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Audio/Video discussion.

mariya: Hello everyone! This thread is for audio/video discussion about Dima's performances on TV, videoclips, interviews(on TV and radio) or even if you have seen him performing live. We want to hear your views and opinions! P.S: This topic is for discussion only. Please post your videos into this thread (link) so that everyone on the forum has the opportunity to look if they wish

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miranda: he was sooo cute!!! my heart just melted the moment he got out on the stage <3<3<3<3<3<3

ybet: miranda Me too, and whn he took of his jacket

nadia2: I love his new hair, it's gorgous He took his jacket off - so rockstar He sang 3songs, ahh that's so many. Is the 1st song new, it sounded new to me!!

Stella: yes!!!!he was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Borce: I TOTALY AGREE WITH YOU STELLA.HE IS THE BEST!!!!HIS STYLE IS SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL AND HIS NEW HAIRCUT OMG!!!I like all 3 preformances and his new song was soooooo GREAT!!!!He really WORKED WITH HIS MAGIC yesterday!!!! BRAVO my brother!!!!Great job!!!!

MiriamEla: JESC nat. final? THAT WAS AWESOME!!! I LOVE the new song! And him taking off his jacket... shmeksay

Gladys: The new song "Каждый день"("EVERY DAY") text wrote by Constantin Arsenev Music wrote by DMITRIY KOLDUN!!!!!!!!!!!

miranda: that's awesome!!! :)))))))))

Gladys: I like Dima`s perfomance!!!!!!!! He was great!!!!!!!!!!!! nadia2 пишет: He took his jacket off - so rockstar I wish he really will be rockstar!!!!!!! Very famous rockstar all around the wourld!!!!!!!!!

miranda: Gladys i hope so too :)))))))

Borce: And I too we all hope!!!!

nadia2: I'm impressed he wrote his new song, i really like it

ybet: I really loved his clothes there..he looked like a teenager :)) I prefer his daily clothes from his clothes whne he wears on lives like the red jacket

PioneR"Ka: ybet YEEEAAA!!)) I agree with you on 100% !) I very loved his jeans costume!)) His really looked like a teenager)) Sweets)

ybet: PioneR"Ka Thanks :D :D and his haircut was cute too

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