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Off-topic. Part 3

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy! Please remember: 1. Not to post one-worded or very short replies such as "thank you". The forum has got a thank you button (Спасибо) at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it ! 2. Don't post replies in which you are talking about something that is only interesting to 1 or 2 other forum members. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members. All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted. Thank You.

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Stella: yeah i agree with you Gladys this photo is so nice and suits for Christmas! and the Santa Claus is the best and the most beautiful Santa Claus i have ever seen

MiriamEla: Santa Koldun! Great picture, there.

nadia2: I love this new Santa Koldun, great idea.

miranda: The most beautiful santa ever and merry christmas everyone!

silhouetteofthenight: heh I had to change forum layout to see what Santa you're talking about xD well I love this new Santa very much too! Merry Christmas everyone! x]

Gladys: Merry Christmas everyone! And today is birthday of this forum!!! Happy birthday!!!

ybet: Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas everyone!


Stella: happy birthday to the forum and merry christmas everyone!

Borce: HAPPY BIRHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And MERRY CHRISMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW Any news from the concert in Riga?Which songs he sang?

Gladys: Borce On the concert in Riga Dima sang many songs!!! "Bezrabotnaya lubov", "I surrender", "Kazhdiy den na zemle", "Plohaya novost ", "Poezd na yug ","Angel mechty", "Vse chto ty hochesh" and "Work Your Magic"!!!

ybet: ah, he was amazing with the whole meaning i think my favourite was 'i surrender' i really like the new intro that was his best performance in my opinion! thank u for those videos

Stella: yes i agree it was the best performance!he sang like an angel!i really like the videos!my favourite is surrender and day mne silu!

ybet: Stella I think in day mne silu he lost his voice

silhouetteofthenight: I still need to watch the vids -.- happy belated birthday to the forum! ^^

koldunlover: I loved Dima's performance a looot! i loved the new versions of surrender and vse chto tyxoches And Dima can SING awsome

silhouetteofthenight: yeah I loved it very much too! Surrender live sounds great and I really liked this new version. Too bad he's lost his voice a little in Dai Mne Silu that's for sure he CAN SING!

silhouetteofthenight: guys, on international fansite there's pin left on a fan map which says it's Dima, but I don't know if he really wrote it? either way, it's funny, cause if it's really him that he chose girl avatar there

Gladys: Hey guys!Did you see this pic Dima with cat!!!

ybet: Yes, is very cute)) but where is it?

Gladys: Evy I think its in Moscow........

Stella: he is so sweet here!his smile is amazing

SantoRini: Hi! I transfered message from ybet to Dima (Her wishes and support to Koldun) and his answer was "Truly" (he said it in english, then translated it as "Voistinu"). You can see this moment on the photos, where we are both standing and I am keeping notebook in my hands. He listened to my words very attentively ;)

nat9000: Dmitry Koldun Fans International club's greetings (from radio KOLDUN community): We wish you a merry christmas and the happiest and successful new year, Dima! Here are our wishes! PART 1 PART 2 PART 3

ybet: nat9000 Hi! Thank u for posting our wishes you know, we also make a video with our wishes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88VJVxsYkqg&feature=channel_page

Stella: it is really nice video!Dima will be happy when he will see it!

silhouetteofthenight: I agree Stella! x]] nat9000 thanks for posting our wishes! x] I already sent message to Mariya asking her to create a new topic with all our wishes and video so it's easy to find here on the forum.

nat9000: from radio KOLDUN community (ybet_koldun)

ybet: Thank you for posting us and also Happy New year everyone! ))

silhouetteofthenight: Happy new year everyone here from me too!

Stella: happy new year to everyone and from me!

nadia2: Happy new year every body

miranda: Happy new year guys! :)) I hope your holidays have been great

Околдованная: Happy new year! Love and be loved and may be everything in your life will come better.

Gladys: Did you see the video when Dima was 14year old?

nadia2: Yes I've seen the video and the video from people's artist 2 and I love them.

Stella: i saw it too.he was so sweet and shy

silhouetteofthenight: Yep I've seen them too and really liked them both!

silhouetteofthenight: I got a question for you admins here, or any other russian too xD about that contest that's going on Dmitry's official website, I emailed his administration if we- international fans can write continuation of our stories in english, but didn't get their reply yet and it's been a few days, so I'd like to know if we can write our stories in english and send them anyway? because there on the english page there's no contest, but only on russian...

ybet: Stella пишет: he was so sweet and shy Agree. He looks shy there, and much different from how he is now but his voice was very good for a young boy :)) Between I like him in the video with na volne even that he has blonde hair

ilovedimakoldun: I liked those videos a lot Dmitriy had talent from when he was young, that's obvious

SantoRini: silhouetteofthenight пишет: international fans can write continuation of our stories in english Of cource, you can! I'm sure, it will be interesting for them to read it. But, do you really feel, that you can do it? As I understood you have translated the beginning from Russian to English, however this translation may include some meaning mistaces. If you sure that you partially (or even more) understood the beginning of the story and have an interesting idea, how to continue the story, so you should try!

mariya: silhouetteofthenight пишет: if we- international fans can write continuation of our stories in english Yes, continuations in English are allowed. Good Luck!

Gladys: The rotation the song "The star"-"Звезда" was begining on radio TopHit!

silhouetteofthenight: he's already there, it's good to see him as a host I think he's doing a gret job so far, but I hate streaming video, cause I already missed half of it because o9f freezing!

ybet: silhouetteofthenight пишет: cause I already missed half of it because o9f freezing! Me too, the quality totally sucks ! now singing surrender

silhouetteofthenight: yeah, but I wouldn't mind that much about quality if I could AT LEAST watch it normally..I can't even connect anymore, so I'll just wait for recording. I'm sure someone will record the whole show and post it (hopefully)

ybet: silhouetteofthenight пишет: I can't even connect anymore Oh i can watch every time only for 5 seconds At least is great that Dima sang live not as Ruslan and Ani Lorak which sang play back

silhouetteofthenight: Ruslan had playback? hmm I didn't notice it..I though he was singing live =D I saw Ani for about 10 seconds and then gave up on everything, cause it's freezing and buffering on and on again that's great Dima sang live, he's the best live!

silhouetteofthenight: Nadia who won? ( I hope the guy in white, didn't even manage to catch his name with all the freezing )

ybet: silhouetteofthenight пишет: I hope the guy in white Yes, Petr Elfimov won.. but honestly i really didnt like any of the 5 participates

silhouetteofthenight: just writing a reply to post in audio/video as we were told so by mod. Ybet, that's great Petr won! out of all 5 I think he had the best song.

Borce: Dima was the best yesterday!!!He was great in the both things that he did.He is real singer because he was only one who sang all 3 songs live because from the others only Ruslan sang one song live and that was all!!!I didin't have problems with the bealrussian first channel and I watched all show and Dima too.WYM was pefect!!!!!!!On Surrender he made me to stand up because I was felling like I'm there!!!As regards his look there,no comment he was also the most beautiful there!!! Dima spasibo ogromnae za vse!!!

nadia2: yeah it was the guy in white with blonde hair who won and I'm happy because he was great. Also dima was amazing, the remix of wym was perfect!

Stella: yes i really liked the remix of work your magic and the version of Surrender was great too,generally he sang really good, he was perfect.and iam happy too about the song that won.it was really good

Gladys: New voting on TopHit http://www.tophit.ru/sms_online.shtml But its sms voting.....so you must pay for this..... And i do not know can people from another countries voting........ Dima on 74 th place........

miranda: i really enjoy watching his performances from eurofest :) i love the fact that he sang all the songs live :)) he was great! i especially liked somebody's loving you

Gladys: The new song "Don`t fade away " must be on the radio Koldun today!!!

nadia2: yaaay I'm so excited to hear it

Gladys: Sorry....today the new song "Don`t fade away " on radio "Pilot FM "! But i hope it will be on the radio Koldun....... It`s very very beautiful,amazing song! And i want to hear it in HQ......... "Don’t fade away, Mum, don’t fade away!"

Borce: I heard the song Gladys!!!It's very beautiful and emocional!!!! The lyrics really made me think!!!Dima is really great son !!!!And I want to hear the song in HQ soon!!!

Gladys: Borce Yes i agree with you !!!! I think too that Dima is really nice son!!!

ybet: I like this song.))) is a song about dima's mum? But the lyrics are so sad :((

silhouetteofthenight: I agree with you Borce, he's a great son. ^^ I really adore this song, the lyrics are amazing and melody is perfect too oh and I also hope for a studio version very soon. also waiting for somebody loving you studio version ^^

Gladys: Oh......Its song so sad..........And Dima is singing so emocional...... I am cry again

Gladys: VOTING!!! Radio- Голос Мордовии http://torama.ru/golos/mcradio.php3?act=succvote "Bezrabotnaya lubov" there is on the 13th place "Zvezda" on the 90th place......

koldunlover: Koldun`s new song is wonderful, suriously. is my favourite song now and of course the lyrics are great .. I want to thank Dima for that song!

nadia2: It's such a beautiful song and the words are lovely, I would love a video for it.

silhouetteofthenight: Nadia I agree, I think the video for it would be amazing. Let's hope there'll be one. x]

Gladys: The translation of the Dima`s message "The song of "Don't Fade Away" was written initially in the Russian-language variant and named "Cry and sing", which, think, you will hear soon. Sense in the words of these songs is practically identical. Unique difference - in the Russian version an appeal takes place to the dear man which already is not present... The English version appeared hardly later. It is not needed literally to perceive an address to the mother; it is a song, devoted parents. I long doubted , whether it is needed to try to pass these emotions. It very difficultly and false is here inexcusable. I wanted once or twice that a text was rewritten... Something was changed, but a nerve and basic idea was saved fully. These songs - the family confession, message, so to say. For people who yet with us and who already is not present and will not "return back..."("Cry and sing")"

Stella: oh the song "Dont fade away" its amazing.the lyrics are so great and so sad.i want to cry.it became one of my favourite songs of him.congratulations dima good work!

Borce: I agree with you Stella!!!!Gladys spasibo for the translation!!!!I can't wait for the russian version!!!I hope that Dima will make video clip for the russian and english version!!!

Stella: yes i agree it would be very interesting to make a clip for this song.but the story will be sad i suppose...

Gladys: I can not wait the russian version of the song of "Don't Fade Away"- "Cry and sing"! I so want to hear it!

mariya: Gladys +1 I also cannot wait to hear this version. I wrote my opinion about the english version on the russian section of the forum and my main reason for disliking it was Dima's pronounciation. He needs to work on it a lot. "Don't fade away" is a nice song, but why sing in english when he can sing it in russian in an even better level. Time to teach the russian audience/listeners what real music is, so russian language is the key here.

Borce: Сегодня вашему вниманию представлена очередная новинка на онлайн-радио "KOLDUN" - "Плачь и пой" (муз. Вартанян/Колдун, сл. Арсенев) - русскоязычный вариант песни "Don't fade away". П.С.: На сайте в аудиоплеере пока нет "Плачь и пой", а на радио - нет "Don't fade away". Позже и там, и сям появятся "недостающие" песниThis mean that today is the premier on "Плачь и пой" or?

mariya: Borce You are correct! From today, everyone can listen to the russian version of "Don't Fade Away" on Radio Koldun. Don't forget to leave your opinions in our audio-video topic.

mariya: Since the english version of the website hasn't been updated with the lastest news, I will translate the news in this topic. 01/02/09 koldun.name NEWS: Дмитрий – герой программы "Своя музыка" на телеканале "ЛАД" (Беларусь). Эфир передачи 1 февраля в 23:25 (бел.вр.).Dima will be the star guest on "Svoya Musika” program on “LAD” (TV channel, Belarus). The show will be aired on 1st February at 23:25 (Minsk time zone)

Gladys: Рlaylist radio KOLDUN. 31.01.09. В плейлисте нашего радио - Alesya - (Музыка: Олег Иванов, слова Анатолий Поперечный) - Angel mechty (Музыка: Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Денис Лис) - Bezrabotnaya lubov - (Музыка: Баграт Вартанян, слова: Константин Арсенев.) - Devushka mechty - - Cha-cha-cha - - Get up get down (Йорген Элофссон, Маки Колемайнен, Трэйси Липп) - Instrument - I surrender (Музыка: Илья Брылин, слова: Илья Брылин/Сергей Саунин) - Kazhdiy den na zemle - - (Музыка: Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев) - Klyatva_Xoakina - (Музыка: Алексей Рыбников, слова: Павел Грушко) - May Be (Слова/музыка: Дмитрий Колдун) - Mest_Xoakina - - (Музыка: Алексей Рыбников, слова: Павел Грушко) - Ne ray - (Музыка: Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев ) - Ne ray instrument - Neseryozno (Музыка: Виктор Дробыш, слова: А. А'Ким) - Pesnya_Xoakina - (Музыка: Алексей Рыбников, слова: Павел Грушко) - Plach'_i_poy - Плачь и пой (Музыка: Баграт Вартанян, Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев)- New, c 31.01.09 - Plohaya novost - (Музыка:Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев) - Poezd na yug - (Музыка:Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев) - Po venam - (Музыка: Илья Брылин, слова: Илья Брылин/Сергей Саунин) - Po venam instrument - Prosti za vse - (Музыка: Игорь Латышко/Виктор Дробыш, слова: Игорь Латышко) - Reality of dreams (Музыка: Баграт Вартанян, слова: Дмитрий Басик) - Tebya luchshe net - (Музыка: Олег Елисеенков) - Ty uletish - (Музыка: О. Макаревич, слова: В. Куревский) - Vals Boston - (Музыка/слова: Александр Розенбаум) - Vechniy ogon - (Музыка:Рафаил Хозак, слова: Евгений Агранович) - Vse chto ty hochesh - (Музыка: Дмитрий Колдун, слова: Константин Арсенев) - Work Your Magic (Dance Remix) - Ya budu zhdat - Ya ne umru bez lubvi - (Слова/музыка: Андрей Микрюков) - Ya pridumal (Музыка: Илья Брылин, слова: Илья Брылин) - Yarostniy_stroyotryad (Музыка: Александра Пахмутова, слова: Николай Добронравов) - Zvezda_mix - Звезда (Музыка: Алексей Рыбников, слова:Константин Арсенев, аранж:Дмитрий Четвергов) - New, c 14.01.09

koldunlover: mariya пишет: Dima will be the star guest on "Svoya Musika” program on “LAD” (TV channel, Belarus). The show will be aired on 1st February at 23:25 (Minsk time zone) Thank you, what happend yesterday did they show him?

silhouetteofthenight: they did, but there's no video yet..that girl that posted it only has audio version, so we'll have to wait for someone who has a video to post it.

mariya: Video was promised to be posted on 4th if it doesn't appear before this date. After reading the comments in the russian section of the forum, I think this was a nice-friendly show where Dima's collegues/friends/family talked about the some of the most remembered moments of his life.

Gladys: The translation of news KOLDUN produces a debut album 09:03, on Februaries, 3 2009, Tuesday A singer Dmitry Koldun prepares the debut album to the issue. The name of album while is not known About 12 tracks will enter in it. Part of compositions belongs to authorship of Dimy, and part was written by a poet Konstantin Arsenev. In an album mainly new material will be presented. Possibly, in a disk composition will enter «Work your magic» with which Koldun came forward on a competition «Evrovision-2007» from Byelorussia. True, while is unknown, which one a version will get there- Russian or English. «Musical material of debut album will be a few to differ,that Dima habitul was singing. It will be more rock execution», - told Natalia Bulankina, piar-manager. Now the management of artist is negotiating with producing leyblami. To present public a long-awaited album, Dmitry Koldun plans in March, InterMedia reports.

silhouetteofthenight: That's great Gladys thank you very much for the news! ^^ I hope there'll be english version of wym on the album. x] So March is the date we are all waiting for? ahh well just a little bit more of waiting and it'll be finally here, can't wait!! I love it that it'll be in rock style

ybet: Gladys пишет: True, while is unknown, which one a version will get there- Russian or English. umm.. why they have to decide between the russian & the english versions?? They cannot enter both of those versions?

koldunlover: Thanks for those news I really hope it will be out in March, cause we're waiting for a really loong time for that album

Gladys: The song "Zvezda"("Star") has rotations on 128 radiostations, in 422 cities!!!

Borce: WOW that is great for Dima!!!!!!!!The numbers are very impresing!!!

silhouetteofthenight: I agree Borce. GO DIMA!

miranda: Go Dima! That's great! The song is really good :) And I'm glad we got some more updates about the album :) thanks!

Gladys: "DON’T FADE AWAY" on the radio KOLDUN today!!! (Music by Bagrat Vartanyan, Dmitry Koldun Lyrics by Dmitry Basic )

Gladys: The news Old friends Dmitry Koldun and participant of group "Roots" Alexander Astashenok became businessmen. They opened a joint sound-recording studio which in a prospect can bring them large profits. The studio is named "Lizard". (Дни.Ру) http://www.dni.ru/showbiz/2009/2/6/158886.html

Gladys: Рlaylist radio KOLDUN. 09.01.09. radio_KOLDUN - Alesya - Angel mechty - Bezrabotnaya lubov - Devushka mechty - Cha-cha-cha - Get up get down - Don’t fade awаy (music: Баграт Вартанян, Дмитрий Колдун; text: Дмитрий Басик) - New, c 06.01.09 - Instrument - I surrender - Kazhdiy den na zemle - Klyatva_Xoakina - May Be - Mest_Xoakina - Ne ray - Ne ray instrument - Neseryozno - Pesnya_Xoakina - Plach'_i_poy - Plohaya novost - Poezd na yug - Po venam - Po venam instrument - Prosti za vse - Reality of dreams - Tebya luchshe net - Ty uletish - Vals Boston - Vechniy ogon - Vse chto ty hochesh - Work Your Magic (Dance Remix) - Ya budu zhdat - Ya ne umru bez lubvi - Ya pridumal - Yarostniy_stroyotryad - Zvezda_mix

Borce: Guys keep voting for Dima here: http://www.worldfashion.tv/english/corporate:departments:event:world_fashion_awards_2009:poll/message:poll_ok/ He desreve to be first!!!!!!! GO DIMA!!!

Gladys: The translation of Dima`s message: "Hallo everybody! Dear Pangolins and Lizards!)))) The most romantic day will come in a year quite soon. .. In this connection I want you all to wish always to divide your senses in half, to be not be single and deprived a heat. And "Go" will not desecrate Your light senses! With coming Valentine Day!!!"

MiriamEla: Seems like Dima's instructing us in meditation or psychic stuff or something. It's a new religion - Koldunism! XD

Gladys: MiriamEla Its only Dima`s joke MiriamEla пишет: It's a new religion - Koldunism! It would be interesting

ybet: That's very nice of Dima, and Happy valentine's day everyone with lots of love & peace :)


Gladys: Happy valentine's day everyone!!!

Borce: Дорогие друзья! Я, кажется, окончательно сошел с ума! Мы скоро станем свидетелями рождения нового музыкального стиля! Может через год, а может и раньше! Ящерица подскажет путь, обнимемся! What Dima means with that? Can someone translate please!!!

Gladys: Borce Dima said: "Dear friends! I, seems, finally got off from a mind! We will become the witnesses of birth of new musical style soon! Can in a year, and can before! A lizard will prompt a way, will hug!"

Borce: So like I understand he will create new musical style that we never heard before!!!That si really cool I can't wait for that!!! I'm sure that will be amazing!!!Can in a year, and can beforeI hope that soon and the new musical style can wait for the next album for the next year!!!

nadia2: I made a Koldun TV http://www.mogulus.com/dimakolduntv

Gladys: "Dear transmission" From 16 to February, 20 Koldun in ether of Radio of Russia of www.radiorus.ru, in the program «The Dear transmission». A «dear transmission» is an unique project «Radio of Russia», in which the stars of the Russian stage come forward of concert on requests. Time of output of the program: daily on week-days in 2.30, 6.30, 18.30.(moscow time) © оф.сайт. http://www.radiorus.ru/ (click Прямой эфир)

Borce: Antis wrote: Как выяснилось, Дима предпочел презентации у Агурбаш более полезное занятие - дозапись альбома в собственной студии.. What that means guys that Dima prefered to stay in his own studio and finish his album than to go in the Angelica Agurbash promotion or I'm wrong?

Gladys: Borce You absolutely right! It was presantation album of Angelica Agurbash and Dima prefered finish his album...... He has a few time.....

koldunlover: so, is the duette with Sogdiana true? cause i read something there but i didnt understand .. http://www.rusradio.ru/news/showbiznes/976540/

Gladys: koldunlover In in this article says that Sogdiana with Dima wrote song together And soon we can listen it But before it Sogdiana wrote the same song with Shalyapin So i think we must wait and soon we can know with whom he made duette.....

Gladys: 22 02 09 Dima`s interview http://russia.ru/show_business/interv_u/ The interview will be 22 02 09 in 11-00(moscow time)

Gladys: 22 02 09 в 20:00 (bel time) Tv- show with Dima Сайт канала http://www.ont.by

ybet: Can someone translate this, please? does he say anything new? http://www.koldun.name/ru/vid/

Gladys: Dima said that album will be in the end of the March

Borce: Yeah like I remeber he said that!!!He said that the new album will come out in spring so the spring begins at 22th March so the end of March is the time on his album!!!!He took so long with the album cause he wants everything to be perfect because like we know he finished recording the album so now he has to do the mixing,to make a deal with some music house,photoshoot ,to organize the promocion because is not only to record the album after the recording are coming the most important things!!!!So I really understand him because is not only to publish the album but the album especialy the debut album must be also very orginal and with a lot of quality!!!

Borce: HAPPY MAN'S DAY DIMA!!!Stay cool like you are now because you are one wonderful man!!!!This compliment is from a boy so when boy give a compliment to boy is because he really thinks that because I really think that about you,because you are totaly great!!!!So have a nice day!!!!BTW also I want to say happy man's day to all boy's here!!!

Колдунья Алена: Hi! I'm new! I want to congratulate all men of this forum with 23th of February! and, of corse, you, Dmitriy! I wish you a lot of love, hapiness and gladness! And, please, don't go "in reality of dreams". Better stay with us! Regads, Helen.

Borce: Nice words Колдунья Алена!!!!Big welcome here!!!!!!!!!

Колдунья Алена: Thank you! I'm very happy to be here, with you. It was my dream! And now it became true! YEAH!

silhouetteofthenight: Колдунья Алена welcome aboard! and well, happy men's day Dima and all the men around here! guys about the album in the end of March..this is for sure now, that's the time it'll come in stores too? cause if that's true, there must be an exact date floating around soon.

Колдунья Алена: I beleive, that the album will be in the end of March! My dream will come true!

Gladys: Алена If the album will be in the end of March the dreams of all on this forum will come true

nadia2: Is there an exact date yet for it to be in shops?

silhouetteofthenight: I guess not Nadia, cause if it would be we'd already know it by now, but there might be exact date revealed very soon if the album is coming out in the end of March.

Gladys: The 25th of February in 18:00 (moscow time) Dima`s interview on the radio NewTon FM http://www.newtone.fm/

Gladys: Dima`s interview on the radio NewTon FM http://www.moskva.fm/stations/FM_93.6/firstpage сlick трансляция

Borce: BTW guys Dima said something intersting and new in the interview?I only understood that he was talking about his family,Don't fade away,mum,his first job,concerts,his album......

Gladys: Borce Dima did not say something new But he was joking all interview

MiriamEla: Grrrhhh. Why does the album's date keep being delayed?!

mariya: To be honest I had a feeling this album will be delayed. It hasn't been that long since Dima left his last producer , and it doesnt take a couple of months to write a high quality album...so I think that it will be delayed until later....but could be wrong though..

Borce: I understand Dima very well because he only wants to give us the best of him(quality muisc and sound)and that takes a lot of time!!!!So I think that we need to make some positiv energy around him and to make him to know that we are always with him and that we can't wait to hear his long waited present for us,which present I think that will steal the hearts on all his real fans all over the world!!!!

Колдунья Алена: I absolutly agree with Borce . We must support Dmitriy. He must know that he has the best fans in the world! Dmitriy, you are always in our hearts!

Borce: You said the right words Колдунья Алена!!! BTW I want to wish Dima GREAT concert tonight!!!!! BTW some fan from here will go to the concert ?because is in Moscow so I supose you all from Moscow can go!!!

Gladys: Borce I think unfortunately not all fans from Moscow can will go to the concert tonight Because the tickets cost a lot of money very very expensive..... And this consert will begin in 00-30......

Borce: Oh I hope that some will go because I want to see pictures and videos so badly!!!!

Gladys: In the night-club "Crown"("Korona") Dima sang "Bad news", "Train to the south", "Unemployed love", "WYM", "Angel of dream", "Czarevna"(akustic variant), "Its not paradise", "Surrender", "Someboby loving you", and, attention, new song – "Tune on to me"(Настройся на меня) Music Dmitriy Koldun(Дмитрий Колдун) / Bagrat Vartanyan(Баграт Вартанян) words - Irina Sekachova(Ирина Секачева) http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post97231343/

Borce: I love Dima's new song!!!It's full with energy and makes you to get up and dance Tcarevna was really big but nice suprice for me!!!I love this new akustic version Oh I want to see the rest of his concert!!!I hope that they will put all the song that Dima was singing on the concert!!!!

ybet: I loved the somboody's loving you mostly, and i hope it will be the rest of the other songs soon Thanks for the videos

miranda: thanks for the videos :))) i love the new song

koldunlover: Borce пишет: I love Dima's new song!!!It's full with energy and makes you to get up and dance I also love the new song..! (: it's my new favourite Dima's song I think~! he was great!

Gladys: I like Dima`s fotos from the studio!!! But he is so serious or sad.......

Gladys: Today On-line translation from Dima`s studio in 19-00!!!

Gladys: On-line translation http://www.koldun.name/ru/online/

ybet: wee, there's no voice to me, i can't hear anything dima was playing with the lizard

Borce: Oh I missed Dima today !!!!I can't wait to see him tomorrow!!!! This is really briliant and creativ idea!!!!He is the first singer I think that in the world that do this!!!He rules!!!! I hope that he will sing some of his song live from there for us!!!!

Gladys: ybet ybet пишет: there's no voice to me, i can't hear anything Evy it was the firs test on-line, without sound

miranda: I watched a bit today. It was really fun watching him online but i missed the sound, because i was in school at that time :))) is there a special time when they are there? or is it different times each day?

Gladys: Videocongratulation from Dmitriy Koldun in honour the International woman day the 8th of march http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post97650251/

nadia2: What is he saying?

Gladys: nadia2 Dima congratulate all girls of the forum with the 8th of march(woman day) wish happy and love And specialy he wrote the song about love to the girls....some improvisation

ybet: That's so lovely and cute! Spasiba Dima!!

nadia2: awwww SPASIBA DIMA!

Stella: spasiba Dima you are so good!!!

Колдунья Алена: Dear women, girls, girlies and Ladies at large! Each of you is exquisite, special and extremely charming. You are truly the best creatures under the sun in this wild, wild world! From the bottom of my heart I would like to wish you oceans of human happiness and all the galaxies of ardent love at that! Let every minute of your life be bright and exciting, let men always embrace you with care and loving tenderness, and their eyes shine at you with the never-ending admiring glance...

Gladys: Today the International women day, the 8th of march!!! I want congratulate all girls from diffirent countries!!! And I WISH YOU LOTS OF HAPPINES, HEALTH AND LOVE !!!

miranda: Oh Dima you're such a cutie :))) Spasibo!

Borce: Dima is real gentalman!!!!He did amazing suprise for his girl fans!!! Happy woman's day to every girl here!!!!I can't wait to see some pictures and videos from Dima's concert tonight!!!!I'm very exited!!!

Borce: OMG I love the pictures of the concert!!!!!Like I see the concert was really amazing And from the comments that I read I see that everyone who was there is very happy and exited about the concert!!!From the pictures you can see that the concert was amazing and I can imagine how was to be present there!!! BTW which songs Dima sang?

ybet: I`m sorry, but WHAT Dima is doing there?? http://radikal.ru/F/s52.radikal.ru/i137/0903/f3/50886a230a60.jpg.html http://radikal.ru/F/s42.radikal.ru/i095/0903/68/ab02fdc1dede.jpg.html Thank you for the pics, they're great

Gladys: Dima simply was in a blow!!! Не wrung out from floor and jumped ... took off glasses from Vasi, put on itself........ Не enjoyed the appearance!!! Energentic was stunning and he it to us!!! He sang Somebody loving you,Безработная love, Angel of dream, Surrender, Train on southward, Czarevna, It is not paradise, WYM, Tune on to me... On the stage he was magnificent!!! And focus showed yet, on which not capable even Koperfild Dima said will return "Now!" hid after doors with inscription of WC and disappeared.... ( SORCERER.......) And we, naive wait 5 minutes, 10,15, 20.....45...... His administrator came and said that Dima would not come........

Gladys: The voting on Worldfashion is continue....Dima has a chance to win!!! We can support him!!! http://www.worldfashion.tv/english/corporate:departments:event:world_fashion_awards_2009:poll/#

miranda: when does it end?

Gladys: miranda I read in the middle of the march.... I mean voting......

Aurelly: ybet пишет: Dima said will return "Now!" hid after doors with inscription of WC and disappeared.... ( SORCERER.......) And we, naive wait 5 minutes, 10,15, 20.....45...... His administrator came and said that Dima would not come........ What was wrong with Dima ???? It sounds very strange, is it? Why he did not come???

Gladys: Aurelly Dima,he is ok!!! Simple we was waiting for him after consert because he promised return back...... But he could not..... May be he was very tired after such emotional consert And he did not want to show this to his fans...... Friendly speaking i do not know real reason Now its not important He gave to us perfect, magnificent,fantastic,amasing consert!!! My heart belongs to him......

Gladys: Dima has diary now on Yes! Stars!!! http://blogs.yes.com.ru/koldun

koldunlover: Gladys пишет: Dima has diary now on Yes! Stars!!! http://blogs.yes.com.ru/koldun Very nice blog It has nice photos and interesting stories

MiriamEla: That photo with him hitting that other guy on the head with his flamey guitar is EPIC. Especially since the guy is like "OH NOEZ!!" And I just watched the clips from Eurofest09.. AMAZING!!

Gladys: New song "Tune on to me" and 10 songs from club "Кино"on the page radio KOLDUN!!! http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post98178888/ http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/video/#post98178297

Stella: aw the new song is amazing i really like it,and generally all the songs are good!and dima looks so cute here like always!

Gladys: Hi everyone! Do you like the fotos from Dima`s studio??? http://www.koldun.name/ru/photo/lizard/ Some of them very funny

Колдунья Алена: Gladys пишет: New song "Tune on to me" and 10 songs from club "Кино"on the page radio KOLDUN!!! Oh, it's really great! I heared it in the morning before I was going to school. And I was so glad! All at school asked me : "Why are you so happy? What's happened?" And smiled when I told about "Tune on to me"

Stella: Gladys yes i agree the photos are really nice and very funny!!!

Gladys: Рlaylist radio KOLDUN. 18.03.09. New song "Tune on to me"(Nastroisya na menya) on the radio KOLDUN from 18.03.09.!!! - Alesya - Angel mechty - Bezrabotnaya lubov - Devushka mechty - Cha-cha-cha - Get up get down - Don’t fade awаy - Instrument - I surrender - Kazhdiy den na zemle - Klyatva_Xoakina - May Be - Mest_Xoakina - Nastroisya_na_menya -- Настройся на меня (music:Dmitriy Koldun/ Bagrat Vartanyan, text:Irina Sekachova ) New, c 18.03.09 - Ne ray - Ne ray instrument - Neseryozno - Pesnya_Xoakina - Plach'_i_poy - Плачь и пой - Plohaya novost - Poezd na yug - Po venam -Po venam instrument - Prosti za vse - Reality of dreams - Tebya luchshe net - Ty uletish - Vals Boston - Vechniy ogon - Vse chto ty hochesh - Work Your Magic (Dance Remix) - Ya budu zhdat - Ya ne umru bez lubvi - Ya pridumal - Yarostniy_stroyotryad - Zvezda_mix

Borce: I just love Dima's new song "Nastroisya na menya"!!!!It's briliant !!!!I can't stop listening!!!I'm adicted!!!I love the dance style and the sound is really modern!!!!Колдунья Алена I understand you very well because this song really makes you happy!!!At the moment is my favourite Dima's song!!!!BTW I adore the pictures from "Lizard".He is really intersting and very happy!!!My favourite is the picture with the lizard on it!!!!

ybet: The photos in the studio are funny specially with the lizard between i love the new song

Borce: I just saw the pictures from" World fashion awards"and Dima looks so beautiful and with great style like always!!!!! I noticed from the picture that he also performed there!!! Does anyone know which song?

Gladys: Yes Dima`s style on " World fashion awards" was great! But he was so tired Its seem`s to be he works a lot and do not sleep.......

silhouetteofthenight: Photos in the studio are amusing hahah Also, I finally had time to watch the whole concert in club Kino-so great! you can see he had a blast! ^^ oh and pictures from today's fashion awards-I agree with what Borce said, He looks wonderful!

Gladys: New voting on the radio Koldun http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post98605394/ You must chose ono variant of answer and in comments - TOP-3 radio KOLDUN ( the three best tracks of playlist you like) Vote can all !!! And you can write comments on any language

Borce: I voted for "Nastroisya na menya" because is really my top song at the moment!!! I hope on video clip for this lovely song very soon!!!

ybet: Does Dima won on fashion awards??? he looks so adorable!

zagadka: ybet No, Bilan won on Fashion Awards

miranda: i think koldun deserved it more :)) he has a better style :)))

Stella: yes i agree with you miranda.and koldun was so handsome on Fashion Awards

nadia2: He looked so great, i can't wait to see the performance.

silhouetteofthenight: I second that Nadia. :)

Gladys: News Dmitry Koldun got under Taxi on March, 21 2009 Today after completion of work in a sound-recording studio Dmitry went out on a street and headed for the car, as suddenly to him came running two youths of man and operator with a chamber and asked to help with an answer for video-question of the channel of TNT of «Taxi» program. Koldun passed together with participants in a taxi and helped them to gain a cherished prize. A program anchorman was shocked appearance of such casual star «passer-by-helper». All made off well.

Fay Rodis: Thank you very much for this new. And when it will be shown on TV? (excuse me for my mistakes )))

Gladys: I think its know those showmen from channel TNT.....

silhouetteofthenight: geez, Gladys! you nearly gave me a heart attack here lol When I read the title 'got under taxi' I thought he was hit by it Thanks for these news. x]

Gladys: silhouetteofthenight Snezana A heart attack had many girls from forum when were reading this title .....

silhouetteofthenight: Gladys ah ok, I'm glad it was just a misunderstanding ^^

ybet: silhouetteofthenight пишет: geez, Gladys! you nearly gave me a heart attack here lol When I read the title 'got under taxi' I thought he was hit by it oh, me too..! glad that everything is ok! i hope it will be shown this video soon ;)

nadia2: me too, i got so scared

mariya: Ok girls, I know the heading was a scary one and to be honest, it actually does sound more like from a light-headed showbiz newspaper article, but Dima is in good health, and everything is ok with him. Please lets move onto a different topic....

Gladys: Did you see two dinosaurs in Dimas studio??? Its robot-toy.... But they are so lovely!!!!!!!

Gladys: On March, 27 Dmitry Koldun will arrange direct ether with fans. On-line a conference will take place from 18.30 to 20.00 A conducting place is an official site of artist (channel of the on-line broadcasting): direct including with a sound from a studio «Lizard». http://www.koldun.name/ru/online/ To prepare to the conference and putting the questions is possible here. Every your question will be read, and all interesting will sound in ether. http://koldunonline.forum24.ru/

miranda: i wrote a message, dunno if the grammar got wrong russian isn't my strongest side.

nadia2: Can we write in english our questions?

Stella: i have the same question too.because i cant write it in russian language

miranda: i translated mine to russian. but i don't know if it got right. hope he doesn't laugh at my message

silhouetteofthenight: On March, 27 Dmitry Koldun will arrange direct ether with fans. On-line a conference will take place from 18.30 to 20.00 A conducting place is an official site of artist (channel of the on-line broadcasting): direct including with a sound from a studio «Lizard». http://www.koldun.name/ru/online/ To prepare to the conference and putting the questions is possible here. Every your question will be read, and all interesting will sound in ether. http://koldunonline.forum24.ru/ In what topic can we post questions, here?

Колдунья Алена: silhouetteofthenight пишет: In what topic can we post questions, here? You may ask questions here

Borce: OMG guys this is pretty exiting!!!! Dima is the first singer who is doing this!!!!!But he is in everything first and he always trys to make his fans happy!!!!I should think some interesting question and than I will send it!!!!!BTW Nadia and StellaI think that maybe Gladys or Колдунья Алена can help you with your question!!!!Write it here on english and If they want of course they can translate for you on russian!!!This is a really big chance to all fans so don't miss it guys!!!!! BTW Gladys yeah I saw that toys!!!!I agree they are so lovely and intersting!!!!!

silhouetteofthenight: You may ask questions here thanks. I just noticed I totally overlooked the 'koldunonline' before forum24 I agree with you Borce. I'll have to think of some good question as well.

Gladys: Guys, I only want ask you that your questions will be realy intersting and will not repet.....

miranda: Were my questions repeating?

Gladys: miranda No,your questions are not repeating And you asked 3 questions

silhouetteofthenight: guys, will Dima read english questions too and answer in english? it would be nice you know, for his international fans ^^

miranda: miranda No,your questions are not repeating And you asked 3 questions ok, i just wanted to know.

silhouetteofthenight: oh well, I posted my 4 questions in russian and wrote it would be nice if he answered in english-IF he even reads them

miranda: will he have time to read them all?

Gladys: miranda I hope......He will be answer from 18-30 til 20-00

nadia2: Is that the time in Russia?

Borislav: Oh guys I'm finally here!!!!I have some problems with my com so I had to create new acount to be again here and to send the questions for Dima!!!Thank god!!!Gladys I think that Miranda send you my message for Dima with the question for translation so If you reseved and translate please send me here like private message!!!!

Gladys: nadia2 Yes its moscow time! Borislav I send translation of your questions to Miranda ........

silhouetteofthenight: guys the chat is about to start in 15 minutes. they had camera on I saw, but turned if off a minute ago

nadia2: He sang tsaverna, it was so nice!

silhouetteofthenight: yep. and I like that he answered 2 questions in english though I'm not quite sure if he answered mine, cause he answered a little different that the question was asking

Gladys: silhouetteofthenight Snezana, it seems be it was your question!!!

silhouetteofthenight: Gladys yeah I figured after looking at all questions there that none was like that in english. well that's great! So glad he answered it ^^ though maybe he misunderstood it a little, cause I wrote if he's planning to do an english-only album in the future, but he told us that on his debut will be surrender and reality of dreams as well as russian songs, so that's great! loved his english, he didn't have to apologize hehe THANK YOU DIMA!!

silhouetteofthenight: btw, I've seen those videos with dinosaur toys now-so funny!

silhouetteofthenight: got a question for you russians. when there'll be posted a video from the chat (I assume someone recorded it as always :) I tried, but my program didn't want to grab it...) could you translate the whole thing to english? I know it's a lot, but you can take as long as you need. I'm asking, because I'd then post it to international website and credit you of course. I'm sure lots of english-speaking fans would be happy and grateful about it -including myself.

Borislav: I enjoyed in the on-line !!!!Dima was so great and intersting nlike always!!!My favourite moment is when he sang Rcarevna and was talking on english!!!! BTW who was making the selection on the question,because he didin't answerd all?

miranda: oh i just loved every bit of this online broadcasting i'm just a bit disappointed that he didn't answer my questions :P i loved the dinosaur part!

Borislav: And I too Miranda!!!!! About our questions I think that we had to write them more earlier because we wrote them too late and I think that someone selected the questions!!! BTW his english is pretty good now!!!!! Дима спасибо огромное for talking on english for your international fans!!!!

silhouetteofthenight: Borce I don't think you were too late..I wrote mine the day before the chat was about to happen..probably he picked which ones to answer before he started the chat, or maybe someone helped him choose them, cause there were lots of them I agree about his english! he speaks it great!

Gladys: Borislav Its seems to be yuor question about motto Dima read!!! Dima: "I forgot my motto,but i had arms blason. I drew it at school."

Gladys: Translations of on-line Part 1 1 The first question was about happiness. Dima : People are happy years to 4, while they remember nothing, and then it is not already... 2. about fans, as he belongs to them... Dima: normally) 3. As better: to spare about not done or about done. Dima: It depends on a situation (heart-rending history goes about a trip in childhood to Poland and shokolad) 4. Question about animals. Dima: For me only dinosaur. 5.That does prepare you mother on you returning? Dima: Fried potato. Especially loves when I ask her, only I a long ago did not eat her. 6. Question about a silver medal. Dima: (banters again) I was glad, when got her. When studied, badly was friends with mathematics and was heap of time to conduct with a teacher by Natalia Grigor'evnoy. Now I put a medal into water, in place of disinfection. 7. Question about materiality of idea. Dima : Its depends of man . 8. About a clip - will be taken off, all will tell then. And about KVN...Said that very much loves him. Dima: Me not in Kvn- invited, but in the combined team soccer "stars of Byelorussia". 9. Question about a vocal... 10. Question about friends and relatives from Minsk, how often he rides to them. 11. About a chess. Dima: Sometimes I go out in a court and can even to beat the pair of lads there... 12. Singing and inspiration. Dima: Well, my songs are either tragic or lyric. 13. About a song vizit-card. Dima: WELL...I do not print business cards 14. you whether believe in prophetic sleeps, whether nightmares dream. Dima: (terrible story) about aliens...about balls and sputniki... 15. Question about cartoons. Dima: What more dull cartoons, I like anymore. 16. Question about rock-opera. Dima: Understand, crisis. But rock-opera have second troupe, as a dear soccer command. 17. Whom do you see itself by? Dima: I am not Vanga, I simply want that I was respected. 18. What do you do an accent in songs? Dima: On an emotion. It is talked that at Vysotskyi it was badly with a vocal, but it took emotions. 19. What reaction you wait ot listeners. Dima: There are some feelings during singing. And with respect to listeners, for me each song- experiment 20.About the implication of songs. Dima: He is everywhere..."Не paradise", "two weeks of summer". 21. What do you feel, when do people ride from other country? Dima :The heat in a thorax.

Gladys: Translations of on-line Part 2 22. That it is better to sing in a studio or on the stage. Dima: Strange question. you asked yet, what better - to sleep or be goodlooking. 23. As far as is voice enough for the clean singing? Dima: There is such vehicle, from America brought. I measured - two weeks.(joking) 24. Favourite fairy-tale Dima: I remember not a single fairy-tale in general...about "Hen and cockl"...(short retelling from Dima) 25. Sing a refrain from a song. Dima: I will sing, together with a dinosaur. 27. About a duet with brother Zhoroy , conduct on the stage Dima: There are concerts, when they are successful, when it is not...on the whole I try openly to work. It is, on the wave of adrenalin do strange acts on the stage 28.About fans. Dima: I do not love a word "fans", it about football. 29. You ask advice from whom . Дима:on site of advice.ru(joking) 30. Favourite place. Dima: Park, turn off an engine and thank heavens, that windows are tint. 31. Question about top-3 songs it on radio. Dima: I switch on the radio to know - does it work? 32. About heading of the article of "Taxi". Dima: I thought of the name. 33. About a "green creature". Dima: know studio was named "lizard"...and it is mysticism ... 34.As possible to show you out of itself. Dima: On a street to take and show out. People talk different. 35. Question about a move in a little city. Dima: And I and so...from Minsk to Moscow. 36. about an action there is advancement of album. Dima: Aha. 37. about not entering songs, type of а"get up". Dima: "Reality" will be,а "get up in the past... 38. why do you reply with a joke? Dima: Depends of a question. Dima: It is more pleasant to listen very handsome "guy", that "freak". 41. How many you sleep. Dima: from 7 to 12 hours. Or so, or so. 42. Question about a girl from a song. Dima: I am afraid of type- afraid to ask a czarevna or type to give me forces 43. about a repertoire and singing( priorities) Dima: Again about Vysotskyi... 44. about Chetvergov. Dima: Well... 46. Opinion about "Tune on to me". Dima: It was written in Minsk in the apartment of Bagrata for 4 days. A refrain was written with quick. Decided that a lung is necessary, unemployed senses and histories will be enough already about to, that we will not be in to paradise... 47. What success depends on. Dima: From everything, talent and ability... 48. Question about an audience. Dima: Why you are not ask yet about grandmothers, Cinderellas and animals yet. I do it from all soul . 49. about a "sweet boy". Dima: I felt myself "sweet boy" one time - after a shower the sugar started to climb on to me. 50. Question about the stage - where is it better to come forward? Dima: There is the charm in everything. 51. How always you are content with the appearance. Dima: I always write down video, estimate then. 52. Birth of music-its hard or not? Dima: Probably, inspiration, although...a brain was not steamed . 53. Were there appearances in unison with a hall? Dima : Yes 54. How many in an album Dima : 12 55. do you listen to opinion ? Dima: Sometimes, are very useful... 56. who is owner in a house ? Dima: what is means a "owner" in? in means to clean the home or that?

Gladys: Translations of on-line Part 3 57. How quickly do you forgive offenses? Dima: Now I will write list what things I can be offended. 58. About the "free swimming". Dima: There is it + and - Difficultly, but there is here the side,that you develop and realize the acts. 59. Secrets of concentration. Дима:power of will. 60. Again something about a girl from sleep..... Dima: And I saw many girls in sleep. 61. About charity actions. Dima:In April there will be a concert in support toot people with oncology diseases 62. About to return in the pass. Dima: I do not know,i am not Brego if i would leave in 80 and would sell there i-fon... 63. That you can forgive a girl. Dima: It is necessary to forgive everything. 64. At how many listeners you would sing in a hall. Dima: There were three one time 65. about animals Dima: he will perish, a dinosaur befits only to me. About love at first glanse. Dima: Not always and from first. you began to love rest rooms in clubs (a question is shorter about to, that will do, escaping from fans ). Dima: I have a trump trick... 70. Whether decorates a modesty. Dima: Well, fairly. 71. Dima: I play with itself in a chess...I do not like to swear .... 72.Question about rest. Dima: I remember tha i I was in Feodosii in a camp rested. 73. How did a mother name you in the childhood? Dima: A mother called so, and a dad called "Koldusha" 74. about a favourite place in Minsk. Dima: to go for a walk near the Troitskogo suburb. 75. Do you love surprises? Dima: I like good surprises 76. Question about the English album. 77. About a bad mood. Dima: I begin to squeal, fall and fight in a hysterical. 78. whether it is possible whether to send to you verses. Dima: it is possible. 79. About musical instruments Dima: I made off a class on fortepiano аnd i want to learn to play on a triangle(joking) 80. about a dream. Dima: I want to be simply happy. 81. Question about a monument in Minsk. Dima: that stood in a lake and my knees were above water...(joking) 82. refrain of "czarevna"... Dima: (to write words? ) and concluding a grandmother started to fly after her grand-dad... Dima: New questions came here... 83. about the name of studio. Dima: ( not "serpent")...on the whole, lizard - word -lizard likes me simply. 83. about dinozaurs. Dima: They appear in turn. There dad and son . 84. About Euro... Дима:I got experience, if will depart once again - to the new will not be. 85.About klons. Dima: There am not I nowhere there. 86. about a collaboration with Sasha. Dima: Went out so...Turns out not bad for us. 87. Who does help? Dima: Lizard. Always. 88. about experience. Dima: I have not enormous luggage, but mainly, it some orientiry and sure steps. 89. About what will not never sing. Dima: Never talk never, may be i will sing about bears ... 90. About yoga Dima: As camera turned off, so I engage in yoga at once.. Dima: Fresh portion of questions 91. About Brego. Dima: Brego- cult character. I plan a book to let out. I do not know, true,in what genre. 92. About anecdotes. Dima: I talked i will not tell therefore. 93.о sense of life Dima: I think that there is sense in life, and in death it is not. 94. about happiness in general. Dima: There are facilities of folk medicine, they help. 95. That changed with beginning of career. Dima: i am the closed man. I, know, such good.... 96. Ideal of girl. Dima: As in the song of "ideal it is not" - they not interesting. 97. Motto. Dima: I forgot him,i had arms blason, i drew it at school 98. about "star illness" Dima : Its peoples fantasy. 100. Question about to "change l "lets hug on lets kiss"... Dima: Interesting question. 101. about a warming-up. Dima: I like simply to come forward. 102. to depart in another country at concert? Dima: (and... it a dinosaur squeaked )... Dima: Thank you for questions. I will sing songs. You love each other. We will meet on a concert.

ybet: Can someone tell me if he answered to my question?? I can't find the answers.. and did he answered in english or in russian??

silhouetteofthenight: wow Gladys you're a doll! thank you very much for this! will post it on the website later and credit you.

silhouetteofthenight: Can someone tell me if he answered to my question?? I can't find the answers.. and did he answered in english or in russian?? I think that he did. You asked about next video clip when it will be made and where it will be shoot, right? so, here it is. 8. About a clip - will be taken off, all will tell then.

Gladys: Miranda Hi!!! miranda пишет: Does anyone if Pesnya Goda 2009 in Ukraine has been aired on TV yet? I would really like to have this performances there Do you mean the consert that was the 18th of December in Ukraine???

miranda: Yes, i do :)

Gladys: Today the 1st of April!!! My congratulations!!!

miranda: In sweden everyone jokes on this day. so you have to watch your back

nadia2: haha yes here too miranda

MiriamEla: I didn't get many April Fool jokes today... not like the good old days at elementary school...

Gladys: miranda In Russia the same "you have to watch your back -Its white"

Borce: I want to see Dima's pictures from yesterday,because maybe he was on some party and dress like something intersting....

Gladys: Online with Dima (video) On the radio Koldun Part 1 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99627824/ Part 2 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99630537/ Part 3 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99633020/ Part 4 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99635524/ Part 5 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99637056/

miranda: Borce he was in the studio very long yesterday, so i doubt he had the time to go to a party.

Gladys: Part 6 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99637968/ Part 7 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99638905/ Part 8 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99639811/ Part 9 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99640658/ Part 10 http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99641432/

Gladys: The news The 3th of April, in the evening Dmitriy Koldun will take part in charitable gala-concert on initiative of forum Strategy 2020. "New tactic" will be in the Moscow Central- Manezh Hall All money which will be collected will be doneted in help to seriously sick children in Fund «Lets give life» of Chulpan Chamatova and Dinah Korzun. TOP-hit on RU.TV The 6th of April, in 20:00 (moscow time)Dmitriy Koldun on RU.TV in the program «TOP-hit: Giants». An artist commented on rating of ten highest known personalities. Repetitions: the 8th of April,in 13:00, the 10th of April, in 11:00, the 11th of April, in 18:00, 12th of April, in 23:00.

miranda: Thanks for the news Gladys! Do you know if the Fashion Awards will air on TV?

Gladys: Do you like how Dima sang the song "Star" on charitable gala-concert in Manezh Hall ? I like it so much He was singing and only piano and guitara were playing....... It was so wonderful!!! His voice....... I have not words ....

Borce: I haven't see that Dima's performance yet because I don't have net and com at home so I can't download videos Any youtube links?BTW the whole story about the performance sounds really great I can't wait to see it!!! I always love Dima's performances<3!!!!

miranda: I loved it too Gladys, he really sang it with emotions

Gladys: Borce Borislav you can see this video on the radio KOLDUN http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post99846436/

miranda: i hope someone records the show on ru.tv, because the online tv doesn't work for me. I was looking forward to see and record it i hope it is good!

Borce: Dima's performance is amazing!!!Dima's emocions are so strong.I love it<3!!!!!!!!!BTW and I hope on that Miranda!!!!

Stella: oh i agree with you Borce.his performance is fantastic!he sang like an angel

nadia2: I agree, it was so good.

silhouetteofthenight: Do you like how Dima sang the song "Star" on charitable gala-concert in Manezh Hall ? I like it so much He was singing and only piano and guitara were playing....... It was so wonderful!!! His voice....... I have not words .... I agree it was really beautiful performance, I loved his voice there :)

miranda: have you seen the video where he was crying? it was so beautiful. i get so emotional when i watch it.

Borce: Yeah I saw it!!!It was the best !!!!Dima is hilarious!!!!I agree so emocional but I think that Dima was jokeing at the end!!!!He is always intersting and orginal!!!!I love his style and hair there!!!!!BTW did you see the tv show Taksi?Dima was wearing that coat from ESC 2007.I love that coat and +the glasses looks great on him!!!!!But I'm the so happy about the HQ "Zvezda" performance.Dima there is like an angel:his voice,style,emocions and HAIR are perfect!!!!!

miranda: ooh, taksi was really great. it was so fun when the two guys found out that they just had got help from dima and his new version of zvezda really touches my heart. he's really an angel

Borce: Yeah I agree with you for me was really intersting to watch.And my heart too!!!!!Yeah and better than real angel!!!!!!!!Now I only wnat to see HQ performance from World fashion awards!!!!!!!!!I hope on that too soon!!!!!!

Gladys: The HQ "Zvezda" its perfect Its on offisial site http://www.koldun.name/ru/video/2009/ http://homepage.mac.com/koldunmedia/.Public/2009/Koldun_blagotvorit.wmv

nadia2: Ilove it, it's a really great performance

Borce: Yeah I 100% agree with you Nadia BTW guys can some translate for me this few facts about Dima: В школе я играл на гитаре и украдкой курил сигареты. Меня нельзя назвать хорошим водителем. Никогда не буду говорить никогда. Всегда с сомнением смотрю на выступление политиков. Чтобы подружиться со мной никаких особых условий не нужно.

Gladys: Borce Borislav translations for you A few facts about Dima At school I played on a guitar and smoked cigarettes. I can not be named a good driver. I never will talk never. I always look with doubt at appearance of politicians. It is not need special terms to make friends with me

Borce: Thanks Gladys you are always ready to help!!! I love all 5 things!!!!Very intersting to read and know!!!

silhouetteofthenight: have you seen the video where he was crying? it was so beautiful. i get so emotional when i watch it. just saw it. that's really nice of him to record a clip for us. I really liked it. But at the end I think he was kidding..at least I got such impression xD

Gladys: New voting on the radio KOLDUN http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post100277692/ http://www.liveinternet.ru/polls.php?cmd=showpoll&pollid=886680 On-line conference of Dmitriy Koldun from a studio *Lizard* Your opinion ? - It was Good conference was, i knew a lot interesting. - Conference was please, but more strict premoderatsiya would not prevent. Some questions were, put it mildly... - I Smiled all conference. Dmitriy is joking remarkable . -Conference was not please. An idea was quite good, but Koldun`s joking - on an amateur. - This was the first and last conference of Koldun, which I looked. Heart-rending spectacle. - Goodness,turned off a computer through 5 mines after beginning. Let sings, it better for him,than to answer on questions . - And what on-line conference and who such to answer Koldun? - it is your variant.

Borce: I read that Dima wrote the reasons why he don't act in the rock opera anymore so I tried to translate this but I don't understand nothing because my translation don't have sence ,so can someone again translate this for me:(sorry If I bother) заявление. Если я и буду принимать участие в рок-опере в дальнейшем, то только в полной ее версии во всех смыслах. Если в словосочетании "рок-опера" есть слово, которое не принимает фанеру в принципе, то я его тоже не принимаю в рамках данного мероприятия. Пока не будет ПОЛНОГО соства группы Четвергова (а не гитариста и барабанщика, неизвестных мне доселе, играющих поверх), меня там НЕ БУДЕТ. Почему региональный зритель, в отличие от столичного, должен видеть произведение в таком неполном исполнении...

Gladys: Borce Translation for you If I will take part in rock-opera in future, only in its complete version in all senses. If in combination of words a "rock-opera" is word which does not adopt fonogramma in principle, I also do not adopt it. (Dima want to sing rock-opera with alive sound) While there will not be the COMPLETE groups of Chetvergova (instead of guitarist and drummer, unknown me , playing over), I will not BE in rock-opera Why a regional spectator, unlike from capital, must see work in such incomplete perfomance...

silhouetteofthenight: I just have one question about online conference post with voting on radio Koldun, is there that text below transcript of the chat, cause when I translate it the questions and answers aren't the same from that one Gladys has translated for us, so I'm not sure what's that there..either way could someone please translate it if it's not the same? I'm referring to that part from here onward В студии «Ящерица» началась он-лайн конференция Дмитрия Колдуна. Пока Дмитрий сосредоточенно вглядывался в листы формата А4, пытаясь разобрать сложный машинописный текст и вникнуть в суть вопросов, за его спиной (вернее практически на его спине) велась довольно интересная беседа. На правом плече ДК сидела белая ящерка, помахивая крылышками и поигрывая на лире (Ангел ), на левом плече примостилась красная рогатая ящерка, в настоящий момент усиленно ковырявшая в зубах трезубцем (Черт ). А.- Прекращай ковыряться в зубах, это неэстетично. Ч. -Кончай бренчать на своей балалайке, хочу и ковыряюсь. А наш-то разошелся, прямо соловьем заливается. С чего бы это? А.- Разуй свои заплывшие жиром глаза, конференция у нас. Ч.- Да? И что, интересно? А.-Ну, сам послушай. Ящерицы замолчали и по студии раснесся Димин голос, зачитывающий очередной вопрос.

silhouetteofthenight: guys have you seen last Radio Koldun's post? I wrote on the international website a little message to Dima in the name of all fans about that video where Dima sings a song and asks us to come to his concerts while I posted news and they posted it on radio Koldun too. I think that's really nice of them and hope Dima sees it too if he's checking there, cause we can't know if he's visiting international website to see it :)

Gladys: silhouetteofthenight Snezana this text its not on-line conference Its joke.....Funny story....Fantasy... But If you want i can translate .... "In a studio «Lizard» began on-line conference of Dmitriy Koldun. While Dmitriy looked with concentrate into the leaves of А4, was trying to take apart the difficult typewritten text and understand in essence of questions, after his back(practically on his back)was interesting conversation. A white pangolin sat on the right shoulder of DK,was waving of wings and was playing on a lyre (Angel ), the red horned pangolin was on a left shoulder, was digging up in teeth by trident (Devil ). А.- Break off to be dug up in teeth, it is unbeautiful. D. -Break off to jingle on the balalaika, want and dug up. And our - like a nightingale. What it is from ? А.- Open your the swimming in fat eyes, its conference for us. D.- Yes? And its interesting? A.- Listen. Lizards were silent and in a studio Dima`s voice was reading a next question."

silhouetteofthenight: thanks for translating it Gladys. It seems a fun story :P who made it up?

Gladys: silhouetteofthenight пишет: who made it up Snezana, i do not know

Borce: Snezana yeah I saw it and I think that is perfect!!!!<3You wrote it everything that should be written in one message for Dima!!!!Thank you for doing this for us!!!! BTW Gladys thanks again for the translation,that is really funny story.I enjoyed reading!!!

Serebrocat: I think sang Zvezda very good ;) I think the performance was amazing

MiriamEla: ALRIGHT, I'M GOING TO NEED AN ADMIN'S HELP ON THIS. Remember this song? That one instrumental song on RadioKoldun? It seems like NO ONE knows what it is except either the admins or Dima himself (or both). I'm using it in a video and I would like to name it in the credits as something besides "The DimaCast Mystery Song". Is it one of Dima's songs with the vocals taken out? Is it one of Dima's favorite songs? Was it written specifically for RadioKoldun? I really want to know!!! (and yes I did forget to edit out the little cymbal roll from Eto Ne Ray at the end) Oh, and for anyone who's interested, I'm going to be putting something called the Dima Koldun Acoustic Collection (DKAC for short) on YouTube. I have four songs right now: Bit Mozhet, Eto Ne Ray, Angel Mechty, and Tsarevna. If anyone has any other acoustic performances of Dima's songs, I'd like 'em please. =D Edit: And I'd like them to be full songs, not just snippets.

Borce: Today also like russians and macedonians celabrate Easter.So happy Easter to everyone here and also to DIMA!!!!I wish you all the best and Христос воскрес!!!!!!!

Gladys: Borce Happy Easter to you too and to everyone!!!

Stella: Happy Easter everyone!!!

Колдунья Алена: Happy Easter, my darling!!!

Serebrocat: Happy easter everyone In Sweden we had easter last week

ybet: Happy Easter from me too :)) or Xristos Anesti as we say in Greece

miranda: Happy Easter everyone!!! In sweden we say "Glad Påsk"

silhouetteofthenight: We also had Easter last week, but HAPPY EASTER TO THOSE CELEBRATING TODAY! :)

Borce: I really like Dima's new picture from the photoshoot in 2008 !!!I want to see the rest pictures from the photoshoot because I'm sure that exist more and more...

Stella: i agree with you Borce.the new picture from the photoshoot is so nice.he is gorgeous!!!

ybet: he took my breathe away at the first time i saw it it's the best of that photoshoot and my favourite until now, and he looks so happy in that photo, i envy his smile thank u dreamwave for that foto :))

miranda: i think he's really sexy on that picture that picture is my wallpaper now

Gladys: THE NEWS Dmitry Koldun took part in the Charitable ball of stars-2009 Dmitry Koldun and his collective as the special invited guests were participating in the Charitable ball of stars-2009. It was come forward the organizers of ball: International (Ambassadorial) club, a government of Moscow and OOD is «Beauty of Russia». As VIP-guests on guidance of government of Moscow, governors, members of government, ambassadors of the foreign states, politicians, large businessmen, stars of the cinema, going a ball, theater, stage, foreign guests, journalists. In the program of Charitable auction including pictures, antikvariat and works of art, were offered. The concert of «Stars for the children», on which Dmitry with musicians sang three songs. All facilities, rescued during conducting of ball, will be directly directed on operating treatment, acquisition and adaptation of prosthetic appliances for the patients of centers of burns of children's and pupils of houses of children's with the amputated extremities.

nadia2: I have a question for anyone living in russia. Is Dima in the magazines there, because I am going to moscow and I want to know if it is possible to buy anything with dima on it there?

Gladys: nadia2 Yes, there is Dima in the magazines sometimes I think you can buy....

nadia2: Are there any magazines that he is always in, what are the names?

Borce: Дима спасибо огромное за все!!!!!!I really can't wait for tomorrow!!!!No one but no one is making this for the fans!!!!No one ....the rest only want money and that is all but he is doing this for free to make us more happy!!!!I'm without words!!!!I'm proud to say that I'm his fan!!!!

Gladys: Direct ether of solo concert from Korolev. The 29th of April, on the official site of koldun.name in a section, «On-line» will be translated in direct ether «living» concert of artist and his musical collective. Dmitry does such gift all, whoever by virtue of geographical position will be able to be present on his concert. Will be carried out both well acquaintances to the admirers of song and new. Beginning of translation of concert (with a sound) on a site in 19:00. http://www.koldun.name/ru/online

Borce: I have one question Dima's concert will be recorded and than able to download here?If someone know please can tell me

Gladys: Borce Borislav,I hope Dima's concert will be recorded... But today you and all Dima`s fans can see his concert from Korolev on-line!!! In 19:00-Moscow time

Borce: Thanks for the info Gladys Yeah I really can't wait to see the show!!!!I hope also that the concert will be recorded like his on-line conference for fans because some of us are in school in that time so maybe we will miss something of the concert and we really hope that the concert will be recorded !!!Btw I want to wish Dimka great concert tonight and everything to be ok because he simply rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gladys: From today, we can get the official complete version of consert from Korolev on koldun.name in section of "Download - 2009".Weight 237,4 Mb, wmv. http://www.koldun.name/ru/video/2009/ http://homepage.mac.com/koldunmedia/.Public/2009/Korolev_29_4_2009.wmv

Gladys: New Dima`s song ORPHAN CHILD (music B.Vartanayn, text. D.Basic) Chorus: I know, I know, I know, I know He needs them but They don’t think so. I know, I know His wings will grow And he will fly Up to the rainbow. If they could only look into the eyes Of their orphan child… If they could ever see his homeless face That never smiles… Could they ever come to see him? Could they ever try? Chorus: I know, I know, I know, I know He needs them but They don’t think so. I know, I know His wings will grow And he will fly Up to the rainbow. If they could ever think of the lonely soul Deprived of love… If they could only see the orphan’s dreams Under his star above… I wish they could ever care… (I wish they care) I wish they could ever dare… http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/radio_koldun/post101764624/

Borce: I love all new songs but especilay "Orphan child"...it's my favourite from all new songs!!!I love the melody and the words too !!!I can't wait for studio version...

koldunlover: Privet!! I made this video for Dima and eurovision [ ybet also helped me;) ], we want him to go again!! Please watch!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n-5gPEauAoI

Borce: Girls I love the video!!!!! Such a awsome video!!!!!!!!!!DIMA GET BACK ON ESC 2010!!!!!WE NEED YOU THERE...EUROPE NEED YOU BECAUSE YOU SIMPLY ROCK !!!!!(The video message is the best so I want to thank to all greeks fans for this video I hope that Dima will see it!!!!!

MiriamEla: Dima in ESC'10 would be amazing. Why? BECAUSE I MAY GET TO MEET HIM!!! If it's not too early and in a country that my parents feel comfortable visiting, I'll be going to ESC next year!!! So GO DIMA GO!

Gladys: NEW VOTING We vote for DIMA KOLDUN is "God of radio ether" А nomination is the radio hit http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/radio_koldun/post101994113/ http://bog-efira.ru/

Borce: Wow I saw the look of the award that the winner will get in each category and I really like it!!! I want Dima to to be winner in his catogory because Dima and Tsarevna deserve the first place totaly,so I will vote and vote!!!!Till now he is the best there..... Btw when the voting is ending?

Gladys: Borce I do not know when the voting is ending But a ceremony will be on 25th of June in St.Petersburg

Borce: Thanks Gladys Hmm probably we have one more month for voting so guys please vote and Dima will be on the top!!!!

miranda: My sis that the voting doesn't decide the winner completely, first you vote, then a jury will decide who wins :) and i hope that is dima :D

Borce: I hope that the jury will think like the public!!!! Btw I want to wish Dima great concert tonight and great time to all from here who will go to watch him !!!I can't wait to see pictures and videos!!!!

miranda: They will decide who the winner is, with our votes as a base :) Good luck on your concert Dima! I wish you all the best!

Львагр@: MiriamEla T-shirt simply super, directly as at Dimy. I very much would want, that the next year on the Eurovision there has gone Dima, time this year it has not wanted.

miranda: I just chatted with Marina from serebro forum she thought i was the real dima because of my user name

Serebrocat: lol Miranda ;) I saw when she wrote that MiriamEla keep your fingers crossed for Norway to win ESC then, I bet your parents will allow you to go there Then maybe Miranda and me can met you there

Borce: OMG this is the word which I'm saying over and over this morining...because when I saw the new photos...Dima' s look there, his new trainers...(I don't have perfect word to explene them)because they are so beautiful!!!Dima was GORGEOUS there is every sence of the word!!! Every boy(including and me) would want to have piece of his beauty) He is just perfect!!!Btw can someone tell me which songs he sang and how was the show there....I can't wait to see some videos!!!!

ybet: Agree Borce well can someone tell us what happend last night please? what did he sing etc

Gladys: Borce Borislav, Dima sang Sombody loving you, I surrender , Work Your Magic And the show was great!!!

Borce: Gladys thanks for the info,you are always ready to help WOW he sang one of my favourite songs by him...I'm sure that the show was awsome because Dima on his concerts is always great ...Also the pictures with Anastasia are great...She is also very nice and polite woman!!! I'm sure that our Dima was the star of the evening!!!!!

miranda: Yeah, i just saw the pictures from yesterday, and i was like OMG! He looked so good, and he was so cute! And i loved those fake tattos he had on his arms simply wonderful

nadia2: Dima was so amazing in the belarus party in the euroclub, he presented really well and sang so great. It was amazing to watch, and the tatoos looked really cool

miranda: i loved the tatto with the bird, it was so colorful!

Stella: i agree the tatto was very cute

Borce: Guys I want to ask something..I translated this - Да, я бы очень этого хотел. И Филипп Киркоров, с которым мы встретились недавно на белорусской вечеринке на «Евровидении», сделал мне такое предложение. Конечно, я согласился. Кстати, это неправда, что Филиппу не понравилось работать с белорусскй командой в прошлый раз, и все расстались врагами. Ничего подобного - у Филиппа остались очень теплые отношения с нашими, ты сама могла это видеть на вечеринке. Так что эта тема находится в стадии обсуждения, и я надеюсь, что все получится. Ведь «Евровидение» - это такой вирус. Кто хоть раз поднялся на сцену этого конкурса, будет хотеть повторения. И Дима Билан доказал всему миру, что это повторение возможно, причем с головокружительным результатом. and I understood that Dima want to be part next year on ESC and that Kirkorov wants to work again with him for the ESC song..so I understood wrong or the translator was good???Please can someone tell me

miranda: oh, i hope he doesn't. i want him to be indepedent and prove once and for all that he can do it himself. he's such a great perfomer, everyone will be blown away by him but if he wants too, i'm not going to argue with it

Gladys: Borce Translation for you "Yes, I would like it. And Philip Kirkorov, with which we met recently on the Byelorussian evening-party on «Eurovision», did me such suggestion. Certainly, I consented. By the way, it is a lie, that did not please Philip to work with a belorussky command at the last time, and all parted enemies. Nothing of the kind - Philip have very warm relationships with our, you could it to see on an evening-party. So this theme is in the stage of discussion, and I hope that all will turn out. In fact «Eurovision» is such a virus. Who one time walked up the stage of this competition, will want a reiteration. And Dima Bilan proved the whole world, that this reiteration is possible, with a dizzy result."

miranda: so he is going to work with kirkorov?

Borce: Thanks for the more corect translation Gladys!!! Yeah like I suposed he want to go one again on ESC but I think that chances to work with Kirkorov again on his ESC song are 50-50 so we will see next year about this...Kirkorov like composer is really great so I'm sure that he will write something great for Dima but also Dimka can do that alone because I really liked "Angel mechty" for ESC and he wrote it ...so for me is the most important he do go next year... That is my bigest wish don't matter from who he will have song...

ybet: Yeah, but at my opinion [if it's important] he has to compose or find a really good song, even better than wym.. and i believe that's really difficult; i dont want to find a worse song cause many others have done that and it wasn't good but whatever happends, we're always will be with him no matter will happend:) upd: also about kirkorov, he's great composer but i prefer dima without him , but dima will decide;))

miranda: yes i agree. but i'm not so fond of kirkorov personality and charachter, even though i admit he did a really great job with WYM. But I think Dima will have a great song no matter who composes. I love WYM, but i feel that you could notch it up just a step, makin' it super good. and then i mean the new song, not wym. WYM is one of my fav songs of all.

Borce: Yeah WYM was amazing....I agree with Ybet we will be always with him!!!!He also said this in other interview " In opinion I like artist, probably, time for this stage has already come to stand again. " Perhaps, I shall try in following to year. And to represent, certainly, I shall be the country - Belarus ", - Dmitry has told. This is amazing to hear from Dima!!! I 'm sure that he will find really great song for ESC...but the most important is Dima..he is amazing performer,he has the voice,beauty,charisma,so he really will make every song great....

miranda: And I'm so glad that he will representing Belarus and not Russia, it is after all is mother land. I hope he will be in the same semi as Sweden, so I can vote for him.

ybet: Did u watch tonight the 1st semifinal of Eurovision?? Dima was there, I saw him!!

miranda: Me too! I screamed when i saw him, and my dad got angry for that! he was the best of all!

Borce: And I too Miranda...I said Dimaaaaa!!!!OMG!!!!He was so cool with the belarussian flag!!!!He is really the best!!!!! Btw he is so nice and left us message here Привет! Ну вот снова не повезло.... очень жаль.... Мне ЛИЧНО понравилась Мальта, Швейцария, Турция, Босния и Герцоговина... И аки конь степной поехал на вечеринку СКРОМНО отмечать, что я пока.....хех.))))))) Can someone translate it please!!!!

Gladys: Borce Translation "Hello! Well it was not lucky again....it is very sorry.... Malta, Switzerland, Turkey, Bosnia and Gertsogovina pleased to me PERSONALLY ... And "as plain horse"( Dima`s joke) I departed on an evening-party MODESTLY to celebrate while i....hehe.)))))))"

nadia2: haha, I screamed too when I saw him.

ybet: nadia2 пишет: haha, I screamed too when I saw him. Me too.. I see a guy with a huge flag of Belarus and i say: i know this guy, it's Dima! actually i really didn't know that he'll be there, and i almost had a heart attack

miranda: me too ybet! i didn't look properly at first, but then when i realised it was him, i screamed and i kept looking for the belarusian flag for the rest of the show lol

Borce: He was the best from all there and he even didin't sing on stage ...he really made the night moreeee beautiful for me because after that I was so happy and I'm still happy because I saw him there....Next year we espect our Dima to be again on ESC.... Btw Miranda and I too...I was looking whole night in the public and I wanted again to see Dima....

miranda: Yeah i thought of him the whole show after that, and i could imagine him on the stage

nadia2: haha, maybe next year he will be on stage singing. Also I have to say that it was very nice that he was sitting in the audience with all the public.

miranda: yeah, and it was so cool that he was sitting in the front row :) i wish i was those guys from azerbaijan who sat next to him :D

Gladys: New voting on the radio Koldun The first solo- concert of Dmitriy Koldun. YOUR OPINION? -Wonderful concert! KOLDUN - you are the best! - Looked with the pleasure. More such concerts and in different towns! -it is a Very good concert; not all songs are liked identically, but, on the whole - very well. - I did not look and did not going to look. - I did not like. Somehow all in different, from pop in to rock - I am pity about the spent time,it would better i was looking «House-2» - it is the another opinion (in a comment). http://www.liveinternet.ru/community/radio_koldun/post101752176/

miranda: i translate the interview, and they asked about his private life, and he said he had a girlfriend!

Stella: oh my god!!!really??the girl who is with him is so lucky i envy her!

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