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Audio/Video discussion.

mariya: Hello everyone! This thread is for audio/video discussion about Dima's performances on TV, videoclips, interviews(on TV and radio) or even if you have seen him performing live. We want to hear your views and opinions! P.S: This topic is for discussion only. Please post your videos into this thread (link) so that everyone on the forum has the opportunity to look if they wish

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mariya: ybet пишет: is there any link Borce to listen that song too?? The new song can be heard on radio KOLDUN :)

Gladys: I like the new song too!!!!!! But its not Dima wrote.... This song wrote by Илья Брылин......

Stella: i've already listened this song!!its very good!!i like it!!

MiriamEla: Can someone give me a complete list of all the songs on RadioKoldun, in order, please? I'd prefer not to sit in front of the computer writing song names down for more than an hour. ...and tell me the name of the instrumental song that comes after Day Mne Silu???

Gladys: MiriamEla HI Playlist there is on site Radio Klodun: http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post82580459/ But its changing all time.......

katred: MiriamEla All songs in order, on radio Koldun. As yet. * Я придумал Work your magic (instrumental) По венам (instrumental) Прости за всё May be Я придумал По венам Reality of dreams * Surrender Тебя лучше нет Work your magic Я буду ждать Я не умру без твоей любви * Я придумал Все, что ты хочешь Get up Дай мне силу Instrumental (without title) * Ангел мечты Это не рай (instrumental) Девушка моей мечты Несерьёзно Это не рай Плохая новость * And over and over again

MiriamEla: Thank you so much for the order!!!! Ya Pridumal is on there three times... weird. So I guess no one knows the name of that song... too bad... I WANT IT

silhouetteofthenight: I thought this was reality of dreams instrumental - it sounded familiar..0.o I actually posted it on our english forum as "ROD - instrumental" - it's in rar file with all the instrumentals..ahh however, will just post the link here in a few if someone wants this song. x]

ybet: Dima in that show in France, he won or he lost?? I didn't understood from the video

ybet: please someone answer me

nadia2: It was a competition between russia, usa, kazakstan and china and russia were the winners. I just saw it on tv and it was really funny but also quite dangerous, there was a bull there. Like 4 people had to go to hospital from getting hurt with the bull. Dima's part in the competition was funny, a lady fell on him

Gladys: ybet Evy it was team game In competition which Dima took part russian team wasaw not first This competition called "The bridge of kisses"(seals must be build the bridge and then Romeo and Julliette must be kiss on this bridge) But all game russian team won Its not olympic game Its show..... nadia2 Yes it was very funny when chinese Julliette fell on Dima.....

silhouetteofthenight: I just watched it a few hours ago.. and yeah it was funny when a lady fell on him there, and that seal costume.. =D

nadia2: He made the costume look good though

ybet: It was greattt :D :D :D I liek those clothes a lot, and the 1st song, is new right?? and his new hairstyle is cuttie :))))))))))

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