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Off-topic. Part 3

mariya: This is an off-topic thread where you can talk about anything you want! But please remember to follow the forum rules, and that this is not a chat room with one-word replies. Enjoy! Please remember: 1. Not to post one-worded or very short replies such as "thank you". The forum has got a thank you button (Спасибо) at the bottom of everyones posts therefore please use it ! 2. Don't post replies in which you are talking about something that is only interesting to 1 or 2 other forum members. Remember, this is a forum, and your replies have to be interesting to all members. All posts which do not follow these rules will be deleted. Thank You.

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Stella: happy new year to everyone and from me!

nadia2: Happy new year every body

miranda: Happy new year guys! :)) I hope your holidays have been great

Околдованная: Happy new year! Love and be loved and may be everything in your life will come better.

Gladys: Did you see the video when Dima was 14year old?

nadia2: Yes I've seen the video and the video from people's artist 2 and I love them.

Stella: i saw it too.he was so sweet and shy

silhouetteofthenight: Yep I've seen them too and really liked them both!

silhouetteofthenight: I got a question for you admins here, or any other russian too xD about that contest that's going on Dmitry's official website, I emailed his administration if we- international fans can write continuation of our stories in english, but didn't get their reply yet and it's been a few days, so I'd like to know if we can write our stories in english and send them anyway? because there on the english page there's no contest, but only on russian...

ybet: Stella пишет: he was so sweet and shy Agree. He looks shy there, and much different from how he is now but his voice was very good for a young boy :)) Between I like him in the video with na volne even that he has blonde hair

ilovedimakoldun: I liked those videos a lot Dmitriy had talent from when he was young, that's obvious

SantoRini: silhouetteofthenight пишет: international fans can write continuation of our stories in english Of cource, you can! I'm sure, it will be interesting for them to read it. But, do you really feel, that you can do it? As I understood you have translated the beginning from Russian to English, however this translation may include some meaning mistaces. If you sure that you partially (or even more) understood the beginning of the story and have an interesting idea, how to continue the story, so you should try!

mariya: silhouetteofthenight пишет: if we- international fans can write continuation of our stories in english Yes, continuations in English are allowed. Good Luck!

Gladys: The rotation the song "The star"-"Звезда" was begining on radio TopHit!

silhouetteofthenight: he's already there, it's good to see him as a host I think he's doing a gret job so far, but I hate streaming video, cause I already missed half of it because o9f freezing!

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