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Audio/Video discussion.

mariya: Hello everyone! This thread is for audio/video discussion about Dima's performances on TV, videoclips, interviews(on TV and radio) or even if you have seen him performing live. We want to hear your views and opinions! P.S: This topic is for discussion only. Please post your videos into this thread (link) so that everyone on the forum has the opportunity to look if they wish

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nadia2: He wrote Это не рай, wow I love it. I hope it's on his new album.

Gladys: Borce nadia2 Unfortunatly,i think this song will be not in his first album May be it will be in the second album. Cause Dima wish that his own songs,which he wrote himself ,will be in his album sometime..............

Borce: Thanks for your answer Gladys.That is not good because this song is amazing and I hear again and again..I can't stop.I want to ask you If all his songs from his first album will write Lunev or he will work also with oder composers because Lunev is really amazing composer I really like Ja dlja tebja and Tsarevna.Those songs are WONDERFUL!!!

miranda: can someone explain to me what dima is doing in the jury in the KVN-videos? i can't figure it out

Gladys: Borce Dima is working with Alexandre Lunev. Lunev is Dimas musical produser. I do not know exactly, but i think a lot of songs for first Dimas album will be written by Lunev. And may be, some songs will be written by another composers.

Gladys: miranda Dima was invated in jury of KBN. In Russia its very popular show. Besides Dima was playing in KBN with his brother George. It was before fabrika 6 .

ybet: Yes Gladys i have seen this video from 2005, and i laught so much

Gladys: ybet Yes Evy!!!!!!! It was very funny!!!!!!!

katred: Gladys пишет: Unfortunatly,i think this song will be not in his first album May be it will be in the second album. Maybe will not be these songs on first album - what a pity! But, we have splendid mini Concert Unplugged , thanks to girls. For me fairy-tale , this can will sweeten moment of expectation on album.

nadia2: I wish Dima's songs were in his albums, but maybe he'll still sing them in concerts.

Gladys: Borce You know the song "Tsarevna" music was be written by Alexandre Lunev and words by Oleg Tomashevckii. nadia2 I am hope too that Dima will be sing his own song,(written by himself )in the conserts!!!!!!!

Stella: oh i hope to write a song by himself and to sing it in concerts!it will be fantastic!!!

Околдованная: Stella Oh yes! I agree with you. It will be fantastic to listen dima's songs on his concerts! I believe that it is not impossible!

nadia2: Did he write maybe that he sang in esc 06?

Stella: he wrote a song and he sang in esc 2006??

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