English 2007-2010 Off-topic. Part 3

Off-topic. Part 3

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy! Please remember: 1. Not to post one-worded or very short replies such as "thank you". The forum has got a thank you button () at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it ! 2. Don't post replies in which you are talking about something that is only interesting to 1 or 2 other forum members. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members. All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted. Thank You.

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Borce: I really like Dima's new picture from the photoshoot in 2008 !!!I want to see the rest pictures from the photoshoot because I'm sure that exist more and more...

Stella: i agree with you Borce.the new picture from the photoshoot is so nice.he is gorgeous!!!

ybet: he took my breathe away at the first time i saw it it's the best of that photoshoot and my favourite until now, and he looks so happy in that photo, i envy his smile thank u dreamwave for that foto :))

miranda: i think he's really sexy on that picture that picture is my wallpaper now

Gladys: THE NEWS Dmitry Koldun took part in the Charitable ball of stars-2009 Dmitry Koldun and his collective as the special invited guests were participating in the Charitable ball of stars-2009. It was come forward the organizers of ball: International (Ambassadorial) club, a government of Moscow and OOD is Beauty of Russia. As VIP-guests on guidance of government of Moscow, governors, members of government, ambassadors of the foreign states, politicians, large businessmen, stars of the cinema, going a ball, theater, stage, foreign guests, journalists. In the program of Charitable auction including pictures, antikvariat and works of art, were offered. The concert of Stars for the children, on which Dmitry with musicians sang three songs. All facilities, rescued during conducting of ball, will be directly directed on operating treatment, acquisition and adaptation of prosthetic appliances for the patients of centers of burns of children's and pupils of houses of children's with the amputated extremities.

nadia2: I have a question for anyone living in russia. Is Dima in the magazines there, because I am going to moscow and I want to know if it is possible to buy anything with dima on it there?

Gladys: nadia2 Yes, there is Dima in the magazines sometimes I think you can buy....

nadia2: Are there any magazines that he is always in, what are the names?

Borce: !!!!!!I really can't wait for tomorrow!!!!No one but no one is making this for the fans!!!!No one ....the rest only want money and that is all but he is doing this for free to make us more happy!!!!I'm without words!!!!I'm proud to say that I'm his fan!!!!

Gladys: Direct ether of solo concert from Korolev. The 29th of April, on the official site of koldun.name in a section, On-line will be translated in direct ether living concert of artist and his musical collective. Dmitry does such gift all, whoever by virtue of geographical position will be able to be present on his concert. Will be carried out both well acquaintances to the admirers of song and new. Beginning of translation of concert (with a sound) on a site in 19:00. http://www.koldun.name/ru/online

Borce: I have one question Dima's concert will be recorded and than able to download here?If someone know please can tell me

Gladys: Borce Borislav,I hope Dima's concert will be recorded... But today you and all Dima`s fans can see his concert from Korolev on-line!!! In 19:00-Moscow time

Borce: Thanks for the info Gladys Yeah I really can't wait to see the show!!!!I hope also that the concert will be recorded like his on-line conference for fans because some of us are in school in that time so maybe we will miss something of the concert and we really hope that the concert will be recorded !!!Btw I want to wish Dimka great concert tonight and everything to be ok because he simply rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gladys: From today, we can get the official complete version of consert from Korolev on koldun.name in section of "Download - 2009".Weight 237,4 Mb, wmv. http://www.koldun.name/ru/video/2009/ http://homepage.mac.com/koldunmedia/.Public/2009/Korolev_29_4_2009.wmv

Gladys: New Dima`s song ORPHAN CHILD (music B.Vartanayn, text. D.Basic) Chorus: I know, I know, I know, I know He needs them but They dont think so. I know, I know His wings will grow And he will fly Up to the rainbow. If they could only look into the eyes Of their orphan child If they could ever see his homeless face That never smiles Could they ever come to see him? Could they ever try? Chorus: I know, I know, I know, I know He needs them but They dont think so. I know, I know His wings will grow And he will fly Up to the rainbow. If they could ever think of the lonely soul Deprived of love If they could only see the orphans dreams Under his star above I wish they could ever care (I wish they care) I wish they could ever dare http://www.liveinternet.ru/users/radio_koldun/post101764624/