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Gladys: Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru New Year's travel! Dear friends! In connection with a holiday I suggest to embrace in a festively way! I wish you all most-most best and as much as possible! One week ago I was happy that I can meet New Year with the relatives; but I was far from it))) Exactly one days to celebratory blows of a chiming clock I have gone... To Grozny. This romantic travel of 25 hours remains in my memory for all come year))) Very beautiful city, a night-time lighting, seemed to me is better than in Moscow))) And here in Grozny I was switch on the New Year's television program and.... I was not found myself there)))) That all because during all New Year's shootings I was in tour... Here, for example, the "Song of year" in Olympic was shooting the 6th of December, and if I would hardly quicker,I could be on the Belarus TV and not only like singer but also like performer, but it was not fated))) and so on. The most good to all! http://blogs.mail.ru/list/dkoldun/3FDF276DEF7A42ED.html

Gladys: NEWS The 24th on January-Dmitriy Koldun on the on radio "Mayk"; The 3rd on February- tv- show "Mafia" on the MUS-TV".

Gladys: Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru When you have not absolutely holidays ..... Greetings! I think, many had cases in a life when at all buttons abreast, but you should be work Around Brown fun and celebratory fuss, drunkenness and fun, and for you only the schedule. To bustle under the schedule I wasn`t able , therefore wasn`t do it at all And I have learnt the road to a building of the Moscow mayoralty for celebratory decade very well. And then, when all has cooled down and I was going to start to work.... I went to my home to Minsk Where we with Bagrat Vartanjan have started selection of a material for my following disk It was very funny when you found demos the written down for a long time ago and you did`t remember, how and when it was thought out, and when at last recollect, the pleasure from those emotions which have forced soul such to create)))) Well, and in combination I had a rest from the Moscow fuss here, from which almost all my friends already had time to have a rest on a vacation))) By the way, yesterday, it was unexpected for myself , i was on the Minsk party-presentation of the catalogue The Show business of Belarus 2010 in one of the Minsk club. Nobody who presented and invited did not expect to see me there. The journalists began to ask me about, am i in this catalogue , on what I answered:"Glory God, no" )))) In general, similar collections are necessary, more for organizers of concerts, rather than for singers, whose contacts always can be found in the Internet on official sites. But in Belarus there is such practice, what even the most known actors should pay for placing of contacts of the concert directors. Doubtful action where show business presented itself not life sound performances, in show the program did not have the hed-liner (the concert has ended so imperceptibly that visitors continued to communicate and look at a scene during dismantle). Well and in the end, when I already stood in a jacket at an exit, the girl has approached to me with the television camera and asked me to tell that MTS is cool! I refused (I told that it is direct advertising), she was dissatisfied ,and went to search good luck further. Went there with good mood, left bewildered and a bit angry unjustified pathos and absolutely tactless behaviour of some representatives of this show-biz of Belarus (one of the visitors, by the way, the known Belarus executor, during performance on all club said the Moron! ) But for me and for Bagrat nothing could spoil mood in winter evening and we have gone to cafe ) So I am a little more hang with the Native land and will go on feats in Moscow! http://blogs.mail.ru/list/dkoldun/5598E680C85B83E8.html

Gladys: NEWS "Nice people" The 24th on January, 2010 The 24th on January, 2010 singer Dmitriy Koldun will come to the radio- studio to Lere Kudrjavtsevoj who represent the programs Nice people. Listen the stories of the singer from 17:00 till 18:00 (moscow time) on the radio "Mayk" (103,4 FM).The air

Gladys: NEWS The 25th of January Dmitriy Koldun will come to Aurora and Alexander Vetrov the Hosts of a morning information-entertaining channel ("Mood") from 06:00 till 08:00 (moscow time) on the channel -

Gladys: Live On-line translation The 3rd of February, from 18.00 till 19.00 (moscow time) On-line translation will be from the studio "Lizard" Dmitriy Koldun will answere on the questions of his fans. To be prepared for conference and to ask questions to Dmitriy it is possible here And to hear his answers on the online channel on the official site of the singer.

Gladys: "Hit- express" with Alisa Selezneva The 19th of February at 22:20 (moscow time), Dmitriy Koldun will come to visit Alisa Selezneva, the hostess of the musical-entertaining program "Hit express" on the channel л("The world"). The full version of the tv-program will repeat the 22nd of February at 23:05 (moscow time). Do not forget to swich on your TV in time! Televiewers of "Hit express" will learn not only about successes of Dmitriy Koldun,his new plans, will hear the song "Star" under guitar accompaniment But also will evaluate ability of the actor to sing in a karaoke the unknown song on the unknown language for him!

Gladys: "The Mafia" The 20th of February at 20:00 (moscow time.) you can see new release of detective-psychological game "The Mafia" on the channel MUZ-V with participation of Dmitriy Koldun, and also the group The city 312,the group "Plasma", Den Petrov (the group Chelsea), actor Ivan Nikolaev. On this time, practically to the end of the game, it will be very difficult to understand, who was taking the cards of the Mafia....... TV-show will repeat the 21st of February at 13:00 (moscow time.), and the 22nd of February at 12:00 (moscow time.).

Gladys: NEWS Do you want to know the character of the man by his hobby? The 2nd of March Dmitriy Koldun will come to the TV- program "Good morning" on the First channel from 06:00 till 09:00 (moscow time).

Gladys: "Where the childhood leaves?" The 28th of February at 08:15 (moscow time.) The first seria of a radio serial "Thanks music for it" with the Hosts Maria Bachenina and Kiril Radtsig tell about Dmitriy Koldun's memoirs "Where the childhood leaves?" And on which songs he was grown up. The program will repeat on the radio "The world" (the full version) at 19:15 (moscow time.) The air: mms://online.mirtv.ru/radio "Love Melodies" The 6th of March at 08:15 (moscow time.) "Love Melodies" The second seria of a radio serial "Thanks music for it" with Maria Bachenina and Kiril Radtsig will tell about "love Melodies" of Dmitriy Koldun. The program will repeat on the radio "The world" (the full version) at 19:15 (moscow time.) The air: mms://online.mirtv.ru/radio "Invite to dance!". The 7th of March at 08:15 (moscow time.) In third seria of a radio serial "Thanks music for it" with Maria Bachenina and Kiril Radtsig, Dmitriy Koldun will present mini-stories about the songs under which he would like to dance. The program will repeat on the radio "The world" (the full version) at 19:15 (moscow time.) The air: mms://online.mirtv.ru/radio "My way" The 8th of March at 08:15 (moscow time.) In the fourth final part of a radio serial "Thanks music for it" with Maria Bachenina and Kiril Radtsig Dmitriy Koldun will tell to the listeners, which songs serve for him as a reference point in a life and influence on his creativity. The program will repeat on the radio " The world" (the full version) at 19:15 (moscow time.) The air: mms://online.mirtv.ru/radio News official site@

Gladys: "The Dear program!" From the 8th of March till the 12th of March Dmitriy Koldun will become the host of a musical concert And he will be comply the demands of listeners of the program on "Radio of Russia". Exit time : 02:30, 06:30, 18:30 (moscow time.) Frequency: 873 , 261 , VHF 66,44 MHz

Gladys: "P-10: burning brunettes of the show- business" The 4th of March 2010 on channel RU-TV at 20.20 (moscow time.) watch the TV-show "P-10: burning brunettes of the show- business"

Gladys: Practical joke"! The 12th of March 2010 at 21:30 (moscow time.) Dmitriy Koldun on the First channel in the TV-show "Practical joke() You will know how Dmitriy Koldun was played off by the designer of clothes Kira Plastinina. The singer was established a private record, took part in one of the best Prank for all history of the project!

Gladys: Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru The spring premieres))) Greetings! Well ,what tell to you , the spring has come! And it is necessary "to try on a skin of a March cat "to everyone, who glad to it! So, I already visited the concert the group "Rammstein " And I am very glad this fact! I can not tell that this group affected on my musical education, but it was iteresting. Very accurate and proof impression remains: all is made as under a ruler, the total absence of improvisation both in the scenario and in behaviour of heroes has left sense of high professionalism of musicians and directors. Beautiful modern light, pyrotechnics and fire; certainly excellent sound... I am assure that sounding of "multitrack" which went to records, but in this case did not break in general! Very good sound! In general, one of the best shows lately! Well and the second premiere of this spring - Alisa by Tima Burton... To me as the fan of the horrors, i had not blood and cruelty, however for a campaign in a cinema with all family it`s ideally. I will not be original: Depp - is a handsome man, as always))) "Avatar" is closer for me))) While a favourite film of this director "Suini Todd, a demon-hairdresser with Flit-strit". And still. One of these days,I has found out a sincere inscription in front of the car. Someone was not too lazy and wrote by something pink the pair of warm words! It was pleasant! With a spring to you!))) Good mood to everyone! http://blogs.mail.ru/list/dkoldun/B0CA53ABF7413DE.html

Gladys: ATTENTION! "My way" On March 13th at 8:15 a.m. Moscow time in the fourth and final part of the radio serial Thanks to Music for That hosted by Maria Bachenina and Kirill Radtsig,called My Way Dmitry Koldun will tell the radio audience what songs are landmarks in his life and how they affect his creative work. The full-version replay on radio MIR is at 7:15 p.m. Moscow time. On-line: mms://online.mirtv.ru/radio News official site@

Gladys: Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru Be with us! In the world are not a lot of people with whom possible to meet an old age! It can be everybody, but as a rule, she is your second part. There are in the nature different thing, but almost always this second part for us, men, it`s you- women! Personally for me the woman never turns to the grandmother or is even worse, in the old woman if she is a charm and cheerful! And this day even the nature not deprived us of the sun Among grey days gave a little heat and pleasure That each flower presented this day was rejoicing to the sun in the same time with who already received it! Love and warm! Always! We are love you very much! http://blogs.mail.ru/list/dkoldun/71999CFE4D112300.html

Guinness: This is a translation of Dmitry Koldun's message posted on March 8th in the News and Announcements Page: Lets embrace each other? Girls! For me the two days, the 23rd of February and the 8th of March, are one and the same holiday, only in accordance with different calendars (the difference is the same as between Catholic Christmas and Russian Orthodox Christmas)!)) But I am glad that I can congratulate you in person exactly here with this day! I wish you love and inspiration! Thank you for everything! Amen!

Gladys: The 20th of March 2010 you can see two TV-show with Dmitriy Koldun! The main road On March 20th at 10:25 a.m.Moscow time one of the items of the program The main road on NTV () Channel,Russia, will how Dmitriy Koldun is taking on a course ofaccident-proof driving with the help of a driving instructor in atest-drive car. Experimenting with a Star On March 20th at 2 p.m. Moscow time TV viewers will be able to see how successful was Dmitriy Koldun in coping with some tricky tasks when playing a fitness instructor in the item Experimenting with a Star of the program Cosmopolitan: Video Version on TNT TV Channel, Russia. News Official site

Gladys: Dima's new message on blogs@mail.ru Hysterics in the "Isterika". Greetings! Yesterday I visited club "Isterika". There passed the presentation of an album of Lena Knjazeva. She called to me one of these days and invited to come. I generally do not like to go on such events But I solved to come. I can not tell that there were a few people But people known to me, who do not look a TV set, I noted a few person... Only Gasparjan and my colleagues on Fabrika. Before I did not know Elena's creativity, now acquainted... I can not named myself the admirer of such music, but in my opinion it`s lovely, sincerely and live. And still I noticed that some journalists wished very much to take interview from Lena And they told some unplesant phases to Lena "everyone climb on a scene" or type "sing one of song in live "... So I offended a fly in the childhood, since I do want to offend all alive! I sang a song and in every possible way supported Lena, so to say! So, friends it is necessary to be kinder! Others on a sofa lie... Has recollected: If you do not want to receive criticism - do not rise from a sofa, do nothing, simply be nobody (c) And Lena certainly was commotional And in it was all her charm! When the girl emotional it is always very touching))) http://blogs.mail.ru/list/dkoldun/19FD0572F79312D8.html

Gladys: "This is Moscow" On March 25th at 8:30 p.m. Moscow time Dmitry Koldun will be visiting with Mikhail Antonov, the host of This is Moscow radio show. What is the singer and musician busy with now? Listeners will learn about it during live information program Moscow On-Line (92.0 FM). News Official site