it out

Gladys: Borce Dima is working with Alexandre Lunev. Lunev is Dimas musical produser. I do not know exactly, but i think a lot of songs for first Dimas album will be written by Lunev. And may be, some songs will be written by another composers.

Gladys: miranda Dima was invated in jury of KBN. In Russia its very popular show. Besides Dima was playing in KBN with his brother George. It was before fabrika 6 .

ybet: Yes Gladys i have seen this video from 2005, and i laught so much

Gladys: ybet Yes Evy!!!!!!! It was very funny!!!!!!!

katred: Gladys пишет: Unfortunatly,i think this song will be not in his first album May be it will be in the second album. Maybe will not be these songs on first album - what a pity! But, we have splendid mini Concert Unplugged , thanks to girls. For me fairy-tale , this can will sweeten moment of expectation on album.

nadia2: I wish Dima's songs were in his albums, but maybe he'll still sing them in concerts.

Gladys: Borce You know the song "Tsarevna" music was be written by Alexandre Lunev and words by Oleg Tomashevckii. nadia2 I am hope too that Dima will be sing his own song,(written by himself )in the conserts!!!!!!!

Stella: oh i hope to write a song by himself and to sing it in concerts!it will be fantastic!!!

Околдованная: Stella Oh yes! I agree with you. It will be fantastic to listen dima's songs on his concerts! I believe that it is not impossible!

nadia2: Did he write maybe that he sang in esc 06?

Stella: he wrote a song and he sang in esc 2006??

ybet: Maybe you mean 'maybe' song?

Gladys: Song "May be"("Быть может") was written by two Kolduns brothers:text by George,music by Dima.

nadia2: and dima sang it in esc 06 but polina was the winner right?

Stella: yes!!Polina smolova with the song "Mama" right?

ybet: Yes,Stella she was her =)

nadia2: I didn't know before this year that dima was in esc 06, so he did fabrika zvezd after that?

ybet: You saw the videos from Славянский базар 2008?? Про друзей is very nice song and dima so handsome on this vid

Lisik: And I from new songs like " Это не рай ".It very sincere. At me already tears flew from eyes

nadia2: I love pro druzey which he sang at the slavonic bazaar.

ybet: i saw him on tv but he Also singed wym,right?why they didnt show it?

Gladys: I saw "Славянский базар" 2008 yesterday on PTP I like very much the song "Про друзей"!!!!!!!!!!! ybet Evy i read that Dima must sing WYM too........ May be it will be in the other day......

ybet: But he singed it! i saw it on a video

nadia2: I saw the video too, he sang it but not on tv I don't think.

ybet: nadia2 Maybe they will show it today?

Lisik: Yesterday has looked " Славянский базар ". A song which executed Dima - cool. It is unique, what me interests - whether he sang it alive or under a soundtrack? If Alive is simply best execution performance which was, and here if under a soundtrack, well, then have simply looked on Dima

ybet: Lisik But he also singed it in english there,right?

Gladys: ybet Yes Evy!!!!!!! Dima sang song "Pro druzey" in two version russian and english("Surrender") The song "Surrender" have other text: words and meaning......... And it is different from meaning "Pro dryzey"("About friends") But i like two version..........

nadia2: I love surrender, the words are so nice!!

Stella: yes!its very good song!!i like it a lot!!but i think the russian "pro druzey" was better


Stella: maybe!its a very good song!i think that i if with this song make a videoclip it will be fantastic!

Lisik: I very much want, that Dima have removed a clip on songs " Про друзей " and " Я не умру без твоей любви ", but it seems to me, that it never will take place.

katred: Lisik пишет: very much want, that Dima have removed a clip on songs " Про друзей " and " Я не умру без твоей любви ", but it seems to me, that it never will take place. More optimism !!! At least are video with concerts, birthdays ...etc. Well, if would was video clip to every song, and so this will be insufficiently for us - fans. Smile please.

Gladys: I agree with katred !!!!!! katred пишет: More optimism !!! If Dima will shoot new clip it will be wonderful!!!!!!!!! And may be it will new very beutiful song

Stella: i want dima to make a clip with the song "pro druzjey" its very good!!

ybet: Which of his new songs you like mostly?

nadia2: Surrender is the best, a clip for that would be amazing.

Stella: yes i agree with nadia!

miranda: I just love Pro druzey. A clip for that song would be amazing

miranda: Do someone have the Cosmopolitan show in high quality? :D:D:D:D

ybet: miranda They have it in video's page

Lisik: Yesterday looked "Звуковую дорожку", there Dima was magnificent. He was spread on all of 100%.

ybet: I saw him too Lisik !! He was just amazing

miranda: what's that?

miranda: i've just figured it out lol :P

Gladys: I like when Dima sing on english language!!!!!!!! I love very much "Reality of dreams", "Get up,get down"!!!!!!! And now "Surrender".........

nadia2: I agree, I prefer the english songs and he does sing them without a big russian accent!

mariya: Hm....I'm really suprised that you say that Dima sings his english songs without a russian accent. I think the accent can be heard quite clearly especially in the chorus of, for example "Surrender". Still, I don't think that this is an important factor, Dima tries his best for sure

Околдованная: haha :) I think you like english Dima's songs cause you can understand the words which he's singing PS: It's because I don't like japanese songs or songs in every other languages cause I can't understand the idea of the song hehe :))


Stella: ilovedimakoldun i agree with you!but generally when he sings english songs has good accent in my opinion!not only in work your magic!for example in songs "get up get down","reality of dreams",i think he's accent is really good!isnt it?

Околдованная: Eurovision helped him

ybet: I cannot know if he has exactly the english accent cause is not my 1st language but it sounds that he can speak good :))

Stella: yes i agree!and when he speaks for the example in an interview in english he use also good vocabulary!

nadia2: Околдованная that is why i like his english songs, because I understand them better than russian. But he does speak quite good english, in his press conferences for esc he could answer every question in english and understand. And of course he has a little russian accent when singing but that's what makes it a better song cause it's cute.

mariya: Girls, I do have to disagree. You see, singing and talking in one language, in this case its english, are 2 completely different things. Of course Dima's accent will sound better in the songs when he is singing because he has time to learn the words, pronounciation and just simply the effect of how the words sound in the song. When Dima gives an interview (lets go back to Eurovision), I do have to say that his english is not at the best level. However, I have written about this a lot of times in the russian section of the forum, where I respect him for not using a translator and actually trying to talk himself! He does sometimes use the wrong words or different terms, but as I said, he does try his best! Don't forget learning english in a country where it is not their first language is hard!! really hard!! Plus, he does know 2 languages minimum anyway... :)

ybet: Yes mariya in some interviews in eurovision he totally stucked when he tried to answer, but sometimes his answers wasn't bad :))

Gladys: Girls Dima knows 3 language: belarus,russian and plus english!!!!! I agree with Mariya, when Dima is singing his english will sound better But giving interview on foreign language its very hard!!!!!!! You must think not only good pronounciation,you must think how answer question right and may be get over some emotion....... Dima able to do his english perfect if he will be need it.......

miranda: Yeah I think he talks english really well sometimes, but sometimes it's get hard, i know that too lol :D:D:D

Stella: yes i agree!sometimes when he gives a interview he dont speak english very well!maybe,because he is nervous and anguished this time!but anyway he doe his best always

miranda: mariya i agree with you :)) in surrender you can hear his russian accent on some words, for example "world" and "surrender". that's at least what i think

miranda: do someone have his performance in high quality from Zolotoy Grammofon? :)) I would be so happy if someone could upload it :)))

MiriamEla: OMG!!! *in love with Surrender and Bad News* I agree that his accent does come out a little, but not so much that you can't understand it. (except in Maybe, but maybe the words to that are just weird) Even Ana, who really gets annoyed at singers with accents, said "Oh my gosh, he can actually sing in English!" Talking is another matter, it must be harder than singing because he has to make his own sentences and stuff rather than saying the same words over and over. But his accent is so cute <3

miranda: MiriamEla i agree about his accent! I think it's so cute! my heart practically melts :D:D:D

ybet: the new videos are broken or only me, i can't open them?

Anna125: You should download all parts and only then you'll can see video.

Gladys: Hello everyone!!!!! Did you hear the new Dimas song "ВСЕ ,ЧТО ТЫ ХОЧЕШЬ"(Everything, what you want") on the radio "KOLDUN"? I like it very much!!!!!!!! Its very summer song.......ocean,beach,palm-trees,sky,bonfire, guitar and only he and she....... The words wrote by Constantin Arsenev The music wrote by Dima..........

ybet: Gladys i haven't hear it where i can hear it??is there any link?

Gladys: ybet Evy,its song on radio "KOLDUN"!!!!!!!!!

Околдованная: Yeah! It is so good summer song! I really like it! You can listen to it on radio -koldun!

ybet: Gladys Околдованная Yess, I listened it some minutes ago-i like it!))

silhouetteofthenight: haven't heard the new song yet *goes to tune in* Thanks for the info Gladys!

nadia2: ВСЕ ,ЧТО ТЫ ХОЧЕШЬ is a really good song, it is perfect for summer. Dima wrote it himself?

silhouetteofthenight: yeah I think so..not completely sure 0.o

Gladys: nadia2 Dima wrote music for the song "ВСЕ ,ЧТО ТЫ ХОЧЕШЬ" The words wrote by Constantin Arsenev

silhouetteofthenight: ahh thanks for the info Gladys. I love the song! x]

Stella: me too!this song is amazing!

nadia2: Thanks for the info gladys, I really love this new song. Will it be on the album?

Borce: I totaly agree with you Nadia!!!!Also I must to say that I love the songs which Dima wrote and that he is amazing songwriter!!!

miranda: I can't wait tll i get hold of the new songs! :D

Borce: Omg I'm listening his new song write now.It's soooooooooooooo great.I love it

Borce: I have one question.Dima wrote this song?

ybet: is there any link Borce to listen that song too??

nadia2: I love his new song

miranda: i LOOOVE the new song! :))))))) i agree, he is a amazing song writer!

mariya: ybet пишет: is there any link Borce to listen that song too?? The new song can be heard on radio KOLDUN :)

Gladys: I like the new song too!!!!!! But its not Dima wrote.... This song wrote by Илья Брылин......

Stella: i've already listened this song!!its very good!!i like it!!

MiriamEla: Can someone give me a complete list of all the songs on RadioKoldun, in order, please? I'd prefer not to sit in front of the computer writing song names down for more than an hour. ...and tell me the name of the instrumental song that comes after Day Mne Silu???

Gladys: MiriamEla HI Playlist there is on site Radio Klodun: http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post82580459/ But its changing all time.......

katred: MiriamEla All songs in order, on radio Koldun. As yet. * Я придумал Work your magic (instrumental) По венам (instrumental) Прости за всё May be Я придумал По венам Reality of dreams * Surrender Тебя лучше нет Work your magic Я буду ждать Я не умру без твоей любви * Я придумал Все, что ты хочешь Get up Дай мне силу Instrumental (without title) * Ангел мечты Это не рай (instrumental) Девушка моей мечты Несерьёзно Это не рай Плохая новость * And over and over again

MiriamEla: Thank you so much for the order!!!! Ya Pridumal is on there three times... weird. So I guess no one knows the name of that song... too bad... I WANT IT

silhouetteofthenight: I thought this was reality of dreams instrumental - it sounded familiar..0.o I actually posted it on our english forum as "ROD - instrumental" - it's in rar file with all the instrumentals..ahh however, will just post the link here in a few if someone wants this song. x]

ybet: Dima in that show in France, he won or he lost?? I didn't understood from the video

ybet: please someone answer me

nadia2: It was a competition between russia, usa, kazakstan and china and russia were the winners. I just saw it on tv and it was really funny but also quite dangerous, there was a bull there. Like 4 people had to go to hospital from getting hurt with the bull. Dima's part in the competition was funny, a lady fell on him

Gladys: ybet Evy it was team game In competition which Dima took part russian team wasaw not first This competition called "The bridge of kisses"(seals must be build the bridge and then Romeo and Julliette must be kiss on this bridge) But all game russian team won Its not olympic game Its show..... nadia2 Yes it was very funny when chinese Julliette fell on Dima.....

silhouetteofthenight: I just watched it a few hours ago.. and yeah it was funny when a lady fell on him there, and that seal costume.. =D

nadia2: He made the costume look good though

ybet: It was greattt :D :D :D I liek those clothes a lot, and the 1st song, is new right?? and his new hairstyle is cuttie :))))))))))

miranda: he was sooo cute!!! my heart just melted the moment he got out on the stage <3<3<3<3<3<3

ybet: miranda Me too, and whn he took of his jacket

nadia2: I love his new hair, it's gorgous He took his jacket off - so rockstar He sang 3songs, ahh that's so many. Is the 1st song new, it sounded new to me!!

Stella: yes!!!!he was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Borce: I TOTALY AGREE WITH YOU STELLA.HE IS THE BEST!!!!HIS STYLE IS SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL AND HIS NEW HAIRCUT OMG!!!I like all 3 preformances and his new song was soooooo GREAT!!!!He really WORKED WITH HIS MAGIC yesterday!!!! BRAVO my brother!!!!Great job!!!!

MiriamEla: JESC nat. final? THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I LOVE the new song! And him taking off his jacket... shmeksay

Gladys: The new song "Каждый день"("EVERY DAY") text wrote by Constantin Arsenev Music wrote by DMITRIY KOLDUN!!!!!!!!!!!

miranda: that's awesome!!! :)))))))))

Gladys: I like Dima`s perfomance!!!!!!!! He was great!!!!!!!!!!!! nadia2 пишет: He took his jacket off - so rockstar I wish he really will be rockstar!!!!!!! Very famous rockstar all around the wourld!!!!!!!!!

miranda: Gladys i hope so too :)))))))

Borce: And I too we all hope!!!!

nadia2: I'm impressed he wrote his new song, i really like it

ybet: I really loved his clothes there..he looked like a teenager :)) I prefer his daily clothes from his clothes whne he wears on lives like the red jacket

PioneR"Ka: ybet YEEEAAA!!)) I agree with you on 100% !) I very loved his jeans costume!)) His really looked like a teenager)) Sweets)

ybet: PioneR"Ka Thanks :D :D and his haircut was cute too

nadia2: ybet I agree, he always looks cute in everyday clothes.

Borce: All his clothes are WONDERFUL!!!He has the best style in the world and he is the most orginal from the other male singers!!!

silhouetteofthenight: yep Borce, well said. I agree with you, he really has great style!

ybet: Does anyone have a link for "Пилот ФМ"?

silhouetteofthenight: ybet what's this, you meant a radio link? if it's so it's here http://www.pilotfm.com/

silhouetteofthenight: where did you hear about that? is it a brand new song we've never heard before, neither on his radio? anyway, I went on the page, but I don't see anywhere a button to tune in..there's just written on which stations it's broadcasted in Belarus, but no live link =/

ybet: silhouetteofthenight Yes, but the premiere was in 16th of september So I gues they have already play it

nadia2: Yeah i read about a new song on belarussian radio, is there a link for it anywhere?

zagadka: The new song on Pilot FM it's "Bezrabotnaya lyubov" (the russian version of ROD). So you don't miss anything, it's played on our on-line radio. The "Instrumental", that is played on radio KOLDUN, isn't instrumental of ROD, it's just another music. In future may be it will be song, if anyone will write words for it :))) And reproof for everyone - we don't post links of new Dima's songs on this forum!

silhouetteofthenight: thanks for the info about instrumental song zagadka. I hope it'll be the song in the future, cause the melody sounds great. ^^

zagadka: The new site of Dmitry Koldun - http://www.koldun.name/en/ Welcome!

ybet: what is the name of the new Dima's video?is it new song? and when that happend?

nadia2: He has a new video???


ybet: nadia2 Borce it's for Rock-opera I think. [?]

silhouetteofthenight: Pro grushi i kryshi, right? hmm, it sounds different than his usual style of songs, so I guess it's for rock opera, cause if I google this title nothing comes up, if it would maybe be some cover or something.. but why would he sing rock opera song on festival on stage? 0.o when was this festival after all? I suppose it was around 25th when he was at Mayer, cause of the clothes and hair maybe ..

silhouetteofthenight: found it now, the video is from today from Festival 'Musical heart of theater' which was in intellectual center of the fundamental library of MGU. though I'm still not sure about the song..

zagadka: silhouetteofthenight This is a song from rock-opera (Hoakin sing it before he leave Chile and go to America). Dima song it today because it was the presentation of rock-opera on the festival.

silhouetteofthenight: oh so then. thanks for telling! x]

ybet: Emm... this song "somebody loving you" is one of Dima's new songs?? is very nice

Borce: That is Dima new song!!!OMGGGGG!!!!

silhouetteofthenight: I'm just downloading it, can't wait to hear it! ^^

Gladys: Its song "Somebody loving you" from Dima`s repetition with his musicians

nadia2: I really like this new song, is there a studio version?

silhouetteofthenight: Gladys when he had this rehearsal? I really love the song.

silhouetteofthenight: Nadia I don't think there's a studio version..yet..maybe this song will be on the album or on the radio too soon.

Borce: I simply LOVE this song!!!!It's just PERFECT!!!!Dima you ROCK!!!Dima wrote this song or?

Borce: Were are they?I mean were are rehearsaling?

silhouetteofthenight: yep Borce I really like the lyrics too. Maybe he wrote it since he said he wrote lots of songs lately for the album..

Gladys: The new video about Dima From russian tv http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post90430642/

ilovedimakoldun: What does it says?? eh when i saw ur message i thought a new clip

Gladys: Its says about rock-opera That Dima play the main role of Hoakin That Dima turn to rock-singer from pop-singer And a little Dimas interview Dimas said about his brother George who taught him play on the guitar... Now he is produser for himself...... He want to have musical education but he has not time now for this.... And all other information we know from another interviews ....

ybet: What do you think about Dima in rock-opera?? :)

miranda: i think he's doing great! I'm not really in to operas usually, but now when dima is in one, i would have crossed fire just to get a chance to see it :)))) but i'm really glad that the other girls here taped pieces so we could a chance to see it :) thanks to all!!!! you don't how much it means to me

ybet: I agree Miranda, well my favourite moment is when he sang huakin mureta [it was also kinda funny ] but he sang it great live, and when Svetlana dies it was very sad moment! even that i have no idea what they were saying dima was great on his acting thank you for the videos too

Borce: I totaly love the rock-opera.The story was amazing!!!With those videos I had feel that I was there and I was watching the rock-opera live!! Dima was soooo AMAZING!!! His act was really impressive!!!! I love all parts with Dima,Svetlana and Dima and Svetlana together!!!Some moments were sooo sad,some moment sooo romantic and full with love!!I really don't have words!!!I'm sure that this is HUGE step for Dima's carier because the rock-opera is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bravo Dima!!!Congratulations!!!!

Stella: i agree with you Borce!!the rock opera was amazing!the best scenes are Dima with Svetlana!they are so romantic scenes,and the songs was great!Dima is so talented!congratulations Dima,you are the best!you acted like a proffesional actor who is many years in the theatre an acts!!bravo again!!!!

mariya: Some up to date news from the official website 18.12.08, Tomorrow, Dima and his band of musicians will be in Kiev (Ukraine) performing at the "Best songs of the Year" 25.12.08, Dima will be in Riga (Latvia) performing at the "Hits of Russia" at the Riga Arena!

SantoRini: Riga 25.12.2008 I was asked to write something about our meeting with Koldun in Riga. As for the concert, you can see how beautiful and great it was. There was a lot of energy on the stage and Koldun sang amazingly. The meeting was held in the nearest to the hotel Pub, but in a quiet atmosphere, so we could peacefully socialise with Koldun and his team. We got to know what Koldun is doing behind the stage during the performance (so he is drinking a cup of coffee and then watching, what is going on on the stage to continue his acting). Then it was some misterious history about the song "Tsarevna" - that is why he doesn't like to sing it. Also he compared town Riga with his town Minsk, saying that trams are the same His administrator is a very good person and his team is friendly. I'm glad that he is working with these people =) We have made photos and videos as from concert as from meeting. I hope you would like them. If you have any additional questions, I will answer with pleasure.

Stella: i saw the videos from the concert and they are really great!the song Surrender was the best!and in the photos after the concert are so cute,Dima was so sweet on those pics But why he didnt like to sing Tsarevna?

SantoRini: Stella пишет: But why he didnt like to sing Tsarevna? First of all Dima told that he like the song (Tsarevna). But, he doesn't work with producer Lunev now. Lunev doesn't forbid to sing this song, but Dima doesn't want to sing it. And also we all know that this song was written especially for Koldun, but Dima found out that this song was written for another singer and it doubly became unpleasant to sing it.

Stella: oh i understand!thank you very much for the informationSantoRini

nadia2: I love this new version of surrender!

Stella: oh me too!when it starts its so nice!

silhouetteofthenight: thanks a lot for the info SantoRini Glad to hear you guys had fun at the concert and meeting! x]] I also loved Surrender in new version very much! x]

zagadka: In the Russian topic "Audio/Video" it is discussing now the problem of uploading videos to the public sites without permission of the author and participants, who are seen on the video. The reason of this: appearance of the video from the private meeting with D.Koldun in Riga 25.12.08 on youtube.com. The author of this video is also against the publishing of this video in the youtube, the other participants are agree with the author. At our forum we publish private video for internal view, than you can upload it for everyone just with the permission of the author. We ask you to delete from youtube private video of the meeting in Riga after the concert 25.12.08!

Gladys: NEW PLAYLIST OF THE RADIO KOLDUN - Alesya - Алеся (Музыка: Олег Иванов, слова Анатолий Поперечный) - Angel mechty - Ангел мечты (Музыка: Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Денис Лис) - Bezrabotnaya lubov - - Безработная любовь (Музыка: Баграт Вартанян, слова: Константин Арсенев.) - Devushka mechty - Девушка моей мечты - Cha-cha-cha - Ча-ча-ча (Формула счастья). - Get up get down (Йорген Элофссон, Маки Колемайнен, Трэйси Липп) - Instrument - I surrender (Музыка: Илья Брылин, слова: Илья Брылин/Сергей Саунин) - Kazhdiy den na zemle - -Каждый день на земле (Музыка: Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев) - Klyatva_Xoakina - -Клятва Хоакина (Музыка: Алексей Рыбников, слова: Павел Грушко) - May Be (Слова/музыка: Дмитрий Колдун) - Mest_Xoakina - -Клятва Хоакина (Музыка: Алексей Рыбников, слова: Павел Грушко) - Ne ray -- Это не рай (Музыка: Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев ) - Ne ray instrument - Neseryozno - Несерьезно (Музыка: Виктор Дробыш, слова: А. А'Ким) - Pesnya_Xoakina - -Клятва Хоакина (Музыка: Алексей Рыбников, слова: Павел Грушко) - Plohaya novost - ПЛОХАЯ news (Музыка:Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев) - Poezd na yug -Поезд на юг (Музыка:Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев) - Po venam - По венам (Музыка: Илья Брылин, слова: Илья Брылин/Сергей Саунин) - Po venam instrument - Prosti za vse - Прости за все (Музыка: Игорь Латышко/Виктор Дробыш, слова: Игорь Латышко) - Reality of dreams (Музыка: Баграт Вартанян, слова: Дмитрий Басик) - Tebya luchshe net - Тебя лучше нет (Музыка: Олег Елисеенков) - Ty uletish - Ты улетишь (Музыка: О. Макаревич, слова: В. Куревский) - Vals Boston - Вальс-бостон (Музыка/слова: Александр Розенбаум) - Vechniy ogon - Вечный огонь, песня из кинофильма "Офицеры" (Музыка:Рафаил Хозак, слова: Евгений Агранович) - Vse chto ty hochesh - Все, то ты хочешь (Музыка: Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев) - Work Your Magic (Dance Remix) - Ya budu zhdat - Я буду ждать - Ya ne umru bez lubvi - Я не умру (Слова/музыка: Андрей Микрюков) - Ya pridumal - Я придумал (Музыка: Илья Брылин, слова: Илья Брылин) - Yarostniy_stroyotryad - Яростный стройотряд (Музыка: Александра Пахмутова, слова: Николай Добронравов) NEW SONG!!! - Zvezda - (music: Алексей Рыбников, text:Константин Арсенев, аранж:Дмитрий Четвергов)

Borce: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG IT'S PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE CHORUS is soooooooo beautiful and the Dima's voice too also the efect with the back vocals who sing a little opera is great!!!!!!!!!!This is the best rock-balada that I ever heard in my life!!!!!!!!!!Also I like the fact that is writen by so famous composer!!!!!!!!I hope on english version soon and I hope that this song will be on his album!!!!!!!! UPD by moderator: I know you may like the song very much and be high on emotions but please remember to take off your CAPS lock button. This expesses anger and means you are shouting put together with many explanation marks. First warning!

nadia2: I love this new song, it's amazing!!

Borce: Yeahhhh I hope that he will perform this song on 19 January on the belarusian nacional selection.BTW does anyone know in which time will start the belarusian selection?

tusya: Borce it starts at 21:50 (Belarus time), on-line tv search here http://www.belarus-tv.by/rus/live.asp

ybet: is great that we'll see him on tv after a long time))

nadia2: I know, I can't wait to see the final and it'll be so amazing that Dima will be there too. Maybe he'll sing more than one song like the JESC.

Borce: I hope that he will have real concert there with many songs!!!!! BTW I really loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the new song" Byt ili ne byt"It's writen that is studio version but for me is like a real song!!!!!!!!!!I really like the sound of the song and Dima's voice too!!! Did someone know who is the composer?

mariya: Dima will be co-presenting Eurofest (Eurovision National Final) on 19th January. Borce пишет: Did someone know who is the composer? Composer of this song is A. Lunev (ie -Dima's last producer) A NOTE FOR EVERYONE: The song "Byt ili ne byt" must NOT be posted anywhere else. It is for this forum only.

Borce: Dima will be co-presenting Eurofest (Eurovision National Final) on 19th January So he will be only host on the show?He will not sing? Composer of this song is A. Lunev (ie -Dima's last producer) Oh so that mean that this song will not be on his album

ybet: Borce пишет: Oh so that mean that this song will not be on his album Borce then why he agreed for this song if it won't be?

Borce: Borce then why he agreed for this song if it won't be? This is not official song this is only demo version so because of that maybe will not be on his album because maybe was planed this song to be on the album with Lunev

nadia2: I'm so excited that Dima will be presenting, it's gonna be amazing! And was Anastasia his backing singer in esc?

ybet: nadia2, Anastasia was with him on his promo-tour=)))

nadia2: Well who sang backup for him?

Borce: I'm veru happy and I can't wait to come 26 January because Dima will have new english single named "Don't fade away".This is true right?

MiriamEla: Borce пишет: Dima will have new english single named "Don't fade away" Wow, really? Sweet! I was wondering when he'd do more English stuff.

silhouetteofthenight: I love his two new songs1 Can't wait for Eurofest, I'm excited to see him as a host! ^^ btw Borce, is this official about this english song, where did you hear about it?

mariya: Yes it is official about "Don't fade away". Screenshot taken from Pilot FM website Exclusively from the radio, the song will be aired on 26th Jan

Borce: Yeah and little part of the song you can hear on the radio "Koldun"after the song Zvezda like I read

nadia2: I love his 2 new songs and I can't wait for the new english one.

Stella: me too they are perfect!!!

silhouetteofthenight: me either! I'm sure it'll be great song and it's great that it'll be in english, so we can understand it better

Borce: Today is the big day!!!!!!!I can't wait!!!!!!!GOOD LUCK DIMA!!

nadia2: I just saw eurofest and it was so good. I like the winning song and Dima was amazing, I love the remix of wym and surrender.

mariya: All post about the participants of Eurofest (including the winner) please into the Off-topic thread. UPD: previous posts have now been moved into the off-topic thread

koldunlover: Can someone say what Dima said today on the radio, Please?

Borce: Did he say there something new about his album or some plans for video clip?

Gladys: Borce Dima said that album will be represantation in the end of the February And he want make video-clip!!!

Stella: wow those are good news! i cant wait

nadia2: That's so great that he wants a new video.

silhouetteofthenight: these are great news, but when will he announce the exact date? either way that's great he wants to shoot a video as well, can't wait!

Gladys: silhouetteofthenight I hope Dima will announce the exact date in the next month........ I mean represantation his album ......

ybet: Great that it will be a video clip, i hope soon Off topic: Well, Of course it will be publish the exact day of the represantation of his album soon, how people would know when his album will come out then..?

mariya: Dima said that presentation of his album will be at the end of February. However, the actual will come out (in shops, and other places where you can buy CD's ) sometime in spring.

nadia2: Will he have a new photoshoot for the album?

mariya: No information as to whether there will be a new photoshoot. But to be honest, I think at the moment Dima is concentrating more on finishing the music material.

mariya: The russian version of "Don't Fade Away" (Plach' i poi) has been added to the "Radio Koldun" playlist. Don't forget to leave your opinions here.

ybet: Oh, i like more the english version but this version is great too!

Stella: yes i agree with you ybet!the English version is better.i dont know... the english version its more emotional

Borce: I love the both versions!!!!!!I also love the russian lyrics!!!And they are very emocional and beautiful!!!!

nadia2: I love the russian version, it's really nice!

silhouetteofthenight: I like russian version, but my fav is still english one. Lyrics in russian are very nice, but I think it comes more to a point in english version and lyrics are more powerful there. ^^

miranda: Does anyone if Pesnya Goda 2009 in Ukraine has been aired on TV yet? I would really like to have this performances there

alice: if discussion than discussion... i've registered here not coz i'm fan of Dima Koldun... but coz i would like to share one thing...it's rather curious..it excited me very much... it's about one Dima's song. Tsarevna. once i showed video of this song to my nepali friends in nepal... do u know what they've said???!!! i was so much surprised with their reaction... they said it looks like hindi song... like indian song... everything: tune, even u know, how the words sound sometimes it reminded them hindi language... i couldn't believe that's why after sometime i showed this video to my indian friends :) (just to learn their opinion).. first question which i've heard from them was, "Is he Belarusian?". "Does he looks like Indian?!!" (was my surprise) "Yes"...and they have said same as nepali friends... that this song is like indian song... isn't it funny??? how it could become possible,,, i have no idea... but it's great. now Dmitry Koldun can popularize his work in the East... ;) coz it has turned out that his song became close and understandable for people of diff countries and cultures... belarusian and nepalese or indian... but anyway we are relatives ;)...

Gladys: alice You surprised me too!!! Song Tsarevna looks like indian song....may be.... But Dima looks like Indian Time for creating Dima`s fan-club in India is coming ???

Borce: OMG our Dima is becomeing famous in India!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This is totaly COOL!!! I think that they are ready!!!Guys I recomed you to listen all Dima's song because they are amazing and he is amazing too!!!!I see that great music like Dima's can be famous everywhere and the language is not so important!!!Many thanks to this post Alice

nadia2: Dima was so amazing in his concert today, I love the new songs! :)

miranda: For me the online video stopped several times, like every minute it felt like. it was kinda hard to concertate on him and the music while the video stopped, but he sounded awesome, and i really wish i was there to see him for real! great work Dima!!

Borce: Yeah I agree!!!The BEST concert ever!!!! I'm without words!!!!!He was perfect...........I love his new songs especilay the english one which I think that is called"I know"but maybe I'm wrong!!!!he was amazingggg....Dima thanks for those lovely moments!!!!You ROCK!!!!

Borce: Hey guys can someone translate this for me better please 7 мая вечером в «Евродоме» (здание ЦВЗ «Манеж», Манежная площадь д.1) в рамках песенного конкурса Евровидение 2009 состоится концертное выступление Дмитрия Колдуна и его музыкального коллектива.

mariya: Borce , On 7th May Dima and his band will perform at the "Eurodrome" areana due to the Eurovision Song Contest being so soon. :)

Serebrocat: the concert was amazing! I loved it ;) And I think his stage performances is really funny ;) & great :D :D my fav song still is Vsyo Chto ti Xochesh

SantoRini: "Dmitry Koldun was the host as well as singing and he was wonderful and very confident at hosting." This is the opinion of the one european journalist who was yesterday on Belorussian party. :)

Borce: Thanks for the info SantoRini I'm so glad when I read this news about yesterday!!!!I'm so happy for Dima because the reactions are great!!!!

Львагр@: And it was not pleasant to me it blows with Rudovoj. She is not able to sing at all, only wriggles. I would like Dimu to see together with Snatkinoj.

miranda: How cool that the journalists think he was great! He really did a great job! I wish i could have been there

Borce: I agree Miranda... when we are about the journalist I really love this moment on the belarussian press conference when he is drinking vodka....he is hilarious here .I see that there are many cameras and photographers so I want to see pictures!!!!He is always very intersting and makes really intersting things!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=adZdr7DV3Ao&feature=channel_page

miranda: yeah, that looked really funny :D

Borce: Dimka was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G yesterday on "New voices of Belarus"I mean he sang and looked perfect in real sence of the word It was so intersting to hear DMS with orchestra ...Дима спасибо огромное for the performance and also for the girl who record it...I really enjoyed<3

ybet: I also loved this performance, and i love the pic that Dima posted!;) wasn't suppost to make a duette on the stage?? or that was for an another day??

Fairytale: I loved the performance on "New Voices of Belarus" too, I'm glad he was singing live, and the orchestra sounded great! The president really seemed to enjoy the performance too.

Stella: yes i liked it too!the sound of orchestra was so nice and dima sang very good like an angel.the performance was amazing!!!

Guinness: Hi everyone, Once again I took the liberty of translating the latest post by Dima (hopefully, Gladys won't kill me for that!) I tried to be as close to the original as I could... Here you are: "I will tell you truly! If I don’t tell you, then you may perceive it distorted from someone else! It has been decided by me to speak on the post-clip discussions. The clip is kind! Like the juice from a birch tree – drip, drip into a cup, then they add a bit of sugar, blue or pink – and here you go! It sits on a grocery store shelf, and everyone grabs it! ‘Cause it’s yammy! Everyone could have walked on the water, but no… deep down to the bottom… just like I do… Brethren and sister-friends, be kinder! KINDNESS! Amen!" And please please don't ask me what this is all about...

Gladys: Guinness пишет: Gladys won't kill me for that Guinness Thanks for translation I think this text was not very easy!

Guinness: Gladys пишет: I think this text was not very easy! Gladys, thanks! In fact it was very easy to translate the text, after I understood the meaning of it.... It's exactly the process of understanding that was terribly difficult!!!

Guinness: Hi there! Here is the English translation of the latest message by Dmitry Koldun posted about an hour ago: Friends! Let’s embrace each other (read - embrace ourselves:)) It is exactly these words will follow every owner of the disk that will shortly emerge into the light and into the darkness! I will reveal a secret to you: the disk will be “various” in terms of its design, and it will not be uniform, but many-faced and diversified… - you may use your guess further! If I were you, I would not understand what I have been told here, but I want more mystery))) And tomorrow I’ll go to the disk incubator, where disks and their covers are dying to hit the road for their independent trips to the shelves inhabited by their colleagues or competitors. With my left eye (the right one being covered with a forelock) I want to take a look at the process of songs migrating from the long-inhabited boiler plate to the permanent residence on the CD))) We’ll have to wait for the time being! Amen!

ybet: Thank u Guinness! :) i`m really curious to see how the desing of the album

Borce: OMG after Dima's post I'm more curious than ever about the desing!!! I love the part when he said:It is exactly these words will follow every owner of the disk that will shortly emerge into the light and into the darkness! because it's so stupid when singers say:My album will see the light of the day but they forget that also exist the night ..Bravo Dima !!!!I really love your messages which are full with smartness,mystery, and cool things!!!!And I love the Amen! at the end!!!!!Oh guys only two weeks till the album promotion!!!!!!!!!

Stella: yes i agree i love this quote he said,it was really smart.iam looking forward to see how they will design the album...and yes only 2 weeks!it is not so far!

miranda: i'm so curious now! and i love his little message, it was really cute!

nadia2: http://esctoday.com/news/read/14263#react They wrote about his new album on esctoday

miranda: that's great nadia! more ppl will see it now, and maybe buy it!

Gladys: I'm glad that they published the news!!! ESC is very popular Its the site about Eurovsion and the eurovisons stars So many people will see it and may be will buy Dima`s debut album !!!

Borce: I 100% agree with you Gladys!!!

Gladys: Dima`s blog "Hello, friends! Today I was in the place, where make disks and boxes to them. My right hand (the left hand was in a pocket) swithed on the frightful printing-press, sound "pi" the means about beginning the first circulation! Then, true, there were the second and third circulation ( corrected, that letters were not doubled), but i was happy I accompanied the album in the last way... way to the shelves of shops with an delightly-sorrowful smile :) Althought on all sorrow from parting with "my child",I was glad that every disk was branded by the " silver"... Wait!)))" http://blogs.mail.ru/list/dkoldun/63FBDFAE546052C.html?page=2#comment_25DC43B4F131729C

Gladys: Compact disk - for the peoples! 21-rd on August, 2009 Dmitriy Koldun signed a contract and agreements of licenses on the release of the first musical compact disk with largest Russian record- label"Union" (www.soyuz.ru). An artist gave the rights to the company on 13 compositions for the release of musical compact disks, realization in a network of the Internet, on the production of mobile content, and also defence of his copyrights in the all countries of the world without limitations. In this day started the release of new musical disk. http://www.koldun.name/ru/news/?c=185 News of.site

Borce: Thanks for the info Gladys!!!! OMGGGG the best news ever!!!!!!I'm damn happyyyy! !!!The video is awsome!!!!!!I saw two pictures from the photoshoot in 2008!!!!! My favourite one!!!!After this I really can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!Dimka was so beautiful and cool in the video...I love the end!!!!!!!! The album will be DAMN AMAZING!!!!!!

Stella: I saw the video too!Dima looks amazing and so happy in the video i saw the pictures from the photoshoot too...the album will be great!!!

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